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  1. If he stands trial there is no justice. The civil rights hucksters will have wiped their shifty arses with the common law.

  2. Tick tock. The media is ready for the frenzy. What a bunch of crap. Can’t wait for Al ‘tawana’ Sharpton to blow a fuse when Zimmerman is not arrested because he ‘stood his ground!’

  3. There is no reason to believe the MSM storyline based on the known facts of the case. There is even less reason to believe the MSM with Zimmerman’s attorneys claiming that unreleased evidence confirms it was self defense.

    But, as we like to say here, this is BRA and none of this matters. It doesn’t matter that the facts, the law, and justice is clearly on Zimmerman’s side here. This is a black world now.

  4. It’s depressing seeing what the law has done in the UK too. They have jailed folk for twitterfeeds. Fairly inocuous stuff too. Nothing like the organized and conscious racism here. The authorities ignore stats about Pakistani pimp gangs black murders and they lock up “Joe Blogs” for venting as a healthy alternative to really real violence.
    It can’t go on indefinitely before it bankrupts us.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Hannity did a good job. It will be interesting to see how the mainstream/Jewish media spins this interview. I love how Zimmerman’s father destroyed the Martin talking that Zimmerman “followed” Trayvon after being told not too. Another distortion. They have been caught lying so times now it’s getting hard to keep up.

    I can’t imagine what possible basis they could have for arresting this man. I wouldn’t put it past them to fabricate evidence. Zimmerman’s defense team needs to deal with this rumor about the detective who supposedly wanted to file charges but was overruled by the DA. There is nothing unusual about this; although DAs overrule detectives all the time, it’s the one credible point the Martin side has in his favor.

    The enemy has handed us a sword with this incident. Every aspect of their false narrative has unraveled. I say we drive it in to the hilt.

  6. When I listened to the original call I heard what sounded like “cunk” to my ears atleast. It just doesn’t seem intelligible from the recording itself.

  7. This case would be overturned on appeal: Obama polluted the jury, ABC, NBC and CNN fabricated lies.

    Zim has kept to one story and every bit of evidence backs him up. He called 911, he was beaten up, he feared for his life and safety so he had to kill off Trayvon. He did everyone a favor.

  8. Zimmerman is clearly saying “punks”, I don’t know how the CNN propagandist got “cold” out of it unless he is deaf. Either that or he just can’t admit it was something so far away from “coon.”

  9. But, as we like to say here, this is BRA and none of this matters. It doesn’t matter that the facts, the law, and justice is clearly on Zimmerman’s side here. This is a black world now.

    It’s all a long way from Sanford and Son, isn’t it.

  10. I want Zimmerman arrested and brought to trial. Then I want him acquitted by an all-white jury. Then I want a National Chimp Out that’ll make the 1960s look tame. U can do it, Jews/Congoids. Do us the favor.

  11. The rule of law has been dead at least since the double jeopardy faced by the LA police officers charged with civil rights violations after being acquitted of the use of excessive force in the arrest of Rodney King. I suspect itt died before that but that was the first time I became aware of it.

    MajikFireHornet, if the acquittal come just prior to the time of the election the ensuing riots would give Obama justification to try to call off the election. That could create a perfect storm.

  12. I can’t stomach looking at dailykos for too long, they are so fucking crazy. It’s like an online looney bin.

  13. Re: fair trials, the Holder Kangaroo Court, and gunning for Whitey.

    If you all have not been keeping track of the Edgar J. Steele ‘set-up,’ you don’t know the half of how this nation has sought to DISENFRANCHISE the White Founding Base that gave us this land, in the first place.

    I would advise everyone to follow the pattern of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Steele charade, to learn to SPOT LYING BASTARDS CLAIMING TO BE DISINTERESTED, so to avoid this sort of ‘MSMing Lemming’ stuff, the next time it happens…. which may be the Zimmerman trial. Though, for some reason, I think the Jewsmedia will realize that, the more they play up this ‘white’ angle, the more Hispanic Zimmerman is going to look. They (jewsmedia) have to keep the false front up at all times, for if it once were to slip in another arena, some might actually (like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz) look behind THEIR curtain, to see hook noses, christophobia, and envy of the Blond European, instead of ‘impartial journalism,’ ‘facts,’ and ‘objectivity.’

    And, just like 2000 years ago this very Holy Week, their perennail meme is: ‘it is better for one man to die, than to have their place and name taken away from them.’

    So, this year it’s ‘Crucify Zim. Crucify Zim!’ Next year, it will be someone else.
    But every time, it is Christ they are REALLY seeking to crucify anew, which clearly is Satanic to the core, and psychopathic. Do those of us who live in these ‘last days’ of the Empire, really wish to live in a Psychopathocracy?


  14. I know we officially must adopt the all is lost meme, but may I dissent?

    The DWLs are basically down to sadism these days, this creates a larger client base for us. Now we can go on and on shrieking “nigger” and all, good way to vent, or we could develop a way to help other whites.

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