Confederate History Month 2012: John Wilkes Booth on Race

John Wilkes Booth assassinates Abraham Lincoln for supporting negro equality


John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated the tyrant Abraham Lincoln for endorsing “nigger citizenship” in Louisiana, was a diehard Confederate nationalist from Maryland.

“This country was formed for the white not for the black man. And looking upon African slavery from the same stand-point, as held by those noble framers of our Constitution, I for one, have ever considered it, one of the greatest blessings (both for themselves and us) that God ever bestowed upon a favored nation.”

Note: OD will celebrate John Wilkes Booth Day on April 26.

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  1. This man was nuts. Black slavery was the worst thing that ever happened to America. Why do you keep defending the importation of Africans and slavery?

  2. That doesn’t make any sense. America is the Union. Are you saying that a South with a large, possibly majority, black population and most whites impoverished would be preferable to a prosperous, virtually 100% white North? How manageable was South Africa?

  3. The Southern colonies existed before the Union: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

    There were plenty of people in the South who thought that supporting the American Revolution was a foolish mistake. There were also skeptics who opposed the ratification of the Constitution.

    They were right. The worst mistake in our entire history was joining the Union. Slavery was a manageable problem that we could have always dealt with on our own table.

  4. The prosperous, virtually 100% White North chartered the course to the present racial disaster. France was virtually 100% White when it was swept up in Jacobin fanaticism.

    Naturally, I wish the South had either won its independence, or better still never joined the Union in the first place. In hindsight, there are no clearly no limits to “liberty and equality.”

    The train wreck ahead was already clear by 1861. “Black Republicanism” is why the South seceded from the Union. Unfortunately, it proved to be too late to get out of the Union by that point.

  5. You make a great point. America could have easy been two or three Sovereign nations at inception rather than one entity. The territory is so huge it’s amazing that it did amalgamate at all. The South, Mid Atlantic and New England probably could have had entirely separate destinies.

    Interesting that you bring up France. Napoleon was a tyrannical man who brought liberty under the Tricolore. Hedidnt bring freedom though.

  6. Sometimes I look at Detroit’s history, and wonder ‘if only they had done this’ or ‘if only they voted such and such way’, but I realize political decisions are ultimately immaterial. Any time whites allow their non-white subjects, be they slaves or resident workers, to swell to superior numbers, white oblivion is inevitable. It happened in Haiti, while it was still a colony of France. And it happened in South Africa, which had voted itself dependent of the British Commonwealth. The American South would have been no different.

    Booth was delusional.

  7. Political ideologies are immaterial. It’s interesting to realize this.
    Family trumps everything.

    Although with Detroit the political boundaries are critical in understanding how BRA was exposed. The counties were close enough but also securely cordoned off.

    In Atlanta the counties were amalgamated in the 30s and the white tax base masks the Negro problem.

    Fascinating really.

  8. Haiti is not an example of the inevitability of slave uprisings. Quite the opposite.

    It happened in Haiti because of the unique opportunity created by the French Revolution. The French Republic was embroiled in war in Europe and Saint-Domingue became a battleground with Britain and Spain.

    Napoleon’s troops defeated the slave uprising. Toussaint L’overture was exiled to France where he died in prison. Slavery was restored in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

    The only reason Haiti won its independence (in 1804, not 1794) is because the Napoleonic Wars resumed in Europe. Leclerc’s troops were cut off from Europe and were decimated by yellow fever.

  9. Slavery was abolished in the Caribbean and South America because of political pressure from Britain and France.

    In the Confederacy, the Union invasion brought about emancipation. Comparing Dixie to Haiti is like comparing apples and oranges.

    1.) Haiti is a mountainous country. Coffee was grown in the highlands. Sugar was grown on the plains. Slaves in the Old South grew cotton, rice, tobacco, and sugarcane in river valleys and coastal lowlands. The highlands were overwhelmingly white.

    2.) Haiti is a tropical country below the Tropic of Cancer. The French were defeated by disease and fighting with other European powers.

    3.) The ratio of slaves to slaveholders never reached the extremes in Dixie that it did in Haiti.

    4.) The fighting in Haiti began with the free coloreds who were the gendarmarie of the colony. Free blacks in Dixie did not own firearms and they certainly weren’t the front line of defense.

  10. The real parallel with Saint-Domingue is that fanatical Jacobins and Black Republicans brought about the violent destruction of slavery in both countries. The anti-slavery activists also succeeded in abolishing slavery in the British West Indies.

  11. The North, and America at large needed Southern slavery in order to industrialize and become the dominant, prosperous nation it is today.

    Where is the North without cotton exports and tariffs?

  12. “Where is the North without cotton exports and tariffs?”

    I’m sure the northern states would have been able to clothe themselves absent Southern cotton. Perhaps some textile plants would have closed up, but the North had very diverse manufacturing-based economy, and their were plenty of dairy, grain, and produce farms in the North, and many of which still operate today. We grew our own food and made our own wares. The North didn’t live and die by Southern cotton or tobacco. It was the South who’s economy depended on black slaves. The North had no use for them until greedy venture-capitalists like Henry Ford found out they came cheaper than Poles and Italians.

  13. Consider how the policies enforced by the armies of the “White North” have worked out for them as opposed to how the policies of the slave-owning South would’ve worked out if left to its own devices. The latter is obvious, the White man would have remained on top and dealt with slavery and the negroes at his discretion. Meanwhile, most northern metropolises are no-go zones for Whites. They’re also bankrupt and will end up being carried by taxpayers to an even greater extent. After more than a century of stooge political leaders (one might call them white niggers), you now have an actual darkie in charge of your union. Your beloved Constitution was shredded long ago. Shall I continue?

    And no, Lincoln was not a White Supremacist. He was an abolitionist who knew how to fool the right people at the right times.

  14. “Thank God you’re not one of those idiots who blames ‘reconstruction’ on Booth.”

    The radical republicans had their plan(or agenda if you will) ready to go, though eventually the rest of the country balked at it. Had only they hammered that part out before the civil war had even started.

  15. “I’m sure the northern states would have been able to clothe themselves absent Southern cotton.”

    The export of cash crops like cotton, is what provided the revenue for the north to industrialize in the first place.

    At the time of the civil war, 60% of all American exports were cotton products. So it’s not necessarily about the North trying to clothe themselves. It’s about cotton and other cash crops, driving the industrialization of the North.

    At the time, because of malaria, you needed africans to pick cotton. They tried using white indentured slaves but they usually died.

    Without african slavery, there is no industrial revolution.

  16. Anon, I would argue that their entire plan consisted of consolidating the states by whatever means necessary, realizing that the South provided too much income to even risk losing. They were prepared to fight a war against their own countrymen rather than go on dealing with the problem of state sovereignty. I’d also argue that the average northerner at the time, much like any average American today (though less and less so), believed what his government told him. The Stowe book is the giveaway on the propaganda front, however. Equalitarianism has always been a hallmark of would-be tyrants. The incitement to jealousy and resentment was flagrant, and rather unprecedented (except in France). In other words, it was purely a power grab. Nothing new about that, especially in America.

    There is a historical event I wish OD would take up sometime, and that’s the proliferation of the idea that Lincoln was a white supremacist.

    In 1937-38 there was a well intentioned man from Illinois (what can I say?) who sought a new avenue for establishing White domination in the US (can’t remember his name. I’ll look it up but a search would probably identify him). Anyway, he had the idea of taking the couple of Lincoln’s campaign trail lying refutations of his abolitionist inclinations and turning them into proof that the great man (1937-38, remember, Lincoln was ‘king of the hill’, at least in the north, at this time) was actually a redeemer of White Civilization. This fit well with Lincoln’s stated goals (at election time) of African repatriation. Of course Abe never lifted a finger to act on this claimed desire, any more than W in 2004 understood theology. It only won him elections. Southern leaders of the time, being ‘the enemy’ weren’t that beguiled. Had he actually been a white supremacist they would’ve worked out a deal with him. They knew better, which is why they seceded.

    Anyway, I know you didn’t invite a lengthy diatribe. It was more for suggestive purposes to OD. OD has published excellent history and I hope this bit of history also qualifies for consideration.

    I’ll supply the otherwise well-intentioned Illinois individual’s name as soon as I discover it again (it’s been a long time). But I can’t be the only person to know this story.

  17. Here’s an excerpt from Howell Cobb’s letter to the people of Georgia:

    Again, in a speech delivered in Chicago, during the last Presidential election, which we find published in the Illinois State Journal, the state organ of the Black Republican party of Illinois, on the 16th of September, 1856, Mr. Lincoln said:

    That central idea, in our political opinion, at the beginning was, and until recently continued to be, the equality of men. And, although it was always submitted patiently to, whatever inequality there seemed to be as a matter of action necessity, its constant working has been a steady progress toward the PRACTICAL EQUALITY OF ALL MEN.

    “Let past differences as nothing be; and, with steady eye on the real issue, let us re-inaugurate the good old central ideas of the Republic. We can do it. The human heart is with us; God is with us. We shall again be able, not to declare that all the States, as States, are equal; nor yet that all citizens, as citizens, are equal; but renew the broader, better declaration, including both these and much more, that all men are created equal.”

    Yet again, in a speech at Chicago, on the 16th of July, 1858, Mr. Lincoln said:

    “I should like to know if, taking the old Declaration of Independence, which declares that all men are created equal upon principle, and making exceptions to it, where will it stop? If one man say, it does not mean a negro; why not another say, it does not mean some other man? If that declaration is not the truth, let us get the statute book in which we find it, and tear it out. Who is so bold as to do it? If it is not true, let us tear it out. [Cries of “No no!”] Let us stick to it, then; let us stand firmly by it, then.

    Let us discard all this quibbling about this man and the other man – this race and that race and the other race being inferior, and therefore they must be placed in an inferior position -discarding the standard that we have left us. Let us discard all these things, and unite as one people throughout this land until we shall once more stand up declaring that ALL MEN are created equal. I leave you, hoping that the lamp of liberty will burn in your bosoms UNTIL THERE SHALL NO longer be a doubt that ALL MEN ARE CREATED FREE AND EQUAL.”

    In these declarations Mr. Lincoln has covered the entire abolition platform – hatred of slavery, disregard of judicial decisions, negro equality, and, as a matter of course, the ultimate extinction of slavery. None of these doctrines, however, are left to inference, so far as Mr. Lincoln is concerned, as we see he has avowed them in the plainest and clearest language. They are not exceeded by the boldness of Seward, the malignity of Giddings, or the infamy of Garrison. It was the knowledge of these facts which induced his nomination by the Republican party; and by the free circulation which has been given to them in the canvass, it would seem that Mr. Lincoln is indebted to their popularity for his election. The insincerity of his disavowal of the doctrine of negro equality, when pressed to the wall, after the solemn declarations I have quoted, is too transparent to require remark.

    Such, then, are the sentiments and principles which an overwhelming majority of the North have indorsed by their votes for the man who announced and defended them.

  18. For some reason you have to be logged in at SNN to post comments. Check out Eric Walthers book on the Fire Eaters and William Lowndes Yancey and the Coming of the Civil War.

  19. HW, I had to do that for the comments because I am bombarded, even now, with spam. It basically shut down the site it got so bad. I’ll add the book you mentioned to the list. Thanks.

  20. I agree, any time you take a large foreign body within yours, it is just a cancer waiting to metastasize.

    Shoulda picked our own damn cotton. Hell, had the plantations paid a decent wage to poor whites to do it, they may have been able to industrialize quicker with a surging middle class, and keep pace with the north.

    That’s not to say DWLism still wouldn’t have taken hold, we still had those cursed puritans.

  21. “Anyway, I know you didn’t invite a lengthy diatribe. It was more for suggestive purposes to OD. OD has published excellent history and I hope this bit of history also qualifies for consideration.”

    As far as diatribes go it isn’t that long, and I enjoy history from whatever perspective I can get. thinking back on it there should have been a major red flag when all the history books just glossed over the reconstruction for example.

  22. “thinking back on it there should have been a major red flag when all the history books just glossed over the reconstruction for example.”

    Haha! No kiddin’.

    It’s like there’s this big black hole from 1865 to 1877. I guess everyone was on siesta.

  23. Good luck trying to sell anti-Revolutionary War Loyalism and anti-Constitutionalism to conservatives in Alabama.

  24. He was shot like a dog in the neck when cornered, befitting for an idiot. His accomplis surrendered sixty miles from Ford’s Theater. He was paralyzed from the neck down when he died. He that live by the gun shall also perish by the gun. I won’t waste time and space to glorify the philosophy of a racist idiot. Let just say in the end justice was served 12 days after he committed his ignoble, cowardly, and unpatriotic act.

  25. One can also say he went out like Osama. A bushwhacker by trade and when the long arm of the law reached out and touched him like Ma Bell, he ran and hide like the coward he was. He did not put up a fight because that is what cowards do. The story said they burnt the stable down, he ran out and was shot like in the neck like a dog, or as I can also say like Osama. How can a paralyzed person resist? He was one of Americas first Terrorist…The Union Calvary that caught him was the almost like Team 6, they killed him rather than waste Tax Payers time and money. good riddance

  26. Hello,

    I’m a regular commentator on The Political Cesspool, where I go by the same pseudonym and have made hundreds of comments. You have the Political Cesspool listed on your blog roll, so i would hope you don’t think of it as a “Rainbow Confederate” group.

    I’ll just cut straight to the chase: You’re an ungodly disgrace. The so-called “white nationalism” that you stand for is anti-white in every sense of the word, and your so-called “solutions” would surely result in the same totalitarian police state that the Marxists on the left seek to impose. You hate free market capitalism and all the wealth and prosperity it created for white European nations. Oh yes, that’s right: Between 1865 and 1929, the United States and the nations of Europe underwent mass industrialization and expansion that resulted in an unprecedented standard of living and an explosion of white babies. Our kind was 25% of the world population at the dawn of the century and stayed that way in the 1950s even after two world wars. White European nations, most notably the USA, become the most prosperous nations the world has ever known.

    And yet, you through all that prosperity and success under the bus whilst defending chattel slavery? You defend the presence of African blacks in the South whilst smearing the North for being 100% white, and then use the Jacobins to justify your attack on 100% white societies? What kind of a nationalist are you?

    I’ll tell you what you are: You’re a discredited 1800s aristocrat. You’re way is the way of oppression and tyranny, of agrarianism and no-growth economics. You don’t believe in a meritocracy, you believe in an aristocracy as it existed for hundreds of years. There is nothing “natural” about your form of government, which you described like so:

    “The Lords and Monarch of the Christian Republic of Dixie are to exercise a constitutional oversight role (as is now the case in the Islamic Republic of Iran) and may suspend secular authorities to preserve the divine natural order.”

    Oh yeah, because Iran under the Ayatollah’s is SUCH a successful model of government! You and the phony nationalists that support you should move your asses to Iran if you like their government so much! And then you sit here and smear the American Revolution? Please GTFO out of OUR country if you hate it so much! (And by “our” I mean white Europeans like me who embrace the American Founding, embrace the Enlightenment, embrace free market capitalism, and embrace the success and prosperity of white European nations, unlike you and your discredited agrarian notions).

    Sonny, me thinks you’re some kind of Jew in disguise what with all the garbage you promote which invariably serves an anti-white end. There’s nothing pro-white about what you believe in. NOTHING. You’d rather live in a society full of savage negroes as long as you are controlling them all. The idea that you should SEPARATE yourselves from them never even crosses your mind! You smear 100% white nations like France that stuck by BIBLICAL LAW in keeping themselves white! The French Revolution does not discredit the preservation of nations with a dominant white majority any more then the Bolshevik Revolution did in Russia.

    Real Americans don’t need retrograde vermin like you. We are fighting for the continued existence of the United States as a first world white European state, while you fight for a form of government that resembles a murderous, backwards Islamic state! How disgusting!!

  27. Your all fucking ignorant incest loving idiots just so all of you know humanity started in the middle east you know what that means? We are all colored you fucking moron your religious profit was most likely not Arian. They south failed over a hundred years ago and things have turned around instead of most people being retards and hating anyone different they hate anyone like you who hates anyone different. If the south successfully succeeded from the US they would be in economic collapse about 10 years from when it was made. There is a reason there has never been a racist president (after people realized only fucking morons judge almost everyone in the world that is different from them). Oh and don’t I remember some racial cult of a sort that has not been threatening for more than 130 years and is so illiterate that they have a K for replacing what should be a C in their name saying they were going to kill the fucking president before he even became president which was about 6 years ago, and isn’t that same president who mind you served 2 terms after they said that still alive? Yeah that’s what I thought you fucking retards so shut up and go fuck your sister there is a reason you are all referred to as “white trash”.

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