Caribbean Project: White British Family Kicked Out of Bermuda

Stephen Tomlinson and his family ordered to leave Bermuda


H/T Paul Kersey

As Britain is invaded by swarms of Third World immigrants from the Commonwealth, Bermuda is kicking out White Britons.

Stephen Tomlinson and his family had lived in Bermuda for more than twenty years. After his workplace burned down, he was given less than a month to leave Bermuda in spite of the fact that his two children had been born there.

Paula Cox, the leader of the Progressive Labour Party, is the Premier of Bermuda which remains a British Overseas Territory. As the tourism and international finance based economy has slowed down due to the Global Recession, the negro controlled government has been restricting White immigration from the UK, and providing tax relief and other incentives to businesses that employ the unemployable black natives.

The British Foreign Office says that it is unable to stop the Bermudan government from forcing White Britons to give up their jobs and return to the UK. Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory, has more control over its borders than Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Ewart Brown, the previous Premier of Bermuda, diagnosed the real problem in a speech two years ago:

“Premier Dr. Ewart Brown has warned that Bermuda will become a “welfare state” unless people stop relying on the government to do everything for them.

Dr. Brown urged people to come up with their own ideas for change rather than pointing the finger at government.

He believes the island will be held back unless people change their “no can do attitude” and “speak up without fear of resistance”.

The Premier spoke candidly about “what’s wrong with Bermudians” at his final brown bag lunch at Camden yesterday, which had a lower than expected turnout.

Dr. Brown, who is stepping down next month after four years, said Bermudians wanted it easy; he said they “want change without having to put in the work… We have to be careful of Bermuda turning into a welfare state.

“The government can’t do everything, it can’t wake you up in the morning.

“It is entrepreneurs that make things happen. The people have to come up with the ideas themselves.”

Dr. Brown said he had become Premier expecting to face resistance from people, calling it “the nature of the beast”.

He said he hoped people would follow his example of “standing up straight, not apologizing, speaking forcefully and not dropping your head.”

Dr. Brown said: “I had a good idea of Bermudians and their no can do attitude. I knew I would be considered arrogant. I was expecting resistance so everyday was like preparing for a battle.

“I don’t fit the box people want to put me in. I’m fighting to get out the box as I don’t want to be in a box, I have always been like that.”

Bermuda has little in the way of manufacturing or agriculture. Its high per capita income is explained by the fact that it is an offshore tax haven for the wealthy and a luxury tourist destination for foreigners.

Note: Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina, not a Caribbean island, but my curiosity has been aroused so we are lumping it in here with the other negro islands in the Caribbean.

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  1. @Jim

    “America didn’t exist until white Europeans founded it, and it won’t exist if and when they are gone.

    – Yes. That goes without saying. Nevertheless, America did exist before Dixie, and I’m confident that it will exist, if only territorially in the form of New England and the Midwest, long after 50 state union is no more. There are just too many of us here for it to be completely lost. We have too many guns, and too many of us love to fight. America is distinct, white nation with a legitimate claim to existence, and it’s not going anywhere. Ever.

    “Therefore, to be Anerican, one must be of white European descent. Simple as that.”

    I would also add that one must have at least 3 generations of native-born ancestry to truly be an American. It goes without saying that non-white anchor-babies are an insult to those of us who have true roots here, but I also don’t care for whites from other countries coming here and getting “naturalized” (what the hell is that, anyway? seriously?) but keeping one foot in their native land and the other in this one. Sure, ancestors came from Europe too, but their’s was a one-way ticket and they built this place. These days, most Europeans and other foreign whites just treat this country like it’s some public playground, where they relax in a relatively free society and pay comparatively lower taxes. I would just as soon show them the door as I would the niggers and other muds.

  2. “Why are there millions of Hispanics and Asians crawling around the West though? The Hispanics and Asians actually outnumber the blacks who comprise about the same percentage of the population they did fifty years ago.”

    That is misleading, the black population has doubled since 1960, it had to to keep up with the most massive and rapid demographics shift in human history.

  3. Re: O Negro’s re-installation – I know a lot of Whites that did vote for him. Lordy are they having buyer’s remorse! Even the rabid Dems in the area are….about as thrilled with Onegro as we are with Romney.

    We simply have to keep spreading news about Negro violence. Period.

    The place to begin White Supremacism/Nationalism/Segregation is inside our heads. We have this. We must inculcate the segregation INSIDE the heads of the unawakened, or partially awakened. The White Line of Seperation must be in our heads.

    The Jews created the concept of “racism” targeted only for Whites. In order to destroy White Identity inside our own heads. Oure very sense of ourselves.

    Kievsky’s recently done a brilliant piece on Pest Management, on his site. PLEASE read this, if any you have not done so. It’s a Meme Changer (I’m way tired. Excuse me for any fuzziness). He essentially sez that Whites have bene managed as pests – but that even pest evolve, in order to survive. We are evolving…

    All, or most of us, have broken out of the programming fed to us, our entire lives. (Some of us never bought the PC swill, in the first place. ) I was a very sweet, naive little White Girl, a million years ago, who BELIEVED that We are All Alike Underneath (although some of us have better manners and taste, than some others…) and the Best of Every-one – until I learned different. I know most of you have your own Come to Racial Reality Revelations.

    Well – tons of the Unawakened are rubbing the sleep out their eyes. unter cites the hardening of racial attitudes. The whole new Hipster Racism fashion (Thank GOD! Racism as fashion will be a Great Leap Forward!) is expanding…

    That’s evolution.

    So al we can do is plug on, in whatever way works best for us, in our own spheres.

    The important thing though, no matter how this all plays out, is the death of our collective genetic markers for White Out Group Altruism. This will come as no shock to any regulars on this site – but I’m a scrapper. I hardly EVER back away from a fight. I LOVE to fight! I’ve bene involved in various fueds with WN I know, in person – we all have – it’s been a rondelet – but the wonderful thing I am experiencing, in my own life, is a Drawing Together. I know folks, in person, that really wanted to KILL each other. Every-one’s talking to every-one now. Even if certain folks may never be BFF – they’re dealing with each other. Going to ground. Jettisoning a lot of nonsense.

    We know the Hour Groweth Short – and we are all we have. The White Line is intact, in my head. I’d do ANYTHING to help my WHITE real world family, and pals. I trust in my real world WHITE family, and pals, too.

    So that’s what we need to do. Keep plugging away. We, and Ours, is the only thing that matters. That’s the foundation of the White Line.

  4. “Kievsky’s recently done a brilliant piece on Pest Management, on his site. PLEASE read this, if any you have not done so. It’s a Meme Changer”

    Can’t find the link, please help.

  5. “These days, most Europeans and other foreign whites just treat this country like it’s some public playground, where they relax in a relatively free society and pay comparatively lower taxes. ”

    I agree, there are far too many internationalist whites behaving like the stereotypical international jew. Citizens of the world they call themselves. Wealth can buy a lot of things, but it won’t buy them much love if and when they land at the wrong place to fuel up someday.

  6. That’s mighty generous chris, not.

    One of the most painful things I have seen recently is how difficult it is for white Americans to get work permits in Euroland. I’d have a yank in London over a congoid any time.

  7. Bermuda has more golf courses than neighborhoods, and it is NOT run by negroes. If it was run by negroes it wouldn’t be a tax haven, now would it?


  8. Analog- fascinating.

    I am reminded of that scene in Lost Horizon when all the Anglos are trying to leave the multiculti hell they found themselves in, and had to fight back the ‘lesser races’ before taking off, only to land in Shangri-La, where a European Priest had ruled as something of a Buddha (and that original Buddha was white and blue-eyed, for the record) to the people of Shangri-La.

    But what Hilton’s novel told us, was that our own sinful natures cannot be tamed, unless and until we recognize two things: 1)that we Whites are called to both excellence and sainthood, and that 2) we must be with our own, or die.

    What both versions of that strange little story (the 1930’s version, and the 1970’s version with music by – of all people- Burt Bacharach- (ugh)) taught me, is that there is a place on earth for God’s Adam….. but that we need to be deserving of it, to remain there. I would remind folks that we get the leaders we Deserve, not the Leaders we WANT. But sometimes, we have to fight and possibly die (yes, martyrdom is part of our makeup as Whites) for what we believe in.

    Deo Volente.

  9. “Do these people even listen to themselves?”

    The answer is always “no”.

    Bingo for Denise. Libtards never listen to themselves. All their beliefs are like anti-matter and matter, canceling one another out when they come into contact.

    This is why I scoff at high-flying, abstruse “understandings” of libtardism. There is no “logic,” or “ideology,” or anything else, to speak of. There’s a bundle of stories. A Narrative. That’s it, period. None of it makes any sense, except maybe the anti-White part, and the “who-who?” part. No sense at all.

  10. @Jam

    Fuck you, nigger. Fill up on more junk food with your EBT card. It’ll make it that much easier to kill all of you waddling pavement apes.

  11. Whites should be allowed to stay in bermuda, otherwise there is no point of it being a British Overseas territory.

  12. Grandiose website! revealing comments.Proof to the profuse denial “no I’m not racist”! I respect all who are straight-up about their ideologies and prejudices against others, who were created by the very same God who created ALL. This is the very reason that,as a God the Creator spiritual person,I teach and follow that “Christianity” is a Euro-centric control tool,instrumentally and psychologically to aid in the control of minorities and others deemed “undesirable” to the white supremacy.Those on this site validate the precept that the lack of melanin makes a person SUPREME,for that IS their standard of worth.IQ’s and intellect stands have been squashed as factors. To die standing for RIGHT principle is my honor,to live in imposed slavery is a dishonor.That will not happen. I respect all who respect me and mine.My love is only for my people.

  13. The only other races equal to the whites in terms of process, civility and industry are the east asians the Japs. Lets face it though Jamaica is a scenically beautiful country with colonial buildings etc it is corrupt and dangerous with one of the highest murder rates in the world, also look at Trinidad, India the african countries all shitholes. Then again you have Singapore a nice peaceful tropical country and one third of Australia is tropical though not a perfect country, there is little corruption, no dirty streets, no one sitting on door steps, little drugs and prostitution etc.

  14. I’m Bermudian.

    This story is a fabrication which was printed in various UK newspapers which has since been debunked.

    The family left after the Term limit attached to the work permit they where given expired. Which is not at all uncommon. This family now would be allowed to work and live in Bermuda for as long as they like as the the One Bermuda Alliance/United Bermuda Party government has now removed term limits from work permits.

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