1. And yet, on one of our very favorite websites, the exact identity of which will go unnamed, there was yet another thread, the second in all in two weeks, about some irrelevant confab of crank losers in Turkey, at best if anything they discussed there is not much relevant to our cause, at worst most of the people there are trying to fake and cuckold their way into our nest for their own benefit and our detriment. At least the good part is that at least from the comments on that thread other than my own, (and you can probably figure out the kinds of things I said), most of the commentariat there isn’t buying it anymore, and even the article was written in a somewhat critical tone.

    Yet, that website couldn’t spend the occasion of even a short post to give some advance publicity to this rally today.

    But I can guarantee you that what Jack Ryan, Hunter Wallace and many many others did in Nashville today will be infinitely more beneficial for our cause and for the cause of good decent honest white civilization than everything that happened at the conference in Turkey.

    I would have been there if I still wasn’t on the road trying to make a living.

  2. And maybe one day the LoS will realize that it is standing on the moral high ground or that the moral high ground is there for the taking. After reading that pathetic account of the treatment of Heimbach that Matt recently wrote up I still see that the LoS is stuck in the intellectuals’ dilemma of being above practical politics.

    Really how the hell do you think you are going to attract the average decent person if you cannot viably articulate that yes our side does hold the moral high ground? Every time an anti-white spews some anti-white diatribe is not the time spin out essays that few can understand.

    • Re: RobRoySimmons

      Bob Whitaker was supposed to come to Tennessee. It’s not our fault he didn’t show up.

      As for Matthew Heimbach, he made the ill advised decision to get involved with the NSM. We don’t think it is wise to appear in public with Neo-Nazis in costumes screaming “White Pawr.” It makes us look foolish and unserious.

      We want to present ourselves as normal, ordinary Southerners.

  3. Still mulling over ‘Demographic Displacement’ compared to ‘Genocide,’ etc. Friday Kim Kilgore, a 20 year old white woman, was murdered by a racist black woman. So in less than a week we lost two of our brethren, two beautiful young white lives.

    Overall I get that ‘the masses’ take to ‘DD’ over ‘WG’ (White Genocide) as it’s less shocking to the uninitiated and intimidated. But on days like today I have a hard time with deciding on how to deliver the message, and wonder how many more will die before whites wake up. I posed this question on another blog, after lovely David Santucci was murdered in Memphis. All these beautiful young white people who were given no warning, no chance to save themselves…

    Anyway, from now on I’m not checking CoCC’s news events before bed, it’s way too upsetting…

    But I will say that little girl gives me hope, and the people on here who are finally standing up and doing something – spreading the message to our people – give me great comfort and solace, and profound inspiration. How I wish I could have gone, how I wish my yankee people would stand with me up here in the north…

  4. Oh, and I submit that a healthy counter protest is not bad for business, as they say. Gets people to pay attention, wonder what’s going on, and since we most definitely inhabit the moral highground, we win, or at least start to… These counter-protesters make me even more wistful that I could have come to stand with everyone…

  5. “the treatment of Heimbach”

    If the goal of, moral, positive White activism is to attract [normal] White people to the absolute morality of White Southern self-preservation and determination, then publicly posing with Nazi hobbyists is absolutely the most stupidest maneuver imaginable.

    In the White popular imagination there are images, symbols, stereotypes, caricatures, caricatures of caricatures, that — through a lifetime of non-stop propaganda generated through EVERY culturally sensitive apparatus arrayed against us — are automatically uploaded into the minds of millions of our people at the first sight or sound of anything resembling a pro-White sentiment.

    What happens when I show my family, friends and other White people, who are blind to their dispossession, the images from this past demonstration? They’re going to see well dressed, normal, White people, including beautiful White children, articulating a message that is relentlessly perverted by our enemies with epithets such as: ________ (fill in whatever slander you like, including crowd favorites such as racist, bigot, ect).

    Now, the contrast between: what we’re shown and told by the TV(any and all White advocacy is evil), and what we actually see(NORMAL White people protesting their dispossession in Tennessee), is going to create in the minds of n-o-r-m-a-l White people a [contradiction].

    Yes, “Contradiction” is a good word, let’s put some pressure on it:

    Creating a contradiction in the minds of White people, that exposes our enemies, is the first step in a maturation process that will lead to sympathy and, eventually, support, in whatever form it takes. This contradiction will expose lies, breaks taboos, and will build a community of like-minded folk. The images of White children expressing a pro-White message are particularly powerful because they contradict the media manufactured narrative of evil Nazis and Klansmen as the embodiment of pro-White sentiment. The images simply resonate, they strike us at our very core and illustrate what, exactly, is, at, stake.

    We need to raise the stakes in every way imaginable and there are calculated ways of doing so. In the marketing profession there are what’s known as power words that advertisers use with numbing regularly. Words such as: Yes, Family, We, Our, ect. My point is the Marketing of the LOS message should be considered with great care and attention to detail, down to minutia, for maximum affect, but I digress.

    Now, if I’m articulating a pro-White message to family and friends, then proceed to show them images of Nazi hobbyists to strengthen my argument, every lie that enslaves them is going to be reinforced 1000 times 1000 times over. It’s a non starter.

    It creates NO contradiction in their minds to rival the propaganda they consume daily, it only tightens their psychological bondage and makes me look like a misfit.

    So, I understand the position the LOS took against Heimbach, even If I disagree with it stylistically. It’s not about appeasing the vile creatures who inhabit the SPLC, it’s about truncating a propaganda thread they would have exploited, relentlessly, in an effort to put the LOS in a defensive crouch.

    I respect Heimbach more than words can express, but he shouldn’t be parading in public with Nazis and I think he will come to regret the mistake more so than he probably does already.

  6. Just want to thank everyone associate with this positive event Dr. Hill, HunterWallace my local TN frat buddy who sponsored my billboard advert – especially this young gal Scarlet and her charming brother and sisters and their great mom.

    God bless.

    It was great to be in the great Southern state of Tennessee .. As I return to the land of… Lincoln.

  7. About Matt Heimbach: He’s done a lot of brave stuff lately – more than most – if not all.

    Heimbach has been giving it to Hymie too. Slapped ’em with his patented Heimlich MANeuver too, especially that WISE-ass we all know so well.


    Heimbach is forever locked to Jeff Schoep and the National Socialist Movement. In more than one article, in more than one place, he has emphatically stated that he will NEVER “throw a comrade under the bus” – no matter what.


    The Neo-Nazis and Matt Heimbach will forever be linked. The uniforms Matt has embraced, for better or worse. In short, he’s now an honorary Nazi.

    (maybe he knows something we bus-throwers don’t)

  8. HW is was good to see you and Renee again. Best of luck on the nuptials this coming Saturday. Jack Ryan it was good to have met you in person. There are some good folks up in Tennessee and the Cumberland region is some pretty country. I saw quite a few deer while riding around. Looking forward to the coming event in December.

  9. TMT–Episode #195– The White Nationalist Net-Nutzi and $PLC/ADL jew Symbiosis — 13 Oct 13
    Time: October 13, 2013 9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM CST


    This weekend the League of the South with its officers like Hunter Wallace/Brad Griffin had about as successful a rally ever in the History of the Bowel Movement. They did so my sticking to a message, i.e. that it is wrong for ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final to go the way of all Mighty Evil Empires in destroying and displacing itz Founding Stock. Most whiggers have a memory of history as long as theyz’ dicks, but every mighty evil empire has destroyed itzself by destroying itz founding stock thanks to the work of the jews and the [d]ruling whiggers and becum “one with Nineveh and Tyre” as Dr. Lothrup Stoddard and Oswald Spengler predicted. Persia, Greece, Rome, Portugal, and Spain and now England and the ZOGland are determined to displace us. The League of the South kept on message that this is wrong, and probably this weekend created the best propaganda image to which the jew and the mongrel has no honest response:


    The above image of a very young blond, presumably fit and beautiful white girl holding a sign saying “It’s WRONG to replace us” cannot be gainsaid by the jews and niggers and beaners and gooks, but most importantly, by the race-traitor [d]ruling regime-criminal whiggers. Any attempt to do so will reveal the real agenda in response to this successful rally’s message: It is wrong to create a mongrel new world in which there are no more blond, beautiful little white girls.

    There was fussing by Matt Parrot about Dr. Michael Hill kicking Matt Heimbach out because of his affiliation, against orders, with Kommandork Jeff Schoep and the National Socialist Movement. This is foolish because the NSM works in coonjunction with the $PLC to show the bowel Movement up for the clowns they usually are. Jeff Schoep maintains a professional bunch of jewniformed skinhead fuktards and they are “professional protesters” which do nothing but act as fundraisers for the $outhern Poverty “Law” Center and the Ashkenazi Defecation League.

    I remember back in May 2004 when the Kommandork and the NSM tards refused to attend the Anti-Brown vs Bored of Edjewmacation Rally because Billy Roper said no kkklown and nutzi jewniforms. Thus there is no real wanting to do something for the purpose of dissent on the part of the NSM, but rather the demand that they should take over for the rally and get any rally “off-topic” for what the organizers want to say. Does anyone really think that the Kommandork wouldn’t kick out any of his CreaTard followers who expressed a desire to carry out the will of the League of the South elected officers?

    There is a reason why there are so many suspicions and hatreds in the bowel Movement. One does not accept CreaTards or NSM clowns or secret jewboys like Eli James, Nigger-Nosed Bill Finck, Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren, Jeromy Visser, Alex Linder, TraitorGlenn Miller or any other known ZOGbot, jew or mongrel as being “one of us.” There is plenty of room for simply not having anything to do with others in the bowel Movement and most of the time we should leave it at that. But always, especially in any professed “leadership” positions, we must insist that professed leaders show their faces, that we know their names, what they stand for, and know their past histories.

    Congratulations to League of the South and its sponsors, and to Hunter Wallace, for staging what is perhaps the most successful rally in the History of the Bowel Movement since Commandore George Lincoln Rockwell. The participants stayed on time and over target.

    But blogging and forums and podcasts are cheaper and reach more of an audience.

    Hopefully Hunter Wallace might call in tonight to “The Movement Turd.”

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  10. Not to be a spoilsport (it is a powerful image) but Scarlett doesn’t have the faintest idea what she is protesting for. I would be more impressed if she had attained the age of reason and was doing this. Unfortunately we all know that the chances of her retaining a sense of people-hood after 18 years of public indoctrination is 50/50, and that is generous.

  11. Randall – I’ll bet wee Scarlett DOES understand. And by the time she attains majority, we will either be swimming, or have sunk forever. So don’t fret over Scarlett.

    What are YOU doing to help her future?

  12. If they home school her, she’ll be fine. If not, they’ll lose her to the JewState….that’s if it exists for much longer, which I doubt. On a related front, some neo-conz and HardRights stormed the WW II memorial in DC a few hours ago, took away the ZOGbarricades, and deposited them on Barry Soetero’s front lawn. Things are polarizing nicely.

  13. I’m sorry for being a high horse riding know it all HW. You and the LoS and Jack have done fantastic work, cannot thank you enough.

    As for MH perhaps the statement should have been more about “disappointment” and less hysterical condemnation. NSM and its little basement cults pretty much zero themselves out. When writing these condemnation statement always put it back on the enemy the vicious genocidal anti-whites.

    We hold the moral high ground, we do not need “Smart Badges” from the likes of Tim Weasel anymore. (mind weapon I’m talking to you)

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