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  1. This only applies to people who were Racist Freemasons? Its true–Eradication of White Heritage and Culture has been going on for a long time. The Judeo Masons have decided that all Masons who were not politically correct and- non-racist will be removed and eradicated…Hum? Maybe all the lodges will be intergrated now with non Whites and Women…Seperated no more. Wonder what the Ba Nay Brit Boys will do? I bet ya that they will stay seperated.. True ZOG….

  2. There’s a word to describe people without fathers. The word is bastards. That is what they insist all Whites become. When you renounce or repudiate your forbears you have effectively bastardised yourself. You’re saying that you have no more claim on this civilisation built by the repudiated forbears than some immigrant or other person who contributed nothing. It is spiritually a complete surrender of authourity.

  3. Yes, Jared, except for a minority, most whites born after 1965 are just as despicable, but for opposite reasons.

    Doom and gloom, that’s our present and our future. We no longer have a past. It’s been intentionally erased and mostly by our own hand. How could this have happen so effortlessly when we are still the majority race in this nation? All of our successes as a people have been wiped out by a single failure.

  4. “most whites born after 1965 are just as despicable” Neither my children nor their children are “despicable.” Fuck you.”

    Fix your trifocals old man, I said “most.” I also said white.

  5. Many comments here violate OD’s comment guidelines. Please do not use vulgar curse words, especially the “F Word”.

  6. @Jack Ryan: ‘Please do not use vulgar curse words, especially the “F Word”.’ What about the n-word? “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Those who control language have a handle on controlling thought.
    “The word ‘negro’ may get me sentenced for hate speech in Sweden.” – Eric from Sweden, Northwest Front Radio, Dec. 12th 2013
    Can’t use the n-word. Can’t use ‘negro’ in Sweden. Must use ‘people of spirituality and anti-racism’.

  7. How do y’all feel about the Albert Pike statue? I have mixed feeling about the man myself, but you can bet that they would ignore anybody calling for it’s removal. It might be some good agitation “propaganda of colour” (black propaganda directed at diversites) to ask rhetorically around antifa websites why the founding member of the KKK is still memorialised in Washington.

  8. -Guess there is only the good Judeo Masons. All the White Judeo Masons who had racial consciousness are bad and have to go according to the Judeo Masonic Power Elite…Does this mean the Founding Fathers of USA who were also White Masons – have to go? No more Washington and others—now its replacement with Mandela and Michael King Koon. Painting the faces with White Paint of ther King/Mandela statues is one equalizer… We need legislation that says no Streets/Buildings can be named after a person until its been 100 years after their death…

  9. American Bastards. Same thing in France and Germany and much of Europe. I think that internizing the attacks of the blacks and Jews is the real problem. When people complain about colonial history they are doing a great deal of damage. The critique of Imperialism too.

    Interesting point.

  10. I know that it’s just a “coincidence” that a “judge” has ordered the removal of the cross in California at the veteran’s cemetery just in time for Christmas.

  11. I’m a fair haired Yankee fighting off masses of blacks and browns being licensed and encouraged by masses of jews to kill me. Only I can use the ‘F’ word.

  12. I thought NYYankees was banned from making comments on OD? Thought age called up CoCC and spread rumors that everyone here was a Jew.

  13. GoneWiththeWind… We don’t arrest White people here who use the F word or the N word. We don’t get people fired from their jobs. It’s not hate speech, though crime, more like childish misbehaving in classroom.

    Clean up the speech, clean up the act, or you get kicked out of class.

  14. Jack Ryan:
    Who is ‘age?’ If it was meant to be me, I can assure you I called up no one spreading rumors.

    Unlike many of the people who have been hanging around in the pro-White circuit for several years, I’m relatively new *and* focused on actually accomplishing something. I’m fighting to live, not living to fight.

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