Caribbean Project: Free Labor vs. Slave Labor In Post-Emancipation Jamaica


Whenever I hear libertarians prattle on about the superiority of free labor over slave labor, I roll my eyes because the poor dears know nothing about history, or mangle history to justify their theories.

Here’s further evidence from Ian Thomson’s The Dead Yard that slavery was superior to freedom:

“Jamacica loves a hero, and no Jamaican was more heroic than Paul Bogle, the Baptist preacher and reform agitator who led the Morant Bay uprising. Bogle and his conspirators were protesting not against the adored Queen Victoria and the empire she ruled from London, but against the plight of the half-starving black majority that was without work, without land or a future.

By the 1860s – thirty years after emancipation – many Jamaican plantations had turned to scrub as the owners were unable to compete with the cheap sugar produced by Cuba and Brazil. Jamaica had become a patchwork of ramshackle, half-evacuated farmsteads, where rumours of re-enslavement (associated with the possibility of Jamaica joining the United States as a slave state) were rife.”

Shouldn’t it have been the other way around?

After the abolition of slavery in Saint-Domingue, sugar production in free labor Haiti collapsed while igniting a boom in slave labor Cuba, Jamaica, and Louisiana.

In 1834, slavery was abolished in Jamaica. Thirty years later, the economy in free labor Jamaica had been prostrated because the sugar plantations there couldn’t compete with slave labor in Cuba and Brazil.

Neither Haiti or Jamaica ever recovered from freedom.

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  1. To pretend like we would never have made contact with them here on earth is naive at best. Once the coon-tact was made, domestication of these strange creatures (“half-devil, half-child” Kipling) was attempted. It turned out well–until the soft-hearted, soft-headed, disconnected Yankee urbanites began to anthropomorphize their negro pets. Once this occurred, the agitation more “humane” treatment began.

    Yankees really don’t like it when you point out that it was they who unleased blacks on America.

    Dragging people,however primitive, from their homelands and making them work as beasts of burden is disgusting because the blacks in Africa were minding their business and not bothering us.

    What are you telling us for? It was blacks that dragged the blacks from their homelands and enslaved them.

    As for what’s the point of black labor in the south, read your history. Blacks are more resistant to tropical disease. There penicillin wasn’t invented until 1928.

    What an ugly vision for the world.

    It ain’t pretty. But let’s get the hierarchy straight, here:

    Separatism>White Supremacy>Equality. Let’s not forget our priorities.

    I will leave it to you Southerners to decide if the slaveowners were predominately Christian or Jewish. If they were,in fact, predominately Christian, then they did a great disservice to their faith, their heritage, their culture. And they sinned both against the black race and their own white race. But mostly, they sinned against their own race.

    You have some loopy ideas about “sin” that you can’t support with Scripture.

    All the romantic notions of the Old South, and all the intellectual and philosophical justifications for slavery doesn’t mitigate the sin or the disaster that slavery was, or the harm it has done to our country as a whole.

    All the Yankee puritan fanaticism in the world isn’t going to change the fact that it was Yankee puritan fanatics who made slavery into a disaster. Or that Yankee puritan fanaticism has infinitely more damage to our country, as a whole, than slavery or southerners.

    Freedom was the real disaster. Why is slavery blamed for the catastrophe unleashed by freedom and equality?

    It’s the argument of the man who opens the lion’s cage and blames the zookeeper for its victims. The argument of a maniac.

    Quakers are still among the dumbest fucking people on the planet.


    But that the disaster would not be possible WITHOUT slavery is the other irrefutable position that some of us have been taking here. But enough now, for me, of this “what if” discussion. Back to present reality and practical steps.

    Irrefutable, and irrelevant. It’s like saying, “al Qaeda never could have stolen that nuke from the US arsenal and detonated it in NYC if the US hadn’t built that nuke in the first place.” Or, “that dam never could have been blown up, and that valley flooded, if industry hadn’t built it in the first place.” Or, “that car never could have run down that poor child if not for Henry Ford.” Makes no fucking sense at all, really.

    [Y]et [Quakers have] had more influence on other groups, churches, and culture in general than any other group, relative to their numbers, except the Jews.

    True, and for similar reasons – fanaticism.

    Rights vs. ethnicity- why? What if rights-bearing Whites want to establish a community that bars non-Whites? That would not violate natural (property) rights. It would violate “civil rights” which are created by legislation and are the opposite of natural property rights. “Civil rights” are bogus fantasy rights

    1) I would use a non-White group barring non-itself groups (yellows barring non-yellows, blacks barring non-blacks, etc.; Whites are pushovers for universal arguments, and Freedom of Association qualifies). I would also push harder in my assault on “Civil Rights” here; they’re an Orwellian euphemism for the abrogation of rights; they are not rights of any kind.

  2. True.

    Where does this obsession with equality come from? It comes primarily from the sick culture of the Quakers. They are even worse than the Puritans who were the fore runners of today’s altruistic punishers.

  3. Thanks for sussing out the Yankee-Judean chaff from the wheat here, Hunter. I just moved one notch away from WNism and toward Southern Racialism.

    It takes a sick mind to make southerners out to be the bad guys here. I mean, obviously slavery’s a bad idea to us, now, with the benefit of hindsight (hey, if they’d known Yankee fanatics would screw the pooch that hard, they might’ve done things differently, but how can anyone predict a madman’s insanity?), and technology, but to blame the zookeeper when the animal rights people turn loose the lions and elephants and chimps is just rank insanity.

  4. PETA shoots zookeeper, opens cages, releases wild animals onto public. 10 killed, including children and the elderly. PETA issues statement blaming zookeeper. News at 11.

  5. So what’s the next frontier? Fag promotion is pretty worn out as a “progressive” cause with DADT repeal, DOMA non-enforcement, and Obama’s embrace of gay marriage.

    Animal rights? Banning hunting? Mandatory vegetarianism?

  6. Oh wait … it is “clean energy.” Shutting down coal mining, shutting down nuclear plants, banning fracking and offshore drilling, opposing new hydroelectric dams, etc.

  7. The next frontier is a white homeland for whites only. That’s it. Everyone else is not welcome. Whites who agitate for slavery of any kind get shot on the spot.

  8. I’m a disunionist.

    If we dissolve the Union and create the Gulf Coast Republic, we would take 1/3 blacks, 1/3 of Hispanics, and 1/10 of Asians with us. The irony of the Gulf Coast Republic is that it would be more secure for Whites than any “White homeland.”

    How come? Because any White homeland based exclusively on race would quickly succumb to the DWLs who have already succeeded in destroying the United States with their utopian fantasies.

    After secession and independence, the vast majority of those Whites would be on the other side of the border. With our own government, we could easily put the negro back in his proper place.

    There would be a mass exodus of blacks, DWLs, Hispanics, and Asians.

  9. For someone who doesn’t care for negroes you sure do seem like you enjoy having them around. You have more in common with DWL’s than I do.

  10. Farmers hate animal rights, recognising it is dangerous insanity. Also, I think every farmer looking at all the work to be done, or that could be done, wishes for slaves, as well as more machinery than he can afford.

  11. I’ve seen 3 Mud Shark/Pet Mandingo couples in 24 hours, in my neck of the semi-rural woods. The urge to run 2 couples down (they passed within easily accomplished running down distance) was very great……

    Joe is right. The temptation for stupid White beeyaches is too great. No Muds – no miscegenation.

  12. I think these guys would make IDEAL slaves. Far better’n feral Nigras. They can take the heat better than any-one….

  13. A law was passed ( inspired by Christians) in 1923 to use stun-guns on the animals before they get their throats cut and are hung upside down in the slaughterhouses. Of course, the jews refuse to obey this law because of their precious kosher way of doing things.
    The animals suffer in pure pain and misery while the blood seeps from the slit in their throats as they are hung upside down and left to die a miserable and lingering death.
    It’s barbaric.

  14. But let’s not blame George Fox, for what the Friends movement quickly became, any more than predominantly liberal Lutheranism can be attributed to Luther.

  15. The farmers in America don’t wish for slaves. They wish that Uncle Sam would stop passing laws to make farming unprofitable for them so the giant corporations can come in and buy the small farmers out. Leaving the farmer’s children landless wage-slaves.
    That’s what American farmers want. Not slaves

  16. @Denise
    Perfect solution. It’s all in the video.LOL/ How come no one thought of this sooner? LOL/

  17. Notice that Denise’s midgets aren’t naked in the sun. German farmers in Central and South America have also proven they can take it, working outdoors in the tropical sun in their long pants and long sleeves with no air conditioning in their houses. They also tend to be healthier than the vaunted tropical-disease-resistant negroes. The malaria-resistant trait of some negroes is sickle cell, not contributing to their working stamina. Perhaps the biggest difference among the races working outdoors in the tropic is in skin cancer rates. But in the old days few farmers of any race lived long enough to develop it.

  18. The next frontier is a white homeland for whites only. That’s it. Everyone else is not welcome. Whites who agitate for slavery of any kind get shot on the spot.

    Changing the subject won’t walk back your Judeo-Yankee-Quaker BS.

  19. Joe, you’re right that “farmers in America don’t wish for slaves. They wish that Uncle Sam would stop passing laws to make farming unprofitable for them so the giant corporations can come in and buy the small farmers out. Leaving the farmer’s children landless wage-slaves.” It was really in “a manner of speaking” that I wrote “every farmer wishes for slaves” when he sees the work is endless and “the workers are few.” We wish for more machinery, too, but if we ever do get more we may end up “tractored off the farm,” if you know what I mean: bankrupted.

  20. “So what’s the next frontier?…Animal rights? Banning hunting? Mandatory vegetarianism?”

    Incest (at least uncle-niece), lowered age of consent, polygamy.

  21. Note how Joe hasn’t backed down from any of the shit he’s been saying. He just keeps doubling down.

    That Yankee-Judean-Puritan-Quaker-whatever fanatic gene on display.

  22. It was really in “a manner of speaking” that I wrote “every farmer wishes for slaves” when he sees the work is endless and “the workers are few.” We wish for more machinery, too, but if we ever do get more we may end up “tractored off the farm,” if you know what I mean: bankrupted.

    Joe’s a fanatic. Don’t bother with reason.

  23. Incest (at least uncle-niece), lowered age of consent, polygamy.

    No. Legalized pederasty, and polygamy for Muslims, maybe. Otherwise, no on all counts. They’re out of frontiers. They’ll just keep pushing the ones they already have, until they envelop the Earth.

  24. Lowering the age of consent would increase fertility. So, that’s a definite “no.” Polygamy would increase fertility. So that’s a definite “no,” too. Incest doesn’t increase fertility, but I’m having a hard time seeing the constituency here. Homosexuality is a genetic dead end, so obviously it’s their cup of tea.

  25. @Svigor
    I am not Yankee born. I was born in Northern Italy, in Tuscany. I come from a long line of Northern Italian Catholics. There’s nothing about me that’s Yankee Puritan or Yankee Transcendalist pie-in-the-sky, social gospel, do-gooder type.
    The issue being discussed is not purely a north/south issue.
    Having some compassion for animals doesn’t make me a Quaker, nor a raving-mad, lunatic animal right’s radical. Not wanting slavery doesn’t make me a Puritan.
    And being anti-jewish, anti- talmudic certainly doesn’t make me Judeo. (Neither am I a pacificist).
    Your conclusions about me are all wrong.

  26. @Mosin Nagant
    I would suggest you chose your words more carefully. Many people surf the net looking for answers and looking for information.
    When a new reader comes to the board, and reads that American farmers want slaves, and no one says anything about it, then that is sure to turn off the great majority who are looking for solutions. Especially as there are others here giving slavery alot of support.
    I shall continue to speak my mind whether anyone thinks I am a fanatic or not. The readers can decide that for themselves.

  27. “When a new reader comes to the board, and reads that American farmers want slaves, and no one says anything about it, then that is sure to turn off the great majority who are looking for solutions. Especially as there are others here giving slavery a lot of support.”

    Yes, some readers might not be able to understand what are figures of speech and what is meant literally, and what is simply humourous. Word could have gone out already that white farmers are making plans to re-enslave!

    Joe, your comments are some of the best on this thread, mostly in line with my own — and by now I’m certain you’re no Judeo-Yankee-Quaker! As you wrote earlier, there has been a lot of “talking past each other” on this thread, but also consider it is hard for (even the most white-racialist of) us NON-born-and-bred-southerners to enter fully into the spirit and purpose of this blog.

  28. Joe – Mosin was making a joke, about the slave thing. Should Mosin every actually possess such things – he’d definitely wind up doing their work FOR them. They wouldn’t work as quickly, consistently, of effectively as he can. He’d wind up telling them to rest, or something.

    His ideal slave colony would consist of Germanic Mennonites – who are slaves to duty, family, work and God. Willing slaves, every one.

  29. Joe – welcome to this site. I love this blog.

    I love this blog.

    I feel a kinship with the regulars here-in. There’s actually nothing like this on the net.

    Thank you for giving us some background. Our backgrounds DEFINITELY shape our viewpoints. PLEASE don’t take offense by anything any-one has written. WN fight with each other ALL the time. I don’t know how long you’ve been racially awake, or how long you’ve bene posting on a White site – I get the impression that you are either rather young, and/or somewhat new to WN. Or at least posting on these matters. If I am wrong – please forgive me.

    PLEASE settle in. Your commentary is deeply appreciated. Svigor is FABULOUS – he’s one of the smartest, most astute folks around. There are really quality folks posting here. Please get to “know” every-one. You’ll fit “write” in. Every-one needs time to get a “feel” for each other’s backgrounds and attendant perspectives. You definitely have that Fighting Spirit. I think we all practice fighting with each other, as we are marking time for the real fight. I very much look forward to your future posts.

  30. Enter the negro, professional idler and shiftless layabout.

    LOL, Although I totally dissagree with you on slavery, this is a very good line.

    I have said all I need to say, I can’t wrap my mind around anyone defending slavery, but it seems you clearly don’t see things as I do.

  31. Joe is right, mostly, on these topics. And as much as I appreciate the contributions of svigor both here and elsewhere (hello there on Sailer, I mostly post there as anonymous cuz I can’t be bothered!), sorry svigor, you’re wrong to attack Joe here.

    Ah but the problem we face is a big one, so keep on fencing people, it’ll help everyone to figure out the right track in the end…

    “Admiral Halsey notified me
    He had to have a berth, or he couldn’t get to sea.
    I had another look, and I had a cup of tea
    And a butter-pie.
    (The butter wouldn’t melt so I put it in the pie.)
    Haaaaaands across the water…”

  32. Okay, so you just do an excellent impression of a Judeo-Yankee fanatic. Kudos.

    Not sure if this comment was aimed at me. If so, I still have no idea what a Judeo-Yankee fanatic is.
    I have probrally seen more of real niggerism than most on this site. My ancestors had nothing to do with any of that. Apparently, yours did.
    You are tied into this nigger invasion, I am not. If it makes you feel better to blame me, ok.
    Get out of your shack and stay away from rancid squirrel meat. Go up north (rural) and talk about niggers. You will find most Whites are on the same page as yourself.
    But if you are hell bent on blaming the current rural north, so be it. You are just ignorant and you give substance to all of the negative sterotypes of the south we grew up hearing.

  33. I don’t see blacks as our primary problem.

    If the Gulf Coast Republic was an independent nation-state, we could snap our fingers and pass apartheid laws. South Africa thrived until it made the suicidal decision to become a liberal democracy.

    No, I am convinced that our primary problem is Washington, where every important decision is now made, and behind the consolidation of power in Washington is the Northeast which had been driving the process for over 200 years.

    Dissolving the Union tackles the source of all the other problems. Remove the ability of Jews and Yankees and DWLs in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast lose their ability to dictate national policy in Washington.

    Remove those areas from the equation and the border is secured, illegals are deported, the welfare state is gutted, the negro is knocked off his pedestal, and we can turn every problem around.

  34. No one here is arguing for a return to slavery.

    I’ve said a million times that slavery would have declined like sharecropping after the mechanization of agriculture in the early twentieth century. We don’t use the telegraph anymore either.

    The only shot we ever had to deport the blacks to Africa would have been in an independent Confederacy in the 1930s and 1940s. The Union won the war and made it plainly clear that keeping the blacks here as citizens was politically advantageous for the Republican Party.

  35. “Go up north (rural) and talk about niggers. You will find most Whites are on the same page as yourself. But if you are hell bent on blaming the current rural north, so be it. You are just ignorant and you give substance to all of the negative sterotypes of the south we grew up hearing.”

    It’s hard for them to believe there could be any true conservatives born-and-bred-north of the Line. Let them note the expression “current R U R A L north,” where voting patterns aren’t really less conservative from those in the rural south, though the great white RURAL north went more for pedigreed 100% Germanic, end-the-Fed, end-the-welfare, end-the-endless-war Paul, while rural southerners favored Nuke-Iran Santorum, double ditto Gingrich, and We-Need-the-Fed, Romneycare Mitt the-of-nearly-100% Anglo-Celt ancestry. Neverthless, we’ll support their choice in the November election.

  36. “Dissolving the Union tackles the source of all the other problems” for southern folks, but leaves the rest of us in the mire. We know it’s unlikely AT THIS POINT that our Neoconservative rulers, who use us (our boys and mercenaries paid with our treasure) to control or meddle in the affairs of other peoples all across the planet would ever allow any of our own people to escape their control.

  37. Current efforts to use nullification, county sheriffs’ authority, and other constitutional means to weaken or escape the tyranny are mostly failing, ignored or laughed at, wherever tried. The larger-scale approach of states voting for secession would be much more threatening.

  38. Nevertheless it does appear the best option, when the time is right. The breakthrough of secession in the South could even open the way for similar separations in parts of the North, or the defeat of tyranny in the North.

  39. Given the political/economic conditions of sub-Sahara African countries, US blacks should be grateful they were captured and brought to America. I’m not aware of any voting with their feet, or any fleeing to Africa and seeking refugee status.

    There should be no MLK Day, instead slavers and plantation owners should be celebrated. In the big picture, who did more for US blacks? MLK, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or slavers?

    US blacks were saved against their will.

  40. If I sound like a Yankee puritan it’s because my parents sent me to a tutor 3x a week to learn english when we came to this country. My english was iffy, and I was being lazy about studying it.
    She was an elderly women, a retired school teacher and high school principle. She was a dyed-in-the-wool Yankee. LOL /Her ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower, they came a few ships later.
    She taught me well. She knew Latin and Greek.
    The Yankee gal put this lazy Italian kid to work– boy did she make me work.
    I greatly respect her. I owe her a great debt of gratitude.
    I like to debate so I feel comfortable here at this website.
    I don’t have the ultimate answers to anything (well I do, but I have to wait until they make me king LOL).
    As per the article : All I know from my readings in history is that slavery always winds up being a disaster wherever it is put in place. Maybe not at first, but eventually.
    As far as the South is concerned, it’s my favorite part of the States. I have always found Southerners to be very friendly and polite, down-to-earth, and straight-forward honest.
    My criticisms are aimed at the leaders and the big-shots, for the most part, when I criticize any goup of people. If otherwise, I say so.
    It’s my personal opinion that the US needs to break up. Let every group have their own section. Unfortunately, I don’t think this can be done without bloodshed. I don’t have any idea how any of this can be done peacefully. I think eventually a break up will occur. Living under a tyranny of so-called minorities is just not going to last forever.
    I now know what the Southerners felt like under Reconstruction ( to a degree, at least). By the way, I think Lincoln was a mass-murderer. Along with his favorite general, Sherman.
    What the union army did down South was reprehensible.Southern complaints about their treatment under Yankee rule are beyond cavil.
    Unfortunately for us members of the white race, the mercenary spirit runs deep in the blood of the Caucasian. It is the Achilles heel of the white race. It’s what holds us back more than anything else, including the behavior and the actions of our enemies.
    It’s been this way throughout history.
    The Christian kings and many popes and parliaments put the interests of the big shot jews ( talmudic bankers) before our own. My ancestors in Tuscany struggled for a bit of liberty and some elbow-room from this force in history: The struggle against sell-outs, is what I’ll call it for now.
    When news of Washington’s victory over the British at Yorktown reached Tuscany, her church bells rang out in celebration. My ancestors rang their church bells in celebration for our Protestant Christian cousins in America who had won for themselves a measure of liberty.
    The more white Americans that can wake up and take off their blinders, the better off we’ll all be.
    That was said in general and not directed to those who post here.
    We live under enemy rule. Uncle Sam ( I always thought that was a putrid expression) is an enemy to true America.
    In the meantime, I like debate. Many times, I learn alot from those who disagree with me. Philosophical opponents make me think more. I’m not adverse to changing my thinking if I’m wrong about something or mistaken ( which very rarely happens. LOL just a joke, please disregard). LOL
    On this Memorial Day, in respect for Southern Americans, I remember the fallen Confederate soldiers and those Southerners whose farmhouses were burned down to the ground when Sherman went on his rampage. It was a great crime and sin against the South.
    I hope the Southerners manage to win back liberty for themselves. They didn’t deserve what happened. The old culture of the South and the old culture of Tuscany is very similiar. I have no animosity or any beef with Southerners.
    I want to thank everyone who posted. I like debate, we all learn from debate. I have no animosity with anyone who took part in the debate.
    Anyway, when those midgets get here, everything will be okay and all our problems will be solved. Thanks Denise! LOL/LOL

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