Jews, Slavery, and Dixie

Once upon a time, Jews were active participants in slavery, white supremacy, and segregation

Over at Counter-Currents, Andrew Hamilton has stumbled across something that we have discussed several times here at Occidental Dissent.

Historically speaking, there wasn’t a Jewish Question in the Deep South. Jews did not develop their present reputation as a threat to white supremacy until the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-twentieth century.

Jews in the South participated in the slave trade, owned slaves, profited off slavery as merchants (Lehman Brothers was founded in Montgomery), identified with the White majority, served in the Confederate government, fought for the Confederacy, and even crafted many of the segregation laws of the Jim Crow South.

I know it is hard to believe after everything that has happened since then. We’re used to thinking of Jews as an undigestable antagonistic element in our society, but Southerners traditionally haven’t thought of them this way because until recently they had no reason to do so.

A year ago, I posted a funny video of the Jews of Selma, AL reminiscing on the Civil Rights Movement – when MLK was marching in Selma in 1965, the local Jews were the business establishment in town, and it was their downtown stores that enforced segregation laws which the blacks were boycotting.

Thousands of Northern Jews, liberal Protestants, and Unitarians stirred up by the MSM came to Selma ranting about racism and segregation and anti-Semitism in Alabama. Some of the local Jews patiently explained to them that Jews had served as mayors of the town and had been involved in building the local country club and were some of its most prominent members.

As Andrew Hamilton explains, Jews were even members of the original Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction – Jews thought of themselves as White at the time or went along with being White because claiming whiteness worked heavily to their advantage.

The Southern Jewish experience (and the Southern Catholic experience) differs in many ways from the North because the presence of African slavery among us fostered a culture of white supremacy that muted ethnic, class, and religious divisions.

The Jews who immigrated to the North from the ghettos of Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century had been involved in the radical leftwing subculture that flourished in that region and brought that attitude with them to America.

Sephardic Jews who had lived for centuries in the Caribbean and the antebellum South were accustomed to racialism and white supremacy and actually played a key role in bringing plantation slavery from Portuguese Brazil to the English and French colonies in the Lesser Antilles.

I know that Jews were a huge number of the slaveowners in Jamaica which was the biggest and most profitable English sugar colony in the Caribbean. They were particularly active in the Dutch and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean and South America.

It would be interesting to find out how involved Jews were in the Portuguese slave trade in West Central Africa because that region was the biggest supplier of slaves to the Americas in the eighteenth century at the height of the slave trade.

I know from my own research into the Caribbean slave colonies that Jews were involved in all aspects of the slave trade and that there is a lot of hidden truth to this subject which Jewish historians are silent on for understandable reasons.

Getting to the bottom of that story would be a good chapter for the book on the Caribbean that I eventually plan to write.

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  1. Jews have been slavers since forever. Read Roman histories. FYI – Jews weren’t a “problem” in the South until the Civil Wrongs era. They were simply dormant. Like a slow moving cancer cell.

  2. They’ve put on the victim hat because they have to now that they are allied with blacks in the Democratic Party. In BRA, the Jew rules through the moral legitimacy of the negro, which is funny considering how much Jews were involved in slavery and claimed whiteness when it suited them and allowed them to build up firms like Lehman Brothers.

  3. I’ll tell you what, if you guys ever really do get your independent Dixie in the future, you can have all of America’s niggers back free and clear, and we’ll through in our Jews too, and you can give us back all the damnyankee transplants that are destroying your culture. Sound good?

  4. That’s not really fair.

    The slaves were seized as contraband by the Union Army. I guess that makes them Union property. Most of the Jews that live in America came over at the turn of the century to join the Northern melting pot.

  5. The same could be said about Jews in Germany. There were Jews who fought for Germany, didn’t want to be associated with the “bad” Jews, etc. This is a constant struggle in Judaism. Of course Big Judaism and those who use it don’t profit by “regular” Jews being loyal to their adoptive country.

    But all Jews are called to undertake Tikkun Olam, and you never know when know when that impulse is going to kick in.

    Furthermore, the tribal instinct isn’t always at odds with the host country’s mores. Especially when there is PROFIT to be shared.

    I’ll steal Mary’s link here:

  6. @Hunter

    The Union army did not “seize” black slaves as “contraband”. That is a gross distortion and a fallacy that you invented. Runaway slaves who escaped to Union lines during the war, were given refuge by the army under the Confiscations Acts, and then set free.

  7. agree, I’d like to see all the Blacks in New York City returned to the South. And the Mexicans returned to Mexico. Then the world can watch as the city becomes safe and prosperous overnight.

  8. I have always admired Louis Farrakhan for standing up to organized Jewry. The smartest blacks realize Jews used blacks for their own purposes. When I read Hamilton’s article, I was surprised by the amount of Jewish involvement in slavery in the South.

    Andrew Hamilton is a MUST read even if Counter Currents is not your cup of tea in general. He usually comes out with a new article every Friday.

  9. The bottom line is your president Lincoln from the North freed the blacks. Northerners by all rights should have the blacks!

  10. There probably were not a 1000 Jews in the entire South before the Civil War. Most were concentrated in the port cities like Charleston SC, and New Orleans. They confined themselves to running the American franchise of Jew scams out of the port cities. The Lehman(n) Brothers, a really greasy bunch of Jews using a common German-Swiss surname, were moving their business to New York City even before the Civil War. Then there is Judah Benjamin a swarthy & devious Jew from Louisana who nearly cost Jefferson Davis his anti-bellum political career.

  11. @Lew

    Lincoln wouldn’t have had to free them if the South hadn’t started a war with the North.

    The bottom line is your Dixie built it’s economy, society, and cultural identity on a foundation of black slavery. Southerners by all rights should have the blacks!

  12. I’ve done a fair amount of reading lately about the Umayyad caliphate in Spain.

    Jews appeared to play both ends against the middle currying favour with the Arab invaders and then the Castillian reconquistadors.

    It’s also interesting that you “fetishize” the Normans too because William introduced Jews into England which caused massive problems for the medieval English, Irish, Welsh and eventually Scots. The Jews were effectively the tax collectors for the state. A feared and imperious class. 1 Jewish witness worth 12 Christian’s testimony. They cornered about 1/4 of the nation’s wealth. It’s amazing that Edward I expelled the bastards and lived to tell the tale. Guess exactly where they went when they left?

    Poland. I shit you not. All those Polish Jews came from sephardis who moved into France, colonized England then shoved into Poland.

    Anyway. Yeah, Jews follow profits. Slaving blacks in the field then liberating them by
    fiat. They are doing it to Germany now. A percent of Every penny that Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Greece pay Germany ends up being cycled into Israeli coffers.

  13. The Sephardim ARE different from the AshkeNAZIs, to be sure.

    Some of the Sephardim are actually rather nice.
    But today, all of them are Talmudics, and 95% of them are Zionists.

    Again, what passed for acceptable interactions in 1865, doesn’t mean a damn in 2012.
    The pencil point is coming closer, and no amount of waffling is going to change the understanding that ORION. Alone.

  14. Hunter,
    I know Jews like the ones you describe. Grew up around them. As the years have gone by America has become a Jewish paradise and not a White paradise. The ones I know will still support the south, but there are other elements at work now that have changed them. My guess is we will be hard pressed to find many if any Jews who are like the Jews you are describing from other times. It’s way more to their advantage to just be Jews now.

  15. Currently, we’re witnessing a similar shift in energy.

    Then, it was a energy shift from “slaver-owner” to “civil rights activists”.

    Currently, its “civil rights activist” to “neo-con” coupled with the anti-muslim rants to justify attacks on middle eastern countries.

    No wonder the Muslim Brotherhood as so pissed and are bringing up the Jewish slave connection.

    Actually, in “Jewish Supremacism” David Duke discusses the Jewish American African slave business.

  16. I have sneaking suspicion that Hunter is about to
    convert. Can’t beat em can you? Then you gotta join em.

  17. One of my friends in London is a sephardi Jew. She has attitudes not unlike the Ashkenazi. Dislikes homogeniety, fears the countryside, contemplates sport as an excercise in diversity… She’s very nice but she is what she is. I think that as long as you know what they are up to much of the damage can be undone or avoided.

  18. Where’s Joe when you need him?

    Most important takeaway is that Jews do shift alliances. That’s not unique to them. However, they do appear to have end games that are unsavoury for anyone who does their bidding.

    Edward I got it right.

  19. Yeah…. OK, probably historically accurate, but that was then, this is now.

    Now year 2012 the South, the USA has big time Jewish problems – now Jews in America, the American Jewish political/media/academic elite are most definitely not supportive of the White South.

    It’s a lot like the Democrat party – where Whites in the South were still intensely loyal to the Democrat party through the 1970s and early 70s because….

    “My daddy was a Democrat and my grand daddy was a Democrat – all the good White folks in the South are Yellow Dog Democrats”.

    Things change. The Democrat party year 2012 is BRA, ZOG, homosexual marriage equality, for open borders NW immigration – Muslim power politics – anything and everything that ain’t straight White Christian Southern.

    Time to move on folks – looking back with romantic fondness to the sweet days of Dixie when even Jews in the South supported the White South – those days are….

    Gone With the Wind.

  20. If BRA was powerful enough to declare an Incarceration Proclamation whereby all Whites would be locked up and sold as slaves, you could safely bet both of your nuts that Jews would figure out a way to be ass deep in the profits generated from the auction houses.

    The Talmud teaches Jews that we are just cattle to be used by them in any way they see fit. They used American boys and men as gun fodder in WWII and they won’t hesitate to do it again if it suits their needs.

  21. A lot of this is covered up because Jews have no interest in highlighting their involvement in slavery and segregation and WNs have no interest in highlighting the fact that Jews have not always been as anti-White and antagonistic to the South as they are today.

  22. The history of it is in plain sight.
    Just wiki Jews in England 1066-12??
    Look at Umayyad Spain. The Jews there used the dividing line between Christian and Muslim as rope to strangle both sides. The Jewish Encyclopedia is actually quite open about it all.

  23. Judah Benjamin was a pillar of the Deep South political establishment. No other figure better represents how deeply Southern Jews were involved in slavery and white supremacy.

  24. Roots … you’re spot on.

    I was in a local Pollo Tropical today, and, at minimum, 30 of US Army reserves came in to eat. I’d say about 2 percent were genuine White men. It was truly disgusting.

    I’m no Nazi hobbyist, but Hitler’s all White army came to mind. Beholding the mystery meat spectacle, I could not help but ponder the J question. I mean: who the fuck are we? I feel like an alien in my own country.

    I feel so utterly powerless. I hate this country.

    I have these idyllic remembrances in my childhood when being American meant being White.

    I don’t feel that way anymore.

  25. @ Hunter A dear old friend of mine, whose family were one of the largest slaveholders in Virginia/later West Virginia had a family Bible that in it was written the names of their slaves, and when they ran away with the Yankees.

    Knowing this family very well, I always figured the reason that they had so many slaves was that they treated the colored folks better than they treated themselves.

  26. @Hunter Benjamin was involved in slavery, but, he was anti-White. Here’s a quote: “It is true that I am a Jew, and when my ancestors were receiving their Ten Commandments from the immediate Deity, amidst the thundering and lightnings of Mt. Sinai, the ancestors of my opponent were herding swine in the forests of Great Britain.”

  27. Hunter Wallace says:
    ‘Judah Benjamin was a pillar of the Deep South political establishment. No other figure better represents how deeply Southern Jews were involved in slavery and white supremacy.’

    Some pillar! Soon as the war was lost he crumbled like paper mache. He left all his brothers behind as he slipped out of the country (probably with a boat load of cash) never to return. You would have thought the great orator, statesman, politician and lawyer who loved the South so much would have desired to use his considerable talents and legal skills to defend his forlorn brothers from the machinations of the Yankees. Ummm, not quite.

  28. Benjamin and Albert Pike (later governed the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree in Washington) were the Southern powerbrokers. And they always had the Big Picture in mind – which was ‘the N American continent for the ‘Apple of g_d’s Eye’. The Masons serve no other Purpose with their ‘ordo ab chao’ – the logo of the Supreme Council. They would have been working with the House of Rothschild to gin up the War between the States.

    Benjamin is Jewish. Ethnically, he was either a Khazar or a Yidumean – from the Tribe of Esau in ancient Idumea. Unless he is of mixed Israelite / Idumean race
    (and some of them are), his ancestors did not receive the Ten Commandments at Mt Sinai. That is a lot of kosher baloney. His ancestors were the ones who were lying in wait to ambush the Israelites coming out of Sinai.

    The Jews are voiders of the Mosaic Law as is clearly pointed out in the New Testament. Their Babylonian religion was concocted to destroy the Mosaic Law. They are not Israel. And by pretending to be the Israelites of the Covenants they have “made the Law of Moses to none effect.” And that was the whole point of the exercise.

    Most Jews are as coy about this reality as the JudeoXtians are clueless.

    The first deportation of the Israelites from the Northern Kingdom occurred about 745 A.D. – the first of about 5 deportations, not counting the sack of the Jerusalem in 77 AD when the Idumean Canaanite Jews got the Roman boot out of Judea.

    When the Northern Kingdom was invaded by Tilgath Pilesar III (referred to as Pul in the Bible) tens of thousands of Israelites were taken as the booty of war into Assyria. And the monarch had stele engraved as monuments to his victory over the Northern Kingdom.

    The portraits of the Israelite slaves are clearly depicted. These people are not racially Yidumean Canaanite or Turkic – they lack the famous schnoz, for one thing.

    The Israelite portraits on that stele are clearly ‘Caucasian’. The only way you can have Jews with that racial appearance is if they race mix with the Israelites – and as I said, some of them did.

  29. @ Hunter Benjamin was the only high ranking Confederate to flee the country after the Civil War! TJB.

  30. “They used American boys and men as gun fodder in WWII and they won’t hesitate to do it again if it suits their needs.”

    When I was in infantry training at camp LeJeune in the 1960’s we had a battalion Sergeant Major named Bernstein who had a chestful of fruit salad he got by fighting Japs. A friend of mines father who is Jewish was a tail gunner in a B-25 in Europe during the war.

  31. I must confess that my earliest amorous experience was with a Sephardess who later became semi-famous as a news anchoress in a large Midwest city. I found her personable and her family liked me. Dr. Oliver, in his essay, “A MORAL PROBLEM”, writes of the “three views among hedonistic Jewesses”, and she was certainly in the second and largest of these factions. My father, for all his manifold vices, put the kibosh on this relationship when so informed of it, and for that today I am grateful. At the time I resented it, of course, and a big part of getting older for me as been and still is sorting out what were really faults in his character and demeanor from that which was beneficial, or at least intended as such.

    On an individual level there are many Jews of both sexes with whom I get along with fine, and to be totally honest occasionally run into a Jewess whom I have to think that, were I not racially conscious I could see myself with. But this race of people, like all races of people, are what they are and Whites must hold themselves apart even more consciously from Jews than negroes or mutts, precisely because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they are really just like us. They most very certainly are not just like us.

    There is, in my opinion, no reason for open disrespect or insult to Jews on a personal level, and a great deal of reason to, at best, pick one’s battles most carefully indeed with them. Indeed, as Jews of my acquaintance admit, Jewish policies often prove personally damaging or dangerous to many Jews as individuals, and carefully listening to that what Jews say and do not say, and with whom they say it or not, is critical intelligence in this war.

    I do not think it is necessary or even necessarily desirable, or even likely possible, to exterminate Jews as a group, but it is necessary for Whites to separate themselves completely from Jewish influence and control, which means as a practical matter living in a wholly separate physical, moral, intellectual and political sphere from anyone who looks, acts, thinks or proclaims themselves Jewish. This is what Adolf Hitler almost certainly really intended-I don’t think he ever thought exterminating Jews was physically possible, let alone really tried to do it, but a Germany without Jewish rule or influence was, and that’s what he worked for.

    I am not a Hitler scholar, nor particularly a big fan of National Socialism proper: I think many of its ideas even if appropriate for a post-Versailles, post-Weimar Germany not appropriate for a twenty-first century America, Dixie, or Northwest American Republic. For one thing, even those of us of German descent are not Germans as such, and for another, Hitler’s economic system probably would have become a burden in a world of extended stability and peace, rather than the blessing it was to a penurious Germany in 1933.

    In my opinion, getting Jews to leave by restricting their access to elite educational resources and making it increasingly difficult for them, on an individual level, to isolate themselves from the consequences of their destructive and noxious ‘tikkun olam’ is probably the best strategy, along with a general separation from doing business with them whenever possible. Restrict their cash flow by making casinos, liquor manufacture, entertainment media, pawnshops, et al, less profitable. Send your college-bound offspring, wherever possible, to schools such as those Christian organizations not particularly amenable to “premillennial dispensationalist” theologies, or conservative Catholic or Orthodox Christian schools, or schools with a paravocational focus (schools of mining, aeronautics, oceanography, et al.). These institutions are amongst the least Jewish. And heavily Federal taxing Manhattan and Malibu real estate on the grounds it constitutes luxury profligate spending would probably be a good idea too.

    Much of this is anathema to “cultural conservatives” and even more so to libtys, but I can think of few better strategies.

  32. Chris, my dear, and Hunter- when BRA collapses, and RagnoROKS – Dear Dixie can go blithely as dear Dixie pleases! (Just as long as I get Carte Blanche admission, in perpetuity!!!!) Each section of the failed JooSA can break apart, as each section sees fit; just send your Nigras and Hebes to me.

    That’s all I want. I want to be the High Lady Judge. I’ll take care of ’em….

  33. “Mighty says:
    August 25, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    Roots … you’re spot on.

    I was in a local Pollo Tropical today, and, at minimum, 30 of US Army reserves came in to eat. I’d say about 2 percent were genuine White men. It was truly disgusting.

    I’m no Nazi hobbyist, but Hitler’s all White army came to mind. Beholding the mystery meat spectacle, I could not help but ponder the J question. I mean: who the fuck are we? I feel like an alien in my own country.”

    THAT is why I’m voting for Romeny. The Hebes are slavering to get into a war with Iran in October. I want us to get into a war with Iran. I want the Orc Army you’ve described to wind up in the Iranian Army to clean up the Orcs. Some genetic defectives perverts on this site are completely, DELIBERATELY mis-stating what I’ve written. I believe an Army guy showed up on one of the threads here, and confirmed that the “US Army” is NOT that White anymore, and that the Diverse Orcs will shoot Ammurikans down as soon as look at us. ObamaHolder will be completely unchecked in a seconf term, and they WILL turn Federal Orcs on us. So I want the Iranians to settle their hash. Get that Mystery Meat off shore.

  34. “John says:
    August 25, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    One of my friends in London is a sephardi Jew. She has attitudes not unlike the Ashkenazi. Dislikes homogeniety, fears the countryside, contemplates sport as an excercise in diversity… She’s very nice but she is what she is. I think that as long as you know what they are up to much of the damage can be undone or avoided.”

    Genetics Uber Alles.

    “John says:
    August 25, 2012 at 9:11 pm
    Where’s Joe when you need him?

    Most important takeaway is that Jews do shift alliances. That’s not unique to them. However, they do appear to have end games that are unsavoury for anyone who does their bidding.

    Edward I got it right.”

    Jews don’t shift alliances. They are always allied to their own interests. Circumstances change…so they shift.

    I Heart Longshanks!

  35. Benjamin was the highest ranking Confederate to flee, but that doesn’t make him unique. There were plenty of lower level Confederates who fled. There are descendants of Confederates living in Brazil (I think) today. Also, David Yulee was another Jewish confederate who helped Benjamin escape, IIRC; so yes, Jews plotted, but they also plotted for the Confederacy. Of course this is 1865 we’re talking about.

  36. I remember reading, quite some time ago, that many Jews in the South, pre-Civil Wrongs era (thanks Denise!), were German Jews. And most did not take kindly to the Eastern European commie Jews going to the South and causing trouble. I read they wanted more polish and less Polish (a higher caliber of Jew).

    Since the Yankees put blacks above fellow whites, then the Yankees can have every single black that roams American territory. Also, I’ll keep my Irish Catholic ass in Dixie and become a Methodist or Episcopalian if need be (I’m not religious at all). My loyalties lie with my race and nothing else! For me, blood beats belief each and every time!

    As for the Jews, very few have any loyalty to the Confederacy, the United States, Europe, or anything white. If they can profit off of it, that’s where their loyalties lie. That and the illegally-created Israel, courtesy of the Holohoax. They’re liars, cheaters, deceivers, manipulators, greedy, bloated parasites/vermin. How could any outgroup have any use for them? They are the least trustworthy of anything that stands upright.

  37. Rudel: Yep. Some Jews fought in WWII. They should have. It should have been Jews vs Germans without a single brainwashed, bullshitted and bedazzled American forfeiting his life to save a people who should have been destroyed.

    There will be some Jews killed the next time we have to save their slimy race, too, but not nearly enough. When the dust finally clears and the dead are tallied we will learn that most of those who died will be Christians and Heathens. The cattle.

    It disgusts me to see young Southern White men saluting the Yankee flag with their hands over their hearts. It sickens me when they are killed due to bad feelings that wouldn’t exist were it not for the Jews.

    Think about it. We turned a bunch of desert turds into billionaires when we helped them develop their single marketable resource. They have shining cities where tents and piles of camel shit once stood. In a world without Jews the Persians and Arabs would very likely be our grateful trading partners.

    Unfortunately, here in the real world in which we created Israel and side with them in every issue, the hate that the ancient enemies of the Jews feel for them is deservedly transferred to us.

    The 911 tragedy was the result of our tolerating a congress that is Zionist Occupied Territory. All that died that day and every American service man and woman who has died since then are dead because we allow ourselves to be controlled by Jews.

    The possibility that a few Jews may have died on that distant sand doesn’t change those facts.

  38. If we get in a war with Iran, we will win. We have more than half of the entire world’s military resources and we will wind up, as in WWII, stick thermalling our resources to make it even bigger once the fight’s on. At least we will be forced to manufacture again, and jobs will be created for us old geezers-good manufacturing jobs-even if they are paid for by debauching the already enfeebled currency even more.

    But, and this is crucial, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. We will lose at least one nuclear carrier-probably the USS Enterprise, like the USS Maine in Cuba not coincidentally our oldest capital ship of the fleet at the time-and most or all hands plus the ship’s complement of aircraft, and likely some choice latest Mark/Mod/Rev special weapons and crypto gear to be recovered by Iranian or Russian divers if she isn’t vaporized. That is five or six thousand people, including many females, and not a tiny number of those pregnant, thanks to our insane policies. We also will probably lose a lot of ground troops and Marines, and many aircraft possibly including B-2s and F-22s.

    The Persians are not Arabs, and will fight in a more competent manner. They apparently have a respectable standard of marksmanship and fieldcraft and reasonable equipment. I have flown with Iranian pilots in the United States (immigrants who in some cases had flight training before leaving) and they are not the dumb camel herders Saudi pilots often are. While they are not up to US standards of air combat training, they possess the raw material in many cases. We will win but it will be a good, long hard slog, we will take a lot of losses, and in the end we will not be able to not ask the question: Why did we have to do this, and was it worth it?

    And the answer will be, we didn’t and it wasn’t.

  39. And, I am tired of the term “anti-Semite.” Aren’t Arabs Semites? I love Arabs compared to Jews….. for now. Anti-Jew should be the term used by all!

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