California Passes New Law To Coddle Illegal Aliens


The dystopia in California is the gift that keeps on giving:

” California state legislators passed a bill Friday that seeks to protectundocumentedimmigrants charged with relatively minor crimes from being deported.

The bill, by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano,D-San Francisco, would prohibitlocalpolicefrom detaining anyone on an immigration hold if the person is notchargedwith orhas notbeen convicted ofa serious or violent crime.

The bill, which only needs the signature of Gov. Jerry Brown to become law, passed theAssemblyon Friday after being amended in thestate Senateto remove language thatwould haverequired police departments to develop plans to guard against racial profiling….”

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  1. But this is a no-win dialogue. For all practical purposes there is little difference between modern Catholics and Protestants. Pelosi vs. Reed vs. Franken? Who cares.

  2. Of course that’s why the Frankens always win.

    But now I’m spamming. I got to get the hell away from this computer.

  3. “RobRoySimmons says:
    August 26, 2012 at 3:02 pm
    Tactically speaking Denise is more effective than our intellectuals and their obsession with safe abstract concepts that our “elite” could give a fig about.

    But where I take issue is that she is using the old niggers and kikes routine, when I believe these days one should approach the issue of our very survival from naming the “anti-white.”

    Do you really think I, and my cohorts, DON’T do that? We weave the Mantra IN, in an appropriate way……..we tailor our words and methodologies to our “audience”. We change the verbiage -the actual words we use, to the person we are speaking to. We do NOT make assumptions about intelligence, or knowledge, based on appearance or clothing, or autos, etc. Our “audience” however – always makes asumptions about US, based on appearance, clothing, hair, jewelry, etc.. We use these assumptions to our advantage.

    I used to pal around with a very sweet face “hippie chick”, who was one of the most analytical, methodical, and “racist” people I’ve ever met. She’s gone dormant, with activism, cause she’s getting through University, and needs her degree – but she was GREAT to work with. She was, and is, really into studying propoganda. He physical appearance (sweet petite Earthy Crunchy Flower Child blue-eyed, light, long brown hair, etc) completely disarmed people. People thought I was her “aunt”. I was the “Bad Cop” – I’d set ’em up with challenges, and they’d start to “defend” their Anti White postions – and then she’d move in and quietly “knock down” On more than one occasion we’d leave great big Anti males sputtering. They literally didn’t know what to say – cause she would bat her eyes, and detail where “their” Marxist “ideas” came from, what the real meaning and purspose of those ideas are (It’s all Anti White, created to destroy the White Race). I’d finish off as the Queen of Sarcasm, “Come on, the idiot doesn’t even know what he’s spouting, let’s find some good coffee and chai”….and we’d drive the message in. And walk away laughing….

    We ALWAYS posit everything around “AntiWhite”, my cohorts and I.

  4. Rudel: “The Chinese would be perfectly willing to physically colonize us if they thought they could get away with it. ”

    You haven’t been out to the Pacific Rim lately have you? The chinkies are colonizing us

  5. “You haven’t been out to the Pacific Rim lately have you? The chinkies are colonizing us”

    No shit. They have ruined both the Richmond and Sunset districts of San Francisco by tearing down perfectly nice old 100 year old apartments and houses and putting in stucco monstrosities that go all the way to the property lines.

    What I’m taking about is the 1.3 billion of them that haven’t come over here yet.

  6. Considering what the hell has happened to California in the past 45 years, I cannot even fathom why liberals would want open immigration. Their beloved free luvin state is nothing more than a cesspool of filth and moral decay in which even they are trying to escape.

    And let’s not forget bigmouth, globalist Jeb Bush now telling the GOP that they must change their attitude toward immigration (meaning Hispanics). When the country does collapse under the weight of insane policies, white dispossession, jew scullduggery, and moral corruption, I hope our new leaders hunt every Bush down and does to them what they truly deserve to receive! Just think of the cheering white crowds at that event! Of course, that event will pale to the Clinton event!!! As another commentor said… all will be fair game. We have a lot of catching up to do with this scum.

  7. The liberals are only a political tool. It is Jew money that drives the open borders, the open immigration laws in all legislatures. That should be bought and paid for legislatures.

    The objective is tribal and supremacist. Neutralize the White demographic.

    Basically it is Judaic Judaic uber alles. Always was – even the last world war that was machinated by the Tribe, financing and operating all sides of the conflict. Although agent Adolf was permitted to print the Deutschmark so the Germans would accept him as an independent and nationalist leader. Much as the Bank of Russia (which has been owned by Jews since the Bolshevik Revolution) appears independent so the Russian power can now be built up.

  8. I knew the fate of California was sealed when Proposition 187 was struck down by the court only weeks after its passage by vote. Government by judicial fiat, a favorite leftist tactic, is more truthfully described as government by judicial suicide. The will of the people is overidden easily, almost effortlessly.

    We now see the fruits of such government. California is a slow motion train wreck in progress. It’s going to get even uglier as it shakes out further down the road. Establishment “conservatives” certainly played a large role in the demographic debacle that is present day California. They knew they never had a chance, I guess.

    Deo Vindice

  9. I don’t think the Southern ways are best per-say, I think they are best for us, because they are our ways. Good and bad I accept them for what they are. Clearly the German way works for Germans in a lot of ways; same can be said for the yankee way. I’ll try to be clearer on that, but politically it is Southron and Western states keeping yankee and left coast states from destroying the place with leftism

    Rudel in practical terms I think 4-6 nations out of the big monstrous one we have now would be about right. With the up side of not being a global power to gallivant around saving the world from whatever trendy threat is next on the list. I wouldn’t want the South or the West to be tied to yankees or left coast people militantly. We’d have good men getting killed to fight wars the womanish way we to appease them. Pretty much like we have now and that’s a no/go in my book. Western and Southron alliances, economic and military seem very natural to me. With the bonus of neither people are found of string other folks kool-aide. A lot of Southron men settled the West after their homes were destroyed by yankees and to flee reconstruction. We can make a strong claim on the West being Southron in nature

    We have no individual liberty. We can’t say what we want in the public square, by law I have to rent my homes to negros, hire them and I am forced to let them in the bars I use to co-own, and let them on my farm for the pick your own peaches. In a very real way I have to get permission to use my farm as I see fit because of “wetland” laws… the list is as big as the internet

    Catholics should not throw stones at Protestants. Y’all have that whole child rape priest thing and all sorts of leftwing causes your church supports. Main stream Protestant churches are dying as people go their own way or find smaller churches with stronger moral stands. The Catholic Church was dying too until the mexcian invasion. Which is supported full force by the Catholic Church as far as I can tell, along with a whole slew of social justice causes which I think came about by latin american Catholic leadership

    Plus to mention your unassailable yankee and Catholic culture then talk about how it’s under assault form the media…. Seems to put that unassailable part under scrutiny

  10. great map Rudel, seems to me there were pretty sane and easy abortion laws before roe v wade. Few people in the pro life crowd today want to deny abortions for life of the mother and rape. Or better put, think the call is to tough and to personal to make a stand on. Most I know would prefer women to always choose life, but understand some things are to… tangled. The down side is, you can bet a lot of woman would make false rape claims to get their abortion

  11. So be it. It’s the particularism of each state’s laws that I applaud. That was the whole point back during the War of Independence. We’d be way better off if we had stuck to, at most, the Articles of Confederation.

  12. agreed Rudel. I think that way on most topics beyond abortion to. It should be up to the people of the state to choice their community moral standards. Living in NC it’s none of my business what those are in NY. Or should be that way. lincoln and the north killed that idea as well

  13. The Articles of Confederation were inherently superior to the Constitution.

    Particularism is the way to go. A mind your own business type of approach, the real Southern American tradition. Good fences make for good neighbors. Particularism establishes respect for differences through well established local boundaries.

    Each to his own. Sounds like a recipe for peace.

    Deo Vindice

  14. And Stone pulls the pedophile priest card:

    “The perception that Catholic priests are overrepresented among offenders is correct. They do offend at a higher rate. But because this country is predominantly Protestant, more children are abused by Protestant ministers than by Catholic priests. In 1990, the Freedom from Religion Foundation issued a study on pedophilia by clergy. At that time, two clergy per week were being arrested in North America for sex crimes against children. Fifty-eight percent of them were Protestant. ”

    There is no sense at counting sins. We do know that the #1 poison affecting whites in this country is Christian Zionism, and that ain’t Catholic.

    We also recognize that some of the greatest traitors this country has ever seen have been both Catholic (Ted Kennedy), and Protestant (Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, etc, name your devil).

    My only point was in response to Dixie’s thinking of moving, like she was going to grace some European country with a Southerner. I was assuring her that there was a sound case that neither she, nor any other Southerner, no matter what high opinion they may hold of themselves, were any more welcome elsewhere in the world than Yankees in her territory.

    The funny thing is, I’ve never heard a Yankee shit talk a Southerner behind their backs. You might think we’re out to get you, but my guess is the vast majority of us just don’t give a shit. And yeah, that’s pretty bad to move into somewhere and not give a shit about the local culture. But it’s no worse than getting the stink eye from some Southerner up here because I failed to recognize some social nicety I didn’t know existed. Y’all can take your secret handshake and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Don’t bring it north, don’t bring it to Europe and for God’s sake don’t bring any more of it West.

    The Constitution is totally inoperable without strong State’s Rights. We could even have a union if we could get some leeway in this respect. We all agree it is intolerable living uniformly according to the lowest common denominator of 300 million government-educated opinions. We’ve built one hell of a mess. And if you’re going to blame Yankees for every damn fault that has come to this nation, I’ll go ahead and blame y’all for losing the Civil War. Most of us didn’t have the chance to know better. But back when there was a chance, and people did know better, you let us down. Big time.

  15. @Dixiegirl:

    “Their “elite” masters drive them into various regions (by implementing policies that will make their lives unbearable where they are— the way feudalist have always moved their unsuspecting populations, en masse). They actually think they are “free agents” moving of their own accord, but they aren’t.”

    You are somewhat correct. The population transfer of Catholic White Ethnics was a deliberate policy orchestrated by the Jews in tandem with the Anglo Saxons in charge of government post WWII in view of their underwhelming enthusiasm at the prospect of fighting Hitler for the Jews and Great Britain.

    Blockbusting resulted in those Catholic White Ethnics being scattered and disbursed all over Protestant America and losing their tight-knit ethic cultures.

    You mistakenly fear that the South absorbing this latest population transfer will take a hit in its culture, but you overlook the potential for indoctrinating them to the Southern Cause as Neo Confederates.

    If you look at those Catholic White Ethnics, more of them left Catholicism and became Protestants as they socialized with and dated Protestants. More Catholics convert to Protestantism than vice-versa.

    You also underestimate the South’s most lethal, potential weapon; its charm offensive. It would not take much to convert transplanted Californians, Midwesterners, Yankees, etc. to neo-Confederates.

    I know it irritates you, but a lot of Northerners just love Southern accents – real Southern accents, not the buffoonish accents that Hollywood projects – when they finally hear them. A lot of Northerners fall in love with the South once they actually spend some time there and see a more pleasant, gracious version of what was lost.

    That’s why the South Haters have no problem with GWTW (because it generates class envy) and they have no problem with Deliverance (which depicts a degenerate hillbilly class), but they had and continue to have major, mondo problems with The Andy Griffith Show.

    First and foremost, take control of your textbooks. Emphasize the Anti-Federalist papers. Discuss the adverse impact that the triumph of federalism had not only on the South but all over the Union.

    Second, there is a real hunger and thirst for tradition, heritage and pageantry, especially among the displaced Catholic White ethnics. The South has that in spades. I’d play it up for all that I was worth if I wanted to convert them to Neo-Confederacy.

    Third, do not dodge the slavery issue. I would not promote it the way Hunter did. However, I would stress the working conditions that hurt White labor far more than Negro labor. I would educate people that the first master of a Negro slave was a Negro freedman. I would show how many Northern banks financed Negro slavery and how much Northern industry profited from Negro slavery.

    Fourth, in The South Was Right, the author believed that the North was fine with letting the South go … initially … until Wall Street recognized the potential loss of profits if New Orleans was set up as a foreign, rival, English-speaking port to New York and if the South inevitably industrialized and set up its own commerce center.

    Yes, this population transfer is potentially a disaster for traditional Southerners, but this is also potentially a victory for them as well if they just take advantage of the opportunity for recruitment to their own ranks this population transfer makes available to them.

  16. @Stonelifter:
    “Your Catholic yankee culture replaced the original yankee culture a long time ago.”
    I respectfully disagree. Please examine the evidence as presented here:

    The Jews and Anglos worked hand-in-glove to ethnically cleanse large cities like Detroit of Catholic White ethnics and scatter them to Protestant areas all over the country. Ted Kennedy’s immigration bill (where he colluded with the Jews to change the Immigration Laws which favored White Protestants) could have been Protestant vs. Catholic Pissing Match, Part DUH.

    The original Yankee culture was a mercantile Puritan one. Remember this quote?
    “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Now what ethnic group does THAT sound like?! If you think about it, the Mercantile Puritan culture never went away, it merged with the Jews of Eastern Europe at the turn of the 20th century and the effect was like Africanized bees.

    The War Between The States strikes me as a continuation of the English Civil War with the Roundheads Americanized to the mercantile Puritans of New England and the Cavaliers Americanized to the Confederates. IOW, even though Catholic ethnics like my father’s ancestor were drafted to fight against the South, it was an intra-Protestant feud; Puritan vs. Anglican!

    The Anglican Church is almost identical to Roman Catholicism (except Papal infallibility). Most Catholic White ethnics who switched to Protestantism to fit into the areas they had been dispersed to became Anglicans for that reason. Many White Catholic ethnics are very, very, very unhappy about how Rome is championing Mestizos. If the Anglican Church had not lost its mind and ordained women and homosexuals, the numbers of Catholic White ethnic converts would have overwhelmed them.

  17. @Dixiegirl:
    “—-And if I had to choose, I’d rather live with blacks than hispanics. It’s an Anglo thing.”

    It never ceases to amaze me how hostile Southern Anglicans still are to Catholicism when the folks they fought The War Between The States to get away from actually were the New England Mercantile Puritans!

    I’m the exact opposite. If I only had one of the two choices, I’d rather live with Mestizos than Negros. I think the South would have been better off if it had instituted a sharecropping system utilizing poor Whites and Mestizos rather than importing Negros.

    It makes no sense to me to prefer dealing with Negro Baptists over White Catholic ethnics or people who might have enough White blood to feel a stronger allegiance to Whites. But then that’s just me.

    If you visit a Latin American country, you will see the racial confidence displayed by White Latinos and light-skinned Mestizos, also even a caste arrogance that does not exist with Anglos who have been guilt-tripped to death over Negro slavery.

    FYI, the Latinos racially cleansed the Mesoamerinds much like the Anglos did the Amerinds; but they not only feel no guilt over it, the Indios remains at the bottom of the hierarchy just like the Negro.

    The darker-skinned Mestizos put up with it, because the system encourages them to believe that their children can move up the color spectrum hierarchy if they marry a lighter skinned spouse. Some of them actually succeed in acquiring a lighter-skinned or White spouse. However, most White Latinos are much more racially aware than we are and jealously guard their bloodlines.

    I prefer the idea of being around Mestizos who aspire to marry into my family as opposed to Negros who hope to slaughter my family. It’s up to me and no one else to indoctrinate my children on the importance of marrying their own kind. But if they are a minority, I want them to be a privileged minority with the majority believing they have a vested interest in helping them maintain that caste privilege.

    Instead of driving out the more civilized tribes trying to assimilate to the dominant culture, like the Cherokees, had the South instituted a sharecropping system utilizing them and poor Whites as labor, we’d probably see a caste system similar to Latin America’s with the White Anglos at the top, White Catholic ethnics and probably very light skinned Mestizo Protestants vying for the middle and the Amerinds at the bottom. There would be no Negro problem.

  18. In my last post I referred to the “secret handshake.” In case it was lost on anyone I don’t mean an actual handshake. I mean any cultural mores you hold others to account for not knowing when there was no notice of them. This is favorite pastime of Southrons. Down there it’s understandable, up here it’s insufferable. We Yankees may be a blunt rough people, unlearned in the finer aspects of the social graces, but if you’re around Yankees and you don’t know what how to act, that’s our fault, not yours. We’ll let you know straight away.

    If Southrons did the same for the annoying Yankee diaspora in their midst, there might not be so much friction. Of course y’all are too polite. But we Yankees consider it the height of impoliteness not to go ahead and let your feeling known.

    By the way Stonelifter, no hard feelings here of course. We all come here to dust it up a bit. Be kind of boring otherwise. I’ve learned much from your comments.

  19. Well Landshark I don’t mind busting things with you because you seem to be fair on all things. Even when we disagree it comes through that you do normally see a variety of view points then reject them for whatever reason. That’s real debate, rough talk or not

    Nor am I for witch hunting Catholic priest on the child rape thing. I do think the church leadership should have been hung for covering it up, but… horrible as it is it occurs all the time in all circles of life. To my mind, the worst thing is leadership covering up. I only meant it as an example the Catholic church has its own problems to deal with just as the various Protestants groups do. For the record, I’ve walked from all but one of the various Protestant churches I’ve tried out, and I’m no defender of them

    The problem is Landshark, yankees killed the idea of States rights and nullification with lincoln. All other problems since 1860 stem from this fact alone; States now have no right to determine what is Constitutional or not. Only the federal govt gets to decide what is Constitutional/ what’s the limits on federal power are. And then yankees, ethnic immigrant Whites drove a liberal agenda. Until yankees come to grips with both of those things, the root problems cannot be addressed

    When I was a kid, post civil rights act, negros still knew their place and didn’t act up. They didn’t start to act up until yankees showed up and made sure negros knew they were victims and had rights, middle 80’s or so. Given that, the negros of my youth were not the problems the mexicans of my middle age are. I’d take the way negros use to be over the way mexicans are now… and in rural settings mexicans are bad, bad bad. The local crime in my AO is mexican driven not negro driven especially regarding farm life as in mexicans get drunk and use their car to chase your horse around the field. I’d prefer White Catholics to either mexicans or negros That’s not anti Catholic, it’s anti mexican.

  20. more intell on Ca

    California bans ‘gay cure’ therapy as lawmakers say they want to protect ‘sissy boys’

    Controversial conversion therapy aims to change a subject’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to straight
    Bill preventing minors from undergoing such therapy was passed by California’s Assembly – bringing it closer towards becoming law
    Gay rights advocates say the ‘dehumanising’ practice can lead to depression, substance abuse and suicide
    Opponents of the bill say it encroaches on the rights of parents to make choices for their children

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