Matthew Heimbach, Jared Taylor, and the White Student Union at Towson University


The SPLC notes all the great activist work the uppity Matthew Heimbach has been doing in Maryland as well as his ties to notorious, wicked racial heretics like Amren, the CofCC, League of the South, OD, and SNN:

“Later that same month, he appeared on an SNN podcast again, this time from Montgomery, Ala., where he was attending a conference of the neo-Confederate League of the South. Heimbach bragged about some of the “after hours” fun he and his fellow attendees had been having 20. They’d waved the Confederate battle flag outside the church where “the honorable and distinguished Reverend doctor” Martin Luther King had preached — a man, Heimbach sneered, “who had the audacity to change American while cheating on his wife, hanging around with Communists, and stealing and plagiarizing all his material.” On July 20, they’d visited and “flagged” the outside of the nearby Southern Poverty Law Center’s headquarters as well. The SPLC building, Heimbach wrote, looked “like an abomination created by the empire in Star Wars. You look at it and you can just feel the evil.” Apparently worried by that, Heimbach came wearing what appeared to be a holstered pistol. . . .

As aggrieved as Heimbach pretends to be at the ADL’s criticism, the links on the WSU website make it abundantly clear that his agenda has become militantly racist. They include Taylor’s racist journal American Renaissance; the American Third Position, a white supremacist political party; the Council of Conservative Citizens; Counter Currents Publishing, the publishing arm of the “New Right,” whose goal is to “make white racial consciousness and self-assertion hegemonic”; the virulently anti-Islamic English Defense League; Jobbik, a neo-fascist Hungarian political part; the League of the South, a racist neo-secessionist group; Occidental Dissent, a white nationalist publication that claims we are living through the historical epoch of “Black Run America,” whose policy is “Jim Crow in Reverse”; Ram Z. Paul, an Internet radio show that mocks “cultural Marxism”; The Occidental Quarterly, another racist journal; “The Political Cesspool,” a white supremacist radio show based in Tennessee; the anti-immigrant UK Independence Party, and the white separatist Voice of Reason Radio network. The WSU’s recommended readings include Francis Parker Yockey’s neo-Nazi classic Imperium, as well as Sam Francis’s Essential Writings on Race, Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive Until 2025? and Jared Taylor’s newest book White Identity.”

Note: Being a local, it was actually my idea to tour the grounds of the SPLC and the MLK Church on Dexter Avenue, which just happened to be proximate to other sites of cultural interest. Arthur Goldwag fails to note here that the SPLC is across the street from the Little White House of the Confederacy and the Alabama State Capitol where George Wallace was inaugurated, where the Confederacy was born in 1861, and where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office as president of the CSA.

Goldwag also fails to mention the existence of this sign less than a quarter of a mile from SPLC headquarters down Washington Avenue:

This “Stop the Violence, Montgomery” sign is a reference to the physical threat posed to SPLC employees, not by OD or the League of the South, but by the Black Undertow criminal element in Montgomery which is based just to the west of Mark Potok’s neighborhood on Rosa Parks Avenue.

Matthew Heimbach was carrying in the high crime area around SPLC headquarters because he felt that the need might arise to defend himself or n SPLC employee from one of the many real violent (black) domestic extremists operating in the downtown area.

Unfortunately, these violent (black) domestic extremists in Montgomery are not tracked or publicized by the SPLC, although the “content of their character” is well known to the White pop

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  1. Lol. You rank highly on the enemy list there. Huzzah!

    The SPLC plunked down a concrete Imperial Battle Cruiser on the lawn of the Confederate capital.

    What the hell do they expect after doing that?

  2. congratulations to Occidental Dissent for making the list. I was hoping for whitakeronline to be on their shitlist, but I guess the Swarm is just too powerful to be named.

    OD has taught me a number of importat things. I believe that this is definitely in the top 3 most important pro-white blogs.

  3. I wouldn’t have gone to the church to make street theatre. But as for the other nonsense these anti-whites spew, they can spew that anti-white hatred in prison after convictions for hate speach crimes.

    Yes it is true I do not think these anti-whites are in anyway morally superior, and in fact many of them run their mouths in criminally negligent fashion. (and include as anti-white criminals those who pay them to incite this hatred of whites)

  4. This undertow bunker architecture is explained! No only ugly and alien it is the architecture of fear. They fear blacks they unleashed, the fear indignant villagers. A veritable vampire lair. One day there will be a movie, perhaps showing Potok as a vampire feasting on blonde volleyballers and bewildered 18 year old couples.

    Make that film.

  5. Hat’s off to Matthew. He is the model for activism. Expose double-standards in a visible way. If ADL and SPLC take note, you’re doing something right.

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