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  1. I appreciate your candidness John.

    ” BUT slavery certainly did make a lot of whites very wealthy. That meant a lot of things could get done. ”

    While this is true, it also allowed for very inefficient systems linger and to even prosper. If manpower is cheap, who needs mechanical horses? The Chinese answer to the Royal Navy’s side wheeled steamers was a pack of slaves panting on a treadmill or chained to capstans turning paddle wheels. Slavery enables poor technologies and techniques to survive long past their expiration dates. It removes the incentive to innovate. If you are a slaver living in luxury, raking in the loot from your sugar plantation, why would you give a damn about something used to make labor a little safer or cheaper.

    Now, instead imagine you are a Cousin Jack toiling beneath the earth, shaking hands with the devil every day as you descend your mine-shaft. You scrape a living from the earth, ever mindful that the water trickling about your ankles could turn to a torrent with every boulder you fell from your stope. The deeper you chase a vein of ore, the deeper the water gets. Your life and kin depend on the ore you take out. It would take hundreds of men or horses to sufficiently dewater the mines, so that is something your operation could ill afford. Do you think you would be interested in a machine that could pump thousands of gallons water per ton of coal, while only needing the watchful eye of one tender?

    Necessity is the mother of invention, not carefree ease and cavalier living.

  2. I didn’t know this:

    Now however, at the age of 20, the twins have radically transformed themselves from hate-spouting extremists to peace-loving hippies.
    And the reason for their change? Marijuana.

    The girls, who once wore smiley-face Hitler T-shirts, both now have medical marijuana cards, consider themselves ‘healers’ and say they are ‘pretty liberal now’.
    ‘I’m stoked that we have so many different cultures,’ Lynx said. ‘I think it’s amazing and it makes me proud of humanity every day that we have so many different places and people.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2165342/Prussian-Blue-twins-Lynx-Lamb-Marijuana-changed-Nazis-peace-loving-hippies.html#ixzz22Jypr8hw

  3. Oddly enough I am descended from Cornish miners on the English side. Repath family name. they were engineers. So there’s an element of pride there too. I do however want to point out that sugar plantations were part of the colonial system. Other areas of the dominion and empire were doing advanced things while the more dirty handed things were happening. I tend to belive in white skin socialism as well

  4. Most likely California weed. You know how those California people are. They’re all about forcing Ectopia on us. Read the article about the tyrannical Oregon water laws and the California people who recently migrated to Oregon. At “Oregon Man Sentenced for 30 days for Collecting Rain Water on His Property”.

  5. I’m not sure about that Jim.

    The Jamaican plantations were part of a shipping, textile, industrial giant and the scientific exploitation of the Negro didn’t hinder the UK from becoming a mercantile giant. Although it might be true that parts of the empire did industrialize other parts did benefit from the capital accumulated in more brutal areas.

    Btw I’m Cornish on my English side. Repath is a reasonably common name in Cornwall.

  6. Jim says:

    “You are going to pull a ligament if you keep reaching like that. There were plenty of ecnomic side benefits to slavery, you don’t have to invent new ones. You sound like a NOI type who thinks black slaves were responsible for all of the wealth of the West.”

    I had similar thoughts. The black reparations movement would agree that damn near all the wealth and advancements in civilization were due to the enslavement and exploitation of the negro. Pony up Whitey! You stole the fruits of our labors. We comin’ to get PAID! We takin’ it one way or another.

  7. It’s one problem with some of Hunter’s arguments to be sure.

    On one hand I feel like i’ve got nothing to apologize for because I couldn’t give a hoot about a black suffering. (Additionally in sadistic moments there’s a certain amount of pleasure to be had seeing other people subjugated.)

    On the other hand you don’t feel there’s an apology due because, you didn’t do it and no one in the family was ever involved. And indeed people who did do it are disgusting
    in your eyes and represent a noxious aspect of our culture. So no money for you darkie!

    It’s a tricky topic. You don’t want to play into enemy hands when talking about it.

  8. >>>I’m stoked<<<

    Surfing expression from Southern California circa 1960. Stoked about high-quality waves.

  9. “While this is true, it also allowed for very inefficient systems linger and to even prosper.” – This is true in general terms, but not necessarily in America. First off no new slaves were being imported, and as a result they were quite expensive. Expensive labor doesn’t displace capital. Second, the border states were divesting themselves of slavery because they were more favorable areas to whites, and this trend would have presumably continued. Lastly there was simply no possibility of any kind of economic advance in the south, the climate would was not favorable to us or our machines until the 20th century. If slavery had continued into the 20th century we’d be able to measure just how much the south’s practice of slavery was hurting it economically at that point, but before then it was firmly in the plus column.

    The only real flaw in HW’s arguments is the assumption of no foreign intervention as a possibility. Foreign intervention is a given, but perversely enough it was precisely that intervention that made morally unsavory economic improving actions(slavery) worthwhile. Was Britain stronger than her rivals because of slavery? Yes, and that is why her rivals likewise practiced slavery. The Islamic caliphate got an extreme short term boost from slavery(but they did ultimately mismanage it and allow it to destroy them, economically, and as a people).

    “We comin’ to get PAID!” – White guilt is the only reason that this would ever be a problem, and that facts wouldn’t matter in that case in any event. The reality is that the south’s wealth was burnt to the ground by that whole civil war, there is nothing for them to be paid, just as the wealth in all the other former slave economies evaporated.

  10. “I’m not sure about that Jim.

    The Jamaican plantations were part of a shipping, textile, industrial giant and the scientific exploitation of the Negro didn’t hinder the UK from becoming a mercantile giant. Although it might be true that parts of the empire did industrialize other parts did benefit from the capital accumulated in more brutal areas.

    Btw I’m Cornish on my English side. Repath is a reasonably common name in Cornwall.”

    It didn’t hinder it, but industrialization would have occurred regardless of whether it occurred or not. Replaceable machine parts and steam engines were two inventions that made a lot of people very rich, their very existence had the potential to create vast wealth as they were many orders of magnitude more efficient than any previous way of doing anything. The Cornish were very practical mechanics, they were the very best mining engineers in the world for hundreds of years. As a product of the Cornish diaspora, I carry a lot of Cornish pride. Who knows, maybe we’re related?

  11. Hunter Wallace says:

    This is the future of BRA if we keep voting for Republicans like Mitt Romney …

    We? We?? I advised you not to but you admitted that you did. Eh???

    The best reason for not voting for either is the sick feeling you’ll have if your guy wins.

    John says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    The more and more I think of Lincoln the more and more I suspect he was a Marxist negrophile.

    Of course he was but he wasn’t as ideologically driven as most of his cohorts. He had a huge ego, which is why his alleged humility was trotted out so much. If you read his letters you’ll also discover that he was the biggest advocate of keeping his political goals a secret, which accounted for the endless mantra about his alleged honesty (Southern leaders obviously weren’t fooled by this, hence secession). He repeatedly complained that his buddies’ open advocacy of their abolitionist views was at fault for their not coming to power sooner. In effect, he is the politician that most successful politicians have modeled their careers on since, at least at the national level. He’s the godfather of what we have today.

    313Chris says:
    August 1, 2012 at 1:31 am

    Were it not for the federal government, we would have long ago chased all the niggers out of Detroit and back to Dixie where they belong.

    It’s Confederate Revenge! Or I guess you could say you get what you pay for.

    313Chris says:
    August 1, 2012 at 6:09 am

    Because Romney is a true Yankee. The living embodiment of everything they envy, and everything that they know is their better. And if he gets elected, hordes of those same euro-trash hypocrites will be beating down the door to try and emigrate here. I fucking hate Europeans.

    Which probably explains why you live in Detroit. Europe has been subject to Washington since 1945, btw. It was in nationalist hands until yanks teamed up with communists to make it what it is today.

  12. @Bill Yancey

    It’s 2012 and you’re still crying about the spanking you got in the Civil War, huh? I would tell you to get a life, if I could manage to stop laughing at you. Boo-hoo-hoo, Johnny Reb. YOU brought all those niggers here. YOU tried to expand slavery into territories where it wasn’t wanted. YOU secceded from the USA, and then YOU started a war with us. AND GOT YOUR ASS KICKED. Get over it.

  13. Jim,

    There’s a chance. Great great grandad “Repath”. It’s a Southwestern or Cornish name. name. I’ve also got a mine engineers from Newcastle in the family tree. No planters.

    I like to believe that colonization freed up Brits to tinker with technology. I used to be hostile to the link but I’m comfortable with it these days. I certainly wouldn’t want the NOI to be able to twist it into a suit.

  14. “Gingrich and Santorum are worse than Romney.” Yes, Romney is in fact the best pick of the three.

  15. Hunter Wallace says:
    August 2, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Gingrich and Santorum are worse than Romney.

    Not a speck of difference. They’re all three salesmen who take orders.

  16. ITALY :
    Unlike many Western countries , the Italians are taking a stand against immigration.
    Informative article about how the Italians are putting an end to illegal immigration into Italy :


    Article date: Aug 4th, 2012

    If link doesn’t work, go to “Western Voices World News”. It’s on the blogroll here at “Occidental Dissent”.

    Italy is very much apart of the Occident. Italy has given the Occident, and the whole world, many beautiful gifts : And now Italy leads the West in putting an end to illegal immigration.


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