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  1. Name one thing that Jews have convinced Whites to believe that isn’t either false on its face or disprovable without reference to its genesis.

  2. Jews want Whites genocided. We are in the last stages of an active, very successful campaign. It’s been in process for approx 200 years.

    I didn’t know “genocide” was a verb, but Jews and Yankees are in agreement as to the fate of Western man and Western civilisation. It is not all the Yankees and it is not all the Jews. Before the Jews became major players in North America, we Southrons had our hands full with the Yankees. About a century ago, a marriage occurred between the Yankeedom and Jewry; Yankee-Judea was born.

    The Yankees and the Jews are our misfortune!

  3. Lew, from the comments at that Majority Rights thread you mentioned:

    The EDL Facebook page (where they organize) went from 18,000 members at 15.00 pm to 55,000 members or ‘‘Likes’’ by 00.25 am.

    Now we can whine and whinge about the big picture and Neo Cons etc etc but from a purely English and on the ground point of view it was great to have 100’s of lads kick off. The Daily Mail is reporting riots and police clashes and, for the first time I know of, Mosques are being attacked.


    Indeed, the EDL was considered dead, this resurrection is down to English people not Jewish bloggers or American foreign policy.

    Another commenter later adds:

    I note the EDL Facebook page is now well north of 70,000 likes.

    From the linked Daily Mail article:

    Last night more than 100 members of far-right group the English Defence League gathered near the scene of the suspected terrorist attack.

    Many were draped in St George’s flags and wore black balaclavas with the EDL logo on.

    Riot police holding shields formed a cordon around the area as the EDL members waved flags and chanted ‘no surrender to the Muslim scum’, ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘England’.

    Leader Tommy Robinson addressed the crowd, saying: ‘We have got weak leadership. They have allowed this to happen. People are scared to say the word Muslim. They are scared to offend them.

    ‘You know what? We are offended. People in this country are angry. They have had enough.’

    They marched threw bottles at police before being dispersed by officers by 11pm.

    A number of EDL supporters then headed to the local Queen’s Arms pub where they sang nationalistic songs.

    Elsewhere, two men were arrested in separate alleged ‘revenge attacks’ on mosques following yesterday’s killing.

    A 43-year-old man who reportedly walked into a mosque in Braintree, Essex, with up to two knives and an ‘incendiary device’ was arrested at 7.15pm on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and attempted arson.

    The man reportedly shouting ‘Where is your Allah now?!’ after bursting into the mosque and throwing an item which appeared to be a smoke grenade.

    “Where is your Allah now?!” indeed. It’s good to see the English people, or at least the amalgam of patriotic soccer hooligans known as the EDL, beginning to fight back. More please.

  4. fits n starts.

    The BBC will not broadcast the soldier’s name.

    He’s a martyr for his own people though.

  5. GonerWithTheWind, quoting from the article you linked above: “The imam specifically permitted the rape of both male and female prisoners. Not only did he permit such methods. He additionally classified the rape of a prisoner as a meritorious act, comparing it in ‘holiness’ to the haj. ( The pilgrimage to Mecca), stating as follows. ‘If the judgment for the [female] prisoner is execution, then rape before execution brings the interrogator a spiritual reward equivalent to making the mandated Haj pilgrimage [to Mecca], but if there is no execution decreed, then the reward would be equivalent to making a pilgrimage to [the Shi’ite holy city of] Karbala.’ ” The radicalism of Ahmadinejad’s spiritual adviser, Mesbah Yazdi, sounds almost Talmudic, perhaps of Talmudic-conversion-to-Shia Islam-background like Ahmadinejad himself.

  6. The EDL protests effects rather than the cause. They are misguided, to overlook the source of the problems of Islamic immigration and tolerance.

  7. EDL always misses the target, failing to recognise WHO INVITED all these racially and culturally “diverse” peoples, with their un-Christian or anti-Christian practices and beliefs, to settle in Britain.

  8. The very problem is Wilberforce style Evangelism. The pols in Britain worship MLK now. Willing sacrificing the flower of their youth to their dark gods.

  9. John, the Christianity of William Wilberforce has NOTHING to do with the radical immorality of contemporary cosmopolitan society.

  10. not so. The BBC will probably play that pile of shit film “Amazing Grace” tonight in a special screening.

  11. Years ago, I read somewhere that the Jews in Eastern Europe opened the gates to the Mongols too. It was in a mainstream source. I was researching the Middle Ages.

  12. The EDL protests effects rather than the cause. They are misguided, to overlook the source of the problems of Islamic immigration and tolerance.

    The EDL is worse than misguided. They are drunkards and Zionists.


    They also support homosexuality.


    I would not be surprised if they are state-operated.

  13. They are a front for the state. That they showed up same night suggests a choreographed photo opportunity. Any protest should have been planned for Saturday when the a big crowd could have been mustered. The protest changed the narrative for the worst.

  14. “Shabbos goyim opened the flood gates. I am no fan of the Jew, but traitorous Whites are more of a problem than the Jew.”

    Yes, I’m in essential agreement with that. Yes, too much concentration on the Jewish role can turn us into victims, making us no different than blacks who blame all their troubles on whitey.

    And yes, I agree that the largest group of White traitors come from North of the Mason Dixon line.

  15. This bullshit again? How much focus is too much, more of the same? OD is being flooded with de facto Jew apologists.

  16. You people claiming whites are at fault sound like victims. Quit whining. Don’t losers. No one likes a whiner!

  17. EDL – Edomite Diversion League. Jews screwing up White self-defense.

    Any sign of the Jew is a sign of death and destruction.

    More of the Same Self Delusion – cure yourself of the White Man’s Disease. It’s not the Whites. It’s the JEWS.

  18. I don’t think Jews are to blame for the craven mindset that leads some whites to blame themselves for things they did not do by rationalizing it as avoiding victimhood.

  19. I’ve become a Jew apologist? LMAO!

    The White Man’s Disease? Constant obsession about Jews isn’t a disease?

  20. The one thing I’ve noticed about these latest posts is how the commentators are being divided into two camps. One camp blames everything on the Jews, who are held as all powerful, and refuses to hold our fellow white people who go along with this crap as innocent victims. The more responsible, and grounded in reality camp (which I belong to) holds the Jews to having great influence, but that influence was foolishly granted to them by the white people. Take pornography . It’s a multi-billion dollar business now. It’s controlled by Jews. But who buys its filthy wares? The white people of America. If the whites were to stop buying this garbage, porn would become a mom and pop, under the counter business in seedy ethnic neighborhoods like it used to be years ago.

    The commentators who chant, it’s only the Joooos, are living in a fantasy world. It’s our fault we allowed ourselves to be conned by Jews in the name of religious and racial equality. It’s our fault that we allowed Muslims and other non-whites and non-Christians into this country, in spite of the warnings of history. It’s our fault we allowed our (white) leaders to pass laws that weaken and destroy our culture. Until we, as a people, take responsibility for our past mistakes, and start doing the right things to turn everything around, nothing will change. The people who wail, Jew, Jew, Jew, are IMO, afraid to face the real cause of our problems, our own stupidity.

  21. This “Mike Abloodjango Unchained” decapitator in Woolwich London, is the absolute last fucking straw. Where is Lt Bromhead or Lt Chard when you fkn need em?

  22. The one thing I’ve noticed about these latest posts is how the commentators are being divided into two camps. One camp blames everything on the Jews

    Step up your game, Dalton. Quit putting words in peoples’ mouth. That’s not how an honest man conducts himself in a debate.

    Are you an honest man?

    Let’s see some quotes or textual evidence anyone as you put it “blames everything on Jews.” Specific evidence Dalton. It is customary to back up one’s points in a debate.

    This ought to be fun.

    Jews and their apologists are masters of arguing against that which is not stated.

  23. A common claim among racially-conscious conservatives and White Nationalists is that this slow-motion anti-white genocide is “our fault,” sometimes even “all our fault.” To give just two recent examples, Patrick Buchanan entitled his latest book on the decline of white America Suicide of a Superpower. Alex Kurtagic, speaking at the 2012 American Renaissance conference, reportedly said, “Western man has brought catastrophe on himself . . . . Western man has become his own worst enemy, opening his borders to the rest of the world and thus ‘sponsoring his own decline.’” (For other examples, see Tanstaafl’s discussions of the “suicide meme” at Age of Treason.)

    1. The claim that white dispossession is entirely our fault is absurd on the face of it, since it denies that other groups exercise any agency and bear any responsibility at all. It exculpates the non-whites flooding into white lands, driving us from our homes, destroying our cultures, and crowding out our posterity.

    But it is more than absurd. It is repugnant. It implies that white victims of non-white rapists, robbers, and killers are responsible for their plight, but their assailants are not. It implies that Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were responsible for their own torture and murder at the hands of a gang of blacks, not the blacks themselves.

    Whites, however, find such grandiose claims irresistible, for even when we flagellate ourselves for being responsible for all the evils in the world, we secretly revel in the fact that we are the masters of the world, the only people who matter, the only people who make history.

    But in the end, when push comes to shove, people who believe themselves guilty for all the evil in the world will give way before the force of people who believe themselves morally righteous. White guilt is promoted to ease the way to white dispossession and white genocide.

    2. Whenever you hear talk about what “we” are doing to “ourselves,” you should be suspicious. For collectives do not act. Individuals and small, like-minded elites act in their names. In every society, there are those who rule and those who are ruled. There are those who do things, and those who have things done to them.

    Thus “America” is not committing suicide. Some Americans are destroying the country for the rest of us, because it is to their advantage. And if one looks at those who are promoting and profiting from America’s decline, Jews are massively overrepresented among them, although there are white culprits as well.

    3. Before we weigh the sense in which whites are responsible for our own predicament, we have to state clearly that 90% of the time, the claim that it is “our fault” is not being advanced as a serious, sincere proposition. Thus one would be a fool to analyze it as such. Most of the time, the claim that white dispossession is “our fault” really means one thing: that it is not the fault of the organized Jewish community. The primary purpose of blaming whites is merely to avoid blaming Jews. Questions of plausibility aside, one could just as well blame God, witches, or space aliens, so long as attention is directed away from the Jews.

    Buchanan, for example, knows that many of the destructive policies that he chronicles in his book were pushed by the organized Jewish community in order to enhance their power at the expense of whites. But Buchanan has chosen to play by Semitically-correct rules, so he treats the Jews as part of “us” and then claims that “we” are doing it to ourselves. Whatever Kurtagic actually thinks is going on, he had to blame whites, for American Renaissance forbids White Nationalists from criticizing Jews (while sponsoring Jews to criticize White Nationalism).

    So nine times out of ten, when somebody claims white dispossession is “our fault,” this is a dishonest attempt to avoid talking about the Jewish question. Of course the motives, and thus the blameworthiness, of these lies vary. Some are told by sincere white advocates playing an angle. Others are told by Jews hoping to prevent whites from effectively resisting genocide.

    4. Some white advocates argue that not all of us should talk about the Jewish problem. Education takes place in stages. One does not study geometry before arithmetic. Before one can understand the Jewish role in the race problem, one first has to understand that there is a race problem at all. First we must learn the facts. Then we can get to the explanation. Furthermore, people have been so brainwashed by racial egalitarianism that it is very difficult to get them to think critically about race. The job is even harder if one throws the Jewish question into the mix, given the six million ways our people have been brainwashed about Jews — from the churches, the schools, the mass media, and popular culture.

    This argument has merit, but it does not justify lying about the “suicide” of the West. It is one thing to focus on educating our people about the race problem and leaving the Jewish question to someone else. It is quite another thing to cover for the Jews by claiming that they are white like us and that we are the cause of our own dispossession.

    If one wishes to focus on the race question alone, then how should one answer when the Jewish question is raised? An honest answer is simply to point out that there is a debate within the white advocate community about the Jewish role in white dispossession. This answer takes no side but conceals no truths either. It does not amount to complicity with and covering for Jewish subversion. One should state it flatly and then get back on message.

    5. Now that we have dealt with the dishonest use of the “our fault” meme, we can deal with the actual question: To what extent is white dispossession our fault? I believe that white dispossession is, to some extent, our own fault. Thus white dispossession is not entirely the fault of the Jews. The Jews could not have done this to us without white collaboration.

    6. But we have to analyze what is meant by “fault” here. In the minimum sense, being at fault refers to being a causal factor in one’s own downfall. The strongest sense of “fault” is specifically moral culpability. Moral culpability is relative to two factors: power and knowledge. The more power one has to promote or halt white dispossession, the more responsibility one has. The more knowledge one has of white dispossession, the more responsibility one has.

    The fact that many whites think that it is moral to promote the destruction of their own people is no excuse. They know very well that they are harming people, evading reality, and telling lies, even if they think that it is justified by their ultimate ends.

    There is also a sense in which moral ignorance should never be treated as an excuse, for above any particular moral imperative is the moral imperative to know the truth about right and wrong. We ought to know what we ought to do. People who labor under false moral systems ought to know better. We all ought to know better, because we all ought to do right.

    One can also be at fault in a morally innocent way. One can, for instance, have the best of intentions but still contribute to evil because one is enmeshed in a system that transforms good intentions and deeds into evil results. But once one becomes aware of how one’s decent acts are perverted to serve evil ends, one is responsible to change the system that makes one complicit in evil.

    It may be impossible to unplug completely from an evil system. Or even if it is possible, it may render one completely incapable of changing the system. One might have to withdraw from society completely and live under a bridge. But if everyone who became aware of the evils of our system simply dropped out to save his own soul from further culpability, the system would only be strengthened. But the highest imperative is not to maintain the goodness of one’s own soul. The highest imperative is to fight the evil of the system. Thus one should stay plugged into the system, regardless of the personal costs, and do everything one can to change it. And provided that one actually is working to change it, one incurs no more bad karma.

    The weakest sense of “fault” is simply a vulnerability, an Achilles heel. Everybody has weaknesses. They are not immoral per se. But how one deals with one’s weaknesses is a moral issue. Specifically, if one is aware of one’s weaknesses and how they can be used by others to further evil ends, one has the responsibility to stop it.

    7. The guiltiest whites are the powerful politicians, businessmen, and intellectuals who handed control of our destiny over to Jews. Somewhat less guilty are powerful whites who are products of the current system and who work with non-whites to promote anti-white policies: affirmative action, racial integration, non-white immigration, multiculturalism, globalization, miscegenation, white guilt, etc. These people deserve punishment.

    8. Of course, crimes of commission are worse than the crimes of omission. But the fact remains that powerful whites who simply do nothing to halt white dispossession are more culpable than powerless ones.

    9. For people in power, ignorance of how long-term trends affect their people is no excuse, because part of their responsibility is to know about such things. They ought to know better.

    10. Most whites are relatively powerless. We are merely along for the ride. But most powerless whites still share the universalistic, altruistic, anti-ethnocentric values of the whites who are actively selling us out. Many others share the cynical, selfish, individualistic, devil-take-the-hindmost values of those who actively betray us merely for money and power.

    White traitors would be far fewer if their actions were viewed as evil by the majority of the white community. Thus all whites who share the values that promote white genocide also share a small degree of complicity.

    11. But what of whites who reject white genocide and the values that promote it? One cannot redeem oneself merely by rejecting deadly ideas, for if one stands by and does nothing to stop them, one is still a bit culpable for the outcome.

    12. Worse still are those who know full well the perils that our race faces and decide to “do something,” but then do something counterproductive. It is better to do nothing, than to do something counter-productive. Of course serious men disagree about what is productive. But there are better and worse ways to conduct disputes. And the deeper problem is that we lack serious men to begin with. But if one grasps the full peril of the situation, there is simply no margin for buffoonery.

    13. Since all whites at one time or another fall into the above categories, we are all — to widely varying degrees — culpable for our racial decline. All whites bear some responsibility, although whites as a whole do not bear full responsibility.

    But once one understands one’s mistakes and learns how to avoid them in the future, there is no point in dwelling on the past. Our goal as White Nationalists should be to bear no further culpability for our ongoing genocide. And the way to do that is: (1) to understand the problem to its roots, (2) to reject all the causes of our predicament, and (3) to actively work for our race’s salvation. Until you do that, you remain part of the problem.

    There are different ways to work for our race’s salvation. You decide your own level of explicitness and involvement, and the rest of us will accept that. But whatever you do, make sure that it counts, then do it to be best of one’s ability. You must do your duty, and your first duty is to determine what that duty is.

    14. But it is not just the case that whites, individually, are more or less culpable in our own genocide. For genocide is not just a matter of individuals. It is also a matter of the system. The liberal, democratic, capitalist system alone is conducive to white genocide, even without Jewish involvement.

    Jewish power and influence have a long history. But present-day Jewish hegemony is a relatively recent phenomenon. It was certainly well-advanced when the Jewish cabal around Woodrow Wilson delivered the United States into World War I. Yet the Jewish lobby was defeated in 1924 by immigration restrictionists. But beginning with the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jewish hegemony was firmly established, and Jews have moved from victory to victory.

    It is fair to say that Jews are the primary architects, organizers, defenders, and beneficiaries of this anti-white genocidal system. But if Jews built the superstructure, whites laid the foundations long before the rise of Jewish hegemony.

    White capitalists promoted wave after wave of immigration of increasingly heterogeneous white and non-white stocks in order to gain advantages over the native-born working class. (The vast majority of American Jews came here as immigrants, drawn by the anti-national, anti-racial logic of capitalism.)

    White businessmen bought black slaves and hired Chinese coolies rather than pay white workers living wages. (The fact that Jews were among the sellers of slaves is immaterial. They could not have sold them if nobody was buying.)

    The white universalism, egalitarianism, and racial altruism that sustain the system are entirely alien to Judaism. Their roots lie in Greek natural law philosophy, Christianity, and Enlightenment liberalism. These values led Americans to fight a bloody and devastating Civil War largely over black slavery long before the rise of Jewish hegemony.

    As Patrick Buchanan points out in Suicide of a Superpower, the materialistic values of liberal democracy have led to declining fertility in every first world country, including Israel and Asian countries, which lack hostile Jewish elites. If you combine this system with the racial egalitarianism and altruism and non-white immigration that existed in America before Jewish hegemony, one arrives at pretty much the same system that is killing us today. In other words, the present American system could conceivably have developed along essentially the same lines, even if Jews had never set foot on our shores.

    This means that if the Jews suddenly departed tomorrow, but the capitalist system and universalist, egalitarian values remained in place, our race would still be on the path to extinction. Thus we need to do more than merely separate ourselves from other races. We also need to get to the deepest roots of the problem: the moral, political, and economic weaknesses that Jews are exploiting so effectively.

    15. We are not, however, entitled to ignore reality just because it could have been different. And the reality we face is the rule of a hostile Jewish elite promoting genocide against whites. Jews are not the only members of our ruling coalition, but they are the senior partners who determine the overall direction of the system and have subordinated it to their ethnic interests. All other groups in the ruling coalition – environmentalists, labor unions, feminists, homosexuals — have to take a back seat when their interests conflict with the Jewish agenda of white genocide.

    16. Furthermore, Jews are the primary guardians of the present system. Even if one wishes to criticize and change this system without mentioning Jews, as soon as one presents a credible challenge, one will find oneself opposed by Jews acting as Jews to secure their collective interests. Sometimes we do not get to choose our enemy because our enemy chooses us. Ultimately, there is no way for whites to regain control of our destiny without explicitly naming and fighting Jewish power. As Alex Linder said, there’s no way out but through the Jews.

    17. Assigning blame to whites does not in any way lessen Jewish culpability. If I foolishly walk into a black neighborhood and get murdered, my folly does not lessen the assailant’s guilt. It does not transform homicide into suicide and absolve the killer of his crime. Likewise, due to white weaknesses, follies, and vices, the organized Jewish community is now committing genocide against our race. But that does not alter the facts: whites are not committing suicide; we are the targets of genocide.

    18. Blaming whites for our present plight is analogous to a doctor treating lung cancer with a stern lecture about the necessity of quitting smoking. Yes, smokers are responsible for their cancers. But assigning blame is not the same thing as a cure. Once one already has cancer, it is too late to change one’s lifestyle to prevent it. One must first excise the tumor. Then, if one survives the operation, one can work on the necessary lifestyle changes to make sure the cancer does not return.

    Yes, whites are in large part responsible for our plight. We are suffering from bad leadership, bad values, and an ethnocidal political and economic system that has made us vulnerable to race-replacement and a takeover by a hostile Jewish elite. We’ll work on those problems. But first we need to cut out the cancer that’s killing us. We need to regain control of our destiny and separate ourselves from other races. Then, if we survive, we can work on creating a new system that ensures that this will never happen again.

  24. I don’t see Whites blaming ourselves as uuseful or helpful. Of course Whites have made terrible mistakes – we’ve been generous, open-hearted, curious, willing to give malicious Jew ideas a “chance”. We want to treat people as individuals. We want the best for every-one, casue we love life and beauty. We’re loathe to see evil. We don’t understand evil. We’re way too slow to anger. Or to protect ourselves.

    We need to correct thos errors.

    NO ONE has ANSWERED ny fundamental question:

    WHY do JEWS always always always attack the Host? Especially when the White Host has been so generous and tolerant?

    WHY is the Jew Cameron defending Islam, instead of England? Why? Is it the White soldier’s fault he was beheaded, on his own soil?

  25. Tan can’t admit it’s our fault. He married a Jew, and to admit it’s his fault he’d actually have to take responsibility for his actions. Anyone so ignorant at marrying age ought not to be trusted to drive, let alone opine on matters spiritual.

    Tan ought to go bury himself in a hole. And it’s from that site that this virulent “whites blameless” meme emanates. Too bad it has infected this site now as well.

    • No one who is familiar with the 18th century and the 19th century can possibly believe that Whites are blameless. Even Greg more or less admits that the ball was rolling long before “Jewish hegemony” was established under FDR.

      Note: BTW, Greg is wrong on this. Truman was an anti-Semite and Eisenhower slapped down the Jews during the Suez Crisis.

  26. Dalton the Marrano Jew – I know Cameron is an Ashkenazi – but can you get him on the Jew hotline, and aks his WHY he’s defending Islam, in the face a charity-collecting WHITE soldier’s beheading, on the English Isle?

    Thanks so much Dalton the Marrano Jew!

  27. So whites created a world as free from Jewish influence as could be possible, for which Jews will be forever vengeful, by not taking responsibility for their actions? I thought it was based on admitting our frailty and our depravity and our sinful nature, and confessing our sins.

  28. “devil” Metaphysics, yep we need more of that. Just a mass of lumpenproles who today sit in the glow of the telepriest.

  29. That is passage is not from Tan. It’s from Greg Johnson. But your juvenile ad hominem against Tan noted.


    Do you have reading comprehension problem? Or, are you just a liar? It’s like a signature with you Jew apologists. I just posted a 2000 word argument (not by Tan) that clearly says various whites are partially or significantly at fault, and you come back with two straw men in row, mixed with personal attacks.

    You say, the author can’t admit it’s our fault when the plain text of the author’s essay ascribes fault to whites in varying degrees (straw man 1), and how does it help whites to posit whites are pawns of Jews (straw man 2), something no one is saying or implying.

    Step up your game Occigent. Quit responding to points no one is making.

  30. Lew, you’re totally disconnected from what I said. I wasn’t quoting any particular commentator. I was merely noticing a general trend in the comboxes concerning how some commentators claim it’s all their (the Jews) fault vs the it’s our responsibility that it happened in the first place by allowing ourselves to be conned.

    Don’t poison the well with that “are you an honest man?” canard. Deal with the facts, Lew.

    Evidence? Look at your comments, Denise’s, and several other commentators who constantly parrot “it’s the Jooos” fault day in, day out.

    Lew, it was people like you and Denise who turned me off to white nationalism for years. The narrow minds, the fanatical obsession with the other, (Jews, Negros, Muslims etc.) while not paying attention to your own problems, pretty well convinced me that people who were concerned with race were empty little souls who’s lives were meaningless, except for their pathetic obsessions. Thanks to the Internet, and discovering sites like Occidental Dissent, I now know that there’s legitimate reasons to be concerned about race. That there are people like Hunter Wallace who have educated themselves on the real history of our people’s triumphs and failures, and don’t chant “it’s all their (the others) fault, when we goof up. I give Hunter most of the credit for convincing me that white nationalism, as long as it’s rooted in historical reality,(instead of some fantasy like Christian Identity, or Noirdic Paganism) is quite right.

  31. Hunter: I think you’ve done great work beating back the real single Jewish causers, the ones who really do take the position it’s all the Jews. My impression is that group is fairly silent. I think the problem now is the reverse, people who might be called single white causers. The common denominator is a refusal to make distinctions and using sweeping accusations in broad strokes.

  32. Jew apologist, Lew. You’re kidding, right? Please do note my Juvenile ad hominem against Tan. Because Tan is never juvenile nor does he ever use ad hominem. Your pathetic defense of Tan is duly noted.

    I’ll admit Lew, I saw Tan and I recognize those arguments from his site so I didn’t bother reading your post. Tan holds zero weight with me. Zero. So please note the ad hominems all you want.

    I understand not all whites are like that. I am not a Jew apologist. I am for education. I am not against criticism of Jews. I don’t have time to read that tome you posted.

    Congratulations. You’re willing to admit whites are at fault here. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

  33. Dalton: Now you’re calling me and Denise ” obsessed.” Isn’t ascribing psychological problems to the opposition a classic Bolshevik technique?

  34. You are an infant Lew. Oh my God, “sweeping generalizations”. You mean like “Yankee” or “Southern” or “Muslim” or “Jew”? That’s how adults talk. That’s how we get through life. We give each other the benefit of the doubt that we understand that not all people of a particular category represent the particular trait we are attributing to a group. Yet the trait is there.

    Yes, whites are fallen. We really are Lew. Sorry man. Not you, mind you. Or Denise. Or Tan. But whites are fallen.

  35. Whites do NOT like to see themselves as “victims”. It makes us feel weak.

    But blaming ourselves for our kindness and generosity is paralyzing. We aren’t weak – we’ve been scammed. Our kindness and helpfulness and generosity has be deliberately used against us. When Whites begin to undertand how we’ve been deliberately cheated and tricked – it will help Whites to help ourselves.

    Successful people NEVER blame themselves. Do you see this fact? Why aren’t Jews blaming themselves, for all the evil they’ve committed?

  36. For collectives do not act. Individuals and small, like-minded elites act in their names.


    organized Jewish community….

    Greg Johnson, shit-thinker.

  37. “Lew says:
    May 23, 2013 at 3:18 pm
    Dalton: Now you’re calling me and Denise ” obsessed.” Isn’t ascribing psychological problems to the opposition a classic Bolshevik technique?”

    Why yes it is!

    Dalton’s a Marrano.

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