Black History Month 2012: Remembering Rhodesia

Rhodiesia declares its independence ... defies the world for fourteen years


It was arguably the lowest moment in British history.

Faced with the terrifying prospect of black majority rule, the colony of Southern Rhodesia was pushed to the extreme of revolting against the British Empire and declared its independence on November 11, 1965.

The Rhodesian Declaration of Independence came on Remembrance Day which is the day set aside in the British Empire since the First World War to remember the soldiers who had given their lives for Britain. Southern Rhodesia had the highest loss ratio of any dominion or colony in the Second World War. There were more Rhodesian aces than there were from any other group within the British Empire.

Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia had been an RAF fighter pilot who had served Britain with distinction in its hour of greatest need. “Good Old Smithy” had been shot down by German anti-aircraft fire over Italy and had spent five months as a partisan fighting the Nazis behind enemy lines.

By 1965, Britain had launched Ghana (1957), Somalia (1960), Nigeria (1960), Sierra Leone (1961), Kenya (1963), Malawi (1964), Zambia (1964) and The Gambia (1965) on the path to independence. Rhodesians falsely assumed they would be granted their independence in light of their 43 year track record of self government, their unimpeachable war record, and the thriving modern civilization they had built in Southern Africa.

Rhodesia was the model colony of Africa. No other African colony came close to matching Rhodesia (South Africa was already an independent state) in terms of its development and potential. Sub-Saharan Africa was already littered with failed states to the north like Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo which had driven out the Belgians and where 100,000 people had already died in the post-colonial Congo Crisis.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, White Southerners in the United States were shocked to learn that the Jim Crow South was Nazi Germany, and that they were Nazis for opposing Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Similarly, Southern Rhodesia found itself cast in the role of Nazi Germany for limiting black voting rights and opposing the Marxist terrorist Robert Mugabe.

The major obstacle to Rhodesian independence was the NIBMAR policy (No Independence Before Majority Rule) of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. In the eyes of Britain, it didn’t matter that by any reasonable standard Rhodesia was a successful colony and a strong ally in Southern Africa with a responsible civilized government populated by their own kith and kin. The new litmus test in the post war world – a litmus test which Zambia and Ghana passed – was their commitment to universal manhood suffrage.

And so, Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence, determined to avoid the fate of “one man, one vote, one time” black majority rule. Led by Britain, the U.N. imposed mandatory economic sanctions on Rhodesia for the first time in its 21 year history to topple Ian Smith’s government. Like the Confederacy in the 19th century, no foreign government recognized Rhodesia and welcomed the republic into the world’s family of nations.

In spite of the sanctions and its status as an international pariah state, Rhodesia continued to thrive for most of its 14 year history. The economy experienced a small boom in the 1970s, the trade sanctions stimulated agriculture and manufacturing, and Rhodesia even continued to attract European immigrants. The absence of a few imported luxury goods from Europe was considered a price well worth paying for white majority rule.

Everything changed when Mozambique won its independence from Portugal in 1975. South Africa no longer had the same incentive to support Rhodesia as a buffer state. The triumph of Marxist terrorists in Mozambique inspired ZANU and ZAPU to renew their guerrilla war against Rhodesia. The fall of Angola and Mozambique led the United States under Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to put further pressure on Rhodesia and South Africa to accept black majority rule.

Abandoned by Britain and deserted by South Africa and under pressure from the United States, which persuaded Ian Smith to release Robert Mugabe from prison, the ZANU-PF insurgency spread across the border from Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique into Rhodesia. Large swathes of Rhodesia became “no-go areas” for Whites swarming with Marxist terrorists.

Ian Smith was forced to “play his last card” of reaching an “Internal Settlement” with moderate blacks. In 1979, Bishop Abel Muzorewa became Prime Minister of renamed “Zimbabwe-Rhodesia,” and he negotiated the brief resumption of British colonial rule, which was followed by the long sought “democratic elections” involving the two major nationalist parties leading the insurgency, ZANU and ZAPU.

In this way, Robert Mugabe became President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in 1980, after African-style democratic elections. Unlike Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, Mugabe’s Republic of Zimbabwe was internationally recognized by Britain and the United States and was showered with foreign aid.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by remembering Ian Smith’s Rhodesia where civilization was murdered by Britain and the West in the name of “anti-racism” and “democracy” and by celebrating Robert Mugabe’s Republic of Zimbabwe which was founded on the basis of true liberal democratic principles.

Note: Ian Smith’s books The Great Betrayal and Bitter Harvest: Zimbabwe and the Aftermath of its Independence can be found on Amazon.

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  1. It’s absolutely chilling. Hearing those crisp English accents plea for their own existence to the mother country. At the time of course, the Rhodesians were called Nazis. They were nothing more or less than the furthest outpost of Western Civilization itself. Reading through their declaration that chap’s accent could just as easily be some Englander and his remaining countryman in 2200 making a last pitiful but heroic stand
    before the dark horde.

    In retrospect everything that they predicted about the blacks destroying themselves came true!

  2. That the blacks cannot tolerate 200,000 productive whites among them, and felt compelled to reduce them to a rump of 20,000 over three decades speaks volumes about the natural black sense of multiculturalism. 200,000 is, may I point out, the size of a metropolitan suburb or large town. If that white population can’t be tolerated in a large country (and the black pathology in American cities like Detroit or Philly is NO BETTER) it should serve as a warning to all European nations that wish to survive the next few centuries.

  3. The same leftist scum that destroyed Rhodesia moved on to South Africa. They are now plotting the same fate for Whites in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Of course they are operating here as well.

    Rhodesia and South Africa have more in common with Dixie than the Northern states. Rhodesia was fighting against the same enemy we were fighting in Alabama in 1965.

  4. I’m very much enjoying black history month here at OD. It really is amazing how blacks, literally, destroy every thing they touch.

  5. I really dig that Ian Smith tribute video. What a man, he was. Did you know, that in the lead-up to “Zimbabwean independence”, many Rhodesians had packed up their belongings and assets and prepared to leave for South Africa. Many already had left, and still many were scrambling to gather just a few things and go. The South African government, anticipating scores of refugees fleeing under fire, as had been the case for whites in Mozambique, deployed the army to line the highway leading into South Africa to protect the white exodus from ZANU militants. Amidst all this panic and grief, do you know who stayed behind to see to the safety of his homeland now in enemy hands?

    Ian Smith.

    What a man.

  6. Ian Smith has two books: The Great Betrayal and Bitter Harvest. I’m not sure I will have time to review them with everything on my plate. I had planned to review two books about Congo, two about Haiti, and one about Martinique this month.

  7. Rhodesia, a Dixie away from Dixie.

    I feel that this story could be instructive in Combination with Egypt’s 25th Dynasty. The Afrocentrics are correct to point out that at a certain point blacks ruled Egypt. This is true in the case of the 25th dynasty. However the rise of these black rulers coincided with the end of a powerful independent Egypt. After the blacks came … Well, the yoke of Assyrian then Persian and Greek then Roman overlords. The blacks were themselves hostile and foreign. They are credited by Egpytologists with a rebirth of traditional Egyptian Architecture, ritual and sculpture. I only see a typical black cargo cult that generates obselete forms in their works. By the time the black run Egypt into the ground, Assyria and then Persia are creating the first great road networks. The Greeks are experimenting with the Hoplite, Theatre, the Spartiate and Rudimentary Democracy. Rome is stirring, Etruscans are making thingsand Celtic culture is flowering with advanced metalwork and carpentry. All new forms. The 25th were simply remixing and copting the old icons that they misunderstood.

    It’s sad to say but I do wonder if America is in the 25th dynasty phase right now. The lousy socialist realism style sculptures of MLK, York and Rosa Parks strike me as similar to those built to comemorate the kings of the 25th.


    Ian Smith obit in the Indie. The writer actually dares to link Mugabe’s misrule with Smith’s rearguard action. As if the nigger was not responsible for his own failures! Wonders never cease with the DWL narrative.

    Mugabe really us a walking talking sack of shit, you are allowed to say it! Smith was an heroic RAF pilot. A defender of both his own people and his motherland. The self hatred among DWL is so strong that 30 years of Mugabe will not let them see.

  9. The U.S. federal government had just finished throwing Dixie under the bus to appease the nigger worshiping fanatics in the Northern states who slobbered over MLK. Naturally, they cared even less for the Rhodesians.

  10. Breivik killed minors, which ought to be avoided. There’s no honour in that sort of massacre.

    Ian Smith however was a man who protected his people. It reminded me of Lee saying he’d prefer to fight on behalf of his family and friends rather than for an abstract idea like a country. Ian was, underneath it all, quite fond of blacks. He knew them quite well and delivered a sustainable material vulture they could enjoy. Whereas Mugabe is just looting them. It would be interesting to see some polling pitting Smith and Mugabe against each other today. I bet Smith would be competitive among the blacks.

  11. “The roads that we are using today were all built by Smith. All the infrastructure is Smith’s. We never suffered the way we are suffering now because Smith took care of the economy that supported all people and they had enough to eat. When he left power the [British] pound was on a par with the Zimbabwean dollar, but President Mugabe has killed all that.” – Patrick Kombayi, Opposition Politician and former Gweru Mayor
    My guess is that whenever blacks received freedom and political equality, then, no matter who or what is in charge, the Black Undertow begins to operate — and when some critical mass is reached then the whole system fails. The Black Undertow even works against mulattos and the higher types among the blacks.

  12. Angolan refugee undertow strikes in Manchester England.

    this is little different than a home invasion story in South Africa or Zimbabwe. Except the police and courts are still doing their core job (for now). How long can the undertow be held at bay if it’s next door? Not long. If the front line were still in Africa these sorts of things would not be happening

  13. I wish someone could take the film clip “Beautiful Rhodesia” and refilm it completely, same camera angles and all, so the two could be run side-by-side.

  14. YKW is on record now that they think the US constitution is inferior to the South African constitution. Given that the genocide watch over Boers has just been heightened, this needs to be made of record just how “insensitive” these people are to the safety of our people. See the recent comments of a supreme court justice who now has “questions” about our constitution. Shouldn’t someone should ask her in view of her “questions” whether she can still dutifully uphold her oath of office, or will she be allowed to subvert the constitution from her seat on the highest court of the land?

  15. I’m pretty sure few care about BHM or blacks in general. Do we think that DWLs the betas of our country want to go anywhere near blacks? Blacks are fine if they are in the abstract or on TV but in real life, hah.

    Once we get over this white guilt nonsense I think we will roll up these kind of savages as easy the RLI could of if properly supplied.

  16. Clem Tholet sings about the life story of Rhodesia, set to really great old pictures:

    “Rhodesia-What a Time”

  17. The thing that ruly saddens me is ALL the Whites that buy into the Multi Culti insanity. Still. They aren’t interested in learning aobut reality at all.

    I think we may well be overwhelmed.

  18. Why didn’t they divide the country into two countries and tell the blacks to move to their half? They should have done the same in South Africa, after watching the disaster unfold in Rhodesia.

    Slow learners.

  19. @John says:
    “Breivik killed minors, which ought to be avoided. There’s no honour in that sort of massacre.”

    As long as the anti-Whites keep suppressing discussion of this issue, there will be violence. Suppression always leads to violence.

    TBH I don’t know why White Nats keep disavowing themselves from Breivik. He said in his manifesto, he was anti-racist, pro-israel, pro-gay.

    Does that sound anything like us? lol

    Feeling the need to disavow us from Breivik, makes as much sense as feeling the need to disavow us from Comrade Stalin.

    In the real world, Breivik is anti-White.

  20. “That’s basically what apartheid was in South Africa.”

    Weren’t they all still under the general umbrella of South Africa?

  21. Independence came on Remembrance Day which is the day set aside in the British Empire since the First World War to remember the soldiers who had given their lives for Britain. Southern Rhodesia had the highest loss ratio of any dominion or colony in the Second World War. There were more Rhodesian aces than there were from any other group within the British Empire.

    Alas, perhaps this is why God set his face against thee. Or call it divine blowback, whichever you prefer.

  22. Denise says, “The thing that ruly saddens me is ALL the Whites that buy into the Multi Culti insanity. Still. They aren’t interested in learning aobut reality at all.”

    I just found out this last weekend that my 50 year old sister with two Ivy League degrees pulled her children (girls 12, 15) out of school for a month and with her husband travelled the Northeast and went door to door for Obama before the 2008 elections. I knew she was nuts. My mom and both my sisters are nuts. But I guess the whole gang have gone completely off the deep end. There are the kind of people that elite institutions produce. Completely divorced from reality. All as white as can be.

    The good thing about the whole scenario is that she probably guaranteed that her children will be hard core conservatives.

    But this is normal behavior for that crowd. They’re going to “take the country back”. What?

  23. Land Shark,

    I intend to ask the local Conservatards, at our next Cnservatard meeting, EXACTLY what they mean when they say “We are going to take our country back rah rah!” (actually – they are very dispirited and floundering). I am goign to ask for PRECISE definitions.

    And go from there.

    FYI – I just had an encounter with the RABID multi culters – oooh LORDY! They are MEAN. Facts and reality and true facts and true reality and true economic trends and history, and legal ..thingies….mean NOTHING. Nothing. It doesn’t even get in their ears at all. Nothng makes a dent – but they get ENRAGED, vicious, and MURDEROUS at the slightest contradiction to their Utopian Rainbow Tyranny.

    MUR-DER-OUS. And anti-White racist beyond belief. Words fail me, at describing the…obsidian……I don’t even know what to call the reaction. It’s like some pure Id Evil Baby Ego reaction. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!! YOU WRONG YOU RACIST!!!! YOU ARE TRAILER TRASH TRAILER TRASH TRAILER TRASH TRAILER TRASH !!! WE ARE HAPPY!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!! RAINBOW GOOD I KILL YOU NOW.

    And the fact that their “facts” are completely delusional about things that NEVER happened – they just want to KILLYOUNOW more.

    RaHoWa’s gonna be one hard bloody slog. No prisoners will be taken. On either side. And there’s more of them.

  24. @Denise
    In this RaHoWa, White Nats keep talking about, it looks to me like the only credible military threat to Whites, will come from White anti-Whites, fighting for their own destruction.

    Just remember, we are a people becoming and they are a people ending.

  25. Denise wrote, “No prisoners will be taken. On either side. And there’s more of them.”
    Obama today — Mugabe tomorrow. I’m afraid that’s the reality.
    “Multiculturalism is simply egalitarianism gone mad.” — Paul Gottfried
    Can we at least get back to a majority political mindset that would allow something like “Operation Wetback”?

  26. Denise, the only thing you can do is be thoroughly prepped with facts.

    Also there us a manners issue. It’s very “declasse” to verbalize racism. Mist whites operate in a racist way, but it is sublimated and automatic. White flight, avoidance, private schools…

  27. agreed FedUp. negros, mexicans etc are dangerous as individual threats, like their criminal activities. Both seem to like slaughter, rape, etc but neither have much of a track record for organizing and successfully conducting wars. If it does come to RaHoWa, my guess is anti White, whites, like the damnyankees, will be used to do the fighting and non Whites will be used to commit genocide on our people. Which is why I routinely mention how important it is to make sure your women folk and kids know how to ride, shoot, scout as the old Cav posters use to say

  28. Fed Up, John, and dear Stonelifter,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I think you are correct, in who will try to to kill us off. Unreal, Possessed by demons, the UnWhites are…

    John- this is the problem. This is why I’m so upfront. The implicit stuff just backs us into a corner. The maneuver cannot stand, anymore. There’s no place left to go. We are backed up in that corner. As far as “racism” – you have to SAY it.

  29. Sure, but it’s white non-whites like Mike Wallace that are the current and historical danger. I think your garden-variety college edumecated dreadlocked SWPL can be redeemed.

    It’s the non-white whites that are the danger. Then blacks, then the rest.

    However, as someone who hadn’t seen a large collection of blacks in YEARS, and as someone with a pretty good radar for dangerous situations, blacks were problem #1 in the South.

  30. Did you hear Justice Ginsburg over the weekend opining on modern constitutions over the weekend? She recommended South Africa’s constitution as a model, and that one should not look to the outdated US Constitution as a model in the 21st century because its lack of protection for “human rights”. To me, that’s a borderline statement of genocidal intentions — by a Supreme Court Justice. But we need to stop calling Jews white, per their wishes.

  31. I don’t think that “nigger worshiping fanatics” were so much nigger worshiping as they were White Hating fanatics. Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White. I wouldn’t be surprised if those same enemies throw the niggers overboard soon enough and go to the next thing.

  32. Landshark – Jews are devils from Hell.

    People think I am being “extreme/outrageous/crazy” for saying such things.

    However – if Humans operated from my perspective, and treated Jews like they are ACTUAL devils, from Hell, what do you think the world would be like today?

    FYI – Jews have been attacking White civilizations (as wel as others) FOR EVER – and Whites have always pussied out with them. Occasionally Jews would be killed, but mainly they were expelled, century after century, to prey on a new Host.

    Just think, if centuries ago, people would have PAID ATTENTION to the Christ, when He called ’em out as Satan’s Kids.

    Imagine the alternate view of Human history, sans Satan’s Kids.

  33. Landshark.

    The American constitution is one of the key documents in American history. Tinkering with it is nearly insane. Giving blacks equal rights alone, has led to the general dip in American civ already. Enshrining human rights will kill it off.

    What a dirty bitch Ginzberg is!

  34. Interesting blog post written by a former intern of the late Sen. Helms.

    Seems the Senator introduced her to Ian Smith, and she graciously shook his hand out of deference to her “good manners”. Yeah, right. The truth was her vagina was quivering. She was so awe-struck being in the presence of such an independent, alpha, principled man, a man who had the balls to go it alone against literally the entire world, that couldn’t resist. She shook his hand and she liked it. Later on, her self hating, stunted liberal religion made her feel ashamed, and had to come up with an excuse for not doing anything about her “sense of injustice” when confronted with the “evil Ian Smith”. Anyway, read her post, I’m sure you will find her thought process interesting, especially her claim of the cause Zim’s current problems as “his (Ian Smith’s) insistence on white minority rule set up the problems the country is having today. Land should not have been so heavily concentrated in the hands of whites”. Never mind all the other failed states in Africa whose predicaments mirror Zim’s. No, it can’t be the one common denominator linking their failure, it must be “the concetration of land among whites” or “white privilege” or “bad juju”.

    What is the cause of white liberal’s terrible reasoning skills. I can’t just be due to brain washing.

  35. The brainwashing has come in so many forms. But maybe the things that really mattered didn’t really matter enough. These things aren’t being “missed” by a lot of people. A lot of Whites have no identity. You and I might be very aware of our ancestors, where they came from, but a lot of Americans don’t care. They don’t care who they marry, who raises their kids…for them, there is no bloodline to be spoiled

    Yet, all around us are nonwhites promoting their “heritage” and “culture”. From tacos to hiphop, everything is embraced. We know that America is nothing more than a nationality, and that genetics is everything. Our genetics is who we are, even how we think and react.

    In South Africa, Whites know they are above the blacks. Whites did heart transplants and blacks live in huts. The blacks never invented the wheel, and when one SA woman wrote that, one black wrote that they didn’t invent it, because they didn’t NEED it. Oh yes, they are living in paradise and have no need to improve anything.

  36. Rhodesian armed forces never lost a battle. Their defeat came from the crush of communist prodded world opinion which evolved into direct support of their enemies. The Rhodies were ‘left hanging’. The greatest bush warriors in history fought the good fight but the tragic end had already been written. With most productive Rhodesians either gone or driven off their holdings the country has deservedly deteriorated into a corrupt, communist, disease-infested backwater.

  37. Ian smith was right. When I discovered what Mugabe was like, that was the first step in leaving the PC view of blacks. (I am white)

  38. It is worth remembering that one country had the courage to support brave Rhodesia, and that country was Israel.

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