Peak Mexican

Have we reached Peak Mexican?


In my Hunter S. Thompson-gonzo style fictional writings about the apocalyptic post-Sunbelt future, I envisioned a world where illegal aliens had vanished from Dixie.

This seems highly counterintuitive in light of the past forty years of experience with sustained Hispanic immigration. It seems inconceivable that we could ever see a swift mass exodus of Mexicans.

It makes sense though in the context of what I have described as the emerging “zero sum world”: the Mexicans were coming here as economic migrants to work in the Sunbelt world of the suburban sprawl economy, a world which was made possible only by the existence of an inexhaustible supply of cheap oil, an economy that must eventually collapse due to the constricting effects of Peak Oil.

In the zero sum world, the economy contracts in a series of stages in much the same that it grew in the infinite growth world. Gas prices rise until they destroy demand and tip the economy into recession. The economy begins to recover, but it doesn’t recover to its previous size before gas prices destroy demand again, and the economy contracts down to the next rung.

In the infinite growth world, there was always more room for more Mexicans because the economy was growing, the overall size of the wealth pie was growing, and there was always greater demand to build new shit or move it around as black people destroyed suburbs and Whites could flip their houses and relocate somewhere else.

The rules are just the opposite in the zero sum world: the economy is always shrinking because oil production is shrinking, there is always less wealth, and there is always less demand to build new shit or move it around because the net worth of White people is being attacked at every level by changes in gas prices, food prices, housing prices, unemployment, etc.

So how do illegal aliens adapt to the new world? They are progressively squeezed out of communities where they have the shallowest roots as demand for their services evaporate and labor becomes more competitive. Most eventually leave and return to Mexico. Some are left behind and evolve into predatory gangs.

Note: Peak Mexican is also Peak Negro.

As the economy shrinks, as our collective wealth shrinks, as one man’s gain becomes another man’s loss in the zero sum world, Whites must become more adverse to taxation. They must become less altruistic. Government services must shrink as the tax base declines.

Can you imagine the post-Sunbelt, post-Day The EBT Card Stops Working, post-BRA negro? He’s evolving in our midst.

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  1. A young male White relative does construction. Home improvements, to large scale jobs. He’s not gettng rich – but he’s working.

    He does really GOOD work. Excellent, and precise. One ofthe other UC’s (Unitended Consequences) of Post Wealth America is that the historic demeand for QUALITY work is beginning to resurface. Hiring a crew of “cheap” Brown workers – who do CRAP, slipshod work, that has to be fixed almost immediately, is losing it’s cache. Nowadays, home-owners, who can’t flip their properties, need quality. They can barely afford to pay fo the repairs they now need to be done – thus It Ain’t Right if It Ain’t White.

    My young relative has been steadily building up a local rep, for fixing the shoddy work done by the Cheap Workers Who Won’t Do The Quality Work that White American Workers Do.

  2. I don’t know anything about Peak Oil. However, the Marcellus Shale in SW Pennsylvania is expected to keep going for 300 years. That’s a lot of energy. There are also other places in the US with possibly even more of this stuff.

    Also, the critical chemical in Fracking is COOKING OIL. I laugh out loud when I hear some idiot talk about “dangerous chemicals” going into the water table.

  3. Oh – tell every-one about that Negro EBT card. Tell ’em about the “free gas” that the card get the Nigras.

    Tell ’em.

    I told 2 folks this past weekend. Folks that are hurting financially

    The EBT Gibs Dat Gas to Nigras card is the Holy Grail of WN.

    I’m not kidding,

    I saw the same look blink, for a second, in the eyes of an impoverished white man – who can’t believe that his entire life’s work has melted into penury, and a young Mom, who is really struggling. She works hard to feed her kids.

    I’ve been so busy I forgot to relate this.

    The eyes are part of the brain. When you are looking at the eyes of another person – you are literally looking at their brain. Never mind the Windows to the Soul bit -it’s the brain.

    I saw a switch go off, with this old man and young woman. Whne I told them. Same exact look. Just for a second. It’s fascinating. They both became utterly still. Not “frozen”, as in fear, or panic – but still. Some switched over, in both of ’em. Their eyes went “inward” for a moment. They both got quiet. There was this flash. In both of them. The same flash. They both “went away” from the conversation. They both “came back” a moment later. The old man sad. “Really? Free gas?”. “Well”, sez I, “Not free. They get it. You pay for it.”. The young woman quietly, very quietly, said, “I didn’t know that”. Now you do”, sez I.

    That flash, in the eyes, for a second? We all know the words of Kipling, in his Immortal poem, “When the Saxon Begins to Hate”. That’s what that flash was. That flash was


    It was beautiful.

  4. One thing that always confused me is if Mexicans are supposed to have such a superior work ethic and morality, why the Hell isn’t it playing out in Mexico? None of the braindead libs can every answer me that.
    I heard a DWL business owner, supposedly in the manufacturing sector, on the radio the other day. He was being interviewed to discuss the State’s qualities to attract business (I love how Dems and Repubs both agree that the State/Nation exists for the sole purpose of businesses, to provide them with labor and consumers, but I digress). He said the strength of the State was it’s “work ethic”, but this would only be unlocked with good schools that would ensure they all spoke English. I kid you not! I nearly punched the radio out of my car!

  5. Denise: great point. Sometimes I think the machine needs to be put in overdrive and whites need more pain. Hate to say it, but I don’t know what else will work. Maybe 4 more years of government sanctioned anti-white policy wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

  6. “One thing that always confused me is if Mexicans are supposed to have such a superior work ethic and morality, why the Hell isn’t it playing out in Mexico?”

    It isn’t playing out among the 2nd generation mexicans in America either. Our restrictions on immigration, such that they are, are filtering out some mexicans, or they’d all be here obviously. The chief traits being selected for are being on the right end of the tail curve in terms of willingness to work(in the traditional sectors of youth employment for low wages, destroying earnings power/social networks/graduation rate correlations for native born Americans). Their children however are regressing to the mexican means as far as that goes. And mexico never left that mean.

    In other words, they don’t have that superior work ethic. This is yet another bludgeon with which to attack American-Americans for daring to want their own nation.

  7. “The EBT Gibs Dat Gas to Nigras card is the Holy Grail of WN. I’m not kidding,”

    I think you may be right.

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