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Rush on White Guilt

October 29, 2012 Hunter Wallace 25

Florida Not bad. “Folks, this is last ditch desperation bottom of the barrel unseemly. It’s the Obama administration which wrote off the white working class […]

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October 29, 2012 Hunter Wallace 38

BRA Obama fears following in the footsteps of Gore … Note: Gore won the popular vote, right?

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Ridiculous Polls

October 28, 2012 Hunter Wallace 11

BRA The partisan composition of the electorate has changed dramatically since 2008, but many of the polls which have the presidential race tied in key […]

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“Forward” With Obama

October 26, 2012 Hunter Wallace 29

BRA Obama is sounding more like a loser everyday: Big Bird, “Romnesia,” binders full of women, Richard Mourdock supports rapists, “battleships and bayonets,” etc. Now […]

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How Bout them ‘Dores!

October 21, 2012 Jaye Ryan 25

Occidental Dissent is a predominately Southern Nationalist web blog, featuring the writings and world view of Hunter Wallace – the bright young OD editor who […]