Eighth Flash Mob In Minneapolis


The trayvons have struck again in Minneapolis … for the eighth time since early February. There is a reason why Bull Connor had to use water hoses.

Note: The last post about Black Undertow flash mob attacks in Minneapolis was literally just three days ago.

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  1. There had already been aprox 8 serious disturbances in Tottenham before the riots officially started.

    One thing that triggers the Trayvons is the presence of sophisticated well spoken svte blonde blue eyed women moving onto or living around the Trayvonish neighborhoods. The prettiness triggers the chimpout.

    Hackney for example is being heavy regentrified by the children of the English elite. Some amazing specemins of English Rose buying flats and toenhouses in the area. They don’t flaunt wealth but they are quite noticable.

  2. Leo,

    The real problem is that whites do not wear their racism on their sleeves.
    Even an article like the one you linked to is mealy mouthed.

    As Lowry said with a different meaning: Dead blacks do not count. They really don’t count. Pity and compassion is wasted on them. Pity is an exhausting financial drain too. I’m surprised more people my age do not explicitely recognize we have been hustled by charities from the Famine in Ethiopia to the current bullshit in Somalia. “Pity the Negro” has cost us much and probably robbed our kids.

  3. Interesting in the Big Lib report about the street problems in Minneapolis that the young White women reporters got NOWHERE near describing the race of the miscreants who have turned a formerly liveable city into an abyss of blackness and violence.

    One wonders if either of these Teutonic-appearing women would care to describe the race of a male who would be the most likely to appear in their bedrooms at 3 a.m. and rob them of the most intimate parts of their lives.

    When the shoe’s on the other foot, they just might begin to see things differently.

  4. Minneapolis will deal with it the way they always deal with it. They will fire one of the big cops, open a couple more nigger hangouts, make more free stuff available and push the state to open some more prisons.

  5. Annoyed in Illinois,

    That’s the part that chaps my ass. These lovely young ladies probably rail on about how brutal men are: under reported rapes, spousal battery, spousal murder etc etc. Yet they know it’s mainly a black on black thing or a black on Teutonic blonde thing.

    The rise of feminist and racial interpretation is no accident. Its similar to Zimmerman. He’s “White” like I’m a Khosa Bushman.

    Most wife beaters are ” men” like I’m a 250lb silver back gorilla.

  6. They’re not “young people”, “teens” or “kids”..They’re NIGGERS for God’s sake!!!

  7. Yeah, well…these Minneapolis newsies and other urban white cosmics are – literally – going to find themselves being roasted over a slow fire The Day The EBT Cards Stop Working. And it’ll be perfect justice. Besides, their Sacrifice will buy us some time in suburbia/ruralia to get ready for whatever comes blasting outa the cities.

  8. I am unwilling to be drug into agreeing with the vast majority of comments about Yankees, Scandinavians, and terminal stupidity when it comes to citizens of my state, but y’all are substantively correct.

    Because liberalism is an ingrained philsophy/religion that is as syncretistic with White Anglos and Christianity, as Dia de las Muertes/Santeria is with Hispanics and Roman Catholi-schism, we can’t often divide the fallacy from the truth…. if any.

    Most Whites in my state rarely – if ever- ACTUALLY are involved with the less than intelligent residents of the Niger. In the schools, we attribute their lower scores to ‘home environment’ rather than ‘they’re just dumb ass blacks, and that’s all they’s EVAH gonna be!’ In sports we laud their ‘achievements,’ then marvel (as Kersey has shown, time and again) when such ‘heroes’ are broke, divorced, filing for bankruptcy, living lives of palatial splendor to rival the stories of African despots, and utterly CLUELESS as to why they are COMPLETE FAILURES as human beings.

    In thinking that the ‘problem youfs’ are only concentrated at Patrick Henry High in Mpls, and not in Eden Prairie High as well- becuase that’s a ‘top ten cities to live in’ town you see… We again pretend WE are not ‘racists,’ because we don’t HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE NIGGERS! (Out of sight, out of mind….)

    When WE all know that living in Brooklyn Center is far less ‘desireable’ for a Yuppie white family, than living in Wayzata, in a posh condominium (if you can afford it!), but we PRETEND that we aren’t engaging in the ‘apartheid of the rich.’ When we encourage (as heretic John Piper does) the very thing Jew President Sarkozy is almost legislating in France [métissage], and NO ONE in Minnesota calls him the JUDAS he is, we are up to our necks, in a river in Egypt. [De-Nial]

    That was the point at which I said, ‘screw it’ and found myself a rural home to move to. Not that the small town folks aren’t afflicted with the same disease. But the intellectual rot is far less engrained (one would hope) with farmers, who have to recognize Bullsh*t every day……

    As Christ said, ‘Let the dead bury the dead.’ When Lib millionaire (“buy me a political office”) Dayton as Gov., turns down a ‘castle doctrine’ law, you know the BSometer is pretty high in the Governor’s Office. Makes me almost long for Jesse Jackson, again……

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