Comprehensive Secession Petition List (Sign For New States)


Double Update: Texas has now soared past the 25,000 threshold within the last thirty minutes. Louisiana and Alabama are next.

Update: The Texas petition is now only 380 signatures away from the 25,000 threshold. It has gotten at least 4,000 new signatures since this morning. Let’s dump this Union! Uncle Sam is fired! Go Texas!!


West Virginia






New Hampshire









North Carolina



South Carolina









North Dakota

New Jersey




New York



South Dakota



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  1. Did my part and signed them all! Now I feel better, but it’s a bittersweet “better”.
    Very excited for the Texas petition that is nearly at the 25k mark!

  2. Thank you for that update, White Innovations. I noticed some troll activity when I was signing one of them last night, but I’m sure my fellow Texans will cancel them out. It will be interesting to see what response, if any, we receive from the WH.

  3. “Why are there petitions from blue states?”

    Geographically Oregon is a red state. It has a long tradition of secession movements such as the proposed State of Jefferson and even left-wing efforts such as the concept of the nation of Cascadia.

    Look at the county election return maps. The majority of the “blue” states outside of New England are overwhelmingly “red.” Most notably Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota.

  4. Texas would be the anchor of any real-world partition.

    I thank my lucky star that my family will sleep under Texas skies tonight!

    I call for 3 things

    Street. And flag demonstrations of Texas patriotism

    A “Texas independence now!” Billboard in I30 or 35

    Increasing pressure on Alex Jones to endorse Texas secession or we start going after him in earnest.

  5. When in Texas to visit family this summer, I picked up my one souvenir.

    A bumper sticker, with one lone star, and the word SECEDE on it.

    It’s goin’ on my car tonight, with a bumper sticker I bought (but didn’t receive before the election, that has a picture of O’Buckwheat, that says, “Does this ASS make my car look fat?”

    Yee, haw!

  6. 😀 Y’All know what this means? It means that none of us who signed the petitions better be disappearing in the middle of the night. At least the mediaHOs can do *something* right.

    @ Fr. John+,

    I didn’t know they still made those. The one I had in the 80s was a Texas flag with SECEDE printed over it. (I’ll tell you what you can’t buy in Texas anymore, at least not between San Antonio/ Austin or SA/ Luling: a Rebel flag sticker. They have been scrubbed from every single truckstop along the way. (south of town, too)
    I finally gave up and got mail-order.)

  7. New secession movement?

    Dear people signing secessionist petitions . . .

    Obama’s opponents want to secede

    Texas Petition to Secede Reaches Threshold for Obama Comment

    People From 20 States Ask To Secede On White House Website

  8. What grievances, specifically, can Secessionists cite in 2012–in list form–as reasons to secede? It seems to me many Yankees seem to WANT us to go (for now) and I think being able to explain why in calm, clear terms is valuable. Help me?

  9. Oppressive taxation
    Illegal foreign wars
    Failure to enforce the borders and immigration laws
    Judicial fiats that usurp the power of the legislatures and the initiative process
    etc etc etc…

  10. Robert – who cares about Big Fat Dyke Marrano’s “list”. Throw Kosher Orca a box od Krispy Kremes, and a case of Manischewitz.

    Is Dixie free yet?

  11. I’m not sure i understand the point of this. If people from outside the state sign a state’s petition to withdraw, how relevant is it? I,am sure there are twenty five thousand people in the US who would sign them all, but it seems it would become meaningless.

  12. Rudel says:
    Oppressive taxation
    ‘Illegal foreign wars
    Failure to enforce the borders and immigration laws
    Judicial fiats that usurp the power of the legislatures and the initiative process
    etc etc etc…’

    More will be added, but your list is sufficient in itself.

  13. Great time to do this too. Slow news cycle, media is desperately bored now that the election is over, perfect opportunity.

  14. No John, worse is better. Lets all just fold our hands and wait for it to get really, really, really, really bad. Then people will pay attention.

  15. Michael E. from Slidell, Louisiana seems to have started the ball rolling.

    I just signed for Louisiana myself and got a bunch of other people to sign too.

  16. I signed for Illinois. The next petition I’ll sign will be to move Ape Missing Linkin tomb to the South Side of Chicago!

  17. Abe’s Tomb should be moved to East St Louis. It should go on show in a strip club, like Lenin’s in Red Square. All the darkies can slobber over him and the hoochie ho’s can dance around his rotting vampire corpse.

  18. “What grievances specifically can secessionists cite?”

    “Oppressive taxation
    Illegal foreign wars
    Failure to enforce the borders
    JUdicial fiat…”

    In other words, I can make it much shorter for you: Rule by an extralegal cabal of evil scheming Jews. (BIRM)

  19. Am I not counting correctly, or are we up to THIRTY STATES for secession?

    Hell, Dixie only had 13. That’s ‘almost’ three times as many states, as 1860.
    What’s O’Buckwheat going to do, now. Kill us all?

    Not bloodly likely.

  20. Please read the NDAA. The NDRP allows the government to force you to work for them. Obamacare also contains a Genocide clause called “comfort care.” Need I say more

  21. A petition for Maryland had been posted yesterday. It is now on the whitehouse board. Eventually Obama will be ruling the United States of Washington DC

  22. Here is some more information on NDAA

    Enough on that because there are hundreds of such pages. Now for the NDRP

    The NDRP puts the Government above the law.

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