Jews, Slavery, and Dixie

Once upon a time, Jews were active participants in slavery, white supremacy, and segregation

Over at Counter-Currents, Andrew Hamilton has stumbled across something that we have discussed several times here at Occidental Dissent.

Historically speaking, there wasn’t a Jewish Question in the Deep South. Jews did not develop their present reputation as a threat to white supremacy until the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-twentieth century.

Jews in the South participated in the slave trade, owned slaves, profited off slavery as merchants (Lehman Brothers was founded in Montgomery), identified with the White majority, served in the Confederate government, fought for the Confederacy, and even crafted many of the segregation laws of the Jim Crow South.

I know it is hard to believe after everything that has happened since then. We’re used to thinking of Jews as an undigestable antagonistic element in our society, but Southerners traditionally haven’t thought of them this way because until recently they had no reason to do so.

A year ago, I posted a funny video of the Jews of Selma, AL reminiscing on the Civil Rights Movement – when MLK was marching in Selma in 1965, the local Jews were the business establishment in town, and it was their downtown stores that enforced segregation laws which the blacks were boycotting.

Thousands of Northern Jews, liberal Protestants, and Unitarians stirred up by the MSM came to Selma ranting about racism and segregation and anti-Semitism in Alabama. Some of the local Jews patiently explained to them that Jews had served as mayors of the town and had been involved in building the local country club and were some of its most prominent members.

As Andrew Hamilton explains, Jews were even members of the original Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction – Jews thought of themselves as White at the time or went along with being White because claiming whiteness worked heavily to their advantage.

The Southern Jewish experience (and the Southern Catholic experience) differs in many ways from the North because the presence of African slavery among us fostered a culture of white supremacy that muted ethnic, class, and religious divisions.

The Jews who immigrated to the North from the ghettos of Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century had been involved in the radical leftwing subculture that flourished in that region and brought that attitude with them to America.

Sephardic Jews who had lived for centuries in the Caribbean and the antebellum South were accustomed to racialism and white supremacy and actually played a key role in bringing plantation slavery from Portuguese Brazil to the English and French colonies in the Lesser Antilles.

I know that Jews were a huge number of the slaveowners in Jamaica which was the biggest and most profitable English sugar colony in the Caribbean. They were particularly active in the Dutch and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean and South America.

It would be interesting to find out how involved Jews were in the Portuguese slave trade in West Central Africa because that region was the biggest supplier of slaves to the Americas in the eighteenth century at the height of the slave trade.

I know from my own research into the Caribbean slave colonies that Jews were involved in all aspects of the slave trade and that there is a lot of hidden truth to this subject which Jewish historians are silent on for understandable reasons.

Getting to the bottom of that story would be a good chapter for the book on the Caribbean that I eventually plan to write.

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  1. That anyone still believes the lies of the Yankee empire regarding the causes of the “late unpleasantness” never ceases to amaze me. It’s even better than an IQ test at establishing intelligence.

    How stupid can you be to not see that the South was waging a just war in defense of its homeland while the rapacious, murderous Yankees were waging an unjust war of aggression on behalf of negroes. What white man alive today with any regard for white people can condemn the Confederacy and praise the war to emancipate and elevate the negro?

    It is better to regard Yankees as potential fodder for their negro pets rather than engage in any futile attempt to meet them in intelligent discussion of the negro problem and its solution. Yankees are too vested in their mythology and propaganda to ever give in to the truth of the matter.

    BRA is the final outcome that occurs when Yankee stupidity finally meets the reality of its delusions regarding negroes and their place in the world. It is idiocy writ large.

    Anyone who cannot see this is either completely indoctrinated or willfully blind.
    Naturally, the Yankee problem overshadows the Jewish problem when it comes to the Southern experience. No other group has visited more woe upon white Southerners than white Yankees fawning over and worshipping negroes.

    Under the circumstances, Yankees are truly vile and disgusting creatures. I’m not sure why Yankees feel the way they do about Jews. After all, Yankees invited them in to take control of the country. They did and now the Yankees are stuck in “conspiracy theory” limbo and at a complete loss to explain what happened.

    They go from being inflamed with fanatical zeal for negroes one instant, and the next they are whimpering about the Jews. Very confused and maladaptive people, these Yankees are, to be sure.

    Deo Vindice

  2. Just as an aside, somebody seems to be fucking with the BUGS site. Your link to BUGS takes you to some bullshit non-real site, as of five minutes ago.

    Also, your link to Cambria Will Not Yield is old, and makes one click through to the real link. Not the biggest deal to be sure, except that CWNY is an excellent well-written source which should be made as easily accessible to as many people as possible, which would make it worth your while to refresh the link; also, OD among its other virtues has an excellent blogroll, so it is useful as a hub site, which presumably would increase your traffic too. Just sayin’.

  3. Up to 20% of the Persian Empire is estimated to have been Jewish. Xerxes, Cyrus, Darius etc lead an Empire that was very heavily judaized.

    Next time you think about the Persian wars from Marathon to Thermopylae, Salamis, Gaugemela the Greeks were fighting forces that were heavily Jewish or supplied by Jewish contractors.

  4. Apuleius — will you please, PLEASE stop your nattering? “Yankees”, those devilish evil creatures, effectively no longer exist. For up-to-the-minute news on “Yankees,” may I suggest you read “The Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov, which was written in RUSSIAN, oh, about 100 YEARS AGO!!

    The Northeast (have you ever even been here?!?) is controlled entirely by Jews, and demographically it is made up of Talmudic demons, white ethnics (mostly but not entirely Catholic), useless violent negroes (both home-grown and imported from places like DR), recent shit-colored immigrants (Latrinos, Asians, subcons, Arabs), and a tiny tiny smattering of your terrible so-called “yankees”, who mostly sit cowering in their summer homes, sneering impotently at the swarms of newcomers, and fantasizing that somehow they’ll be permitted to survive and continue in their accustomed comfort off their trust funds accumulated when their ancestors were actually industrious, which is before 1910.

    Here is your assignment, jackass: take Amtrak up to Boston. At South Station, take the T to Harvard Square. Bring a dead cat with you. Now, enter Harvard Yard: it’s right across the street from the T stop, even an ignorant southern buffoon like you couldn’t miss it.

    Once you are inside Harvard Yard, swing the dead cat. You will immediately hit a Jew. Swing it again, you’ll hit another Jew. After about twenty swings, you will hit a mixture of Asians, Muslims, Hispanics, maybe an Italian if you’re lucky. You will have to swing your dead cat over thirty times before you actually hit a bona-fide “yankee.” Hell, you’ll have to swing your dead cat about thirty times before you hit anybody with blue eyes, or hair that isn’t black. Such is the state of “Yankeedom”.

    No wonder you people lost the war, you’re so fucking pig-ignorant it’s beyond belief. How many fingers am I holding up, you retarded southern douchebag?

  5. This 20% is something about Persia that 300 (a wierd film) skirts around. The various Alexander films avoid it. A massive multiethnic multiracial Borg. It’s amazing those Hellenic hillbillies managed to kill the beast.

  6. “Yankee” is about like “redneck” to Jeff Foxworthy: the final frontier of “group that can be made fun of” because the definition of “Yankee” is so malleable anyone may semi-credibly claim or disclaim it at will.

    To me, the Real Yankees are 1) a baseball team in New York, 2) a specific Anglo-Saxon subset of Northeastern Whites who were enormously wealthy once but have since pretty well been extirpated. They have no power anymore and haven’t since the forties or fifties at all, and not very much since sometime around the end of Prohibition.

    Yes, they had power once. Yes, they did bad stuff once. But that was a very long time ago.

  7. oscar, we have scads of Yankees down here.

    We are totally infested, which may explain why you don’t see them when you’re hanging out with your Jewish friends in Harvard Yard. How do we get these sumbitches to go back there where they belong with you and your Jewish buddies?

    These “nonexistent” Yankees have a nasty habit of being elected governor of Florida thanks to the votes of the other “nonexistent” Yankees down here. The names “Bush,” “Crist,” and “Scott” sound suspiciously Jewish, so maybe it is more like Boston after all.

    The disappearance of all the Yankees is one of the more profound mysteries in world history, don’t you think? Perhaps they miscegenated themselves out of existence, so that all that is left of them is Lenny Kravitz, Eminem, and Nikki Minaj? Yankees are even more mysterious than Anasazi indians.

    The incredible disappearing Yankee. If only it were true.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Way back in the day the Bushes were Yankees, but miscegenation has taken care of that. They are a trashburger family and are effectively mestizos today.

  9. It wasn’t the Yankees that destroyed the South. Most of the Union troops were recent immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe that were conscripted by force by Lyin’ Lincoln and his Cabal of Anti-White Abolitionists financed by the Rothschild family in England. There were riots in Northern cities due to the Forced Conscription utilized by the Republicans to fight the Southerners.

    Most Yankees didn’t give two shits about niggers and any “freeman” negroes found wandering into Northern towns were quickly escorted out by the sheriff or found dead the next day by some fortuitous accident.

    Yankees, otherwise known as WASPS, were swindled out of their fortunes and places in society by the Shiftless Jews after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act which gave Jews the power to print money and thereby swindle the United States to the tune of what is now about $ 16,000,000,000,000 of Federal Debt and several times that in Personal and Corporate Debt held by subsidiary banks and trusts run by other gangs of Jews.

    This White on White infighting has got to stop! There is an alien parasite enemy that desires to exterminate or miscegenate All Whites Out of Existence. This alien is a common enemy of All Whites Everywhere!

    Stop your bickering, and focus on White Survival and a Return to White Supremacy!

  10. Hello Sean,

    How are you? I hope your family is doing well.

    “Jews are not logical creatures


    Never project a logical mindset on them when trying to understand the way of the jews.”

    Then you write,

    “They have honed this skill of subversion into a literal science over time.”

    I think these views are contradictory. Are they irrational or rational?

  11. The strange case of the vanishing Yankees following their victory in the Civil Rights Movement. What an epic mystery!

    Yankee “disappearance” makes the Lost Colony of Roanoke seem like child’s play.

    Just like the myth of Yankees electing (let alone reelecting) the mulatto messiah. It must have been some cosmic accident. No Yankees here! We are now in complete “Yankee denial” mode. Kind of like Obama acknowledging his white Yankee half, white northerners can’t acknowledge that they are Yankees.

    Say what you will about Jewish duplicity, disingenousness, or self-loathing, Yankees have them beat on all counts.

    At least that’s what we learned in Mrs. Morales’s class in Bayshore.

    Oh, how I long for such a superior northern education while I wallow in my ignorance!

    Deo Vindice

  12. Hunter, what you say about the Jews in Dixie is the absolute truth. There was no Jewish Question in the South until the 1920’s. Jews were pretty much accepted in the social fabric of the antebellum South. David Yulee and Judah Benjamin could not have risen to such prominence in Southern society if there was any Anti-Jewish feelings like our gatekeepers would like us to believe. In fact, one of Jefferson Davis’s nieces (by marriage or blood, I don’t know) lived openly as a Jew. It wasn’t until the Leo Frank trial that real Anti-Jewish feelings began to take root in the South. The emerging Jewish media started to ridicule Southrons as snaggle-tooth, tobacco spitting morons and the once Jew-friendly Southrons turned against the Jews (at least the Northern ones) as Christ-hating subversives. Truly, the Jews are their own worst enemy.

  13. Persian Empire 40,000,000 about 8,000,000 Jews. It’s the middle east you see they were native to the area. Egypt, Cyprus, Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia…

    The Romans had to deal with 7,000,000 by all accounts.

    The US has about 5,500,000.

    As it relates to the South it’s probably worth pointing out that the numbers were small enough to not make that much difference. Until the regulatory capture of the US in the twentieth century Jews haven’t made trouble in the US. You are clearly getting to peak Jew though.

  14. Isn’t this Jewish Question the same as the Negro Question?

    If there are only a few negroes, they tend to behave themselves, and no one sees them as much of a threat.

    However, after there are enough of them, you get Rising Crime and Declining Property Values, and begin to see the KKK point of view. Soon your entire town or city becomes one Giant Ghetto!

  15. Jews never think twice about backstabbing people who welcomed them into their ranks. For a time, Israel engaged in trade with South Africa when many other nations would not. Jews turned on SA when it suited them. They’re not known as the Satanic Jew in the Islamic world for no reason.

  16. Peak Jew seems to be a hard deck of about 5,000,000. Anything over that a d you are screwed.
    Peak Negro is expressed in terms of a percentage. 30% seems like it is unrecoverable.

    The Moment the English show up you get exterminated apparently. Like Prussians.

  17. “Persian Empire 40,000,000 about 8,000,000 Jews. It’s the middle east you see they were native to the area. Egypt, Cyprus, Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia…”

    I knew you didn’t have any credible references. The Jews were a people enslaved to the Babylonians. When Cyrus defeated the Babylonians he allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem where they (all 30,000 of them) went to work on re-building the Temple not on running the Achaemenid empire.

    Always shooting your mouth off without getting your facts straight John.

  18. Furthermore given their urban proclivities, the Jews must have clustered in cities all over the empire. I recently took a look at lesser known newish revolts in the Roman Empire. During Hadrian’s rule the obliterated the Romanand Greek population of Cyrencia. The butchered 240,000 Romans and Greeks on Cyprus. I assume this means they outnumbered the Romans there. Cyprus for heaven’s sake! Aphrodite’s Island! Rome around 100AD was in a death match with the buggers all over the ME.

  19. Why would Significant numbers of Jews return to Jerusalem Circa 600BC when they could enrich themselves in Mesopotamia or Egypt (which the Persians invaded) or Cyprus (where by all accounts enough of them lived to kill off 1/4 million Roman resident in the Kitos revolts). Why till the soil honestly when there’s an empire to run?
    Less than half the world population of Jewry claims residency there now! There’s no money in a hilltop Bronze age fort no matter how sacred it is supposed to be.

    Poland had similar proportions of Jews btw.

  20. Rudel,

    why do you have a Stuka pilot name as your handle?

    The population of the ME has been heavily inflected by Jewish populations.
    If you take the book of Daniel you can see that he’s a vizier to two the Babylonian kings and the early Persian king. He (or his composite) probably had a great deal to do with the fall of one regime and the replacement by another. The Jewish population of Babylon never really left. Infact it wielded enormous power all through Persian and Selucid periods.

    Most of the Jewish revolts during Roman times were funded by Parthians. Almost as a vangard for Parthian policy.

  21. Apuleius: “These “nonexistent” Yankees have a nasty habit of being elected governor of Florida thanks to the votes of the other “nonexistent” Yankees down here.”

    Thanks to the “yankees,” is it?

    Christ on a crutch, even for a fucking caveman southerner, you’re a lot stupider than I thought. And that’s saying something, turdbrain. Do you know, perchance, what a “front” is? Do you know where the money comes from that funds both parties? Do you think the imbecile ‘yankee’ drunken cokehead Bush started the Iraq war, on his own account, in his own interests, for his own well-thought-out reasons?

    With shit-headed apes down there like you thinking about politics, you WISH it was evil yankees running things, you’d probably have a better shot at survival. As things stand, not so much. Deo vindice indeed, halfwit.

  22. “I smile stiff, saying ciao!, saying ciao! and think: _This is the world._”

    — one of your great Southern poets, who I can quote from memory, chapter and verse, unlike various unschooled morons around here.

    Do you know it, retard? You understand the context of my reference? Don’t google it, it’s part of your illustrious Southern heritage. Should be on the tip of your tongue.

    Spit it out, moron. Who? Why?

  23. One more point about the “return” from “captivity” in Babylon.
    The Babylonian captivity was just the kidnapping of the Aristocracy of Judah.
    There were 100,000 ‘s of jewish peasants left behind who quite liked not having the yoke of a monarchy to tax them. The returnees, as a small as a population as they were, came in a trickle. They were deeply resented by the farmers who remained behind.

    I doubt they were really captives in Babylon at all– Which was like NYC today. Just hostages taken among their royals and priests. I’d have chosen to live there if I were ambitious at the time too. Why move to the sticks when you live in a capital?

    One day the Jews will write about America as if they are slaves forced into tiny cells in NYC and Mugwamp swamps in Florida or barren deserts like LA. It’ll all be bullshit.

  24. Amspirnational, I disagree. The Russians were our enemy, made many threats to the West and backing the hajjis in A-stan was a way to bleed our enemy at low cost to us. Russians supported other hajjis when they could use them as a weapon against the West. What we should have done is hit back hard, every time a hajji hit us. We didn’t not so hajjis grew bold, knowing our leadership is weak and soft

    Are they stupid Apuleius or indoctrinated and ignorant? Indoctrination and ignorance can be fixed and are temporary conditions, if a person is willing to work on their own and learn the truth. I debate and post links to wake up the folks on the sideline, and not as an attempt to solve the issue with the indoctrinated

    While I understand the people up north are no longer or are rarely genetic yankees, most seem to have taken up the mantle of yankee, their thoughts, attitudes and mindset. The word yankee works just fine for us down here. It might not be accurate from the northern point of view there, but isn’t the way of things when referring to people?

    Ah yankees, can’t actually debate but have to go in for the debase verbal insults. I thought better of you Oscar

  25. “Nothing that is not there, and the nothing that is.”

    Now that’s an actual honest-to-god Yankee poet; therefore it’s evil, I suppose. (Actually, not even real yankee; he was a dutchman.) Bet you don’t know who said that, either. Fucktard.

    Deo vindice. Translate for me, please, you’re fond of the phrase, let’s hear it. Don’t look it up. Get the grammar right.

  26. I also find it funny to insult someone’s intelligence, like being smart makes you naturally superior. Smart people use their intelligence for evil reasons all the time and are praised for it because they are smart, yet if I were to use my strength speed etc to my advantage I’m some kind of monster

    Totally hypocritical horseshit thinking, not based on any type of try morality

  27. “Ah yankees, can’t actually debatebut have to go in for the debase verbal insults.”

    Pfft. Daniel Webster will be interested to learn of this.

    “I thought better of you Oscar”

    Oh pshaw. This isn’t debate, it’s just a mauling; I’m lashing out a bit, as a species of RnR, because I’m a little tired of the Cro-Magnon flavor lately. C’mon, already.

    Like some Long Island wog once said,
    “You oughta know by now!”

    Who needs a house out in Hackensack?

  28. “LOL, I am of the Cro-Magnon variety”

    Heh heh, well so am I, mon frere. It’s just that I make a point of getting out on the town a bit now and then. As I see you do yourself, though perhaps in a different sort of way.

    Old Chinese proverb: “Little what see, much what startling”

    The antidote, I expect, is to see more than “a little”.

  29. I suppose oscar, if you’re so damn smart, you could explain why “nonexistent” “imbecile ‘yankee’ drunken cokehead Bush” and others of his ilk so predictably, repeatedly, and willingly allow themselves to serve as “fronts” for [insert appropriate] hidden bogeymen. You can’t rape the willing, they say.

    Are these WASPs mere sock puppets or perhaps a wee bit more culpable than that? Why are WASPs like Romney or Scott Brown so routinely feckless and weak? Did this happen because the sneaky Jews stole the WASP mojo? What tidy explanation can there be for the likes of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

    You know that quote you served up is rather obscure and generic. Could be almost anyone from Poe to Faulkner to Allen Tate to John Crowe Ransom to…???

    Setting up a game of “stump the chump” and then declaring victory is a trifle idiotic.
    Don’t you think?

    Now tell us all about it, Mr. Smart Yankee man…I know you know you know much better than I know, you know? I may be a retard or a moron, but like most Southerners I eagerly await the divine spark of Yankeedom to descend upon me and change me from my wicked ways and fondness for tobacco. I won’t ever be ignorant no more after that.

    Deo Vindice

  30. If we’re doing the ancient Chinese sayings about the curse “may you live in interesting times”. I want things to be a whole lot more boring and stable for my descendants. The quest for a stable political entity and nation is a big deal for me

    For a bunch of backwoods hillbilllies my people have been all over. It’s the career military thing and for 20+ years now I’ve worked overseas which has allowed me to see all manner of places in the world. Not just the working part but the places I would travel through to get to work or to take mini vacations from work.

    Yea I get around. Going to drive to AK next spring to see some more of the nation before things go bad. Won’t make me an expert but I’m sure it will affect my world view. Same for my boy

  31. Apuleius, what kind of people are apt to be Race Traitors? I admit the Jews are scraping the bottom of the barrel, and maybe even looking under it in the present case, but really traitors are not going to be fine upstanding gentlemen!

    Addicts, homosexuals, perverts, etc. are most often traitors. They are also easier to control because they have a shitload of secrets hidden away to blackmail them with.

    Traitors are Scum! That’s why the Presidents keep going downhill…

  32. “Setting up a game of “stump the chump” and then declaring victory is a trifle idiotic.
    Don’t you think?”

    Mmm, could be, I suppose; you’d know a deal more about what’s idiotic than I would, I believe. But really, it wasn’t even a game: I was just blowing cigarette smoke in your face because you pissed me off, chump.

    By the way, who said I was so damn smart? Not me. All I’m asserting is that at least I’m not a blind illiterate retard who disregards what’s right in front of his face because he’s still fighting a war in his head that was lost 150 years ago. Christ, I had a couple of elder relatives who were Irish, I mean really literally from the Ould Sod, with all the expected ancient axes to grind… and after listening to them for a long time, even _I_ couldn’t tell you the difference between a Sassenach and a Free Stater and a Fenian and an Orangeman and a Republican because even my elders had already let it go. And you know the old joke about Irish Alzheimer’s: it’s when you get so old and feeble, that you finally start to forget one or two of your grudges. Maybe you should let it come on.

    As for your question about yankees, good gracious man, have you ever actually met one?!?, or do you just spend your time griping at a safe distance? Me, I went to their schools, spent their scholarship money, screwed their daughters, sailed on their boats, weekended at their ‘cottages’ and all the rest… and smelled their weakness. They’re wounded zebras on the Serengeti plain. Some time I’ll write you a concordance about their social psychology, or what should really be called their sociopathy… but it’ll have to be some other time.

    In the meantime, though… you have the evidence right in front of you. It’s called the United States in 2012, right now, today.

    Read Hawthorne and Henry Adams.
    Then read Henry James.
    Then read Thornton Wilder.
    Then read A.R. Gurney.

    Do you sense a direction…?

  33. I suppose you mean the descent into mediocrity and irrelevance as they gradually lost their way. Interesting collection of Yankee writers. Hawthorne and Henry James are the best of the lot.

    For some reason you seem to think that Yankees are not present in great numbers in South Florida. I assure you most heartily that I can feel their disease any time I want. This is the land of Allen West and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, don’t you know?

    “what kind of people are apt to be Race Traitors?”
    Well, Dr. Doom, not to put too fine a point on it, in a word: Yankees.

    Don’t get upset. You know exactly who I am talking about.

    Deo Vindice

  34. “For some reason you seem to think that Yankees are not present in great numbers in South Florida. I assure you most heartily that I can feel their disease any time I want.”

    No I’m sure you’re right, after all, you’re looking at it and I’m not. Where I think you’re mistaken is, you wrongly estimate the energy, intelligence and cunning of the yankees; those qualities for the most part have greatly dissipated in that stock. They are for the most part, sort of mushy, unthinking, well-meaning bien-pensants who have been shielded from reality for so long by prior success, that they a) have an imaginary guilt complex about their prosperity and b) have lost the capacity to understand where things like success actually come from.

    There’s a kind of languid condescension in the yankee mind: they mildly sneer at their perceived inferiors, but they don’t hate, fear and despise them, and actively work to undermine their own society on account of their pathologies, they way our other little friends so energetically do. If modern-day Yankees wind of destroying the world it’ll be by mistake or through laziness, not because of a far-seeing and malignant plan. You give them too much credit.

    My knowledge of Reconstruction is rather flimsy so I’ll defer to others here about it including yourself, but my conception is, looking at it simply as a chess position and knowing a good deal about the “before” and “after”, is this: you attribute too much to Yankee malevolence as an inborn thing, and neglect to factor in the amount of bitterness that naturally would have accrued as a result of the sheer bloodletting of the war. Granted there were abolitionist fanatics in New England, but my impression of the majority yankee mindset is not one of fanatical idealism or negro worship, but rather this:

    a) throughout the period leading up to the war, northerners and southerners simply grew to dislike each other on an irrational, emotional level. This can be seen quite clearly in letters and diaries of the period, and on both sides; it doesn’t point to anything more fanatical than a childish emotion, shared I might add by southerners, and aggravated by diverging economic interests and the slowness of travel and communication. In other words, it simply is not Exhibit A in the annals of imaginary Yankee monomania.

    b) Slavery was widely seen (and rightly so) as a practice which had become morally, intellectually, economically, and politically untenable in North America. One way or another, it was going to have to go. There were a small number of raving New England abolitionists who were pro-active on the subject, and I suppose a fair number of fellow-travelers in places like Kansas and Missouri, but the vast majority of northerners simply wanted slavery (and the slaves, I might add) to go away. They didn’t want a war over it, they didn’t want to rub the South’s nose in it, and they certainly didn’t want the Africans to remain stateside, in a condition of equality and labor competition. The question was solved in the most painful and illogical manner imaginable: and an equal share of this burden is due to irrational Southern belligerence and spoilin’ fer a fight, as well as the irrational (and greedy) Southern to keep the former slaves around as cheap labor during Jim Crow. The rational thing would have been for the Union to simply buy all the slaves from the planters at market rates, compensate the planters, manumit the slaves, and then repatriate them. But the South wanted it all their way. Again, I’m not bringing this up to point fingers so much as to say, evidence for extreme Yankee malevolence and fanaticism strikes me as wanting. There may have been a bit of it, but there was fanaticism on the Southern side as well, so in terms of apportionment it balances out; rather than saying yankees were uniquely crazy, it seems more accurate to me to simply say that madness was in the air in general in North America at the time.

    c) I defer to others about the actions of the Radical Republicans during Reconstruction (which I admit was horribly botched, for the little I know about it) but I think, again, you have to apportion a certain amount of the mischief to sheer anger and bitterness and unwisdom over the war, which is a natural reaction we see over and over: witness Versailles.

    My point is, your assessment of yankee pathology is itself, to a certain degree, pathological. An accurate assessment of the troubles we find ourselves in in these latter days, would not put yankee scheming anywhere near the top of the list.

    We won’t get ourselves out of this quicksand pit by having a distorted view of things. Misdiagnosis can lead to things worse than the disease itself.

  35. “Rationally it should have looked like Jamaica.”

    Except that even Jamaica didn’t look like Jamaica. Still doesn’t, of course. They weren’t repatriated to Africa, as they ought to have been; they’re still infesting the Caribbean — and now London and Toronto, too. So it seems as though irrationality is a trait we greatly share with Her Majesty’s tea-drinkers and hockey-pucks.

  36. @Oscar:

    Lifelong Southerner here. Great analysis. Very even-handed and rational. I think you’re close the truth.

  37. Damn. I quit watching for a little while and everybody’s IQ’s dropped 50 points. I really loved the argument that Yankees are nearly non-existent. That rates right up there with the argument that race doesn’t exist.

    Get out of the house more often, folks.

  38. “Stonelifter says:
    August 27, 2012 at 3:01 am
    Amspirnational, I disagree. The Russians were our enemy, made many threats to the West and backing the hajjis in A-stan was a way to bleed our enemy at low cost to us. Russians supported other hajjis when they could use them as a weapon against the West. What we should have done is hit back hard, every time a hajji hit us. We didn’t not so hajjis grew bold, knowing our leadership is weak and soft”

    Unfortunately “Stonelifter” believes preserving the Anglo-Jewish Empire is more important than preserving the Organic Euro-American Nation, whose imperial imperative (if you believed in building an empire) was to thrust Southward, not to destroy Mother Europe and the fight Euro-Russia for England and Israel’s sake. It was the latter program which made enemies of Islam anyway. “The West?”
    What a joke-after the loss of the Battle of Stalingrad there was only Europe, no “West,” which was an occupied vassal as such of Israeli-owned America.

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