Live Thread: Southern Demographic Displacement Rally (Uvalda, GA)


Here are some early photos from the League of the South’s “Southern Demographic Displacement” rally in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA:

Update: SNN is posting photos and videos of the Uvalda and Vidalia protests.

Note: We’re back in the hotel now resting after a very successful protest in Uvalda and Vidalia.










Sea of Hate (Part II)

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  1. “It is true that the Puritans of New England were even more intolerant of religious nonconformity than the English monarchy in the fatherland “

    But not more intolerant than Cromwell’s Roundheads. Hundreds were burned at the stake for heresy during the Commonwealth.

  2. Mosin — Thank you so much for the link to “No Cross, No Crown.” That work, which I’ve now skimmed, proves what you said, about Pennsylvania’s magnificence. Which of the other of the thirteen colonies had a founder who produced anything like that? Its clarity and mildness are striking. It seems to prefigure the history of Pennsylvania, to which, as we’ve noted, Europe’s homicidal spirit of religious contention seemed to gain no admittance–not, anyway, as far as I, with my limited historical knowledge, am aware. I’ve been thinking about the Pennsylvania Germans, who, as I think I’ve read, were believers in adult baptism (as opposed to child baptism). This, as I understand things, put them in the unenviable position of being attacked by both Catholics and Protestants. What was the place to which they migrated, the place where they knew they would be able to live as they chose? Pennsylvania, of course. Possibly, one of their descendants used his own money to erect that anti-abortion billboard I mentioned. No Madison Avenue nonsense, no harshness–just an expression of love for children. Penn’s unique spirit is yet within his land.

  3. PS When I said the Pennsylvania Germans were attacked by both Catholics and Protestants, Mosin, I meant in their native Europe, whence they migrated to Pennsylvania. Just think about that: the Pennsylvanians among whom those Germans came to live were also Europeans, many of them probably European-born themselves–or at least, born to persons who were European-born; yet the behavior of those Pennsylvanians toward those adult baptizers was completely different from the behavior that had been exhibited toward those baptizers in Europe itself. That shows the stunning power of Penn; it’s as if he transformed a race.

  4. Interesting discussion about William Penn. Interesting that he seems to be loved both by liberals and by the Far Right here.

    As for the issue of women, I’m on Denise’s side. No movement can be successful without women, especially in the modern age. As someone generally opposed to WN and SN, I can only hope Denise’s agenda fails; if she does succeed, you all might have a real shot. Having women in the movement does three things; it helps women think outside the feminist or mainstream Christian boxes, it makes women already supporting you feel safer in the movement, and it also attracts men who may want to meet women, or might also feel the movement has more legitimacy with women in it. Most people are used to living in mixed-gender spaces these days.

  5. Thanks, John B. The German Anabaptists were invited to join the Holy Experiment. They shared meetinghouses with the Friends. They were also invited to Russia by Catherine. For the first time in a millennium outside Languedoc and Bosnia, non-Roman, the catholic apostolic brethren were welcomed instead of persecuted.

    Re: “Interesting that he seems to be loved both by liberals and by the Far Right here”:

    PGRT, a mythical figure is accepted, but the reality of the Christian preacher would NOT be loved by liberals, including modern Quakers — and it appears that “the Far Right here” (on OD) mostly despise it.

  6. “non-Roman, the catholic apostolic brethren” should have been: “the non-Roman, catholic apostolic brethren”.

  7. OMG. PGRT is backing mw up. Aagghhh! I’m right – he knows I’m right – yet…aggghh!

    He’s accurate. Learn from the (temporary) winners.

  8. How about deleting Sean’s negative comments? The rally was a solid success, don ‘t bother with negative nay sayers, and especially watch out for women haters.

    White women are over half the population of White Americans. If you hate White women, you’re pretty much in the Tim Wise camp of hating White people.

    I’ve learned the hard way that our movement attracts a lot of negative people that hate their life and generally don’t like much of anything, including our people.

    Let’s be positive and build on this solid success.

    God bless Hunter, Renee and all the great folks who made this modest success in a small Georgia town.

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