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  1. Hey, Hunter, you need to take Ryan aside and explain what a strawman fallacy is, because he won’t take instruction and is deleting comments that attempt to clear up his error(s).

  2. Nothing will change untill the Southern man restablishes the response of “I have no idea what your talking about, and had nothing to do with anything?”………….”Im just another dumb white man!”

  3. A great man no doubt.

    I saw Palmetto Patriot post this somewhere the other day I think it was the SHPG.
    The only response they could seem to come up with was “uh, Lincoln was a racist” then quote the stuff he said in the Lincoln-Douglas debates about not being for social equality among blacks and whites.

    The problem with that line of thought is they ignore the context in which these two statements were made.

    Lincoln made his remarks in Southern Illinois when he was trying to get elected senator in 1858. Much of Southern Illinois was populated by Southerners who had Southern type political concerns. None of what Lincoln said had anything to do with why he decided to invade the South and prosecute the war. For instance Lincoln obviously never said “We have to keep the South in the Union because if they leave they will overthrow white supremacy.”

    If you look at Fowlers remark though it is directly related to the secession crisis. He is saying white supremacy is no longer safe in the Union because of the rise of the Republican Party. Therefore Fowlers remarks have to do with the genesis of the Confederate States of America which came out of the secession crisis.
    Fowler’s remarks are Confederate heritage but the kind that people who have embraced counter culture wish to hide.

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