Caribbean Project: Haiti’s Culture of Rape


In Haiti, rape wasn’t considered a crime until 2005. Before the 2005 law, Haitian judges offered rape victims monetary compensation or marriage to the rapist as restitution. There hasn’t been one prosecution for rape since the 2010 earthquake.

In the 208th year of free society, Haitian babies are not safe from rapists in world’s oldest black republic:

“Villard-Appolon said many single women had to leave their children with strangers in order to search for food, water or work. In some cases, the children were raped. The youngest victim, she says, was a 17-month-old. “I spent six months witnessing it,” she said. “Babies are not spared; adults are not.”

Note: It is probably significant that over 50 percent of Haitians are descended from Congolese slaves. We have already seen how the Democratic Republic of Congo is suffering from the world’s greatest rape crisis.

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  4. Haiti: or the True Case for the Necessity of the Neutron Bomb to Reset History.
    By Sir Francis Drake.

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    The down side of reading 50 books a year is, the ideas and tittles blend together, but I think race-realist would enjoy the topic.

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