Caribbean Project: White British Family Kicked Out of Bermuda

Stephen Tomlinson and his family ordered to leave Bermuda


H/T Paul Kersey

As Britain is invaded by swarms of Third World immigrants from the Commonwealth, Bermuda is kicking out White Britons.

Stephen Tomlinson and his family had lived in Bermuda for more than twenty years. After his workplace burned down, he was given less than a month to leave Bermuda in spite of the fact that his two children had been born there.

Paula Cox, the leader of the Progressive Labour Party, is the Premier of Bermuda which remains a British Overseas Territory. As the tourism and international finance based economy has slowed down due to the Global Recession, the negro controlled government has been restricting White immigration from the UK, and providing tax relief and other incentives to businesses that employ the unemployable black natives.

The British Foreign Office says that it is unable to stop the Bermudan government from forcing White Britons to give up their jobs and return to the UK. Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory, has more control over its borders than Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Ewart Brown, the previous Premier of Bermuda, diagnosed the real problem in a speech two years ago:

“Premier Dr. Ewart Brown has warned that Bermuda will become a “welfare state” unless people stop relying on the government to do everything for them.

Dr. Brown urged people to come up with their own ideas for change rather than pointing the finger at government.

He believes the island will be held back unless people change their “no can do attitude” and “speak up without fear of resistance”.

The Premier spoke candidly about “what’s wrong with Bermudians” at his final brown bag lunch at Camden yesterday, which had a lower than expected turnout.

Dr. Brown, who is stepping down next month after four years, said Bermudians wanted it easy; he said they “want change without having to put in the work… We have to be careful of Bermuda turning into a welfare state.

“The government can’t do everything, it can’t wake you up in the morning.

“It is entrepreneurs that make things happen. The people have to come up with the ideas themselves.”

Dr. Brown said he had become Premier expecting to face resistance from people, calling it “the nature of the beast”.

He said he hoped people would follow his example of “standing up straight, not apologizing, speaking forcefully and not dropping your head.”

Dr. Brown said: “I had a good idea of Bermudians and their no can do attitude. I knew I would be considered arrogant. I was expecting resistance so everyday was like preparing for a battle.

“I don’t fit the box people want to put me in. I’m fighting to get out the box as I don’t want to be in a box, I have always been like that.”

Bermuda has little in the way of manufacturing or agriculture. Its high per capita income is explained by the fact that it is an offshore tax haven for the wealthy and a luxury tourist destination for foreigners.

Note: Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina, not a Caribbean island, but my curiosity has been aroused so we are lumping it in here with the other negro islands in the Caribbean.

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  1. They want to kick out White Britons, eh? I hope this trend spreads, so the BNP et al can campaign on kicking out the negroes and sending ’em back.

  2. This is an improvement. The negroes generally just kill the whites. But as far as coming up with ideas to ward off a welfare state in Bermuda, I don’t recommend waiting up.

  3. “The British Foreign Office says that it is unable to stop the Bermudan government from forcing White Britons to give up their jobs and sending them back to the UK.”

    Easy, start sending back black bermudians.

  4. I also love all the comments about how Bermuda is small and can’t be expected to absorb mass immigration from the rest of the world. Do these people even listen to themselves?

  5. “Anon says:
    May 10, 2012 at 9:26 pm
    I also love all the comments about how Bermuda is small and can’t be expected to absorb mass immigration from the rest of the world. Do these people even listen to themselves?”

    The answer is always “no”. They cannot get past the “Black always good/White always bad” cannon.

  6. I enjoy this site, but at the risk of ostracism I have to bring up something that has been gnawing at me for years. I don’t want blacks subservient to me, because that necessitates me being on the same continent with me. I don’t want coolies, domestics, a butler who spits in my food behind my back but asks “Moe tea suh?” in an obeisant tone.
    I don’t understand Confederate nostalgia (though I am for secession). It’s a cliche, but “if we had picked our own cotton, we wouldn’t be in this mess” is a good enough credo for me. The white man should always steer his own plow and do his own labor.
    That’s why, God rest Eugene Terra Blanche, I could never understand South Africa. Or anyone who calls an island/nation a paradise when Negroes are afoot, no matter the climate or the view. If you want an island where you can be white and be at peace. You must 1) purchase the territory 2) fight for it and completely purge (not enslave/subjugate) the native population, if they are not also white.

    Forgive me if I offended anyone.

  7. *I don’t want blacks subservient to me, because that necessitates me being on the same continent with me.

    * should read “I do not want THEM on the same continent as me.

  8. I agree that the blacks should be deported to Africa.

    There are posts in the archives about Robert E. Lee, John Tyler Morgan, and Theodore Bilbo who supported sending blacks back to Africa. It was a popular idea in the Deep South in the Jim Crow era.

    Why all the Confederate nostalgia? It is unfair to blame the Confederacy, which went to war over its opposition to abolition, for all the problems created by free negroes, which were unleashed on America by the Union Army, and who were fatally made into citizens by the Black Republicans during Reconstruction.

    The free negro was already a plague in Northern cities like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati before the War Between the States. This was a problem that originated in the North, not the South.

    Whites are now so far removed from slavery that they have difficulty imagining what it was like to live in that world. They can’t imagine a world in which negroes haven’t overrun the cities and are free to terrorize White people unmolested. That is something that happened in the immediate aftermath of abolition during Reconstruction.

    Slaves were locked up on plantations in the countryside. Do you live in the vicinity of a state prison? If the all the criminals in that prison were let out of jail by an executive order, it would produce the same effect, but it would ultimately be the fault of the president.

    The problem wasn’t slavery per se. That was a manageable problem. The real problem is the utopian insanity that has been festering in the Northern states ever since the Second Great Awakening. That insanity goes far beyond just the abolition of slavery.

    It includes everything from feminism to gay marriage to civil rights to the welfare state to opening the borders. There are more Hispanics in America now than blacks. More blacks have come here from Africa since 1965 than were brought here under slavery.

    If the Confederacy had won its independence, slavery and the negro problem could have always been dealt with on our own terms. Slavery would have continued for a few decades until the mechanization of agriculture.

    But now, we are the hostages of a government led by Barack Hussein Obama who just yesterday said that gay marriage is now legitimate.

  9. Amazing isn’t it? Just two more decades and they could has dispatched the niggers back to niggeragua or congobongo land. Butterfly effect. At most the black population would be a few percent. Lincoln was definitely a man who hated his own kind and loved blacks.

  10. Basically, I see the reign of terror by blacks as just a symptom of the concentration of power in the federal government in Washington, and the whole system of BRA that we live under as a product of the Union.

    Dissolve the Union. Problem solved.

  11. Was Lincoln not also an advocate of shipping Africans back to Africa? That cause was secondary to ‘preserving the Union, to say the least, but I vaguely recall that he did advocate the notion.

  12. Hirschibold,

    Some months ago, then Hunter began to assert ACTUAL White Supremacism, I shuddered, and stated precisely what you’ve stated; I don’t want any of ’em near me. Total segregation.

    Hunter wisely pointed out that, for now, Supremacism is the best strategy, as it’s much easier to establish control, and work towards total segretion.

    Speaking on a strictly practical level – we have free born Negroes all over the place. We are all mixed in, in physical reality. we can remove them from our turf – but it’s going ot take a lot of work. Supremacism gets that work started. One step at a time…

  13. Lincoln has taken many positions on many issues, it would be difficult to nail down precisely where he stood, and he was assassinated before he could ultimately reveal his intentions. We simply don’t know which of his speeches were truth, and which were political expediency.

    “That’s why, God rest Eugene Terra Blanche, I could never understand South Africa. ”
    Rhodesia and SA would still be here if they’d not thrown their borders open to “cheap” labor, absolutely. They made an utterly short sighted decision and unfortunately we haven’t learned from it.

  14. The public in the Lower Midwest was anxious over the abolition of slavery and supported deporting blacks to Africa.

    Lincoln, being a politician, gave lip service to deporting blacks to Africa and made token gestures throughout the war of appeasing that sentiment. When he was shot by John Wilkes Booth, he had come out in favor of making blacks into voters in Louisiana.

  15. He said it to placate race realists in the North. He also scoffed at the notion of Negro equality. Then promptly made them equal.

    The reality is that he must have liked blacks very very much.

  16. A hundred years from now, if you analyzed the speeches of Lindsey Graham and John McCain, you might be misled into believing that they are in favor of securing the border, when they are just trying to fend off criticism.

    Remember John McCain’s “Build The Dang Fence” ad in his primary against J.D. Hayworth? In much the same way, Lincoln was defending himself from Stephen Douglas who was rightly accusing him of being soft on white supremacy.

  17. Denise,

    “White Nationalism” emerged about twenty years ago as a clever way of denying the charge that we are “white supremacists.”

    Wouldn’t the establishment of a White ethnostate necessarily presuppose that godawful “white supremacy” had been established beforehand? Before any ethnostate can be created, Whites would have to dominate a territory and control the government.

  18. Can you explain to your fellow Americans why they think they can’t still be “USA”American…and support some sort of Confederacy? The presence of blacks ruining your cities is a direct result of American nationalism. Embracing blacks has been DCs raison d’etre since Lincoln.

    He’s a deeply troubling character when you get down to it. A civil war fought over that filthy misbegotten butch? He must have been mad.

  19. canon not cannon, altho the 1813 overture is nice with canon

    “It’s time to sell Bermuda short”

  20. “Or anyone who calls an island/nation a paradise when Negroes are afoot, no matter the climate or the view.”

    Well said. I’ll take a negro free iceberg over black “paradise” any day of the week.

    The south africans didn’t want to pick their own cotton. Or wash their own drawers. Or pick their own fruit. Or watch their own kids. Or clean their own pools. Or pay the going wage for a white man to do it. Now they have nigger paradise.

  21. @John

    I’m 3rd-generation native-born American. This is where I was born and raised, this is where my roots are, and I’ll be American until I die. Being American is NOT something so superficial that your national identity arbitrarily get’s refuted just because you feel that the Confederacy should have been left to it’s own business. And I’m insulted when people suggest as much.

    For the record, I neither support nor codemn any kind of Confederacy. If a confederation of southern states for example, were to secede from the USA and declare itself a sovereign nation tomarrow, I would wish them all the best. I’m not a Southron, so what they do with themselves is none of my concern. America existed before Dixie, and America will be around long after the “USA” is an unpleasant, fading memory.

    Lastly, the presence of blacks ruining our cities has nothing to do with American nationalism. It was a trifecta of radical liberalism, Jewish predation and capitalist greed that eventually lead to our cities being abandoned to niggers and destroyed. What if I said that British nationalism is the reason London got burned down by your own niggers last year? Yeah, you’d tell me I’m crazy and that since I’m not British, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, it’s the same way with your lumping American nationalism in with being in full support of whatever our elected parasites happen to do in our name. They’re two completely different things.

  22. “As Britain is invaded by swarms of Third World immigrants from the Commonwealth, Bermuda is kicking out White Britons.”

    Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everyone.

  23. @Jim

    Amen. And you forgot “mine their own gold, dig their own diamonds, assemble their own assault rifles, and pave their own highways.”

  24. It is commonly assumed in the comments that niggers just took over Saint-Domingue, the British and French West Indies, Dixie, Brazil, South Africa, and Rhodesia through their own efforts.

    Why are there millions of Hispanics and Asians crawling around the West though? The Hispanics and Asians actually outnumber the blacks who comprise about the same percentage of the population they did fifty years ago.

    Why are there niggers crawling all over the Northern states? Why are women out of control? Why are homosexuals getting married in New York?

    I submit that all of these issues are connected.

  25. If Obama is reelected in November, it will be because most of the Northern states voted for him. Every Northern state voted for him last time around because most Whites there thought it would be a great idea.

  26. I’m not an expert on slavery, but I’ve read enough to know there was a massive class in between the ‘house’ and ‘field’ negro. There were artisans, blacksmiths, cobblers, etc. Some even received exemptions from illiteracy statutes, as they had to read shopping lists and order items from catalogs. So slavery was certainly a better druthers for the negro than life in Sub-Saharan Africa (where if he were West African he probably would have been a slave anyway, in much worse conditions, with a black master far crueler than a white one).

    But there are some good reasons why even the taint of proximity is anathema to the white soul. I remember a Negro I knew in the Army once telling me “White guys can’t box.” I then listed a host of white guys who could crack: Klitschko, Chagaev, Kessler. He then responded, “I meant American white guys.” His argument was reductionist (white guys dominate UFC) but there was a kernel of truth, and it stung. Why is the Russian, the Pole, the Slav, so much stronger (in mind and spirit) than what some people call Kwans and you call ‘Murricans, the potbellied white guys who wouldn’t let their daughters date a Negro unless he had a faculty for putting a ball in a hole?

    It’s because the Russians/Slavs/Poles didn’t have some man developing fast twitch fibers hoeing their fields while they ate hominy and worked on their love-handles. My objection to slavery isn’t moral. It is tactical. Shit, you’ve seen Sparticus; yeah, it’s just a movie but slaves grow stronger (at least physically) than their masters, who tend to dissipate, and fall into decadence and hedonism.

    Denise’s point is taken, however. I, to paraphrase Lincoln, am in favor of the white maintaining the superior position to the negro, insomuch as both groups have to share the same space. But the moment we can make it possible, I will do everything in my power to make sure that Deshawn Jackson reclaims his throne in darkest Africa, and assumes his former glory, away from me, the racist white devil who has been holding him down. May he once again build magnificent pyramids, since we all know that the real Egyptians/Jews/ballet dancers were all black before the white debil stole dey history.

  27. 313Chris

    You had me until the “capitalist greed” part.

    Explain to me exactly how “capitalist greed” destroyed Detroit?

    The system we have now is not capitalist, we have a welfare – warfare fascist state, and live under anarch0-tyranty.

  28. Sorry for the typo, its:

    * Anarcho-Tyranny *

    It’s a pretty important concept if anyone is not familiar with it.

  29. Bermuda has little in the way of manufacturing or agriculture. Its high per capita income is explained by the fact that it is an offshore tax haven for the wealthy and a luxury tourist destination for foreigners.

    That will change. The niggers will start gutting the companies either via taxes or from inside via embezzlement.

    Hirschibold. didn’t offend me, I agree with you 100%. I don’t want to be anywhere around them.

    John, Lincoln was the first fucking mistake out of Illinois. And he was a closet faggot too, just like the second mistake out of this state.

    I agree with TabuLa Raza that “It’s time to sell Bermuda short” Problem is, the companies might just go along until the “street tax” gets too high. A lot of companies, and I mean a lot will suffer serious losses if the niggers in Bermuda get too out of control. Companies set up “captives” in Bermuda. Essentially a captive is a self-insurance corporation, a place to stick cash tax-free until it needs to be used or can be safely returned to the company. So I am not sure if you can sell Bermuda short, but insurance companies can be.

  30. Peak Finance says: to 313Chris: You had me until the “capitalist greed” part. Explain to me exactly how “capitalist greed” destroyed Detroit?

    I assume he means the grift that occurs in any nigger dominated environment. They steal, they can’t help it.

  31. @Peak Finance

    Henry Ford, among others, recruited huge numbers of niggers up from the Mississippi Delta, to work for cheap in his auto assembly plants, cheaper than what he would have had to white workers. Once those niggers had swollen to sufficient numbers, Detroit’s fate was basically sealed.

    Remind’s me of Sigourney Weaver’s line in ‘Alien Resurrection’ — “It will breed. You will die.”

  32. Everyone here agrees that negroes should be returned to Africa.

    Suppose the Confederacy had won the war. Everything changes. There wouldn’t be a Jewish problem because the Jews wouldn’t have settled in the South. We would have had our own government.

    Slavery would have succumbed to the mechanization of agriculture. Blacks would have been deported to Africa. There would be no Reconstruction amendments or civil rights.

  33. You’re not taking into account the positive effects of slavery: increased racial consciousness, resistance to egalitarianism, greater investment in white supremacy.

    It’s a trade off: slave societies have blacks, but they are more resistant to liberalism.

    America is on its death bed. How come? Because of the various types of utopian insanity that have flourished in the Northeast and Upper Midwest for the past 180 years.

  34. If Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory why can’t the British government tell them what to do? Puerto Rico doesn’t get to decide can and can not be a citizen of Puerto Rico even though they are internally self-governing, and must follow the US Constitution and Supreme Court rulings. So, if HRH Government has no authority deport all Bermundians, regardless of place of birth, from the UK and set Burmuda free.

  35. From the slavey guilt trip, to gay rights, to women’s lib, to the Civil Rights Movement, the one thing they have in common is the goal of isolating and marginalizing white men. As we all know here, if we don’t put a stop to this, our descendants will the slaves. They are already essentially dept slaves to an unpayable, inherited dept they have no control over. The enemy is clasping the irons of morale slavery on them now, through the inherited morale depts of slavery and the haulocaust, which likewise can never be paid off (in fact, it isn’t meant to be paid off…ever!).

  36. Istvan: Because white countries are for EVERYBODY. I liken it to a neighborhood in which everybody on the block, including homeless vegabonds, has a right to come into your house, stay as long as they wish, watch your tv, consume your beer, eat your children’s cookies, complain about how you run your household, and demand to be included in everything your family does. On the other hand, you and your family are not allowed to go in anyone else’s house unless specifically invited. This is the world we live in. How did it get like this? Well years ago you were kind enough to invite a hopeless man in off the street one cold winter night. This worthless bum was a major pain and caused lots of confusion and hatred in your household so on the third night you kicked him out and he froze to death on the street. Now everytime your anger begins to burn against those taking advantage of your home and family, the very members of your household, especially your white daughter and white wife, pull the guilt trip and shame you into shutting up.

  37. OH, and I forgot to mention, your gay son as well. Don’t you know the bum you invited in sowed the seeds?

  38. 313Chris @Peak Finance: Henry Ford

    Henry Ford despised niggers almost as much as unions, so he hired niggers to keep the unions out. In essence he, though he loathed them, integrated the unions — which protect more negro workers now from their own innate tendencies than the grandsons of the people who created them.

  39. @313chris

    Ok chris yea I see where your coming from.

    Same issue we are dealing with today regarding immigration, fascists keeping the border open for slave wage labor, socialists keeping the border open for votes and to oppress the white working class.

  40. Peak Finance — the fascists and the socialists are the same people. You just said it yourself in your last sentence.

  41. @rjp

    Yea your right I did say that!

    I can’t keep the insanity from Washington straight in my head anymore!!

  42. Hirsch, I am going to iterate my gut feelings. Garnered over an entire lifetime, and crystallized in one recent encounter with one of the ‘uppity’ sort, that opened my eyes- forever.

    Because the image of Satan with his head under Christ’s heel- with the “Last Adam’ as Victor over the ‘accuser of the Brethren’ is the archetype of the Adamic Man ruling over EVERYTHING in this world, as its’ rightful lord and Master:

    I want to see illiterate Negros cowering in fear for a white man, and being kept/reduced to their prior stone age state- stupid, illiterate, and docilely subservient.

    I want to see ‘uppity niggers’ shot and killed, hung, lynched, you name it, merely for daring to think themselves Adam’s equal, in order to touch, date, or even dare to contemplate adultery with a White Woman, or harm our white children, ruin our neighborhoods, or wield a gun to threaten us. You don’t allow a baboon with a firearm to live, why these?

    I want to see the complete eradication of all literature, music, historical references of any supposed ‘accomplishments’ or ‘power struggles’ that ‘niggers’ have made, in all media- electronic, print, video, film, around the world- from Marcus Garvey to Michael Jackson- that would presume to make them appear to be our equals. i wish to restore the only valid opinion of them there ever was- mental defectives that are barely human, who are in no manner our equal.

    I hate them with a perfect hatred, as the Lord says. Ps. 139:22.

    So, before we ship them back to Africa to die- never to escape that continent again- with all aid and money being forbidden them by any nation whatsoever, I would have them bow before us, and worship us as their rightful masters…. who no longer need them- i.e., the utter negation of an entire race, via the complete eradication of their supposed usefulness.

    Care for a cup of tea? One lump or two?

  43. OK, on a more serious note: One of the ‘expat’ sites recommended for those looking to escapte BRA, was St. Kitts/Nevis. I checked it out. For only a mere $400k, you could ‘buy’ British citizenship, by owning a home on one of these islands. Temperate climate, great views, British culture and infrastructure, and tourism as a means of gainful employment, with development of high-tech industries not even touched as of yet….

    Trouble is, while everyone speaks English, the climate is ideal, and the lifestyle could be called idyllic, and the residents actually tend to be more ‘moral’ than other places (such as Jamaica or possibly even Bermuda- based on reading their news reports) the island is 98% BLACK. And when you finally get past the ‘glossy pictures’ intended only to be seen by the Tourists, you see the sort of trashy taste and vulgar ‘culture’ of the natives- and it looks like Brazil, or New Orleans, with scantily clad men and women during their ‘celebrations’ . Even the Anglican clergy are all Negroid- so, no hope for finding a ‘church home’ where you would not be given Desmond Tutu bs from the pulpit.

    One might find an ideal house- but if all your shopkeepers, and airline personnel, and even the ‘tax haven’ banks, officials, etc. are run by niggers, how long do you think that will keep you from beginning to feel a bit paranoid? Or before they do a Bermuda… or a Haiti…. on YOU?

    Belize is another much touted ‘English’ speaking paradise for American ex-pats.
    But it’s the ‘Hey, mon, don’t worry, be happy’ type of Ebonized/English. Dreads, and that shit culture called rastafarian/druggie- the worst sort of ugliness imaginable… An entire country of Bob Marleys….. ugh.

    What I don’t get is why a huge influx of White separatists don’t just invade St. Kitts/Nevis and ‘take over’? The total population of both islands is less than these cities in America with a 50,000 population!

    Biloxi city Mississippi
    Loveland city Colorado
    Milford city Connecticut
    Cupertino city California
    Florissant city Missouri
    Maple Grove city Minnesota
    Mentor city Ohio
    Bowie city Maryland
    Renton city Washington

    Yet, Even if we wanted to move to an isolated Anglo haven like the Falkland Islands, the damn Argentinians think it belongs to them? Is there no WHITE HAVEN?

    We MUST secure the future for our race, and for the existence of our White children. End of story. That much is utterly clear. There HAS TO BE a White ‘Homeland,’ or we WILL be annihilated. And, in light of that, I will defend to the death, my right to exist- and gladly pull the trigger when legally able to ‘reduce the surplus [non-White] population.’ And be morally justified in doing so…..

    (Of course, I fully believe the Parousia will happen before that genocide of OUR race would occur, for the White Man is God’s chosen possession , and He will not suffer him to be destroyed, being our Kinsman Redeemer and all… but I’d rather not tempt the Lord in that direction, and admit defeat, frankly.)

    And you all know that THAT is what fuels the nigger, the jew, and the sodomite. Hatred and envy of the White. They are the satanically incarnated enemies of Adamic Man, and thus, the enemies of God. Their destruction is assured. We merely need to take up arms to defend ourselves- whether here, or someplace else. When the time comes.

    Food for thought.

  44. “Well, it’s the same way with your lumping American nationalism in with being in full support of whatever our elected parasites happen to do in our name. ”

    America didn’t exist until white Europeans founded it, and it won’t exist if and when they are gone. Therefore, to be American, one must be of white European descent. Simple as that. Just because some Americans got confused and accepted the insane notion of liberal “equality” and decided to open the house up to stewbums, doesn’t make said stewbums part of the family.

  45. I think we can find a way to stay sufficiently xenophobic without having a black maid living in the bedroom down the hall.

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