The Lincoln Catechism

New York, 1864

This is a great find:

BRA as imagined by Northern Democrats in 1864.
BRA as imagined by Northern Democrats in 1864.

Lesson The First

I. What is the Constitution?
A compact with hell – now obsolete.

II. By whom hath the Constitution been made obsolete?
By Abraham Africanus the First.

III. To what end?
That his days may be long in office – and that he may make himself and his people the equal of the negroes.

IV. What is a president?
A general agent for negroes.

VI. What is an army?
A provost guard, to arrest white men, and set negroes free.

X. What is meant by the word Liberty?
Incarceration in a vermin-infested Bastille.

XV. What is the meaning of the word “patriot?”
A man who loves his country less, and the negro more.

XIX. What is the meaning of the word “law?”
The will of the president.

XXII. Have the people any rights?
None but such as the president gives.

Lesson The Second

IX. What is the meaning of the declaration that, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed?”
That a man’s house may be searched, and when he be stripped of his arms, whenever and wherever a provost marshal shall dare attempt it.

XVII. What is the meaning of the declaration that, “the United States shall guarantee to every state a Republican form of government?”
That Congress shall assist the President in destroying the Republican form of government in the states, and substituting a military government wherever he pleases – witness Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.

Lesson The Third

II. What are the Ten Commandments?
Thou shalt have no other God but the negro.
Thou shalt make an image of a negro, and place it on the Capitol as the type of the new American man.
Thou shalt swear that the negro shall be the equal of the white man.
Thou shalt fight thy battles on the Sabbath day, and thy generals, and thy captains, and thy privates, and thy servants, shall do all manner of murders, and thefts as on the other six days.
Thou shalt not honor or obey thy father nor thy mother if they are Copperheads; but thou shall serve, honor, and obey Abraham Lincoln.
Thou shalt commit murder – of slaveholders.
Thou mayest commit adultery – with the contrabands.
Thou shalt steal – everything that belongeth to a slaveholder.
Thou shalt bear false witness – against all slaveholders.
Thou shalt covet the slaveholders man-servant and his maid-servant, and shalt steal his ox and his ass, and everything that belongeth to him.
For on these commandments hang all the law and honor of loyal leaguers.

X. Have the loyal leaguers a prayer?
They have.

XI. Repeat it.
Father Abraham, who art in Washington, of glorious memory – since the date of thy proclamation to free negroes.
Thy kingdom come, and overthrow the republic; they will be done, and the laws perish.
Give us this day our daily supply of greenbacks.
Forgive us our plunders, but destroy the Copperheads.
Lead us into fat pastures; but deliver us from the eye of detectives; and make us the equal of the negro; for such shall be our kingdom, and the glory of thy administration.

Lesson The Sixth

II. What are States?
Colonies of the federal government.

VII. What is a Governor?
A general agent for the president.

VIII. What is a negro?
A white man with black skin.

IX. What is a white man?
A negro with white skin.

Lesson The Eighth

XXVI. What will become of all who believe in the Union as it was, and the Constitution as it is?
They shall be damned

XXVII. What shall be the reward of all such as believe the Union was a covenant with death, and the Constitution a compact with Hell?
They shall be received into a negro paradise.

Lesson The Ninth

I. Is the United States a consolidated government?
Yes, it is.

II. Who consolidated it?
Abraham Lincoln.

III. Does consolidation mean to annihilate the States?
Yes – to a great extent.

XII. Does the Republican Party intend to change the name of the United States?
It does.

XIII. What do they intend to call it?
New Africa.

XVII. What do the Republicans mean by the word people?
Abolitionists, mesmerisers, spiritual mediums, free-lovers and negroes.

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  1. HW, you must stop living in the past. Southron Cavaliers will never again dance the Quadrille. You will notice that the first nullifications of Federal Tyranny are coming from non-southron states.

  2. Great find. How true it is today satire pamphlet written in 1864, Negro Obama The Jesus and Hitler The Evil incarnate.

    Once upon a time folks knew shit from shinola.

  3. On the link, the “u.s.” seems to start in Maryland, lol. The center of the country was Virginia. Then after the war, supposedly New England. For future, Maryland will be the “beginning of the u.s.,” which all will learn to recite, probably.

  4. Plymouth was a really late place, hardly anyone really disembarked there, as far as I know. And their “rock” is about the size of a beach ball. Virginia really was the center of things.

  5. From a modern-day yankee secessionist site:

    “There are four reasons why supporters of SVR want to secede: First, the U.S. Government has lost its moral authority. It is owned, operated, and controlled by Wall Street, Corporate America, and the Likud Government of Israel. Second, the U.S. is unsustainable economically, environmentally, socially, morally, and politically. Third, it is too big to govern as is illustrated by Congressional gridlock. Fourth, it is, therefore, unfixable. Few Vermonters are enthralled by a White House that is obsessed with drones, death squads, F-35s, and kill lists.

    Could it be that Americans have not only rediscovered the right of self-determination but also the American Declaration of Independence as well? “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive…it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government.” Alteration and abolishment include the right to disband, or subdivide, or withdraw, or create a new government.

    With over 250 self-determination movements now in existence worldwide, could we be on the brink of a global separatist pandemic? Then what will we do?”

  6. “It is a pamphlet from the 1864 presidential campaign that appealed to the 45% of Northerners who opposed Lincoln and hated what he had done to them.”

    Romney got about 45% of the vote in most midwestern states. Amazing how nothing changes, and how painful it still is to belong to the accursed 45%.

  7. Funny. In the last 149 years the only aspect of our reality that’s changed is what we may publicly acknowledge of it. Reminds me of why my favorite day of the Lincoln presidency was its last one.

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