Caribbean Project: Free Labor vs. Slave Labor In Post-Emancipation Jamaica


Whenever I hear libertarians prattle on about the superiority of free labor over slave labor, I roll my eyes because the poor dears know nothing about history, or mangle history to justify their theories.

Here’s further evidence from Ian Thomson’s The Dead Yard that slavery was superior to freedom:

“Jamacica loves a hero, and no Jamaican was more heroic than Paul Bogle, the Baptist preacher and reform agitator who led the Morant Bay uprising. Bogle and his conspirators were protesting not against the adored Queen Victoria and the empire she ruled from London, but against the plight of the half-starving black majority that was without work, without land or a future.

By the 1860s – thirty years after emancipation – many Jamaican plantations had turned to scrub as the owners were unable to compete with the cheap sugar produced by Cuba and Brazil. Jamaica had become a patchwork of ramshackle, half-evacuated farmsteads, where rumours of re-enslavement (associated with the possibility of Jamaica joining the United States as a slave state) were rife.”

Shouldn’t it have been the other way around?

After the abolition of slavery in Saint-Domingue, sugar production in free labor Haiti collapsed while igniting a boom in slave labor Cuba, Jamaica, and Louisiana.

In 1834, slavery was abolished in Jamaica. Thirty years later, the economy in free labor Jamaica had been prostrated because the sugar plantations there couldn’t compete with slave labor in Cuba and Brazil.

Neither Haiti or Jamaica ever recovered from freedom.

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  1. The OP was about Jamaica.

    Slavery was abolished in Jamiaca and the British West Indies in 1833. In every case, the abolition of slavery was brought about by moralizing liberal outsiders, whether in Saint-Domingue, Dixie, Jamaica, or Cuba.

    Brazil was the last state to abolish slavery. Unlike Jamaica or Cuba, I believe Brazil was independent from Portugal. I’m also fairly sure that foreign pressure was decisive there too.

  2. I plan to spend a long, long time researching free blacks in the Caribbean. At some point down the road, I plan to move on to free negroes in Brazil and South America.

  3. “At some point down the road, I plan to move free negroes in Brazil and South America.”

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  5. LOL /Her ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower, they came a few ships later.

    Same here.

    As per the article : All I know from my readings in history is that slavery always winds up being a disaster wherever it is put in place. Maybe not at first, but eventually.

    Again, in hindsight, if I had a time machine I’d go back and prevent slavery. But that doesn’t get Yankees off the hook for making it into a disaster.

    Unfortunately for us members of the white race, the mercenary spirit runs deep in the blood of the Caucasian.

    As opposed to whom? Blacks?

    It is the Achilles heel of the white race. It’s what holds us back more than anything else, including the behavior and the actions of our enemies.

    I disagree. I think the fact that Jews look enough like us to pass is our Achilles heel.

  6. @Svigor
    I never said the Yankees should get a free pass about anything. The whole yankee/uncle sam / hollywood/madison ave/ agenda deserves criticism, and lots of it.
    As far as my,our, white race is concerned vis-a-vis the mercenary spirit, you make an excellent point about “jews looking enough like us”. That too is a big problem.
    When I point out a flaw, or what I think is a flaw in my race, I am not comparing whites to blacks or any other race. I don’t care about blacks or other races so much to give them any thought. I only think about them when I have to figure out how to protect myself from them. That’s about it.
    I mention this mercenary flaw so readers, and I include myself, can give it some thought and perhaps that might lead to a little bit more unity, something greatly lacking amongst whites.
    The idea that charity begins at home was flushed down the toilet in the 60’s. I see whites helping other races,but hardly ever lifting a finger to help their own kind, even the church-goers ( which I am not). It’s very pervasive. And it is a flaw.
    I sometimes mention things in my posts keeping in mind new readers to the website. They need to hear this. Especially after 50 years of 24/7 multi-cultural and multi-racial propaganda and indoctrination.
    I don’t criticize with the intention of banging people over the head or trying to make them feel miserable and guilty. Just hoping it might lead to a little bit more unity, that’s all.Most likely, I will continue to mention this flaw every once in awhile in my future posts if I think it’s necessary to mention.
    Putting aside that alot of jews look enough like us, there still remains the mercenary spirit in the white race. Throughout history, many of our leaders have sold us out,one way or another. I stand by that.
    If I thought that the yankees should get a free pass, I never would have mentioned that Lincoln was a mass-murderer along with his sidekick, Sherman, another mass murderer. You don’t hear the average yankee say that. They don’t even give that any thought, let alone actually say it.
    You didn’t quote anything I said in support of Southerners or any quote about how Southern complaints against the yankees are beyond cavil. Cut me some slack.
    Neither I, nor my ancestors, had anything to do with trampling on the South,or harming Southerners in any way.

  7. Svigor – stop fighting with Joe. Yeesh!!!! You sound like me and Stonelifter, fighting over dancing/not dancing.

    I think your posts are FLAT OUT wonderful. You know this. I really really like Joe’s posts too. We all need each other.

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    Then on to another neighbor’s slice of Heaven. This fellow is much hipper to reality. He’s got a family, a buncha kids – including a 9 year boy who has just tested at 134 IQ. He and his spouse are VERY cool, self-reliant people – who know what’s going on…..

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    The second gang? I now have New Best Friends Forever. And Hunter, et al, will get new Readers. And the second crew will tell ALL their pals.

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  8. IMO, the point of the slavery debate is not to argue for the reinstituion of slavery, nobody here wants that as far as I know. The point is to shed the light of truth on that much maligned institution and on Jim Crow, and their overall positive impact on white AND black society. In short, Hunter is laying out for us the path to reclaimn the moral highground from the rabid left using harshly truthful arguments that were once commonly understood among our ancestors before BRA. The first step to freeing our people is destroying the left’s god of equality, trampling it underfoot, and desecrating the temple of the modern DWL.

  9. @Denise
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  10. there is no fighting Denise, you are wrong, but it’s ok. You are a woman and not expect to understand anything about masculinity like I cannot understand child birth

  11. I am not arguing for a return to slavery. I do think the Afghani Midget Taliban are cool as Hell, though. I admre anything that’s little ,and tough. and will work to defend it’s land and people and beliefs – no matter how improbable.

  12. Slavery is never a societal good. All it does is to devalue the slave-owners along with the slaves. Further many of those so-called ‘benighted savages’ were heirs to empires that were great while white Europeans painted themselves with woad.

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