Our Beautiful Olympic Women

It’s time to take a break from depressing American politics. Yeah, Mitt Romney wasted most of July pandering to the likes of the NAACP and the Israeli/Jewish lobby – two groups that will never in 6 million years vote for a White Republican. Chicago’s uber Jew – Mayor Rahm Emanuel (he served in the Israeli Defense Force IDF) even blasted Mitt Romney for pandering to Israeli extremists and not representing American interests:

“Part of America’s role is to be seen as between the Israelis and the Palestinians as somebody that can be an honest broker. Mitt Romney just showed that under his administration he would never be able to assume that role for the United States. (Rahm Emanuel as quoted by the LA Times July 30th)

When Rahm Emanuel rebukes you for pandering to the Israeli’s – well, that’s pretty bad. Let’s hope August is a better month for Romney – maybe he’ll just pander to homosexual extremists – or promise US citizenship to every Black HIV + child rapist in South Africa.

😉 Just kidding.

So, it’s time for an Olympic music break.

We put together a music video celebrating the beautiful White Indo European athletes doing so well at the Olympics in London. Here’s the link. The music is 1970s/80s British – Dire Straits. Yeah, we know – the opening Olympic ceremonies were terrible – New Londonstan PC multi cult to the max. But, we’re over that and we’re noticing that our women Olympic athletes are the best, most beautiful athletes in the world.


  1. @ Stonelifter: thank you, it’s much appreciated. I do enjoy much of what you contribute here, even when it’s sometimes challenging to read. You are a very good writer/thinker imo.

  2. I played football all through highschool, if anyone thinks it doesn’t take toughness or endurance, they are nuts. I played special teams, and almost every offensive down as a tight end. I’d love to see the rugby clowns run a full speed kickoff without pads, and then see if they still call us pussies for wearing them, if they can still walk. I love American football, it was invented by Harvard and Yale for Christ’s sake, about as WASP and anglo as one can get. Just because ESPN and a bunch of NCAA negrophiles nigged it up, doesn’t mean it still isn’t a white man’s game. Look at the top coaches, all white. Tony Dungy doesn’t count, Peyton Manning coach that team, who’s he kiddin’?

  3. Women can’t really extend their fertile years. The 20’s is prime for all women. After 35 conception becomes exponentially more difficult. Heavy physical exertion an low body fat can actually render women temporarily sterile.

    I’ll just be blunt. Women never know what makes them happy, that’s why men are here, to observe and control women for their own good.

  4. Thank you Mary. Kind of you to say.

    Hey Jim, where in Iraq? I was in Mosul for the summer games a while back.

  5. @ Stonelifter: “The idea that appreciating a woman’s beauty is sinful is not Biblical. It is part of the very weak and feminized version of God.”

    I don’t understand what you mean by “the very weak and feminized version of God” (please explain!) but I think I DO understand what Jesus said to the Pharisees — that “whosoever looketh…committeth adultery with her in his heart.” Some interpret it as a mere “counsel of perfection,” or else an ironic reproval of the Pharisees’ over-strictness, but it doesn’t read naturally that way.

    I agree that the FIRST look is never sin, and it’s certainly not wrong to recognise and APPRECIATE the nature of the “weaker vessel.”

  6. A couple of FObs, i was part of an aviation detachment, mostly in the western portion near iran border. Flagpole was Balad.

  7. I use to go to Balad on the regular. It was a stop on the “tour” when we would take folks to see all the WMD stuff captured at Tajij, and y’all had ice cream. I never went much west of there. Baghdad, Falisjuha or however the hell you spell it and Mosul where my stomping grounds. Did spend a few months out by syria for a bit, but they moved in…. aviation guys to take care of it with air patrols. Love them 58D’ guys and will buy one a drink any chance I get.

    Your right about it being dormant, Jim. Look at how popular 50 shades of grey is if you want a glimpse into the true sexual soul of women. Not that I’m advocating s&m but it’s very reveling on the leadership, domination role of men and the natural submissive roll of women. One that feminism decries and dismiss yet exists anyway. Which is why nice guys do so poorly with most women

    I’ve never had an actually ruby player dismiss american style football. Fans do all the time. Athletes rarely dismiss other athletes of other disciplines. We know what it takes to be successful and we respect those who do it regardless of the sport. Lot of good nature joking, like the inter service jokes we enjoy so much, but no real animosity. Hell power-lifting looks like you do nothing but stand still and lift until you take competing in it serious.

    I like to make fun with the aviation guys, but y’all have saved our asses more times then I can count. That includes the guys turning wrenches so the birds can fly and the guys pumping fuel.

    Thanks for what you did for us Jim.

    What I mean is, feminism and women have taken over the modern church and attack all things male in nature but given women a pass on their sin nature. Dalrock and others do a much better job describing it then me. Lust is one thing and the quote is correct, seeing beauty and enjoying it isn’t lust, but is deemed so in churchanity

  8. “I’m part of a pretty small and closed group down here and we don’t welcome outsiders much, especially as matter of marriage.”

    Careful, don’t want to play too much into a southern stereotype there stone.

  9. and why women break/ reject so many nice young White guys.

    Which is also why I say we should do nothing to appeal to women. If we want more White women to join the cause we should help produce/ train up strong White men who are aware of their power. With the willingness and character to use their power/ strength in benevolent ways. White women will flock to such men

  10. We worked with a lot of Group guys out west, the Diyala river valley was pretty hot back in ’07 and ’08. I was a med crewcheif, so I got stuck on the ground from time to time when we had mass calls, etc. I’d give up my seat to a patient and ride back with the CAV or whoever. Every time my boots hit the ground I couldn’t wait to go wheels up again, I sure didn’t envy you ground-pounders, you guys earned your pay the hard way.

  11. “Which is also why I say we should do nothing to appeal to women. ”

    Yep. I learned quick not to bother. In fact, it normally works out best if you stay a bit scornful. Women like pleasing men, it’s in their DNA, and if they think a male is unhappy with them, it bothers them and most will try to gain his tacit approval.

  12. Stonelifter, always love your posts. What branch were you in, Army? I was too, but I had a cake job. Never made it to the sandbox. And Jim, always happy to be amongst fellow service members.

  13. Mosin Nagant says:
    “This advice to “feast the eyes” on women is a wrong direction. The sons of God fell when they looked on the daughters of men and saw they were fair. ”

    Jack Ryan replies:
    “Hey MN – maybe you would prefer to focus on the Saudi Arabia team – they only have one woman athlete and I think she has to compete in a full burka.

    Lighten up – it’s perfectly healthy and natural to admire the beauty of our beautiful White Indo European women. None of these women shown here are dressed or acting slutty. ”

    There was a time I shared completely the sentiments of Mosin Nagant. Not any more. Spent decades in different Christian groups/sects. “Holiness” type churches for the most part. Women went out of their way to look unattractive. No makeup, loose fitting clothes, long dresses, never pants. Hair pulled back in a bun or pony tail. Functional shoes. The big focus was on modesty, not enticing lust.

    On the other hand, the preachers were decked out like peacocks. Wild suits and big pompadours. Go figure.

    I remember one time we were holding a revival. A good ol’ boy from an affiliated church in Alabama was guest speaker for the week. He was in his early seventies or so, large boned, endomorphic in structure, a hand like a catcher’s mitt. Had that very charming Southern way of weaving a story. Spoke with a deep, syrupy drawl that was easy on the ears. Said he was a ball player in his youth and actually pitched against Babe Ruth on a barnstorming tour. Claimed the Babe hit one so far off him the ball hasn’t come down yet. Ha ha. Very personable, warm hearted man.

    Well, one sweltering evening he removed his suit coat before alter call and I guess he heard about afterwards. You see, he wore a short sleeved white shirt. Oh, my Lord!

    Next evening he apologized for having his arms exposed. He shook his head, laughed a little and said, “You know, it never occured to me being as old and as fat as I now am that my uncovered forearms had the possibility of enticing the women to lust.”

    Everyone burst out laughing. His critics surely must have felt silly.

    He said sometimes if we’re not careful we tend to get over in the ditch on one side of the road or the other.

    Still remember him after all these years.

  14. Sam, I’m sure that group you were with was as anti-“evil”-ultion and anti-science and anti-knowledge as can be.

  15. I’m not against the Olympics or women in sports; nor denying the natural attractiveness of the opposite sex; nor wanting women to wear burqas or make themselves as unattractive as possible; nor supporting the kind of religious group that Sam experienced. But I AM advocating the Western, Christian moral tradition.

  16. Jim, you have no idea how highly valued your job is/ was to us. None. Or how highly regarded you folks are. Men like you have saved lives and limbs. I know it’s no bullshit that you folks give up your seats for wounded men. Not only taking on more risk to yourself but doing so in a manner that is unfamiliar to you. I have the highest respect for you as a man and no amount of internet bicker will change that.

    Folks normally fail to grasp the combine arms military. Being a sniper you hear how you’re the sharpest point at the tip of the spear…. The outside world looking in would think it’s us two vs everyone. And in certain ways it is, but in no way is that true in the large scale. We couldn’t do half the shit we did without intell support, aviation support, supply guys, medics, men to fix radios, men to fix helicopters, men on stand-by to come save our ass…. etc etc. Your proximity to the fight doesn’t dictate your value to the fight.

    Thank you SomeGuy. You’re included in the paragraph above. Thank you for your service as well. Recently some UAV guy in an air conditioned office gave us the heads up and saved us a world of trouble. Your “cake” job does us all kinds of good. The value/ honor in severing isn’t always in going; it’s in the willingness to go. The worst wound I picked up was peace time training. Don’t ever take someone downplaying your cake job or peace time service to heart.

    I was a grunt 11bravo/ 11alpha. Ranger (tab and scroll), sniper in the 82nd; ran a scout/sniper platoon in the JSA/ Korea; a scout/sniper platoon leader for the 82nd and ran a mortar platoon in the Rangers. I have some CO time as well. Just enough to make me really bitter when I go the boot. Loved that job as much as life and in a very real way, was life itself to me

  17. Why does everything feel so much better about the world with the Olympics going on? It’s a great reboot.

    Oh btw Stone I strongly recommend you visit Cumbria, Hadrians wall, Strathclyde, berwick- on- Tweed , if you do visit the north of England south of Scotland ever.

    The landscape will tell you a great deal about yourself as it seems this area is probably where your ancestors probably lived for 2,000 years and beyond. This is one of the
    bloodiest frontiers in the world. It’s farms and moorland now.
    I recommend Sterling as well but that’s further north. The military architecture is still very much in evidence.

  18. Got to watch a few minutes of Olympic womens beach volleyball this morning: Netherlands vs. Argentina. Yum.

    All four players were white and beautiful (BIRM), but they also had naturally athletic bodies: clearly toned and fit, but still very feminine and soft, none of that sculpted, roids-and-weight-training muscularity that you see in so many black athletes.

    You ever notice how very good white NBA players have athletic bodies, but yet none of that absurd weight-lifting muscle sculpture, like you see with all the black players? They all look like they were drawn by a cubist. It’s extremely unnatural: a naturally strong man can have some definition without looking like he’s a piece of architecture.

  19. The Spanish were delightful looking too. How is it possible that this has not become a major spectator sport?

    Also agreed about the roids. This games appears to be clean enough.

  20. btw, many congratulations to Gabrielle Douglas, who won the gold for the USA in the individual comp, and shared the gold in the team comp, in womens gymnastics. (She’s a black kid, in case you don’t know why I’m bringing it up.) It’s a very impressive feat, good for her. And she seems like a very sweet kid. Kudos are in order.

    I bring it up as a further episode in the American experiment of black achievement in the context of black social parity because: I think that the best, and healthiest, practical strategy for whites re race relations in the present context is going to have to be this: Look, you folks demanded equality, we granted it to you, we’ve even given you the means to win gold medals and become president and so forth, and you’ve proven that you can; and so now it’s time to uphold your part of the bargain. If you really want equality, you must behave as an equal, and all your “unequal” bullshit (mass crime, mass welfare, stoopid political pandering, AA etc) is becoming totally unacceptable. Take up the burden of equality, and behave and achieve as an equal, as you’ve shown you can; or else take your dole-goodies and your EBT, foreswear equality, and slink back home to your housing project as a permanent ward of your keepers, and shut up about it. You don’t get to have both. Which is it gonna be?

    An interesting anecdote on this very subject: a few days ago I had dinner with a black friend of mine (yes, I have black friends, although they aren’t Magical Negros who dispense wisdom and grant me moral legitimacy, they’re just regular folks, warts and all.) In the course of conversation he made some shallow, slagging, dismissive political comment about white people. A minor one, not a fight-starter, but still. Now, since most black political discourse is rather childish and non-intellectual (because it has its origins in the black church, and because it has material-interest reasons for not frankly acknowledging the changes of the past several decades, black political thinking tends to come in the form of sweeping emotional rhetorical assertions, rather than reasoned dialectic and analysis; and this is childish), calling people on it tends to be, for me at least, uncomfortably confrontational, because in order to win the point you have to openly identify the sheer depths of stupidity in their reasoning, and if you’re talking to a friend this can cause social friction. Nobody likes to say to a friend, Look, you’re being an idiot. In these situations, most of the time I just smile and leave it lie. But of course, to decline to correct obvious errors of fact and reasoning out of politeness is a form of condescension; I’ve decided that if equality is a real thing, then I’m no longer going to condescend, I’m going to take them up on the gambit, treat them as equals, and let the chips fall as they may.

    So, instead of grinning and moving on, I took him up on his little swipe. In a cheerful, pleasant, non-argumentative way, I simply cited multiple historical precedents, a range of political theory from various angles, and sheer proper reasoning to show him where he’d gone off the rails. I simply let him see what was under the hood, and let him realize I’m driving a V-8 engine and he’s in a golf cart. He was smart enough to recognize this. He’s not an imbecile, he’s simply been imbibing a shallow political culture all his life, and nobody’s ever gone ahead and told him there were much deeper waters.

    He didn’t fight back, he didn’t get snotty; he saw he was mistaken, and he also saw that the sheer ranks arrayed against him were overwhelming. He cheerfully conceded the point, and we moved on to some more friendly neutral topic of discussion. The point is, for once I showed him what whites these days rarely show to blacks: that not only do we have a deeper bench than they do, but our bench is miles deeper, surprisingly deeper, shockingly deeper.

    I think this is what we’re going to have to start doing more often: telling them, Look, if you want to ride with us, you’re welcome to do so. But you can’t use the training wheels any more, ride like a grownup. And if you can’t keep up, well that’s just too damn bad.

  21. oscar the grinch says:

    “I think this is what we’re going to have to start doing more often: telling them, Look, if you want to ride with us, you’re welcome to do so. But you can’t use the training wheels any more, ride like a grownup. And if you can’t keep up, well that’s just too damn bad.”

    I understand what you’re saying. From your point of view it makes sense.

    I see it differently from my side of the street. So they can jump and run throw a ball in a hoop. So what? Obama did not become president by virtue of his accomplishments. Muddled past, community organizer, do nothing Senator who voted present much of his term. In other words, if he were not an Halfrican pushed to the front by the Axelrodsteinbergs of the world he would have been less than a blip on the radar screen.

    Personally, I don’t want them riding with me or anywhere near me. They will eventually crash, taking everyone down with them, training wheels or no.

  22. “What did he say?”

    I can’t get into the specifics, the context takes too much trouble to explain. Although it was annoying and a tad stupid, it was those things in a rather mild way; certainly not the most annoying nor stupid thing I’ve heard people say in these sorts of conversations (and yes, white people say annoying and stupid things too, and not just the DWLs, though they do have a noticably higher batting average). It wasn’t even intended to provoke me, it was just one of those casually mindless, thoughtless things that people nowadays have been programmed to assume.

    I’m finding more and more that it’s interesting the extent to which whites have simply ceded the playing field out of a sort of deference and noblesse oblige; but when they decide to fight and win, they do win, and their opponents acknowledge it. For instance a few years ago I had a Jewish friend say to me, again merely in passing, in a mild, casually dismissive way, a kind of snotty remark about Christianity which was not only offensive but factually mistaken. I let him know, again in friendly non-aggressive terms, that what he had said was a tad obnoxious in its own right, and also literally incorrect, that he clearly didn’t actually know as much about Christianity as he thought he did, and so maybe he shouldn’t talk about things he didn’t know. (In passing I’m truly surprised how many well-educated Jews I know who are deeply illiterate about Christianity; you’d think, considering they live in America, they might trouble themselves to at least not be howlingly wrong about it. If I lived in Tibet I think I would become mildly conversant in Buddhist terminology out of sheer courtesy.) He took it in stride, and we moved on. Months later, I overheard him in conversation with another Jewish friend, actually forcefully correcting him about a similar Jewish misconception (he didn’t know I could hear him). I thought that was interesting. In other words, he hadn’t merely been humoring me, he took the point to heart.

    There’s a lot of bullsh*t in this society that could be easily cleared up, if people started actually fighting their own corner in a serious-minded way, and not worrying if the precious little snowflakes are offended.

  23. “Obama did not become president by virtue of his accomplishments. Muddled past, community organizer, do nothing Senator who voted present much of his term.”

    Oh, I don’t disagree. My point is, it’s an interesting strategy to actually take them at their word, whether you believe it or not. If they think Obama is a genius, take their point at face value, don’t casually dismiss Obama, but actually make the case about what’s wrong with the guy, how are his zany mistakes consistent with a diagnosis of genius, do it without any anger or bitterness but just simply as the matter-of-fact things grownups talk about, and expect them to hear you out. They don’t get a pass any more.

    In other words (more sports metaphors here): I don’t care how you got into the Major Leagues, and I don’t care whether you deserve to be here or not, because all the same, here you are, at the plate. So I’m going to strike you out if I can, I’m not going to walk you just to be nice. And if you crowd the plate, you’re gonna get a brushback pitch, because that’s how we roll in the majors.

    Call it Operation Brushback.

  24. Muslims are preternaturally well informed about Christianity. they are quite good at the Trinity arguments. They definitely seem to study up on it, partly cause it is a sandy militarized version of Christianity anyway.

  25. “Muslims are preternaturally well informed about Christianity”


    How can this be?*

    The Koran itself is weirdly misinformed and inaccurate about Christianity.

    (* – well I suppose in spite of that, they could actually study up on the thing. Have they, in your experience, taken the trouble to read the Gospels? And if they have… how did they manage to remain Muslims?)

  26. (sorry for the above)

    @ Stonelifter says:

    and why women break/ reject so many nice young White guys.

    Which is also why I say we should do nothing to appeal to women. If we want more White women to join the cause we should help produce/ train up strong White men who are aware of their power. With the willingness and character to use their power/ strength in benevolent ways. White women will flock to such men


  27. Arguing about the trinity with Muslims is a fool’s errand. They will school every apologist every time as they always have. Part of the reason why they’re so dangerous and should be fought not debated. Someone that thinks reading the Gospel would convert a Muslim has never been to a muslim country and doesn’t know the first thing about Islam. It’s like saying how can a Christian read the OT and not become a Jew.

    Islam affords the bible a certain level of respect but believes it has been corrupted by men unlike the Qu’ran which has no extra or missing chapters among sects.

  28. They are pretty good in debates. The Koran as far as I can tell is a critique of Jews and Christians from a monotheistic perspective. Total fanatics too though.

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