Amurrica Series: Pat Buchanan Returns From Exile


Pat Buchanan is back on FOX News after getting fired from MSNBC.

He wrote a book about “The End of Christian America” and “The End of White America” that was featured on the cover of Newsweek and The Atlantic. It is a violation of BRA’s racial etiquette for a mainstream conservative not to celebrate the demise of White Christian America.

I’m nonplussed about the whole affair. I felt the last straw of patriotism snap somewhere in the banality of CPAC or the crowds of idiots that were hopping aboard “The Cain Train.” Maybe it was Steve Tyler performing the national anthem or trying to work out in the gym with “Stupid Ho” playing in the background.

There is no hope for this worthless country. More than ever before I think about emigrating to Africa or South America. Watching this slow motion train wreck on a daily basis will drive you insane like Mr. Kurtz.

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  1. @Svigor

    You must not have read the rest if my comment. The Slant’s need girl babies because their one-child policy caused a shortage of females and an abundance of males, who the Chinese government fears may turn to extremism if they cannot find mates.

    Their game is to establish off-shore supplies of resources–food, minerals, suitable breeding stock– and then ship it back to the motherland whenever the demand arises. Africa offers the greatest stores of arable land, living space, and mineral deposits on the planet. And the only thing in the way, are some collections of diseased primitives.

    It’s a much better investment than a suicidal attempt on a populous white country like the U.S.

  2. You must not have read the rest if my comment. The Slant’s need girl babies because their one-child policy caused a shortage of females and an abundance of males, who the Chinese government fears may turn to extremism if they cannot find mates.

    The Chinese regime knew going in they’d get a surplus of males (boys are valued, girls devalued, quite openly). They don’t fear them. That’s what brothels are for.

  3. Moving to Africa is so outrageous it’s actually a stroke of genius. Best idea I’ve heard in a while.

    There’s only one libertarian State in Africa- Liberia. They just LOVE individual rights.

  4. “If Whites cannot turn things around within 40 years, then the Jews must subvert China soon or Jews are totally doomed — is this a correct analysis?”

    Less IQ- I might agree with you, except for two things. 1) After long study, analysis, and surprising correlations between a cultic group (Christian Identity) and a man who doesn’t believe in them, but believes in a mass White Exodus of Europeans during the Ice Age (Solutreanism), as well as the ethnic connection between a different race (Neanderthals) and the Jews; as opposed to Whites/Homo Sapiens…

    That now I firmly believe that the White Race is the “ADAM” mentioned in Genesis Chapters 12,3,4,and 5. And that all of the ‘covenant people’ (such as King David, Noah, Jacob/Israel, Isaac, and even Christ) are of that racial purity.

    With that understanding, while there is a battle between the ‘seed of the serpent’ (who is Cain, breeding with the Neanderthalic/’other’ race) and the ‘seed of the women’ (i.e., Eve/Mary/the Church- Gen. 3:15- they are BOTH there!), knowing that the ‘Great Tribulation’ occurred during AD70 (the ‘this generation’ Christ spoke of), I also 2) believe the promise that ‘save for the Elect, these days will be short.’

    In short, if the accursed seed of the Jews seeks our racial obliteration, God will end all History, and we Adamic redeemed Man will win, and the ‘new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness’ will happen. History ends, the Jews/Seed of satan lose, and we will be crowned ‘Kings and Queens in Narnia’ as C. S. Lewis prophesied…. except Narnia will be this Earth, sanctified, and minus all the ‘chay of the field’ that now plague us, as well as the ‘seed of Satan.’

    That’s probably more than you wanted to know, but it least assures me of victory, whether we beat back the paynim foe, and restore Caucasia as a nation-state, or we are martyred, and thus bring forth the Parousia. BTW, none of the dispensationalist, Hagee/Swaggart/Robertson/Falwell “Rapture bunnies” will be part of that salvation, in that they have already aligned themselves with the Christ-killers, and Our Lord said, “Not everyone that saith, Lord, Lord, etc.”

  5. People need to do something different to restore themselves; egg heads (God bless them) should do something new and physical; the physically rigorous should do some skull work.

    Currently I’m reading The Book of Chivalry by Geoffroi de Charny written in the 1300’s. It’s interesting to read a book that old, and see so much of myself and my friends described in it.

    People need to grow thicker skin. Legitimate complaints against various groups exist. Including Catholics and Irish.

    South America has bad economies, hardcore poverty, rampant corruption, crime, crime, crime and Whites indentify with hispanic/ latino. Don’t expect a warm welcome. Bribes are everyday common. Criminals target wealthy foreigners. You’re wealthy by default because you’re foreign.

    Men from Australia clued me in to this being a worldwide issue. Perth (?) had a problem with hajjis raping White women, and the PC crowd worried about reactionary White men.

    More liberty outside of the USA? Liberty and lawlessness is not the same thing. I’m free by default living on my farm. Who’s around to enforce the law or rat me out? It is easier to in-pat than go ex-pat. Find a White area to move to, research jobs and the like and then move.

    Some nations will fine/ jail you for criticizing homosexuals or moslems; limit the amount or kinds of property foreigners can own, and tax you into compliance on a host of issues. Remember the hajji riots in France and the UK? Where’s next? The euro zone/ currency looks shaky; unemployment is higher and Italy is expecting it own lost decade. Western European masculinity is spent. Cultural marxsim has all but won.

    People recommended ex-patting to places with problems in their recent past. Generally, things weren’t as bad as folks think in the Balkans, but it was bad, and confusing. I could never tell who was what, or why. The hajjis support Al Qaeda & UBL. I was in Brazil while they ethnically cleansed the ghettos, wasn’t much fun. Will those problems reoccur? Who will help you if they do? The cops won’t help; no family to help; you’ll have to rely on yourself and, untested new friendships. The local middle class and upper middle class are fleeing many of the places men talk about ex-pating to. Some places are downright hostile to Americans (leftist hate the USA)

    America isn’t perfect, but legally I can own as much land and as many houses as I can afford; cars with 600 rear wheel horse power aren’t gas-taxed out of a middle class mans ability to afford; I can own the type of dogs I want; machine guns, .50 sniper rifles, suppressors’, sniper rifles w/ suppressors, build destructive devices, carry a firearm damn near any where I want; criticize who I want; travel without a passport or language barriers to visit some of the world’s greatest cities, ski resorts, and beaches; see some of the greatest wonders in the natural world; hunt pigs, deer, moose, turkey, bears; fish for bass or marlin; chase after the widest selection of European women I’ve seen in one nation.

    Ex-patting is exchanging one set of difficulties for another. Many ex-pats are unhappy in their new local. A number are doing it strictly to drink and whore and with that comes a host of unpleasant personality traits. Some are wanted for a variety of minor, unsavory behavior issues in their home nation. That’s how your host nation will view you. That and as a walking wallet

    Living is tough in most of the world. Are you ready to give up your comfortable 1st world life?

    I’m worn out physically, mentally and spiritually. My nation hates my race, sex, wealth, lifestyle and faith. It’s my racial kin folk, especially our women, opposing us. Alaska is partly escaping my problems. I’ll spend a few years hunting and fishing with my youngest son. I’ll recon AK in case things get worse. I’ll return to NC stronger than ever. I’m taking R&R, not raising the white flag.

    Who knows what the future will hold? Perhaps Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul will stand up as race realist and save the day.

    I will leave you with this heartwarming story; remember that 12 year old boy in NC who killed that negro breaking into his house and most likely saved his sister from rape? No part of that story means our people are over, and no way in hell will I give up if a 12 year boy will stand firm

    May the Almighty, Living God, Lord of Host, Devine Physician and the God of War, heal us and strengthen us for the fight.
    Deo Vindice

  6. Landshark: I’ve e-mailed Hunter for your info.

    I am more bullish about North America or Europe, but Africa could be doable if enough people moved to the same place. The trick is that you would need to live separately from blacks, not try to use them as cheap labour.

    If whites managed to carve out an ethnostate somewhere in North America, non-whites would stop immigrating to the diverse areas, and the populations would fall over time, allowing for re-colonization.

  7. I see our ultimate future as that of Kennewick Man. One of us will be the last white human on this continent at some point, fleeing alone across a glacier, chased by the brown hoard.

    You’re right Stonelifter, this is still a great country to be in the context of things.

    ASDF, look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Patsy Buckwheat’s Turn, Part 1

    There is much pissing and moaning about how a long-time whore playing catlick cock-tease Pat Buchanan has been removed from The Obongo Channel – M$NBC for expressing ‘racist’ thoughts against ‘our’ mighty Evil Empire, ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. Why these whigger nutsionalists keep seeking ‘leadership’ from proven race-traitors has no other explanation other than stupidity and memories shorter than their whigger dicks, especially given that when Pat Buchanan betrayed me for taking the lying bastard at its word back in 2000 that the Internut had been around for over five years. Anyone doing an Internut search on the search engines of that era could have seen that Pat Buchanan was never anything other than a lying whore to those white racial political activists who were naive enough — like I was back then — to take Pukeannon at its written word.

    Now why is that? Why are supposed ‘White Nationalists’ not much better, if at all, to typpycull stupid whiggers in following liars, crooks, thieves and hypocrites all seeking to lead us, like mad cows and madder whiggers with shit-encrusted tails-in-teef in the same old circles?

    Largely because whiggers have no real leadership in that those who do have some leadership abilities are long-since paid off. But also due to the fact that any true racial leader with any sort of vision sees that there is really no future other than seeing a Great Collapse of the Great Tribulation. Thus any White Nationalism in order to be effective must take into account that there is no hope for any peaceful solution but that rather White Racial Survival depends upon policies of absolute ruthlessness in using this Great Tribulation to essentially go with the flow of inevitable History and use the inevitable civil warfare to exterminate 120 million whiggers, 170 million muds/mamzers and ten million jews, leaving nothing more than around 10 million ex-whiggers to become the survivors. Effective White Nationalism means decentralization to where there are Ten Thousand Warlords who will form nearly as many bandit states with the only glue holding them together in a continent-wide theocratic military dictatorship is the racial religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI). DSCI holds that jews are the literal spawn of Satan through Satan’s seduction of Eve, thus giving birth to Cain, the First jew. That non-whites are the Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field without souls or any rights whatsoever, and that most of them are mongrel/mamzer abominations without any souls or rights that the White Man need respect. And that the basis of our problems are stupid whiggers who have brought us to this state of affairs leading YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel to the point of extinction. See Matthew 24:21-22.

    Of course saying — and gloating — about how letting Nature take its Course, of how the Un-Sustainable won’t be Sustained, and how Man Proposes YHWH Disposes — means that of course you are a lunatic needing to be committed to a lunatic asylum for the criminally insane and watching your ‘friends’ betray you into the maw of the Beast and be unable to do much about it for years at an end. When it all comes down to it is not Reason but rather Hate that will keep you alive, like Ben Hur rowing in the galleys.

    Now Pat Buchanan was never anything other than a thieving lying whore who ‘teased’ the naive into thinking that he was a racial patriot. Anyone stupid enough to believe this was betrayed, most sooner than later.

    In 2000 I and a former friend Dr. Joseph Keller were running for US Senator and Governor as Reform Party candidates. Both of us, but especially myself, were denounced for ‘racism’ by Pat Buchanan. Below in this series is a recital of old web pages in which anyone and everyone could see at that time that Pat Buchanan was never anything other than a lying whore that teases, then when the customer takes this cock-teaser at its word, Patsy hollers ‘rape, racist!’

    See for yourselves, whiggaz. Pity that Pat Buchanan can’t be put into a cage full of syphilitic Al Sharptons, now with itz own show on The Obongo Channel/M$NBC, who has at least the sole virtue of being more far honest in ‘putting out’ on its racial blatherings than ever did Buchanan.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Reform Party perseveres as some candidates spout hateful views

    By RICK MONTGOMERY – The Kansas City Star
    Date: 07/26/00 22:15

    Among three men seeking the Reform Party nomination for the U.S. Senate in Missouri is a truck driver who openly ridicules African-Americans and Jews in a campaign to save “white Christian America.”

    And in the Missouri governor’s race, the fractured party is offering up a St. Louis area ophthalmologist whose ideas include repealing voting rights for women.

    Both the Senate candidate — Martin Lindstedt of Granby, Mo. — and gubernatorial hopeful Joseph C. Keller will be atop the Reform Party ballot in their respective races when voters narrow the field in the Aug. 8 Missouri primary.

    State party officials for now are saying little against the two primary contenders.

    “It’s a real dilemma,” said Missouri Reform Chairman Bill Lewin. “We’re caught between our respect for freedom of speech and our respect for (the party’s) ethics.”

    Reform leaders at the national level, however, are publicly repudiating Lindstedt and similar candidates in other states for promoting causes contrary to the party’s principles, which once were rooted in mainstream issues such as campaign-finance reform and the national debt.

    Keller declined to be interviewed. But Lindstedt said in an interview that he liked his chances of winning the Senate primary.

    “I know my audience. You have a few out there who whine, whine, whine, `It’s racist,’ ” he said. “But when I’m talking to elderly whites who grew up liking segregation, I generally do pretty well.”

    Although Lindstedt, 42, describes himself as a “Buchananite,” his statements have been denounced by Pat Buchanan, the party’s apparent front-runner for president. In a letter, Buchanan called Lindstedt’s ideas “crude, obscene, vile and bigoted in the extreme.”

    Buchanan’s opponent for the presidential nomination, quantum physicist John Hagelin, has issued similar statements attacking Lindstedt and other “hate candidates.”

    Hagelin this week told The Kansas City Star that Buchanan’s far-right stance on social issues may be interpreted by bigots as “an open invitation” to join the traditionally centrist party.

    In Idaho, the Reform slate of legislative candidates includes Richard Masker, running on an anti-Semitic, white supremacist platform.

    In North Carolina, a leader of the National Alliance — a white nationalist organization — has urged in a letter to followers that they support “a much more radicalized, white-friendly Reform arty come November,” The Washington Post reported this week.

    Seeking distance

    The Missouri flap has spurred the Jackson County branch of the Reform Party to pass an anti-bigotry resolution.

    Referring to no candidates by name, the resolution states the county organization will not support anyone “who calls for discrimination or for violent action based on color, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, handicap, age or sex.”

    In the Senate primary, Lindstedt is running against two centrist Reform Party members — St. Louis businessman Hugh Foley and ex-contractor James M. Hall of Republic, Mo. — for the chance to fill the seat occupied by Sen. John Ashcroft, a Republican.

    The gubernatorial primary will pit Keller, 43, against Kent A. Benson of Camdenton, Mo., and Richard A. Kline, a retired military officer from Gipsy, Mo.

    At a June debate in Kansas City, Keller held the stage with the ultra-conservative Kline, who labeled former President Richard Nixon “a commie” for launching federal revenue-sharing programs to help U.S. cities.

    Russell Verney, the party’s founding national chairman, said the infiltration of “wacky ideas” has historically dogged third-party efforts.

    “Malcontents will attach themselves to any vehicle that will give them a political platform,” said Verney, who resigned his chairmanship last year. “With the national stature of the Reform Party, we’re an easier way for an unknown candidate to enter the big leagues as opposed to venturing into one of the major two parties and being completely overlooked.”

    On the Missouri Reform ballot, both Lindstedt and Keller will appear at the top of their races because they were first to file their candidacies with the Missouri secretary of state’s office.

    “When a Lindstedt shows up on the ballot with a bunch of other unknown candidates, in all likelihood most Reform voters wouldn’t have any idea whom they’re voting for,” said Verney. “Being first on that ballot will be an advantage.”

    A Lindstedt campaign brochure refers to immigrants as “immigrunts” and states he would push a “nationalist, pro-white, America First!” agenda.

    On his Web page, Lindstedt has warned of “racial genocide for whites at the hands of a numerically, intellectually and morally inferior racial and political minority not afraid to use its position of power to get its way.”

    After such literature found its way to the Buchanan campaign, Buchanan sent a June 27 letter to former chairman Verney, urging Reform leaders to “repudiate such filth.”

    Buchanan wrote: “I will gladly stand beside the Party Chair and renounce (Lindstedt)” should he become the Senate nominee.

    Relying on voters

    Keller — more soft-spoken than Lindstedt — articulates several proposed reforms ranging from eliminating payroll taxes to prohibiting judges from being bar association members.

    Although his public remarks have tended to avoid extremist positions, Keller’s Web page includes statements that fluoridated water causes infertility, that drug importers be punished by death, that fathers be granted child custody and that prisons be segregated because “white men should not be raped by black men.”

    Keller’s platform also states: “Only taxpaying men may vote or hold office. The 19th Amendment (granting women suffrage) exceeds federal authority.”

    Party leaders in Missouri, working to distance themselves from Lindstedt and Keller, say both candidates have the legal right to run in the primaries even if their views are objectionable.

    As such, state chairman Lewin said the party hierarchy should resist screening or censoring candidates before voters have a chance to size them up.

    “I am confident that the voters who choose our ballot will select candidates that the party can endorse,” he said. If not, the state party constitution allows officers to withhold endorsement or even endorse candidates from another party.

    “If there’s a nominee that the public finds repulsive, that’s definitely a black eye for our party,” Lewin said.

    Both Lindstedt and Keller have unsuccessfully run for statewide office in the past — Lindstedt as a Libertarian, Keller as a Democrat and a U.S. Taxpayers Party nominee.

    The Star’s Kit Wagar contributed to this article.

    To reach Rick Montgomery, a national correspondent, call ( 816) 234-4410 or send e-mail to

    All content © 2000 The Kansas City Star

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