Black History Month 2012: Review: Shake Hands With The Devil

Lieutenant General Roméo Dallair remembers of the Rwandan genocide


Shake Hands With The Devil is a 2007 documentary about the Rwandan genocide.

The film is based on the book Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Canadian Lieutenant General Roméo Dallaire.

In Hotel Rwanda, Nick Nolte plays “Colonel Oliver” whose character is based on General Dallaire who was in charge of the ill fated U.N. mission during the Rwandan genocide in April 1994.

800,000 Tutsi were massacred by Hutu Power militants within 100 days. It was the largest mass murder in the shortest period of time in recorded history.

Shake Hands With The Devil is a White guilt fest that blames everyone but the Hutu and Tutsi noble savages in “paradise” for the Rwandan genocide. Dallaire blames himself, humanity, the U.N., the Devil, America, Belgium, the Catholic Church, the West, and White racism for what happened under his command.

Every myth about the Rwandan genocide is recited in this film:

(1) The Belgians created the racial division between the Hutus and Tutsis – This is false. The Tutsis migrated to Rwanda from Ethiopia or the Horn of Africa between the 14th and 16th centuries and had been lording over the Hutus for centuries when the first European explorers arrived in the region in the late 19th century.

The Tutsis themselves took great pride in bringing civilization to the Hutus. It was also the Tutsis who created the centralized Rwandan state and the forced labor system, not the Germans or the Belgians. The Germans and Belgians ruled Rwanda indirectly through a patron/client relationship with the established Tutsi aristocracy.

Belgium also administered the Congo Free State where the same Belgian anthropologists had been similarly active in categorizing the tribes that lived there. Mobutu Sese Seko’s Ngbandi tribe in Équateur migrated to the region from Sudan.

The explosive situation that developed in Rwanda and Burundi (like the Zanzibar genocide in 1964) was due to the caste based society that the Tutsi created there. It didn’t exist in the Congo where migrants from the Horn of Africa had been less successful in transplanting their social system in the malaria infested Congo basin.

(2) The Hutus and Tutsis are the same people – This is false. In one of his better moments, Razib Khan spent a lot of time debunking that politically correct myth here, here, and here.

The Belgian anthropologists were right. The Tutsis were originally a Nilotic race from the Horn of Africa. This was always obvious from their physical appearance, their own historical traditions, their lactose tolerance, and their lack of the sickle cell gene.

(3) White racism is why the U.N. failed to adequately intervene in Rwanda – This is false. France had been intervening in the Rwandan Civil War for years. Belgium lobbied for a stronger U.N. deployment until its own soldiers were attacked and killed on the ground. The United States was opposed to intervention because of the hangover from the “Black Hawk Down” debacle in Somalia.

Yugoslavia and Rwanda are apples and oranges. Rwanda was a genocide and civil war, but Yugoslavia was really just a civil war with exaggerated claims of genocide surrounding Srebrenica. In both cases, the U.N. failed to stop the civil war and failed to stop the massacre of civilians, so accusations of a double standard are without merit.

(4) The Belgians are uniquely to blame for the Rwandan genocide – On the one hand, the Belgians are demonized for being wicked imperialists who oppressed and exploited noble Africans, and on the other hand for being heartless monsters who renounced imperialism and washed their hands of Rwanda.

If Belgium hadn’t been forced to abandon its empire in Congo and Rwanda, the Rwandan genocide would have never happened, Mobutu wouldn’t have come to power, and the Congo Wars wouldn’t have happened either.

A much stronger argument can be made that the Hutu Power movement was inspired by the Left’s own anti-racist and anti-colonialist rhetoric and seized upon democracy as an ideological tool to justify their domination in Rwanda.

(5) The Catholic Church could have ended the genocide by describing anti-Tutsi hate as a sin – In Rwanda, more Tutsi were killed in churches and hospitals than anywhere else. Some of them were killed by their own priests, their own pastors, their own doctors. Husbands killed their own wives and children. The idea that the Vatican could have ended the genocide with moral suasion is risible.

The Rwandan genocide was a reenactment of the Zanzibar Revolution that was captured by the Africa Addio film crew. In both cases (Tutsis in Rwanda, Arabs in Zanzibar), an oppressed majority rose up and exterminated the hated elite minority in the aftermath of independence. The same thing happened to the Chinese in Indonesia.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by remembering the Rwandan genocide. Black people alone are responsible for the tragedy in Rwanda. If the Walloons and Flemish can live together in Belgium, Hutus and Tutsis could have been inspired by their example to live together in a similar manner.

Rwanda could have been the black version of Belgium or Switzerland. Instead, its own people exercised their freedom to make it the poorest country in the world, at least until they shattered their own record with their intervention in Congo.

Note: I haven’t forgotten Brooks D. Simpson or lost interest in defending Southern heritage. Black History Month 2012 has provided me with the occasion for a brief excursion into Africa and the Caribbean to study the Black Undertow as a worldwide menace to civilization.

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  1. And blacks in America sought to pin blame for black on black genocide in Africa on …. Drumroll…

    The Clinton Administration. See Democratic primary and the insane comments of (peo Obama/Anti Clinton by current Special Envoy for African Affairs Susan Rice. Another uppity nigger entrench in our government.

  2. Why single out Rwanda?

    Just off the top of my head, there was Algeria vs. France, North Sudan vs. South Sudan, Libya vs. Chad, Ethiopia vs. Eritrea, Somalia, the Nigerian Civil War, the Liberian Civil War, Sierra Leone, the Simba Rebellion, the Congo Wars, the Zanzibar genocide, the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya, Uganda under Idi Amin, Angola and Mozambique, Mugabe’s genocide in Zimbabwe, and the Whites under the ANC in South Africa.

  3. Who is your favorite African dictator?

    (1) Emperor Bokassa of Central African Republic
    (2) Idi Amin of Uganda
    (3) Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of Congo
    (4) Sekou Toure of Guinea
    (5) Charles Taylor of Liberia
    (6) Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea
    (7) Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia
    (8) Omar al-Bashir of Sudan
    (9) Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

  4. IMO, the worst of the worst was Macias Nguema

    During his presidency, his country was nicknamed “the Dachau of Africa”.[4] More than a third of Equatorial Guinea’s population fled to other countries to escape his brutal reign.[5] He was known to order entire families and villages executed.

    Three important pillars of his rule were the United National Workers’ Party, the Juventud en Marcha con Macías militia/youth group, and the Esangui clan of Río Muni. The country’s instruments of repression (military, presidential bodyguard) were entirely controlled by Macías Nguema’s relatives and clan members. The president’s paranoid actions included banning use of the word “intellectual” and destroying boats[1] (fishing was banned).[6] He “Africanized” his name to Masie Nguema Biyogo Ñegue Ndong in 1976 after demanding that the rest of the Equatoguinean population do the same.

    Macías Nguema was the centre of an extreme cult of personality, perhaps fueled by his consumption of copious amounts of bhang[2] and iboga,[1] and assigned himself titles such as the “Unique Miracle” and “Grand Master of Education, Science, and Culture”. The island of Fernando Pó had its name ‘Africanized’ after him to Masie Ngueme Biyogo Island; upon his overthrow in 1979, its name was again changed to Bioko.

    During Macías Nguema’s regime, the country had neither a development plan nor an accounting system for government funds. After killing the governor of the Central Bank, he carried everything that remained in the national treasury to his house in a rural village.[2] During Christmas of 1975 he ordered about 150 of his opponents killed. Soldiers executed them by shooting at the football stadium in Malabo, while amplifiers were playing Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days”.[7]

  5. Pik Botha was at least elected by transparent means. And he delivered Prosperity.

    My favourite African leader in the modern period must be Ian Smith.

    Go back a bit and Jan Smuts stands like a collossus.

  6. P.W. Botha was nicknamed “The Big Crocodile”. That’s kinda cool. When was the last time a white leader of a first-world nation was genuinely feared by his enemies?

    Out of the nigger dictators, I’d say Amin was my favorite. Some of his ramblings on YouTube are hilarious.

  7. IIRC, Nguema also forbade maintenance technicians at the country’s power plants from lubricating the machinery; it had something do with superstition. Whatever the reason, the equipment left over from the Spanish was soon ruined.

  8. My favorite part of Nguema’s wiki was this:

    Nguema was the son of a witch doctor who reportedly killed his younger brother. He failed the civil service exam three times.

    How hard could the civil service exam for equatorial guinea be?

  9. Why is it always the responsibility of the West to save the inhabitants of these shitholes from themselves???

    Why in the rational sense of why? It’s not rational. Who knows.

    Evolutionary Psychology – 2012. 10(1): 50-65
    Original Article
    Is Self-Sacrificial Competitive Altruism Primarily a Male Activity?
    Francis T. McAndrew, Department of Psychology, Knox College, Galesburg, IL 61401-4999, USA. Email: (Corresponding author).
    Carin Perilloux, Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA.

    Abstract: This study explored the basis of self-sacrificial prosocial behavior in small groups. Seventy-eight undergraduates (39M, 39F) filled out a thirty-item personality scale and then participated in a “group problem-solving study” in which the monetary success of a three-person group depended upon one of its members volunteering to endure pain (a cold stressor test) and inconvenience (being soaked in a dunk tank). There were 13 groups consisting of two females and one male, and 13 groups consisting of two males and one female. Across groups, the behavior of the altruist was judged to be more costly, challenging, and important and he/she was liked better, rewarded with more money, and preferred as a future experimental partner. Groups containing two males showed more evidence of competition to become altruists than groups containing two females, and personality traits were more effective predictors of altruistic behavior in males than in females. We conclude that competition between males and “showing off” are key factors in triggering self-sacrificial altruistic behavior.

    Keywords: altruism, competitive altruism, challenge hypothesis, sex differences

  10. The books title; The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda screams this book was written by a DWL

    the only failure of humanity was the Rwandans who slaughtered their own like hogs in a butcher shop.

  11. JJ Jameson wrote, “… Nguema also forbade maintenance technicians at the country’s power plants from lubricating the machinery …”
    “White rule in South Africa ended in 1994. It was about ten years later that power outages began, which eventually reached crisis proportions. The principal reason for this is simply lack of maintenance in the generating equipment. Maintenance is future-oriented … there is no such thing as maintenance in Zulu thought … The average African adult has the raw IQ of the average 11-year-old white child. … Rape clearly has a moral dimension, but perhaps not to Africans. … Africans, I believe, may generally lack the concepts of subjunctivity and counterfactuality.” — Gedaliah Braun

  12. The truth about blacks in crime, behaviour, and history might convince most white Southerners that John C. Calhoun was correct in his thinking. With regard to the wikipedia article on Nguema, that execution to the tune of Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days” must have been a weird scene. For Mary Hopkin’s singing click:

  13. First video, twelfth minute (btw, w/o going back in this sentence to cheat, I challenge you to spell “12th” in letters. It’s not easy)…

    Anyway, first vid twelfth minute: it’s all whitey’s fault. The good Canadian general tells us that the Belgians conducted all kinds of anthropological research to determine ethnicity and “all that nonsense,” so it’s whitey’s fault, don’t you know.

    It’s not that the negro is innately savage and violent. No. Whitey planted the seeds of ethnic hatred in the noble savage of Rwanda. Race does not exist. You know the score.

    Whitey’s fault.




  14. Clinton resisted calls by blacks Like Susan Rice to intervene. Clinton knew the score.
    I’d, have dropped a neutron bomb on the lot of the savages and then reseetled a few million whites in the wake of the clearance. I have no time for charity. Africa ought to belong to us. It is wasted on blacks.

  15. First vid, twenty-fifth minute: it’s whiteys fault! The Euros sent in their own soldiers, armed to the teeth, and they were “obsessed only with saving their own compatriots. They didn’t care about saving the poor Tutsis. It’s whitey’s fault don’t you know.”

  16. Listening to these DWLs talking aboot Ruanda and how it was all evil whitey’s fault (“Are some humans more human than others?” asks one of the narrators, and then: “It was a moral default on the part of the world.”)…

    27th minute: “Racist impulses on the part of the outside world.”

    …anyway, listening to these DWLs talk aboot the tragedy of niggers doing what they do (killing other nikkers), reminds me of two revealing interviews.

    First interview: Question for Bill Clinton:

    “What do you consider was the lowest moment of your administration?”

    Clinton: “Definitely not being able to save those poor Ruandans.”

    Second interview: Question for George Bush:

    “What do you consider was the lowest moment of your administration?”

    Bush: “Definitely not being able to save those poor New Orleanians.”

    Bush gave the niggers of Africa 60 billion dollars for AIDs.

    Clinton gave the niggers of America the free mortgages that led to the subprime meltdown.

    To Those Who Can See, there is a pattern here.


  17. with all the bed press White men get, you’d think more of us would say “f#ck it” and start acting the part.

  18. First vid, 34th Minute: Dallaire:

    “I’m standing there, amidst all this disgusting mutilation and brutality that was all basically started by these bastards [the Beligians boarding a Hurcules aircraft] that were taking off.”

    Yikes! Whitey’s fault!

  19. First vid, 37th minute : “It was the Catholic church’s fault. They got away with murder, literally.”

    These asshole white guys in ties attacking the Catholic Church – the ONE institution in Africa that runs clinics and schools for these hopeless savages – deserve to be hacked up with machetes by their pet darkies.

    You want to know what the Catholic church does in Africa? Visit this intrepid young couple’s amazing cross-Africa 4X4 trip from 2008 :

    You’ll see that when civilization is days and even weeks away by overland travel, the only safe places to spend the night in the heart of the jungle are the local Catholic mission.

    (Spend some time checking out the pictures and reports from this couple’s trip. Unbelievably fascinating stuff. They trekked through places that had not scene a white man in decades).

  20. Second vid 21st minute: Commander Dallaire tells an assembly of negroes in a stadium: “They told me that you people didn’t matter, and that there were too many of you anyway. [gasps from the audience of negroes – whitey be bad, ooooo whitey bad] They told me that Africa had no strategic importance. I failed you.”

    Whites and whites alone are capable of this kind of self-flagellation, this hypersensitivity.

    Meanwhile the negro, with the bump-dee-dump-dee-doo soundtrack playing in its tiny simian brain, does not have the cranial capacity for extra feeling or emotions. The negro brain is limited to the basest and most carnal impulses.

    I’m amazed at what a hate-whitey fest this vids is.

    At one point Dallaire feels so bad for the sufferings of the poor negro, he drinks himself into a stupor under a park bench in Canada. How many of you can picture a black being wracked with guilt to that point?


  21. The pattern is:

    Niggers are a protected species. Dark Gods walking among us.

    Simples. I would like to write a script following a UN seconded general like Dallaire
    and have his wake up on screen. He’s killing himself with drink, when he could just say, ” I gave it my best liberal fairminded shot, but they were niggers. I will enjoy my life now. Enjoy my friends and family. Enjoy all the beauty.”

  22. The wisdom of General Lee is key with Dallaire. Lee chose the confederacy in park because that was his family. He chose family over national ideology. Dallaire chooses the delusion of universal equality over being a leader for his soldiers, a good dad, a patriotic Canadian. Romeo is bleeding needlessly.

    I imagine while Dallaire was giving that speech half those niggers were eying new victims, the drum beat of savagery thudding in their inner ears.

    It’s okay Romeo, Canadians are alright. Keep the niggers out as best you can.

  23. Don’t forget that the world-class University of Rwanda, which plays Africa’s Yale to the Harvard of the celestial University of Kinshasa, contributed mightily to the well-being of Rwandans through its highly effective Center for Tolerance and Co-operation.

    My hat goes off to the Center’s director, Professor Mbulele Kwulu, (also chairman of the U of R’s Center for Humanitarian Peace Studies) and his team of tireless and gifted Hutu graduate students, for the central role they have played in making Rwanda a shining beacon to those of us in the hopelessly racist and benighted West.

    If only we whites could see that “structural racism” and “institutional racism” are what’s holding us back, we too could have shining citadels of learning like those two twin mountaintops of African scholarship and effectiveness.

  24. “White racism is why the UN failed to adaquately intervene in Rwanda”

    I would argue that anti-racism is to blame for the failure of outsiders to intervene and stop the Rwanda genocide.

    According to French author Gerard Prunier’s “The Rwanda Crisis”, White South African generals presented Mandela with a plan to intervene and stop the genocide. Mandela vetoed the plan, according to Prunier because he feared a successful intervention would give the White South African military leaders prestige, which in turn might translate into political power for Whites in post-apartheid South Africa. Amazingly Prunier, who apparently considers himself a humanitarian denouncer of genocide, approves of Mandela’s decision and the reason’s for it! It’s more important to keep White South African’s powerless than it is to save Black lives! Anti-racism manages to be anti-White, without being truely pro-Black.

    The rest of the world didn’t intervene because they knew damn well that if their soldiers showed up and started shooting darker skinned Hutus to save lighter skinned Tutsis, they would be denounced as racist. Shooting Orthodox Serbs to (allegedly) save Muslim Bosnians, on the other hand, is perfectly PC.

  25. Why didn’t the African states intervene to stop the genocide? They intervened in Liberia and Sierra Leone to profit off Blood Diamonds and Congo to make a fortune off stealing gold, diamonds, oil, and coltan.

  26. We need to point out, more often, to liberal White-guilt mongers, that they are ACKNOWLEDGING White Supremacy.

    It is only their subconcious, default assumption that the White Man has a Burden that he not only should take up, but that he even can, that prompts them to beseech the White man to DO something when the Africans are killing each other.

  27. Since we touched it last, we must be guilty of everything bad that happens there(and responsible for nothing good,what anemic good there is, of course). If the Chinese or Arabs recolonize Africa… we’ll still be responsible for everything bad that happens there no doubt.

  28. “The Tutsis themselves took great pride in bringing civilization to the Hutus. ”

    This is a really nonsensical remark because whatever developments the tutsis did bring wasn’t civilization (I doubt the largest settlement in pre-colonial Rwanda exceeded several thousand inhabitants), nor have relatively similar populations like the Somalis done much good at maintaining it in modern times.

  29. While one cannot fault the Romanists for their altruistic charity in hellholes such as this, the fallacy that all and sundry hominidity will/should/must ‘convert’ to the Roman Communion, is a complete denunciation of the scope and limits of the Biblical Commission to the ‘world’ of the Apostle’s days – i.e., the “Ecumene.”

    Said ‘world’ stopped at the borders of the Roman Empire, i.e., Europe.
    Christianity is and always will be a “White Man’s Faith.”
    Rome is being untrue to her very own foundations, in denying that fact via her proselytising the ‘xenos’ of the world.

    Hunter, this series of posts on Black History month should be tooled and made a text for homeschools, and junior high school audiences, just to utterly demolish yet one more propaganda brick in the Edifice of Western ‘civilization.’

  30. “… this series of posts on Black History month should be tooled and made a text for homeschools …” The cultural Marxists are waging a relentless propaganda campaign against Whites and all pro-White ideology. WNs need to create an alternate media universe. We find a torrent of anti-White propaganda and a trickle of pro-White propaganda on the Internet.
    1) Truth is the best propaganda.
    2) Propaganda should tell the truth in terms of a person’s basic interests and special interests.
    3) Propaganda should explain things in terms of effects on people and their families.
    4) Propaganda should build upon a person’s concepts of truth, spirituality, justice and hope.
    5) The best propaganda entertains, makes money, and does not appear to be propaganda.
    6) Those who control media, finance and academe are the propaganda masters, and those who challenge them must study their methods.
    7) A political party can be defeated, but a religion is never defeated so long as there is one person who believes in it. Thus, the ultimate propaganda always involves religion.
    What should be done?
    “Either liberalism will continue until it has destroyed our civilization, and liberalism itself, having been deprived of its host, will also perish; or liberalism will be rejected at some point short of its destruction of our civilization.” — Lawrence Auster A Change in Thought

  31. The best African leader of the 20th century was Hendrik Verwoerd, in my opinon. He was the intellectual father of apartheid. Much more than Smith he was explicit about the need for racial discrimination. It’s as shame he was assassinated.

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