Lugar Defeated


In December 2010, three Republicans voted for the DREAM Act in the Senate: Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (who lost the Republican primary to Joe Miller, but won the general election), Robert Bennett of Utah (who was defeated in a primary by Senator Mike Lee), and Dick Lugar in Indiana.

Dick Lugar, who voted for the DREAM Act, lost the Republican primary this evening.

Note: As the threat posed by Dick Lugar to White America recedes into memory, a new DREAM Act threat has emerged in the form of Marco Rubio, who is being pushed as a VP pick for Mitt Romney.

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  1. I don’t recall our risen Lord and Savior appearing on the ballot in Florida. There was a carrot-colored guy named Crist.

    Lugar’s done in Indiana. They have a “sore loser” law, if you lose a primary you aren’t eligible for the general, even as a write-in.

  2. Woot! I was at the polls at 6:05 to vote against that asshole and for RP.

    Suck my white dick, GOP!

  3. Good riddance. Lugar was a definite amnesty/Dream Act vote. His successor might not be any better. But he can’t possibly be worse. I will take what I get.

    Given that Mitt Romney is now the nominee, he has to begin re-establishing cred with non-GOP primary voters, and that means pandering — “moving to the center” in the vernacular of mainstream politics. To do this, Romney can “move to the center” on any number of issues. Unfortunately though not surprisingly, he is “moving to the center” on the immigration issue. Romney recently gave a speech with Marco Rubio present and made some noise about the need for changes in US immigration law.

    If/When the SCOTUS upholds Arizona, Jew media will go nuts. My prediction is that Romney will use the occasion to call for passing the Dream Act or some variant thereof to prove he is a “moderate,” not “racist,” and not beholden to the GOP right-wing.

  4. The long game that we started playing here in 2010 is panning out:

    1.) The average White conservative is definitely more racial and radical than he was two years ago.

    2.) The GOP caucus is a lot better on immigration than it was before 2007.

    3.) Racial attitudes are more polarized than they were two years ago.

    There have been losses along the way, but AL, UT, SC, GA, and IN passed Arizona-style immigration laws, and the cases are bubbling up through enough federal circuit courts to reach conflicting decisions, and SCOTUS will likely side with Arizona in a broad decision.

    When that happens, I think you could see Arizona-style immigration laws proliferate like Voter ID and E-Verify. You could see a dual immigration system emerge where illegals are pushed into the Blue states.

  5. We also know that one of two things will happen:

    1.) Romney will get elected and pressure will intensify to deported illegals and enforce existing laws. He will block all lawsuits against the states which will allow Arizona-style laws to proliferate.

    2.) Obama is reelected with a Republican House, presides over a double dip recession and gets blamed for the economic collapse, and continues to radicalize conservatives for another 4 years.

  6. Gunowners of America gives Lugar an “F” grade – reason enough to celebrate the old turd’s early retirement.

  7. “Hunter Wallace says:
    May 9, 2012 at 1:09 am
    Next stop, South Carolina!!!”

    I HATE Lugar. Please God – let SC see the Light.

  8. Romney will give us breathing room. There’s an article tonight on Rommey, somewhere, saying tthat he’s undecided on immigration…that he’s in trouble with Hispanics blah blah blah…

    We need to contact his local campaign offices, and tell him what to think. A “soft” version of the Mantra is in order.

  9. This is a very uplifting article, Hunter, and I hope you are right. However, I’ve been fooled too many times by the Repubs. I’m afraid Romney, like all “conservatives” since I can remember, is going to lurch to the left once elected. I’m alread hearing the media’s drumbeat starting: Americans wants compromise, Americans want the parties to come together, Americans don’t want mud slinging, Romney needs to move to the middle for the undecideds, blah, blah, blah, blah. And as always, this ONLY applies to the right. NEVER the left. For the left the media drumbeat is FORWARD! Ever notice there is NEVER an extreme left???

  10. A few days ago, that c*nt Erin Burnett reported on CNN that Romney was leading Obama in Florida and Ohio, the two pivotal swing-states, and was within the margin of error in Pennsylvania. Granted, it’s still just the beginning of the election season, but for CNN of all networks to be reporting figures like that, I have to wonder if Obama’s campaign isn’t quietly preparing itself for the likelihood of a humiliating defeat.

    This is Romney’s contest to lose. If he pulls some disgusting stunt and picks Rubio as his running mate, then I’m personally staying home on Nov. 6, because even 10-minute drive to the polls from my place, won’t even be worth the gas. But if he picks Paul Ryan or Bob McDonnell, then the white-vote, the REAL white-vote, will unify over the course of the nigger summer, and the stage might really be set for the fabled “balloon going up” scenario.

  11. Any thoughts on whether another Obama term or whether a Romney victory with widespread rioting/looting by Negroes will be better to racialize politics?

  12. the only way a Romney victory will help us is if there are wide spread chimp outs. past that, the usa will crash, I’m thinking that crash will start soonish and Whites will get the blame if a White man is in the POTUS

  13. Romulan had better win big, by a huge, indisputable margin. If it’s close, or even perceived to be close, the feral savages will go on the warpath.

  14. I wouldn’t worry too much about Rubio getting the VP spot and pushing for a “Dream Act”. The American Vice President has no power, he only gets to vote in the US Senate if there is a tie.

    One of the first US Vice Presidents remarked:

    “it ain’t worth a warm bucket of piss”

    Nominating a White Hispanic for VP isn’t such a bad idea.

  15. 313 Chris says: “The REAL white vote will unify…”

    I agree, even though resisting the temptation to do my miniscule part in ousting BO will be painful. Rubio will push me to stay home.

    Why do I destest the likes of Rubio so much. It is for the same reason that I find the likes of “W” to be the most detestable of all.

    It is the “Judas” factor.

  16. The Economist, a leftist rag IMO, is always laying around at work. They have an article about the Repbulican Party going nuts (meaning leaning slightly right). Damn, I hate the Economist.

  17. Romney CANNOT win. We Ron Paul folks intend to rub it into your faces, that you can never defeat your enemy until you have destroyed the false opposition.

  18. Bill, you vote for your guy and I’ll vote for mine, and whatever is fated to be will be.

  19. Ron Paul and libertarianism is the ultimate in false opposition showing no regard, putting no value on faith race, kin or hearth but instead worshiping the false god/ good of political ideals

  20. Stonelifter says:
    May 10, 2012 at 7:42 am
    Ron Paul and libertarianism is the ultimate in false opposition showing no regard, putting no value on faith race, kin or hearth but instead worshiping the false god/ good of political ideals

    JR responds: well said.

    You haven’t been liberated until you’ve been freed of the race denying cult of libertarianism. Don’t ever let one of these libertarian true believers in to your home or they will never leave and never shut up. The worst Jews go back and forth between Frankfurt School cultural marxism and libertarianism – both groups push mass 3rd world immigration, race replacement on White nations, White communities – it’s either “Whites deserve it for our past sins” or else – “it’s good for us, good for everyone, free markets will save the world”.

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