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  1. Nice job Jack. I’m surprised it made it out there because I remember you discussing it before it was a done deal. How long will it be up?

  2. @ Jack

    You should send the bill for the sign to the Tennessee AFLCIO and the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW). You did their job for them. The least they could do would be to take up an informal collection for you and the League of the South.

  3. Fine work, Jack. The billboard is a home run especially but not only because it targets a MAJOR CAUSE of the rising tide of color in middle Tennessee. I’ve come around to the view that targeting causes and only causes is the way to go with this type of messaging.

  4. Thanks for the kind words folks.

    I put my money where my mouth was.

    We need to do better at fundraising, targeted advertising and PR.

    Our signs and polo shirts looked great.

    I know it’s frustrating to watch Neo Conservatives, Open border loons or as@ &$@& like this filthy rich Tyson CEO misuse tens of $ millions while we scrape by on a shoe string. But, we are doing better and will do better.

    Next time, we should fund raise showing our/my Rutherford Reader advert and billboard and say we’ll do similar media buys, but this time we’ll aggressively push for earned media, radio interviews , live TV interviews etc.

    Thanks everyone – really enjoyed meeting such talented folks.

  5. Earl,

    I am afraid the top of big labor is against us, same as the topof big business like Tyson Foods, tops of tax exempt churches, tops of political parties.

    We have to target the middle and lower ranks.

  6. Do you guys ever think that maybe highlighting black on white hate crimes might be a way to draw people in? Demographic Displacement is real, but could seem sort of abstract and removed for some folks.

    OTOH, pointing out in a very concrete way how these hate crime murders are happening every week to Whites – and how the truth of them are ignored – could bring home very concretely to awakening Whites what the intentions of the federal government really are.

    I notice on threads under articles I generate a lot of discussion when I simply draw attention to the fact of the hate crimes against whites, and then make an argument from there. I also note that I always get deleted, as does the discussion I generate, because people start to actually wake up.

    Just wondering…

  7. NYYankees – yes the double standards of “hate crimes”, brutal Black on White crimes, MSM censorship of anti White crimes – these are certainly legitimate issues and can be the subject of successful protests.

    The key is to select one issue and effectively present our side in a positive, effective way. Too often our side tries to do too much, explain THE WHOLE TRUTH about EVERYTHING and it comes off as confused Societal drop outs ranting and raving about EVERYTHING which comes off as being effective on nothing.

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