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  1. Italy is not in Britian.
    Italy is in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, California. Two of the most beautiful counties in America. That’s because Northern Italians settled there in large numbers and worked hard and diligently to build a viable and sustainable way of life. They did the work themselves. When they needed extra hands, they paid their laborers a fair and honest wage. Ciao.

  2. Dixiegirl will never shut up. Don’t fret about that. Dixiegirl will never shut up, especially when she’s walking around her trailer park with a bottle of jack daniels in hand.

  3. The Italian people are Not in any way responsible for the destruction of South Africa, or Rhodesia. The destruction of South Africa and Rhodesia is an Anglo/Jew thing. It has NOTHING to do with the Italian people. Lay off Dixiegirl.
    Go complain to your lawkakers down South in Dixie and tell them to rescind the Federal Reserve Act. Go make yourself useful Dixiegirl. After the hangover, of course. Give it a rest first.
    Stop trying to shift blame on the Italian people for what happened in South Africa, Rhodesia. You’re so full of sh*t Dixiegirl, I can smell it from here in Northern California. The odor you @ Dixiegirl emanate just Reeks of CowSh*t.

  4. Excuse the typo: “Lawmakers”. Typing too fast.
    I hope I didn’t offend you @ Dixiegirl of Founding Stock Purity, for making an English- language spelling error. It’s simply appalling, isn’t it? How these Eye-talians mangle “our” English.

  5. “They are ready to sacrifice their own children on the alter of Diversity to the Holy God of Equality. It’s faith for them, stronger than any form of Christianity they could muster.”

    Which means, Wayne?

    (Answer- that the BRA/DOE, etc. is an IDOL- it must be counteracted with a faith in a TRUE God, and a TRUE Race, and the desire NEVER TO BE RULED OVER by such a Despotic Moloch State… ever again.)

    This insight was RJ Rushdoony’s, sixty years ago. I read about it in the late 1970’s and, finally met the man in the 1990’s. His writings are the best synthesis of patristic thought (lying under the surface) racial solidarity (he was an Armenian by heritage- he knew about ‘Jews and Turks’!) and the Calvinist, Protestant bedrock that informed all of the Founding Father’s worldviews- whether they knew it or not.

    First, you get your kids out of the Public Schools, and homeschool them.
    Next, you argue that ‘no taxation without representation’ is just as valid now, as in 1776.
    If your family has no use for the ‘Public Indoctrination…er, School System, you should not have to pay taxes for it.
    If someone says, but ‘it’s for the Chilllllldrrrrrrunnnnnn,’ respond, “I only am asked by God to care for MY children, not the heathen’s.’
    Elect School Board members that will hear you, and representatives that will restore local school boards to the areas they serve. Act Locally, THINK locally.
    Start the undermining of the Idol of the Moloch State.

    (It already has feet of clay).

  6. The exact sequence of events with Rhodesia appears to have involved a few things.

    First, Katanga (essentially a white run Belgian secession) was destroyed by Kennedy and black nationalists plus an assist from the Soviets (and Irish) Once that happened the Portuguese grip on Mozambique and Angola loosened. From those bases communist guerrillas raided into Rhodesia and South Africa/Namibia. The black nationalists boycotted Britain and the US and swung heavily to the USSR and China.
    Gradually losses mounted in Rhodesia as Mugabe raided Brit farmsteads in Rhodesia.
    The UN did not recognize a white supremacist Rhodesia and Gradually turned the screws on a white supremacist South Africa. Rhodesia gradually became untenable and folded under Severe regional and international pressure. And people like Joe seem to
    be rather happy about that. It’s mysterious for someone claiming to be a White Nationalist crowing about a white supremacist republic colapsing. Either we are colonizing blacks or they are colonizing us. There’s no such thing as a genetic truce.

    Btw with Rhodesia in the UK there’s considerable controversy about those left behind.
    British Conservatives were Fighting as best they could to give Ian Smith time space and weapons. There is only so much that can be done if BRA USSR and China are gunning for you.

  7. There’s an old Latin expression from the time of Rome that reminds me of the Anglos:
    “Vincere scis Hannibal, victoria uti nescis”
    You know [how] to win, Hannibal; you do not know [how] to use victory.
    The Anglos won America*, but they did not know how to use their victory.
    * And South Africa, Rhodesia

  8. One more effect of the Confederacy surviving would have been the unequivocal support for whites in Africa. Europe and America wouldn’t be facing genocidal replacement today.

  9. Joe,

    you are speaking English now. Italian is for all intents and purposes a dead language. Almost as dead as Latin. Certainly more people speak/ read Latin than they do Italian.

    What was that line?

    Italians got family, Irish the motherland, the nigger they got their music. What do you have Mr Wilson?

    You people are just visiting.

  10. Louis Theroux is a metro-sexual dumbfounded “morality superior” dork.

    He kept suggesting the socioeconomic reasons were behind all the law and disorder – “But its the genetics stupid.”

    I found it very funny that the young women in the hijacked apartment building thought her flat was “a nice place” – it looked like to me a HAZMAT team wouldn’t go near it.

  11. And the Anglo leadership handed All The Power in The USA over to the Federal Reserve bankers in 1913. And the Italian people have Nothing to do with that.

  12. @ John and @ Dixiegirl
    Go find some other scapegoats, if you must. I think that’s disgusting, but you both have a burning, yearning desire for a scapegoat. Not my problem, qua Italian, or qua anything else, you can’t face The Truth.

  13. The slave economic system in America is The Exact reason we now have the Federal Reserve Bank. Go to “whale.to” website for details. Great website. Don’t have to listen to anyone’s opinion anymore. Get the real facts. “Whale.to” is a great place to start learning about The Truth of American history. Not the pablum that’s fed to us in school, reading one abridged book after another abridged book. There are many websites one can go to learn the truth of American history. Here’s another one:

  14. “Oh, and the FRENCH-ITALIAN man, louis— makes a show of playing up the literary figure of the naif. Like he doesn’t know anything. Actually, by playing dumb he gets more information out there than most. ”

    Oh that much is painfully obvious. His constant “I sooo stooopid” schtick is cloyingly painful.

  15. “With the Military occupied overseas, Civil War II will just be Whites vs die-versities. Let them send FEDGOV troops to Iran or Syria or Anywhere Else but HERE!”

    Some thoughts on the ‘loyalty’ of troops- even U.S. Troops- or even the presence of troops on American soil- in this day and age, follow.


    Also, keep in mind just WHO is now the ‘American Armed Forces’ – women, gays, niggers, Muslims (remember Maj Nidal Hasan?). When even the BSA is now acting ‘multicultural’-


    I kind of agree with the poster above- Keep ALL of those worthless, traitorous, Mercenrary “Hessians/Janissaries” abroad, and then, when the Putsch comes at home, we could take over, freed from those ‘NWO drones’ of the “Empire.”

    As has been noted:
    “White Christians cannot campaign merely for equal rights within a secular, Godless utopia; they must rule in a Christian society.” – http://cambriawillnotyield.blogspot.com/2008/10/faith-and-race-are-one.html

    For what ideology do the current crop of ‘Multicultural Soldier of Fortune’ stand for- certainly NOT America of the 1950’s – or the 1850’s!

    ” ‘Thus we complete the circle. In a fourth-generation world of war between cultures, the ideology of “multiculturalism,” which now dominates the American elite, has as its goal and objective the destruction of Western culture. The West is assailed not only from without by Islam, but from within as well, as the dying snake that is Marxism pumps its last poison into America. That poison is designed precisely to make the West unable, psychologically and morally, to defend itself at the very time that self-defense is most vital. Multiculturalism is, quite simply, culture treason.’ ” From ‘Multiculturalism Reigns Over the West’ by William S. Lind, from an article in the December 31st, 2001 issue of Insight, reprinted in the March 2002 issue of The Schwarz Report. pp. 6-7, found online at GrecoReport. – http://www.grecoreport.commulticulturalism_reigns_over_the_west.htm. (no longer on line)

    Is it really necessary to note that Marcuse was, (as were Freud, Marx, and Lukács) in addition to their Marxist sentiments, also Jewish? (ibid)”- http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/teaching-old-dogs/

    Precisely. “Go thou, and do likewise.” St. Cornelius Codreneau, ora pro nobis.

  16. James Watt inventor of the engine was funded directly by West Indian plantation owners. His family owned slaves.


    without blacks in chains no industrial revolution would have been possible. Hunter is absolutely correct in defending the utility of the historical institution.

    For those who are not techies Watt invented the engine. Now, these writers are being PC but the underlying reality is that enslaved blacks freed up English capital and native genius.

  17. Here’s an excerpt for our Neitzschean Joe who like Professor N, but hates the idea of masters and slaves.

    Technological developments were funded with transatlantic slave trade money. James Watt expressed eternal gratitude to the West Indian slave owners who directly financed his famous steam engine. Their money allowed him to take his designs from the drawing-board to the factory.

    “The financial effects of the transatlantic slave trade were wide-ranging. For instance, the French St Malo fishing industry was revived by the opening up of markets in the French plantations flourishing using enslaved Africans; while the Portuguese in Europe depended heavily on dyes like indigo brought from Africa.”

    thank god for slavery.

    “Trading in enslaved Africans also speeded up Europe’s technological development. For example, the evolution of European shipbuilding from the 1500s to the 1800s was a logical consequence of their monopoly of sea commerce in that period.”

  18. http://www.alternativeright.com/main/the-magazine/nietzsche-the-visionary/
    If link doesn’t work, go to “alternativeright” (.com) website. Great article that explains Nietzsche in an objective and fair-minded manner. Nietzsche’s work has been greatly distorted by many types of groups, each group having a certain political/social agenda. Read the article. Better yet, read Nietzzsche for yourself. Read it all. Nietzsche’s work can easily be found online. Much of it in pdf format. A quick google search will lead you to the philosophers own words.

  19. “For those who are not techies Watt invented the engine. Now, these writers are being PC but the underlying reality is that enslaved blacks freed up English capital and native genius.”

    Watt didn’t invent the steam engine. He improved it by making it more fuel efficient by utilizing a cooler thermal reservoir outside of the control volume, instead of having the cylinder operate as the heat exchanger. And he was funded by some university related to the tin-mining industry, as tin mines had to freight coal long distances to fuel their Newcomen cycle engines, versus a coal mine who obviously didn’t have this problem with fueling their dewatering pumps.

  20. @John
    I’m through discussing such an atavistic and talmudic subject as slavery. It’s wearisome, to say the least. End of discussion.

  21. Mankind had slaves for thousands of years, why didn’t we have nuclear power plants and jet engines back in thousands of years ago, when slave-to-free ratio was at it’s height?

  22. Here’s why. No empirical or experimental method. That’s why. I also don’t rate the genius of genetic material of the latins or levantines very highly either.

    Now here is Watt’s main engineer. He was a plantation guy from the west indies. He was so enervated and ignorant by managing niggers he did this…

    Another one of the early engine erectors employed by Boulton & Watt. These are letters for 1779, 1786 and 1787 covering his activities.
    Logan Henderson (Engine erector)
    He was the first technical assistant engaged by Boulton & Watt and worked for them between 1776 and 1783. Previously he had been an officer in the marines and a sugar planter in the West Indies, losing all his possessions in Jamaica. He had a good knowledge of levelling, draining and machinery. He made extensive visits to Cornwall, London, Ireland, Scotland and the North East, and supervised matters at Soho when Boulton and Watt were absent. There is a substantial sequence of letters from him for the years 1776 to 1790 as well as some letters to him from Matthew Boulton and James Watt in 1777 and 1781. He had charge of the erection of the Torryburn and Byker engines in 1778, spent much of 1781 in Cornwall with James Watt. He got on very well with William Murdock, but not always so well with James Watt, with whom he had a number of bad tempered exchanges. He left the employ of Boulton & Watt abruptly in the early part of 1783. By 1784 he was involved with a foundry in London; then in 1790 he applied, without success, for the post of Engineer to the Dublin Waterworks.”

    I’d say that Watt didn’t ‘invent’ the steam engine. It’s complex when you deal with generic terms like this. I think the Greeks dabbled with them as toys. It took an Anglo-Saxon to make it industrial.

  23. Jim, it’s largely to do with the ambitions of the slaving class. The Romans were happy to have slaves pick grapes or row galleys or be prostitutes. The transatlantic slave trade was harnessed directly to serve hyper capitalism and industrial expansion.

  24. The plantations were the first real industrial factories. The word itself enters the language in Jamaica apparently.

  25. Jim,

    Watt improved what was a steam driven pump for mine shafts invented by Newcomen into a universally applicable engine that could perform multiple industrial tasks. That an invention by anyone’s standard. And he was supported by technical staff and capital from Jamaica.

  26. For Real fun, go to Italia:
    The Italians also improved The Sailing Ship as well:
    If link doesn’t work, Google:
    Also —-> Very Good Idea, go to Google “Images” , type in :
    LA DOLCE VITA! Ciao.

  27. For those who perhaps prefer to fly :
    It ain’t boeing, but it ain’t third world either, kinda like parts of the deep south, where slavery was once the economic system. Ciao.
    If link doesn’t work , Google :
    ” AlItalia”

  28. Jim,

    This article strongly suggests that slavery was a major factor in industrialization.


    it’s written from a PC point of view. But by just slightly altering the tone if the argument it suggests that slavery was a good. At least for whites. I’m not going to feel any guilt over this as the writer perhaps intends but pride in my ancestors for exploiting knuckle dragging gammas for building up the capital to create much of the modern world.

  29. John, the steam engine came from the miners in cornwall. Those cousin Jacks were tinkering with steam powered pumps and evolving the technology for years in a completely domestic fashion. The technology was actually pretty well developed far before Watt got involved. In fact, Newcomen engines which used none of Watt’s patents operated far into the 19th century. The development of the steam engines had nothing to do with slavery, it was made piratical through the endless tinkering of Cornish mining engineers. They developed all of the automated controls necessary to allow for a self-sustaining steam cycle.

    You are going to pull a ligament if you keep reaching like that. There were plenty of ecnomic side benefits to slavery, you don’t have to invent new ones. You sound like a NOI type who thinks black slaves were responsible for all of the wealth of the West.

  30. So why did areas without slaves industrialize much more quickly? Sorry, I wholly reject that thesis as another pile of white-guilt baloney meant to encourage more wealth transfers to the incompetent sub-classes. Stick it in the same pile as Jared Diamond.

  31. Watt was more of a materials guy whose work allowed for the higher pressures required by a separate condenser.

  32. This isn’t to take away from Watt, a genius and an innovative engineer, who self-funded much of his experimental work, none through slaving mind you.

  33. I take your point. That’s the flip side of these arguments.

    I used to argue that the UK was well on the way to industrialization with or without colonies, and I take your point about the over emphasis of the black arguments about building America. BUT slavery certainly did make a lot of whites very wealthy. That meant a lot of things could get done.

    Interstingly I do think that Hunter Wallace is a sort of Marxist in his reading of economics. It’s just that Wallace is pro white. Marx was antiwhite. I just think it’s novel to point out that there’s nothing abhorent about the old slavers. I’ll ratchet it
    back on your recommendation. Here’s another bit of text.

    The “dirty dogs of the Confederacy” were inherently expansionist, he thought, and would spread not just west but into Mexico and the Caribbean if unchecked. The north, for its part, “wages war” in a way expected of “a bourgeois republic, where fraud has so long reigned supreme”, its fractiousness contained only by the resolve of the “singled-minded son of the working class,” as Marx described Lincoln. Far from advocating white-skin socialism, Marx in his copious writings on the American civil war and its aftermath – the most important of which are reproduced here, along with those of Lincoln and others – demonstrates universalism: the “rescue of an enchained race”, Marx wrote to Lincoln, would lead to the “reconstruction of a social world”.

    The more and more I think of Lincoln the more and more I suspect he was a Marxist negrophile.

  34. I do not believe that has a future similar to present day South Africa. I still think that Brazil is the template that our overlords embrace.

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