Gay Marriage Supporters Target Dixie


This landed in my inbox not even thirty seconds after publishing the previous blog entry on the response to gun control in the South and Northeast:

“A movement in the South is sending same-sex couples in to offices to be married – even though they are not legally entitled to be wed.

Same-sex couples across the South have taken the fight for marriage equality directly to the people enforcing the laws.

At clerk’s offices and registrar’s desks, couples working with the Southern Campaign for Equality are asking for marriage licenses, knowing they will be denied. The efforts — staged in seven Southern states this month — have touched some and angered others. …”

There is a common thread running through The Miscegenation Ball to The Lincoln Catechism to Sectionalism and the Fiscal Cliff to Two Americas: Texas vs. New York to Gay Marriage Supporters Target Dixie.

What’s that common thread? It is the existence of the Union. See also The 2012 Election: A Verdict on White Nationalism.

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