Caribbean Project: The American Revolution: A Victory for Anti-Slavery

British West Indies

The following excerpt comes from Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy’s An Empire Divided: The American Revolution and the British Caribbean.

The single biggest mistake we ever made in our entire history was joining the American Revolution. In the process of revolting against King George III, we cleaved our own civilization in two, fatally undermined slavery in the Southern colonies and the British West Indies, and put ourselves under the thumb of the Yankee in the Union on the basis of dubious constitutional guarantees:

“Finally, the division of British America helped the cause of abolitionists in both Britain and the United States. It more than halved the number of slaves in the British Empire and made slavery appear virtually limited to the southern United States. The “peculiar institution” of slavery was not peculiar before 1776. On the contrary, slavery characterized the wealthiest and most populous colonies of British America. There were almost a million slaves in British America before 1776. It is little wonder that antebellum southern expansionists dreamed of incorporating islands in the Caribbean into the United States in order to enlarge their power and to balance the slave-owning states in the Senate against the North.

Abolitionists were well aware of the significance of the division of the British Empire. “As long as America was ours,” wrote Clarkson in 1788, “there was no chance that a minister would have attended to the groans of the sons and daughters of Africa, however he might feel for their distress.” It prevented the island and southern planters from uniting against the abolitionists. The West India lobby was unable to appeal for support from the colonial lobbies of Virginia and South Carolina after 1776.”

Just think of what might have been: Greater Dixie might have become a powerful Anglo-Saxon dominion like Canada or Australia.

Note: Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who famously said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately?” In that case, we should have chosen to hang together with the British West Indies which spawned our own civilization and which shared our culture and long term interests.

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  1. I am standing on holy ground.
    # Christopher Colombus monument at Colombus Circle, NYC.

    A majestic thirteen foot marble statute atop a 70-foot tall granite column adorned with embossed prows and anchors. Below, an angel is surveying a globe. The Italian-American community donated this breathtaking monument to the city in 1892, to commemorate 400 glorious years of New World White civilization.

    It reads:
    “Scoffed at before,
    During the voyage, menaced,
    After it, chained,
    As generous as oppressed,
    To the world he gave a world.”

    Next stop: Santo Domingo, the first city of the New World founded by Bartholomew Colombus!

    The dogs will bark, white man.
    But the caravan will advance.

  2. “You come on. Get real. That was as lame a comeback as ever I have seen. You are arguing that spending a fortune acquiring a slave and then having to support the slave, his family and children lock stock and barrel is no big deal? Come on! You want to take a few dozen families and support them while letting the oldest males do some chores? ”

    Oh so they were doing charity work then by housing the po’ nigras? Just eking out a living? Puhleeaze. They were making money hand over fist, regardless of what the effect of having a massive nigger presence in a white society would be. Frankly, they didn’t care.

  3. @Stonelifter
    Just because I’m not an “expert” like you on the price of slaves in Brazil in the 19th century doesn’t naturally follow I’m a liar. Brazil got more black slaves than all the other countries of the New World put together. I highly doubt the Brazilian plantation owners would have any desire to buy slaves from the American South. They already had an over abundance of black slaves, not to mention South American Indians around for their labor needs.
    You @ Stonelifter overlook the fact the blacks were worth alot to the Southern wealthy as share-croppers. You conveniently overlook that.
    Your obsession about Brazil is a side issue meant to deflect from the real issues. Brazilian plantation owners didn’t save the South. It never happened. It’s a concocted issue you made up to deflect from the main points of the discussion.
    Your obsession with Brazil somehow being able to save the South is bullshit. End of discussion.

  4. @John
    Go tell it to the Southern slave owners. They didn’t sell their slaves to the Brazilians. They kept the blacks around to pick their cotton. If the Southerners had sold their slaves to Brazil, there would have been no black slaves/share-croppers around to pick the goddamned cotton in the American South ; So of course the Southerners didn’t sell their slaves to Brazil.What a bullshit issue, this whole Brazil thing.

  5. “A well trained slave with a strong back would have been a premium purchase.”

    All assets depreciate, but at least decrepit tractors won’t steal from you or rape your daughter.

  6. “Eisenhower was the supreme commander in Europe at the end of the war. He was chosen for his brutality and willingness to do anything to to win the war and break the will of the Germans.”

    Eisenhower wasn’t chosen for his brutality. He was chosen for his organizational, administrative, and political skills.

  7. The value of slaves fluctuate according to what they can do, and what the commodity they produce is worth.

  8. “Brutus, you’re FULL. OF. SHIT.

    Northern working people DESPISE niggers…”

    They SAY that, BUT vote otherwise.

    Notice, too, that the poster Sam confirmed just what I wrote? Yes, it is the Labor Unions. BUT, they did it and it happened up North. And they are overwhelmingly WHITE. Notice, too, that so many of the non “communist” Right Wingers are pro nigger. If this was not so, then why is the North the locomotive of BRA?

    Chris and etc, like me, do not like certain facts pointed out. But the facts are there. Myself, I got tired of trying to come up with convoluted arguments attempting to “explain” why Northerners are not nigger lovers and it only looks that way because [fill in the blank *labor* issue] is why the North is the locomotive of BRA.

    Moreover, the North seems to have little trouble mobbing up to get everything else they want done, but for some reason we can’t stop the pro nigger, pro queer, pro you-name-it-bullshit done away with. No, when it comes to that, we say, our hands are tied. (For some reason, I’m thinking about that scene early on in the first Godfather movie when the singer, Johnnie whatever his name was is crying to the Godfather about the producer who won’t give him the job. )

  9. “Oh so they were doing charity work then by housing the po’ nigras? Just eking out a living? Puhleeaze. They were making money hand over fist, regardless of what the effect of having a massive nigger presence in a white society would be. Frankly, they didn’t care.”

    I told you you couldn’t do it without spinning it.

  10. “Eisenhower wasn’t chosen for his brutality. He was chosen for his organizational, administrative, and political skills.”

    Operation Keelhaul, etc.

    Sorry, but you obviously are drastically ilprepared for a debate about Eisenhower.

  11. “Don’t dare equate the voting habits of the Northern, working-class 9 to 5er with the the selfish actions of Southern slave owners.”

    I do dare, because it is valid to do so. The Northern laborer will vote for a nigger if he represents the party of “the working man,” and works for benefit and wage increases. If having to chose between an all white country and a loss of benefits package, the Northern worker will not hesitate to go against an all white country.

    Sorry, Joe, but I have been at this too long. If you really are serious about committing yourself to the preservation of whites and our civilization, you had better first learn what the situation on the ground actually is. Then, you can hope to strategize and deal with what we are up against. Right now, like many, you are running on too much knee jerk and overlooking too many crucial facts of this world.

  12. Eisenhower wasn’t chosen for his brutality. He was chosen for his organizational, administrative, and political skills.

    And his ” soap and lampshade ” Psych-Ops …. later denied.

  13. @Brutus
    Gee. I didn’t overlook “the crucial facts” of the Confederate Secret Service and Judah Benjamin. I’m not that naive. Thank you for the reminder, however, to keep learning more “crucial facts” about how the Southern ruling class fomented the War of 1861 so they could grab for themselves a Golden Circle Slave Empire. It went awry. I would suggest to all readers to learn more about Judah Benjamin and the Confederate Secret Service, and how the Southern plan for conquest and a Golden Circle Slave Empire went awry. Thank you for the reminder @ Brutus.

  14. For christs sake, this blog has turned into the damn Joe Show. All Joe, all the time. It’s become unreadable.

    Joe, you’re a bore. Joe, you’re a snore.

    Put a sock in it.

  15. @oscar the grinch
    Not my problem you can’t deal with new information. I never stopped anyone from posting to “OD”. Not my problem if not too many other people are posting today. No wonder you call yourself a “grinch”. You sound like one.

  16. What is Joe doing on a separatist sort of site?

    I’m sure he’d be cheering on Kennedy’s betrayal of the Belgians, Rhodesians and French interests and population in Katanga.

    Kennedy was the biggest supporter of BRA imaginable. He even blocked and destroyed a bid for independence by whites in Katanga. Forcing them to live under thumb of the rest of the Congolese savages. At least Ike attempted to protect Europeandecendents in Africa.

  17. “For christs sake, this blog has turned into the damn Joe Show. All Joe, all the time. It’s become unreadable.”

    Just skip reading his posts. That’s what I do. It’s all gibberish, just like Fr. John’s are.

  18. Joe, you’re missing the point. Blogs have an ecology, just like anything else. If one person posts too much (regardless if it’s “new information,” yadda yadda, not really) then it becomes a nuisance to everyone else who’s trying to have a multilateral discussion. Every thread I read here eventually gets taken over by you and your bizarre petty concerns. Don’t you have anything else to do?

    Go putter in your garden for a bit. You might learn something about weed control.

    You’ve become an invasive species. You’re a feckin pain in the ass. The minute I see you’ve started posting on a thread, I give up, I know it’s over, because it’ll turn into the 24-hour Joe Show. HW works hard to create an interesting blog (one I don’t always agree with, but it’s always interesting) and you come along and make it unreadable. You’re a brood parasite.

    Like I said, Put a goddamn sock in it.

  19. Joe you are goddamn idiot.

    Kennedy made sure the Europeans were kicked out of power in Congo. His Brother passed an immigration bill that allowed these savages to move to your neighbourhood and rape and pillage.

    Kennedy et fils, clearly anti-white.

  20. @oscar the grinch
    Also, while you’re at it : Go tell it to @ John, @ Fr John, @ Stonelifter :
    They post more than I do even. Each one, individually, post more than I do. Overall, each one, individually, shoots off alot more posts than I do, overall.
    Neither I, nor anyone else, is putting a gun to your head to force you to read my posts. Take Rudel’s advice. You’re getting way too dramatic @ oscar. Relax @ gringch. It’s just information I’m posting.
    Not my fault the country is ruled by Freemasons who love secrecy and their secret oaths to their Banking Masters. I stand opposed. I think it’s disgusting.
    Again, I never stopped anyone, anywhere, at any time, from sending posts to “OD”. Why don’t you @ oscar the gringch spend your time writing posts with some facts/information for all your fellow readers instead of complaining about my posts that contain links to information/facts for our fellow White Americans ? It would be a better use of time. To be blunt, you’re posts @ gringch contain nothing interesting or the least bit informative. I’m posting information, any individual reader can come to his or her own opinion about what’s contained in the links, of course. Not forcing any agenda down anyone’s throat. It’s just information I’m posting.

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