Galaxy Hosts 100 Billion Planets


It sickens me to think that our national leaders have chosen BRA and the EBT card over NASA at a time when astronomers are learning that there are over 100 billion planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone.

Note: Let’s take comfort in the fact that there is plenty of vacant real estate up there. How about a White Man’s Planet?

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  1. “How about a White Man’s Planet?”

    The ultimate in White Flight.

    ‘cept, how do we keep it? After we pack up and leave, for REAL this time, how do we prevent some White bleedinghearts from succumbing to the pleading of starving non-Whites for a rocket ride out of their Earthbound hell to Nova Europa?

    And there we go, again.

  2. We don’t need another planet, and why would we want one anyway, when God has made this one a paradise for us? Admittedly it’s not a paradise now, thanks to our turning our backs on His laws, which has resulted in the Jews taking control of our lands and turning them into third world cesspools, but it will be a paradise once again, when Christ Himself returns to rule the world.

  3. You’ve got to be derailed, Obadiah! It is largely responsible Whites are in our predicament today BECAUSE of Jew-worshipping Christians!

  4. If God created this planet, he created over a 100 billion other ones, and only on this one did he leave behind Africans to inspire us to build spacecraft to escape to other solar systems.

  5. “Why would God create all these spare planets unless he anticipated that we might need to make use of them?”

    But why did He put them so gobsmackingly far away? Voyager 1 and 2 go 60,000 kilometers per hour. It would take them, if they were aimed at the nearest stars, the Alpha Centauri system, a “mere” 4.2 light years away, 80,000 years to get there.

    We need a faster-than-light star drive. Einstein says it’s impossible. (So did the Frenchman Poincare before him). But if the stars to too far away to touch using any currently conceivable method, and FTL is impossible, anyway, any ideas?

  6. “Why would God create all these spare planets unless he anticipated that we might need to make use of them?”

    Maybe He intends for us to some day spread throughout the universe. There’s a limited amount of space on Earth and I don’t recall Him ever telling mankind to stop multiplying. The only place to go, at some point, will be upward.

    You know, that could be an amusing sight to see: whites colonizing other planets, while blacks are still in Africa tearing up the place. Some things never change, I guess.

  7. I say WE STAY HERE and ship all our “diversity” into the GREAT UNKNOWN! Think of the wonderful things they will find there! And they can take their White liberal minders with them……:)

    Adios, amigos…….

  8. What a great idea. Just promise them lots of free stuff to get them to board the rocket and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…blast off!!!

    In space, no one can hear you chimpout.

    Deo Vindice

  9. Here’s something completely off topic but very pertinent.

    Back in the early 1980’s I bought a stack of bound National Geographic magazines at a yard sale. They were from the very early 1900’s up through the 1920’s. They contained a wealth of stories and pictures about genuine African jungle bunnies.

    There were stories about cannibals that included pictures of the guests of honor. Sometimes they had heads, sometimes they didn’t.

    They had advertisements in the back pages that always included one that was trying to solicit funds to feed the hungry African children. The ads always had a picture of some little fly-covered pickaninnies holding out bowls. Those pickaninnies are the great-great-great-great-great grandfathers of the little shit-skins who are holding out bowls in the present day ads.

    There was much evidence in those old books that contradicts the tall tales that American niggers celebrate today.

    I somehow left those great old books behind in one of my state-to-state moves. (I have long suspected that my wife purposely abandoned those treasured items because she didn’t like to have them in the house because they were stinky from being stored in a basement or garage for many decades.) I thought that those wonderful sources of pre-PC journalism could never be replaced, but I was wrong.

    Check out this offer that I came across when I was buying some new Printshop software:

    I will very soon be the proud owner of every page of every National Geographic magazine from 1888 to 2009. Believe me when I tell you that you will never find a better source of TRUTH about our blue-gummed brothers. Plenty of ammo that can be used to shoot down the wild claims of our Negro countrymen who think that they all descended from kings. This is the belated answer to “Roots”.

  10. I once wrote a scathing critique of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel on the basis of the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In much of Central Africa, the blacks literally lived on top of gold, diamonds, cobalt, copper, oil, zinc, etc.

  11. Barb,

    Cerns LHC proved that neutrinos move faster than light, we know little in terms of real science and its boundaries. Plus cryogenic transportation is always a possibility. I mean if they can create a monkey out of 6 strains of differing dna…

  12. “4.2 light years away, 80,000 years to get there.”

    There are probably modes of travel beyond our technological comprehension. It goes without saying: no matter how far-off that mode of travel may be, the Negro has delayed its discovery, exponentially.

    Obama mothballed the space program because it was the pinnacle of White achievement.

    It really makes me sick that our technological progress has been stymied because our lords and masters decided to nurture the grievances of Africans, to inundate our country with a tide the color of shit, all so they can moralize how ‘wicked’ WE are and how righteous THEY are.

    PK said something to this effect: We could have been to Mars, but we decided on an African population.

  13. Hunter:

    Yep, Jared Diamond is just a White Alex Haley. He likes to write happy bedtime stories for niggers and members of other dead-end societies.

    It’s true that many of the people associated with National Geographic since the late 1950’s would have been perfectly at home at the present day New York Times. Same agenda-oriented bullshit. The folks around the mag in the old days were a different breed. A lot of them didn’t site sources because they were the sources.

    Any sonofabitch who’s got the balls to traipse around in Bongo Congo land to learn about cannibals and headhunters at close range probably wouldn’t be intimidated by any little liberal pukes who might think that a story about cannibals is unfair to niggers.

    They didn’t mollycoddle niggers in the books I had. They just observed them and described what they saw. They displayed the same objectivity that you’d find in scientists who were studying snails or monkeys.

    I don’t know exactly when the Equality Police whipped most of the scientists into line, but they didn’t seem to be running the show in the 1920’s or the previous decade. The pictures and articles I enjoyed in those old books would be a source of great anger and embarrassment for modern Negros and Negrophiles.

  14. The Orthodox view maintains that we can learn as much about Christ in His creation as we can in scripture.

    He is Logos, afterall, and gives the world it’s natural order.

    He is also Truth, and wherever you find the Truth, there He is, smiling back at you.

    Well, Western Man, what is His order? What is His Truth? Is it Babylonian chaos or the order of Christendom? Is it telling lies about the dark races to create the image of an Angel of Light? Or is it in rediscovering the natural laws of God by upholding the legitimacy and bloodlines of the Christ-bearing race?

    We cannot bear the Cross of civilization, order, justice, and love if we cease to exist as a divinely ordained people. There is Truth. There is Life.

    The eternal enemies of Christ must destroy Him in our hearts to destroy us as a race. They have nearly completely destroyed the former, and now are mopping up the entire race in order to remove the last vestiges of Christendom from the earth. Only chaos and outer darkness will reign when the eternal enemy completes the task. Time is short.

    Now fight the good fight. One people, one nation, one God. This is the Way.

  15. “We don’t need another planet”

    but i want one.

    “and only on this one did he leave behind Africans to inspire us to build spacecraft to escape to other solar systems.”


    “But why did He put them so gobsmackingly far away?”

    To make it interesting.

    “We need a faster-than-light star drive. Einstein says it’s impossible.”

    YKW trying to keep the white man down dawg.

  16. William Coopèr says man can only go up 300 miles. After that the Cosmic Rays and so on will penetrate space craft and kill humans. Cooper says space suits, and protective shield wont work—cosmic Rays will go right thru it. Also the x NASA SPACE SCIENTIST who has his own website says the same. His name is James McCanney and his website is hugh. He says the Van Allen Belt will kill man. Also on other websites there is alot of info about Moon Landing being a Hoax! Some websites say that even NUKES are a Hoax! And oh Yeah—-what about the HOLLOW EARTH? Planty of real Estate their. And what about NEW BERLIN on Project Camolot? Robert E. Miles use to say that only WHITES want to go to the STARS! Nigger Astronauts are like Nigger Cowboys in the West! Only way for Space Travel is Star Gate! Dont forget the White Adamic Dominion Mandate—-to control the whole Earth!

  17. “We need a faster-than-light star drive. Einstein says it’s impossible.”

    YKW trying to keep the white man down dawg.”

    Okay, that was funny.

    But it does make a bizarre sort of sense, don’t it? Jews hateHateHATE (to borrow a phrase from our “Scotch-Irish” friend) it when White folks start talking about being not-around them. Figures they’d put their (allegedly) smartest guy to work on the problem of seeing to it we don’t go getting any uppity ideas about trying to escape from them, not to just a new continent, but a new solar system.

  18. “Apuleius says:
    January 12, 2012 at 4:03 am
    What a great idea. Just promise them lots of free stuff to get them to board the rocket and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…blast off!!!

    In space, no one can hear you chimpout.

    Deo Vindice”

    HAHAHA!!! Now THAT’S a plan!

  19. “Apuleius says:
    January 12, 2012 at 4:04 am
    Open the pod bay door, Hal.

    I’m sorry Dave, but you’re a negro….”

    LOL! Right outta the park! I have not yet achieved full coffee infusion, thus cannot reply in kind. But I will……..

  20. Mighty: “How about a White Man’s Planet?”

    Here here

    Right. Here! Here! This is our planet, our home, where we evolved. Perfectly suited to our needs. And regarding that Adamic mandate, I believe it was to “increase and multiply, and replenish the earth”. Darwin believed that the “primitive races” would become extinct, and that is their destiny in a sane world.

    We don’t need to exterminate them, attractive as that idea may be. Just stop feeding them, and let nature take its course.

    Quarantine Africa.

  21. Hunter, you really are delusional. So are a number of those who post here. Funny, but still delusional.
    We will not get to Mars or any other planet. The Van Allen Belt is only one reason the whole space program was a charade. If you believe we landed on the moon, you are similar to that Negro who thought an island could tip over. For better or worse, we are stuck here. So stop dreaming! You sound like MLK Jr. Neither his dream nor your dream will EVER reach fruition.
    Not ONE of the posters here mentioned the video of the two Southern submariners. Those guys couldn’t get fifteen feet below the surface of a lake without jeopardizing thier lives! And you, Hunter, think we can reach Mars? Get real, dude!

  22. Markus – even Evil White Debbil Rassists like to have a larf once in awhile.

    And Marchin Lootin Coon’s dream did reach fruition. Behold the wreckage.

  23. From an Orthodox Christian perspective, this is the only planet there ever was, or is, for the Adam of God (i.e., White Man), precisely because YHWH God, in the Person of the Second Member of the Holy and Life-Giving Trinity, took on Adamic flesh (cf. the Genealogies of Matthew) and ‘became MAN.’

    Therefore, unless one wants to adopt a Mormon view of God and ‘multiple planets’, THIS EARTH is the only planet ‘with which He has to do.’

    I wrote about this years ago-

    Then, why, (someone will ask) are there habitable planets? Well, we’ve never SEEN these other planets, so it’s all conjecture at this point. But the standard biblical answer is, “For His good pleasure.”

    And that’s good enough for me.

    Now, as to why there are negroids and Deicides on OUR planet, well…. I’ve thought about that, too.

    When you realize that this world was given unto Adam, to ‘tend and dress,’ things such as eugenics, forced sterilization, and repatriation don’t appear to be as ‘evil’ as the DWL’s pretend they are….. it’s just they don’t want their satanic experiment to fail, before we Whites are eradicated. But, even here, YHWH God has the last laugh. The New Heavens and the New Earth, ‘wherein dwelleth righteousness,’ will be OUR world, not THEIRS. So, either way, WHITES WIN.

    “Oh, the riches of the wisdom of God. How marvelous his ways, his knowledge past finding out….”

  24. DW: “You know, that could be an amusing sight to see: whites colonizing other planets, while blacks are still in Africa tearing up the place. Some things never change, I guess.”

    What makes you think we wouldn’t be forced by affirmative action to bring them along?

  25. “But it does make a bizarre sort of sense, don’t it?”

    I think a frontier of some kind might be necessary for big dreaming and without big dreaming a neccessary spark dies, so yes. They could never get to Mars but we could.

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