The Real Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Real Sons of Confederate Veterans: Ku Klux, White League, White Line, Regulators, Red Shirts


I’ve been watching the exchange between Brooks D. Simpson and the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” with some considerable amusement.

It strikes me as having less to do with the War Between the States and more to do with the sissified, conformist culture of late twentieth century Baby Boomers in the modern therapeutic state. I can’t imagine these debates taking place outside of the indispensable historical context of BRA.

The Baby Boomer generation came of age at a time when African-American preachers like the so-called “Reverend” Martin Luther King, Jr. – like Jimmy Swaggart or Ted Haggard, “Reverend” King was a fraud who couldn’t practice the Ten Commandments – basked in the halo of moral authority bestowed upon them by the Disingenuous White Liberals who controlled the three major television networks.

For that brief historical moment, black people were identified with claiming the moral high ground in American culture, and accusing your opponent of “racism” was the trump card that won every argument.

The worst possible thing you could be in America was a “racist” or a “sexist” or a “nativist” or a “xenophobe” or a “homophobe” or a “heterocentrist” or to be found guilty of some other cockamamie sin against the dogma of political correctness which was unknown to the greatest moral philosophers in the history of Western civilization like Plato and Aristotle.

What happened to bravery, integrity, honesty and honor? Jesus Christ was crucified for his beliefs. Jan Hus was burned at the stake. Martin Luther said “Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other.” You might just as well be speaking Klingon to Baby Boomers.

Thus, you have these silly debates on the internet where “the Union side” claims the U.S. Colored Troops and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and “the Confederate side” responds by claiming Silas Chandler and “Black Confederates,” and by promoting the laughable idea that the Confederacy was some kind of bastion of multiculturalism where everyone in the South was to the left of the scalawags and embraced the racial beliefs of John Brown and William Lloyd Garrison.

Hopefully, this type of sissy politics will fade as the Baby Boomer generation and its life experience loses its dominance over the course of the next fifteen years. The only constant in how we choose to remember the War Between the States is that each generation interprets the past through the prism of the present.

The dominant trend of the early twenty first century is the eclipse of the White majority in the United States and the social and economic consequences which are set to follow from the encroachment of impending White minority status. We’re less interested here in digging up the bones of “Black Confederates” than in remembering the aspects of our Southern heritage which speak to our own life experience.

Frankly, I have always found myself drawn more to the two generations and the pivotal thirty years that followed the War Between the States (1866 to 1896) than the course of the war itself. The Confederacy was only briefly a part of our history compared to the Jim Crow South (1896 to 1965).

There was a thirty year period stretching from Presidential Reconstruction to Plessy vs. Ferguson when the future of Southern civilization was very much in doubt. In that crucial time period, when two generations of White Southerners lived through a world which contained all the familiar horrors of racial integration and multiracial liberal democracy, the “Real Sons of Confederate Veterans” rose to the challenge and used every means at their disposal to overthrow that detestable system, “redeem” the Southern states, and restore the White Republic.

There is just something about the thought of Jesse James carrying on the war or young Southern men and women borrowing a page from Garibaldi and wearing the bloody red shirt and the red ribbon as a symbol of defiance to the authority of the “Glorious Union” and riding with Wade Hampton III to restore white supremacy in South Carolina that resonates with me in a way that “Black Confederates” and “U.S. Colored Troops” never will.

OD readers may have noticed that the White Cock has been pointedly added to the sidebar. The White Cock was the official symbol of the Alabama Democratic Party until 1966. The “Black Panther” was created by Stokely Carmichael’s Lowndes County Freedom Association as a contrast to the White Cock.

What does the White Cock symbolize? Why did Alabamians choose that symbol to represent their political party? Traditionally, the male rooster or cockerel symbolizes pride, honesty, courage, vigilance, arrogance, strength, watchfulness and flamboyance … it holds its head up high, struts with confidence, and defends its territory.

In Celtic mythology, the rooster is a symbol of the underworld that screeches out warnings in danger and calls out for the souls of the fallen in battle. In Greek mythology, the rooster was a sacred animal of the divine Apollo who announces the rise of the sun. In Christianity, the rooster is a symbol of Christ’s passion and religious vigilance and redemption.

In the South, the White Cock symbolizes an honor based culture. It brings to mind Founding Father William Lowndes Yancey who once his killed a man who had impugned his honor, “He who grossly insulted me lies now with the clod upon his bosom … And there let it remain, a legacy to my son, and a warning to others who feel like browbeating a Yancey,” or the cane that was presented to Founding Father Preston Brooks by the City of Charleston with the words “Hit Him Again” inscribed on it after he beat the vile abolitionist Charles Sumner senseless on the floor of the Senate.

That’s what we aim to do here … everytime Brooks D. Simpson & Co. let out a little pussified yelp about “racism” and “equality,” we are going to “Hit Him Again” like Preston Brooks in the name of White Freedom and Southern Honor, as the Real Sons of Confederate Veterans would have responded to the nigger worshiping Black Republican fanatics like Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner who maligned our ancestors and nearly destroyed America in the 19th century with their insane ideas.

Instead of serving “Black Confederates” to our audience, we are going to defend the South by extending “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman’s “solid bond of white supremacy to all comers” against what he famously called “the virus of equality.” I suspect we may we even attract some disgusted Northerners on that platform who are sick and tired of the Black Undertow and what it gets away with in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Milwaukee.

America used to be a “White Man’s Country.” Let it be so again!

Note: OD is officially neutral on Keith Harris, the purple sunglasses metrosexual from California, who does seems to have a sense of humor unlike the nimrod Brooks D. Simpson.

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  1. I am banned from the “free-thinking” Simpson’s site – so will some-one please inform that Bill Newcomer person that he’s spewnig Enlightenment heresy? It’s obvious that he’s never read one word of the Bible, OT or NT. NOT every creature is created in God’s image – and God definitely plays favorites.


  2. Before getting down on Boomers don’t forget that they learned at the “greatest” generation’s knee.

    The “greatest” presided over the rise of “civil rights”, MLK, the disastrous Vietnam war and the cultural commie revolution of the Sixties.

    Far too many Boomers got sucked in and never came up for air again.

  3. more of the same says:
    January 11, 2012 at 2:17 pm
    Before getting down on Boomers don’t forget that they learned at the “greatest” generation’s knee.

    “The “greatest” presided over the rise of “civil rights”, MLK, the disastrous Vietnam war and the cultural commie revolution of the Sixties.

    Far too many Boomers got sucked in and never came up for air again.’

    Preach, brother, preach!

  4. The idea that “racism” is immoral is a peculiarly twentieth century concept. It was fringe in the nineteenth century even among supporters of “civil rights” which at that time only meant things like the right to own firearms and property and get married.

    The term “racism” first appeared in America in the 1930s and was popularized in the 1940s. It was known before then as “racial prejudice.” The majority of White Americans were “racially prejudiced” until the Second World War.

    The greatest moral philosophers in the history of Western civilization totally missed the train on the immorality of “racism.” Jesus Christ never said a word about racism. Neither did the church fathers or the Ancients discuss the matter in the context of moral theory.

    That’s probably because “racism” is a factual assertion rather than a moral one. Geocentrism is not a moral question either. Moral qualities are virtues like bravery, temperance, integrity, honesty, fidelity.

  5. William Lloyd Garrison had discernible moral qualities. In Virginia, Gov. Henry Wise admired John Brown for his conviction. Previous generations were not in the habit of associating morality with political hygiene.

  6. My pastor said Jesus said, “All blondes should marry blacks or mexicans.” For this would be the proof of their holiness, of their lack of attachment to “the world,” and a visual illustration they are “universal.”

  7. The seminaries don’t exactly attract the sharpest minds these days. That guy is doing nothing more than sanctifying American popular culture in a particular phase of its history.

  8. @ Dixiegirl I would find another church to attend. They need you, more than you need them. Plus, as a Protestant you know that church attendence is not necessary for Salvation. I would ask the preacher who made him Pope.

  9. Two things:

    “You might just as well be speaking Klingon to Baby Boomers.”

    I am reminded of the archetypical boomer on TV, Frasier Crane, who (in a hilarious) episode spoke this very language at his son’s ‘bar mitzvah’ (I didn’t know at first, that the character Lilith was a Jewess- but that also figures into the multicultural melange mess of the Boomer creed) and Frasier felt himself a fool, while the kids (who could have cared less for this empty ritual) saw Frasier as ‘totally cool’ for being with it… as far as their narrow Weltanschauung is concerned.


    Jewmundo, you said “Plus, as a Protestant you know that church attendence is not necessary for Salvation. I would ask the preacher who made him Pope.”

    Funny. Who made You Pope? If I remember correctly (being only a priest, with a doctorate, you understand) the Scriptures say ‘Let us NOT forsake the assembling of ourselves together.’ But then, the prot atomistic ‘Me, Jesus, and the Bible’ fallacy is WHY we have no ‘in-group’ structure in America anymore, unlike the (very) clannish, but ultimately totally NON- ‘chosen people.’

    So, which is more ‘biblical’? Denise, you DO need to leave. A friend of mine heard the Roman deacon extoll the Catholic Bishops of MN encourage Epiphany Sunday, as “Immigration Sunday” just four days ago. He’s leaving Rome, and never looking back.

    As I’ve noted on my blog, Rome IS now (if she wasn’t before this) the ‘Whore of Babylon.” – Come out of her, MY PEOPLE, and be not partaker of her sins.

  10. or the cane that was presented to Founding Father Preston Brooks by the City of Charleston with the words “Hit Him Again” inscribed on it after he beat the vile abolitionist Charles Sumner senseless on the floor of the Senate.

    I would of loved to watched that.No,I would of loved to be the one swinging the cane,oh what a great feeling that had to be.

  11. Fr John – I’ve already left. My hubby wants me to go to local churches, for communitiy purposes, but after I eard some old retsrd “preacher” do a sermon on The KNAAAAZEES” last Summer – I walked out of the service, and said, in the Theatrical Whisper 9meaning loud enough to be heard in the next county) “That’s ENOUGH!”. I then sat outside in the lobby, so i wouldn’t disrput the Service, out of respect ya see, and “lamented” a bit LOUDER (was aparently HEARD in the next county) “When will a SO CALLED Christian miniter EVER do a sermon ON ALL THE MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS THAT WERE MURDERDD BY VILE COMMUNIST BLOODTHIRSTY JEWS??? WHEN will that day ever HAPPEN? WHY would a SO CALLED Christian Miister do a service on the KNAAAZEEES? Hoe long is this SLANDER going to CONTINUE? I am so sick of this!!! Teens in lobby sat frozen, eyes locked on cell phones, not breathing.

    Hubby came out, before the end of Service, and I repeated my lament. In VERY LOUD CONVERSATIONAL tone, for his benefit. I was very distraught, ya see. So EVERY-ONE the Church got to hear my distress AGAIN.

    I’ve since warned him that I’l gop to a church with him – but the next time I hear heresies, being spewed fomr a defiled pulpit – every-one is gonna get the FULL FLOOR SHOW right then and there.

  12. “The “greatest” presided over the rise of “civil rights”, MLK, the disastrous Vietnam war and the cultural commie revolution of the Sixties. “

    By presided, do you mean “Ignored and eventually caved in to for the sake of the country?” IIRC, the “greatest” were busy building giant corporations, exploring space and generally being “the man” while the boomers were sucking the teat of the society the greatest built while complaining about the taste.

    Boomers have fucked up everything they touched. In 15 years, they’ll be wearing their collective improverishment as a badge of honor while telling everyone else that it’s good they dragged us down too. I spit on their collective personna.

  13. Any way we could throw the so-called “greatest generation” under the bus as well? I know we’re not here to re-fight WW2. We’re here to re-fight the Civil War. But I think we can throw the Yanks, the “greatest generation” and the boomers all off a cliff.

  14. “America used to be a “White Man’s Country.” Let it be so again!”

    Those were strong, good words. But right now we need more than words, we need effective “action”.

    I urge all true White sons of the South to recognize and punish the traitorous Whites in your midst who work to flood your beloved Southland with NW sub minimum wage agricultural slaves, who’s children will grow to be rapists, gang bangers, take over many Southern cities as they have done in Southern California.

    One such #($*#@ White traitor is current Georgia Agriculture Secretary “Gary Black”. This Black guy appears to be very White, yet he is now working to subvert/negate the will of the Whites in Georgia who voted for strict enforcement of illegal immigration laws, this #*($@ Gary White wants to flood Georgia with additional tens of thousands of NW migrant workers (illegal aliens).

    Here’s the Vdare story on this traitor in state of Georgia:

    And some contact infor for the traitor Gary Black

    Gary Black for Agriculture Commissioner
    P.O. Box 1700
    Commerce, GA 30529

    Vdare reports today that

  15. YTBoomers have fucked up everything they touched.

    Boomers and the generation prior. I can understand the generation prior feeling a little let down, but they voted acted in a manner that was selling their grandchilden and great-grandchildrens’ labor for theirimmediate comfort and they deserve to share in some of the pain. As for the Boomers, no better than “those” they worship.

    Hunter — you keep this up and Brooks D. Simpson’s students might:

    1) learn something
    2) see what a pathetic bitch he is, taking statements from OD, posting them to his site, and refuting them with “Whatever(s)”.

    Happly MLK Day in Gadsden …. White Face ….

  16. The fragments of the cane were desired almost as if they were holy relics in the South. Brooks was deluged with replacement canes and outpourings of gratitude.

    Perhaps no incident in American history better illustrates the alienness of the Yankee and his “shame on you” guilt based culture to the honor based culture of Dixie.

    Ashton discusses this in Yankee Babylon.

  17. Northerners came to agree that Reconstruction was a terrible mistake. They were even inspired by our leadership and example to change their own ways. We won that argument because white supremacy and states rights had more appeal in the North than “Black Confederates” and “US Colored Troops” in the South.

  18. Imagine what the North would be like if it adopted core Southern principles: race realism, white supremacy, and states rights.

    All right guys, we are going to bring the Black Undertow under control now in Philadelphia and Detroit, and if Washington doesn’t like it, they can kiss our ass because the states are sovereign.

  19. America would have to “ship all the n!gg&rs back to Africa” or else castrate all of them and wait for the die-off to occur. Neither goal can happen without a dictatorship. But dictatorships rarely achieve noble ends without causing significant “collateral damage”. And the all-white south would still be too hot and too poor. The old south was built by lazy whites living off of lots of lazy half-working slaves. South Africa has a similar problem – the whites are too lazy to exist alone without employing the poor shiftless blacks to do every menial chore for them. Blacks are meant to be slaves – that is their natural condition. It is more practical to re-enslave the blacks than to ship them all out of the country through a dictatorship.

  20. @Fr. John You really are a Roman Catholic priest. LOL.

    What you don’t get is that no one needs your Roman Catholic mumbo jumbo in order to be saved. One only needs faith in Jesus Christ, because Christ has done all that is necessary for us to be saved & have eternal life.

    I don’t believe in human infallibilty, yours, the Popes, or my own.

    As an educated Protestant, a big part of the problem is that we Protestants have been too accepting of Roman Catholicism, Judaism and now these other pagan religious invaders like Islam & Hinduism. It’s been a slippery slope, and we have lost many good Protestants like Dixiegirl because of it.

  21. Erlmundo- you don’t have the FOGGIEST idea about catholicity, Rome, Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, or the threefold order of ministry. That is abundantly clear.

    Why would ANY Romanist want to call their own communion, the ‘Whore of Babylon’?
    As I have done on this forum, as well as on my own blog.

    Secondly, the fact that Rome DEPARTED from her own heritage, liturgical and theological, does not mean that others who use the Apostolic Liturgy (as anyone with even half the smattering of knowledge you claim to have should know) as witnessed to by the Apostolic Constitutions, the Didascalia, and the Didache, are partaking of Rome’s errors.

    Instead, did it ever occur to you, in your hubris, that the Liturgical and sacramental usages of Rome, instead of being ‘babylonian religion’ (compare that idea to the fact that the Babylonian Talmud is called such, and never gives credence to the sacrificial system of the O.T., whereas St. John in his Gospel, and Epistles, as does St. Paul in Corinthians) actually are the ONLY remnants of that ‘faith once delivered unto the saints’ that Rome holds inviolate, among all the Churchs of protestantism? (For Rome (as the Orthodox noted, centuries ago) was the first Protestant, and therefore falls on YOUR side of the ecclesial fence!

    Clearly Heb. 13:10 both presupposes that fact, as well as the existence/necessity of Eucharistic Sacrifice, as well as a sacrificial priesthood (for what is an altar, esp. when compared to the Altar of SACRIFICE in the Davidic Temple, hmmmm?) all of which the gnostic, Arian, and schismatic prots deny… as you yourself have witnessed to.

    IF you had the barest inkling of how utterly foolish your pronouncements are, you’d shut up. Which would be a blessing….instead of this talmudic ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, so redolent of those of your REAL race, and faith. [John 8:44]

  22. @ “Father” John—Priest you should look at John 8:45 in the KJV. LOL.

    Then put an end to your Catholic & Papal mumbo jumbo by reading Hebrews 13:8 in the KJV.

  23. Hunter,

    Thanks for your wonderful insights. You are, without a doubt, a Southern scholar extraordinaire. After years of eating sleeping and breathing the great war for southern independence I gave up on reading and collecting unit and campaign histories and started concentrating on the politics of the period. After reading Prof. Clyde Wilson’s ‘Defending Dixie’ I developed an interest in Southern intellectuals as well. Yes the Old South did have an Intellectual class, we weren’t the backward buffoons that the left would have the world believe. I can’t help but believe that my love of books and learning didn’t come from my antebellum ancestry. One of my ancestors was Goronwy Owen. Yankee scholars still study his work because of his mastery of ancient Welsh meter in his poetry.

    Your reading lists are always invaluable. One of the most important things we can do now is read and study. Knowledge is power against ‘those people’ like Simpson and Levin. I like the way they break down into insults and name calling when they are backed into a corner. Makes me laugh at first, then when I come to my senses I get tears in my eyes when I realize just how far Yankee influence has dragged down our institutions of higher learning. Yankeedom no longer produces intellectuals. Instead they/it produce(s) automatons posing as academics.

    The Ben Tillman book you mentioned above is on my reading list, but before you read that one I would suggest ‘Pitchfork Ben Tillman’ by Francis Butler Simkins. It was written by a Southerner (published in 1944 before PC politics). He was related to William Stewart Simkins who, as a cadet at the Citadel fired the first shot at ‘The Star of the West’. Some historians say that that was the first shot of the war. William Stewart went on to serve the Confederacy and he and his brother moved to Texas after the war. His brother Eldred became a judge in my hometown and William went on to become a brilliant law professor at UTexas.

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