Florida’s Strawberry Industry

Migrant workers harvest strawberries in Hillsborough County, Florida
Migrant workers harvest strawberries in Hillsborough County, Florida


Florida’s strawberry industry is another contributor to “Southern Demographic Displacement.”

Here are the facts:

1.) 95 percent of the strawberries in Florida are grown within a 50 mile radius of Plant City, Florida in eastern Hillsborough and Manatee Counties.

2.) Florida’s strawberry industry employs about 9,000 to 10,000 workers. Like the Florida tomato industry, the overwhelming majority of these workers are Mexican, Guatemalan, and Haitian immigrants. Most of them are illegal aliens.

3.) Florida produces anywhere from 90 to 100 percent of the domestically produced winter strawberries (November to January) consumed east of the Mississippi. There are about 10,000 acres planted in strawberries in this region. The strawberry crop produces about $400 million dollars in revenue.

4.) The Florida Strawberry Grower’s Association also opposed the E-Verify bill and Florida’s version of an Arizona-style immigration law. Strawberries are the third most important vegetable crop in Florida behind tomatoes and bell peppers.

5.) The biggest threat facing Florida’s strawberry industry is Mexican competition under NAFTA. Mexicans in Mexico are able to grow strawberries (and tomatoes) at a cheaper price than Mexicans in Florida.

Florida tomato and strawberry growers are bleating to Tallahassee and Washington about “fair trade” and “American jobs” … even though they disparage and refuse to hire American workers at livable wages, these millionaires invoke patriotism to justify selling their product in a protected US market.

Let’s hope that “free trade” puts them out of business!

Note: From 2000 to 2010, around 600,000 New Yorkers moved to Florida.

We’re peeling away at the layers of “Southern Demographic Displacement” in Florida, but it’s already clear that domestic migration as a cause is going to dwarf anything that we will find in the fruit and vegetable fields.

How did a sleepy, pestilential Southern backwater like Florida (in 1957, Alabama had 9 representatives in the US House, and Florida had 8 representatives) become the fourth largest state (soon to be third largest state, overtaking New York) in America? Florida’s transformation since the 1950s is by far the most extreme example of “Southern Demographic Displacement” anywhere.

We’re going to spend the next few months researching this.

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  1. “but it’s already clear that domestic migration as a driving cause is going to dwarf anything that we are going to find in the fruit and vegetable fields.”

    Which is yet another reason why, after the fall of the United States, the solution is multiple White ethnostates as opposed to one unifying ethnostate. Dixie for the Southrons, Yankee Land for Yankees, etc. 600,000 crossbread dogs shouldn’t have the right to invade the South like that.

  2. Remember, Castro conquered south Florida for Cuba without firing a shot. Long after Castro is dead, south Florida will still be Cuban.

  3. ‘How did a sleepy, pestilential Southern backwater like Florida (in 1957, Alabama had 9 representatives in the US House, and Florida had 8 representatives) become the fourth largest state (soon to be third largest state, overtaking New York) in America?’

    The hot, humid, pestilential southern end of the former Latin colony ‘La Florida’ became the promised land for millions of rootless-cosmopolitan City People, and millions of lower caste non-whites, thanks to: air conditioning and refrigeration, advertising and trend-promotion, chemical pest control, modern medicine, and all kinds of government subsidies — and especially, AIR CONDITIONING (which we seldom need HERE).

  4. Original Highland Park Property Deeds in Miami had written in them–to be WHITE ANGLO SAXON FOREVER. Of course if you go to Highland Park today–is a different world. a third world dump. The guy that made BIRTH OF A NATION about Klan had a house on the Miami River. Miami Shores, Star Island, Miami Springs were orginally White. Flip Wilson years and years ago tried to buy a house in Miami Springs but could not. Miami Beach Hotels use to have signs on Hotels and Motels==NO JEWS ALLOWED… Ben Klassen even lived in Lighthouse Point for years in Ft. Lauderdale. iT IS SUPER HUMID AND HOT THOUGH. Mosin is right on that….To bad we dont have a Article 25 like Argentine Constitution to Protect White European Culture. Segregation lasted all the way up to 63==then Intergration came. We are at WAR. Only White Resistance Insurgency and Lone Wolf Tactical Concepts works…Right Wing Tactics and Stragedy always fails. We must learn from history and the past what works….Whiggers are just as dangerous as Blue Gums and Satans Kids. In fact they will be the first ones to get the rope to hang you. In fact Martin Lindstedt is right==the way things are is because of Whiggers… They let it happen…

  5. Latin people attract other latins. That’s why “wn” hasn’t worked. The cubans ATTRACTED the new yorkers and vice versa. And these aren’t really yankees in the old sense (obviously).

    In the end, the real affinities are usually with the old yankees and the old southerners, and the old americans have more affinity with russians, orthodox, central americans, and north euros. The new yankees like the cubans. Romneys family was from south america; he picked Ryan. It’s just the way it seems.

  6. OT, but to add—- why would people, looking at the situation, and seeing that their government (clearly working with thousands of corporations, in other words, in a revolving door of government and business, i.e., “facism” as that it the real definition)— why would they look at that and then assume it is always going to be “press one for English?”

    Obviously, a group who will do all that (and many other things) will, very soon, simply STOP printing in English at all.

    Why don’t people ever react to that?—- that’s what seems strange.

  7. ‘Latin people attract other latins (…) the cubans ATTRACTED the new yorkers and vice versa. And these aren’t really yankees in the old sense’

    True. Perhaps all Northwest European non-RCs should abandon Florida to increase the attraction even further, make it as INTENSE as possible.

  8. Reminds me of the old slogan “If I knew this was going to happen, I would have picked my own cotton!”

    Also, “We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here!” Now it’s “picking strawberries” instead of fighting.

  9. @DixieGirl

    Yep. The Cubans attracted more Latinos, and made it easier for them. The New York Jews and their shabbos goy started going to Florida for the first Florida real estate bubble in the 1920’s.

  10. As others have pointed out, refrigeration and central air conditioning have made the place habitable, at least from about 30 degrees latitude south.

    The Dade county (Miami) area is demographically a mixture of liberal Jews (are there any other kind?), second and third generation Cubans, the most vile negroes you can imagine, plus a new and different sort of invader imported from the Central and South Americas. Can’t forget Haiti. Haitians are absolutely the lowest on the totem pole.

    Politically, first generation Cubans were most always “Nixonian” type conservatives, and could be counted on to support “Republican” causes, but their kids have mostly turned liberal Democrat. The rest of the mix can be counted on to vote Democratic, if they can be bothered to vote at all. But whether or not they do, it doesn’t matter. South Florida Democratic party election fraud is so out in the open that it’s pretty much taken for granted, these days.

    The central area (Orlando) is considered “Little San Juan” due to the large Puerto Rican population. Puerto Ricans are not Cubans, whom the latter shame with a consistent work ethic, and who possess a general “cut-above” quality not often found within their San Juan counterparts. However, a strong ethnic bond exists within (but not always shared between) the two Spanish speaking groups, so that in any mix whites are always the odd man out.

    Almost every “Rican” has a PR flag hanging from the rear view mirror of a hopped up Honda Civic, and they play taco bending music as loud as is possible–probably to remind everyone they are PRs. Their cars are equipped with enough watts to have made Owsley Stanley jealous, and at traffic lights the ground often shakes.

    Projections indicate that in the next decade PRs will be the demographic majority in the Central Florida area, but I suspect it has already happened.

    More and more Mexicans seems to be making Florida the stop, too. These “squat monsters” tend to work in the constructions trades, or cutting the grass that white folk are too gentrified for.

    It is also common to see Muslim women walking the street, with head and even face covered. A couple of area “Islamic Centers” have sprung up.

    As a result of war and empire, one can find second and third generation Vietnamese families; and of course there is a fair share of the the Chinese diaspora present. But these folks are adaptable, obey the rules, and typically don’t cause problems for anyone. They are usually racist toward black folks, sometimes quite openly.
    –especially the Chinese.

    The negro population in Orlando is confined to a couple of areas requiring constant “police attention.” Nothing new with that, or out of the ordinary. The former Orlando police chief was a black woman. Her claim to fame was leaving her service automatic unattended, in the front seat of her SUV, and then having it stolen when it was parked in her driveway. That pretty much tells you about the nature of police work in Orlando. Except that the force is also a known lesbian hang-out. That may be the case in many cities, these days.

    In an effort to discourage the negro population from infesting a gentrified downtown area, Orlando has decided to become “gay friendly”. Several times a year, and for weeks on end, homosexuality is “celebrated” to include main street parades. Disney is a big supporter of this, but also other large corporations. Even NASA is in as a sponsor. The upside for the city? Homosexuals typically have plenty of money to spend (no families to raise, and no kids to send to college), and hood rats don’t like them very much, so they tend to stay away.

    There remains a contingent of old-school basic “redneck” stock around, but these folks are mostly hidden away in smaller towns, minding their own business. They are not outwardly political as far as I can tell.

    Most city whites are mentally destroyed, A product of government schools, they tend to embrace the “cult of the negro” and many appear to have abandoned natural kids for dogs. It is not uncommon to see them dressing up designer animals in little outfits, and you often see them “walking” their canines in baby carriages. But it is not always so. I recently encountered one youngish blond haired white woman who had lately adopted an Ethiopian baby. She was very proud of her negro acquisition. Evidently got it from one of the Christian charities who like to sponsor this sort of thing.

    The current Florida governor made millions in the healthcare business, but was forced to change jobs after the hospital group he owned was charged by the FBI with Medicare fraud. Of course if you ask him, he “didn’t do nuffins.” Nevertheless he was forced to make a hasty exit.

    Being a clever man with connections, he was able to change careers in mid-life pretty easily. Mainly because his Republican primary challenger was even more repugnant [a life-long politician who had made his own political career more or less work by running year after year on the platform of “term limits”]. Nevertheless, in spite of an entrenched Republican hegemony at the state level, cities are becoming more and more liberal. Because of it the state will probably never send its electoral votes to Washington, in support of another Republican.

    Certainly agriculture is still king. South Florida around the Glades is a hell-hole fit only for large carnivorous lizards and snakes, the most horrible looking vultures, and billions of swarming blood sucking insects larger than nature intended. Yet in spite of that there’s a lot of money to made down there. And money always carries the day.

    • Excellent post.

      We’re going to cover all of that:the Cuban exodus, the Haitian boat people, Asian refugees, Puerto Ricans settling on the mainland, more on agriculture, WW2, the air conditioner, how Northerners settled Central and South Florida after the 1890s, etc.

  11. We look forward to reading Hunter’s work on Florida.

    This is somewhat O/t, but: I am preparing a film for French public television on the national parks. They want to film out West (Yellowstone, Yosemite), as well as in some NPS locations in the Everglades.

    If any OD readers know anything about the Everglades, and the invasive species of snakes that infest them, please let me know. We are especially interested in the giant python hunts that are organized from time to time.

    – Arturo

  12. Great comments here.

    I am sure homesteading legislation added to the misery.

    I go to South Florida several times a year to visit relatives. Forget the government’s statistics, at a minimum, Miami-Dade County is 80-85% non-white, Broward 65-70% non-white, and Palm Beach County is around 40-50% non-white — and growing. In just 20 years or so, the place has declined at breakneck speed. There are a lot more Haitians than anyone is claiming. They are all over the place. They are the lowest of the low and they walk with a saunter that barely breaks 1/2 mile per 24 hours. As a white person, you can no longer drive south from Palm Beach to Miami on US1 and survive it.

    Bill Clinton seems to have been the one that really opened up our floodgates and it goes beyond NAFTA and all those other trade deals. And, we can’t leave that old peanut farmer and “Southerner,” Jimmy Carter, off the hook with his Marielitos.

  13. Good Post Snowwhitey. What has happened to South Florida will happen to all of USA. What Martin Lindstedt says is true. He is right about Babylon The Third and Final and its implosion, And Right on Whiggers, Mamzers, Melungeons, Anglo Mertizos and Tribulation and Civil War 2. Millions and Millions of Whiigers will die with Satan and his Kids. Martin Lindstedts remarks about The Founding Racial Stock and how the Evil Empires in the past all turned on them is true today in this ZOG Evil Empire. If you are in a safe place with family and friends and ready..maybe you will survive to be one of the 10000 Warlords Program that Martin talks about. Most Whiggers will never change or morph into Whitemen. They will die to keep the Evil Empire in Power. There can be no Rebuilding until their is complete destruction….

  14. Yankees don’t think Florida represents ‘The South.’

    It is the land of Disney World, tacky Scarface Miami Ft. Lauderdale, (skanky) beaches, and Cubans et al. Then perhaps there is sorta southern-ish zone somewhere somewhere maybe in the north of it?

    Mostly, though, it is just not what we think of as The South per se. Displaced persons will often flock there – and jews, especially in retirement. But other than that, most yankees don’t really consider it as belonging to anyone but to its own spanish-founded hispanic, jew, oddball and other assorted cartoon charactered self.

    • North Florida is part of the Deep South.

      The area south of Gainesville has a different history. It was sparsely populated until the railroads pushed into Central and South Florida in the 1880s and 1890s. The invention of refrigeration and the air conditioner made it much easier to settle there.

  15. DixieGirl, Ave Maria U. has nothing to do with this topic, unless Monahan has invested heavily in the strawberry business. Hunter is trying to keep OD focused on the topics he’s writing about, let’s help him by sticking to those topics.

  16. So what do you consider the ‘normal’ south versus ‘The Deep South?’ I would not have thought that northern Florida would have fallen into the ‘Deep’ category if it could in fact be considered to be part of The South.

  17. Is LOS thinking in terms of an updated paradigm for secession “below” the state level? Maryland, northern Virginia, and Florida below the panhandle are geographically Southern, but that’s the extent of it. With so many transplants and immigrants having put down roots across the South, it doesn’t seem likely whole states will ever go again.

    It’s hilarious how America’s elites have denigrated the South for years while literally millions of transplants and non-white immigrants have found it desirable enough to move here over the same period.

  18. The League is focused on building up its own strength and organizing Southerners wherever it is possible. We can fantasize about secession, but nothing like that becomes realistic until we have the power to do so.

  19. The Cubans call Panama area REDNECK RIVIERA like French Riviera. And by the way do nor forget ROSEWOOD and how the liberals and do gooders cry how bad this was and want compensation for Negroes who had ancestors there–like Jews get compensation from Germany. Many Third Worlders cry about Panama area and thats its Klan Country. Hum–maybe we need Rosewood on a grand scale..Ha Ha. And by the way dont forget The Invisible Empire of KKK in Floridaa. Like David Tate in his article says—LONG LIVE THE CAUSE…

  20. Just read on wiki about Rosewood. Florida gave Compensation in 1993. Hey what about some Compensation for WHITES killed in the race riots in Miami! There was the McDuffy Black Guy who got bad with cops with Karate and whipped by them. Hell man If I stag on the Cops they will kill me and nothing wont be said. The Blacks rioted supposedelybecause of Cop Brutallity. Many Whites were killed in this riot by Blacks as Cops stood by and looked. Then some Commies went aroung with AR 15 with Thermite Grenades and shot them on roofs of Warehouses and started fires. Of course this was kept low and hidden. Then a few years later another riot in Miami when a doped up Black on a Ninja Motorcycle got what he deserved. Another riot insued. Again Whites killed. Miami is a very dangerous place completely out of control. Like Snowwhitey says drive down US 1 (Biscaynbe Blvd) and see what happens or drive thru Overtown or Brownsville of Liberty City in Miami. Better yet. go ride the Metrorail and hope you dont get mugged by Black Punks or get the New Knockout Game.

  21. “….It’s hilarious how America’s elites have denigrated the South for years while literally millions of transplants and non-white immigrants have found it desirable enough to move here over the same period….”

    Yes…quite the contradiction. Talked to a white guy yesterday whose “little columbian” daughter-in-law was about to have her baby. He mentioned a violent crime that had happened nearby, also, and he just couldn’t understand it, b/c he’d heard “the south was supposed to be so nice.”

    If only they could get a tiny whiff of themselves, but cognitive dissonance is some strong mojo!

    If millions of people of another ethnic group pored into Africa, it would be called Genocide. If they made it illegal not to pay for the “newcomers” health care, it would be called SLAVERY.

    If millions of OTHER BLACK PEOPLE pored from Nigeria into Kenya (another ethnic group, even if they are all black), it would be called Genocide. If they made it illegal for the Nigerians not to pay for the “newcomer Kenyans” health care, it would be called SLAVERY.

    Why —when millions of yankees— PORE into regions overnight (obviously destroying centuries of family ties, lands, etc.) is it NOT called SLAVERY and GENOCIDE?

    By definition (the real definition) Genocide does, in fact, involve enslavements and destructions within different ethnic groups (regional and/or religious) OF THE SAME RACE, i.e. Hutus and Tutsis

  22. HW,

    Idk— the “yankees” in the Northeast (like nyc) are very different from the “yankees” in the great lakes areas (minnesota, wisconsin, etc). They often CANNOT STAND the northeast, and aren’t crazy at all about latin culture, (even more adamant than waspy southerners in my experience). They are more Viking identified and so, even when they make some of the same affiliations, they are motivated in a different way.

    So they should have a different designation, imo.

  23. Sorry, Steven,

    I had thought topic was “Southern Demographic Displacement” with mention of the many “New Yorkers” who had moved to Florida, which was part of Mr. Wallace’s article. I was pointing out there are a variety of New Yorkers contributing to the displacement of native peoples, who had previously lived (and been able to happily reproduce CHILDREN) in these areas where they had been for centuries before such changes.

  24. OT, but John Thomas—

    Would like to know about reference you made to property deeds in Miami stating “anglo-s forever”? If this was written on the deeds, what years if you know? And in what areas? Just curious. Never heard that.

  25. DixieGirl, I can assure you that you were wrong when you claimed I mentioned my yankee family transplanting themselves to ‘Florida’ some weeks ago on here, as I had only mentioned Virginia and North Carolina.

    And you are quite misinformed here again when you assert that there needs to be some separate category for ‘yankees’ from the northeast and Wisconsin/Minnesota area (where I also have yankee family transplanted – catholics like to procreate dontcha know). Besides having first cousins who live all over this country (I am one of 29 full first cousins) I have made many friends from these areas who come to the northeast.

    I’ve noted among friends I’ve made in the pro-White circuit that where regional lines form pivotal differences between us, they are of latitude, not longitude, which seem to pale in comparison.


  26. Dixie Girl: It was in the 1920s or 1930s. I knew an older widow lady years ago and she showed me her deed. More than likely the Politically Correct System is getting rid of all these Deeds. It was the Highland Park area near Jackson Memorial Hospial. There was even a Swastika Park and they got rid of that name also. The Roman Style Coral Rock Gateway near Jackson Memorial Hospital is were the Klan Marched under it. The Blacks years back wanted it demolished. Maybe by now they have already removed it. The All Seeing Eye is everywhere and we must adopt tactics that will defeat their Monitoring, Control and Neutralization Techniques. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE like David Tate writes about in his article–THE MOVEMENT IS DEAD – LONG LIVE THE CAUSE..88! 14 Words!! By the way–today is Bloodriver Day Day in South Africa..Never Forget!!!

  27. The deed to my house, which my late parent’s brought in the early 1950’s, also had a “white’s only clause” in it too. I believe “Anglo-Saxon” the actual phrase mention in it.

  28. Dixie Girl,

    The Great Lakes Yankees welcomed the Somalians with open arms, vote Blue time and time again despite not having as large a population of Jews/browns/blacks/ yellows compared to the NE, and put Al Franken in office. They had the benefit of foresight too. After seeing what happened to the NE long before it affected other areas of the country, I would think all white America would have tried a little harder in stopping the assault. They’d sell out the rest of us whites in a heartbeat. They are both equally bad. You may be able to designate them by origin but not by behavior because there is not much of a difference IMO.

  29. Snowhitey-

    What I hear from the midwest, places like Iowa, for one eg, is that racial fatigue has finally hit but only in the last two years or so. When the feds dumped New Orleans’ reprobates into their towns they at first chalked off the violence to ‘if only whites hadn’t been so mean to them…’

    But after various murders and outbreaks of violence by these people, and years of it setting in, whites have finally come to question.

    The irony is, that if whites in states like NY (state, not NYC), NJ, etc. actually *knew* what was happening…they would have fought much earlier than these other northern populations.

    Mark my word on that. Whites are being kept in the dark and have been for years in these northeast territories. It’s easier to do in these states and suburbs because there’s more wealth in them usually, and so, there’s been enough money to pay for cops, for instance, to patrol, etc. It’s been easier, until recently, to contain the crime and to camouflage it as mercenary as opposed to racial. I’m fairly certain the Common Core is actually changed in these wealthier suburbs, so that again, the middle-trending-and-solid-upper middle class whites are kept ignorant until the very last minute. These blue-purplish states that have been insulated by design from the realities of Diversity, in part because they have some wealth generally and also by the nature of their culture, *would fight* in two minutes if they had access to the facts of what’s happening.

    I personally witnessed a local county prosecutor’s office lie through their teeth about a murder by Knockout Game that occurred not too far from the murder in Essex County in the last two days. This was going back to 2009 I think..

    The irony is that the northeast white populace would not be willing to blame Diversity violence on whites for two seconds. That meme is totally foreign up here. Among whites there is no indulgence – there is only a black out. Whites are not in control of the court system either.

    There is a rising tide up here, of people who are willing to go out ahead and marshal the troops as it were. Just recently I went to a grocery store and became the recipient of a white middle aged guy’s rant against Diversity…it started with complaints of food prices rising and progressed. I look scandinavian or ‘irish’ so I think I symbolized a Whiteness to this random outraged white guy, who totally instigated his own rant which I had to walk away from more or less to contain…

    But wishy washy liberalism isn’t the style of ‘yankee’ thought that grounds the northeast. It does permeate the north midwest though, particularly Minnesota area.

    I’m actually beginning to think that some of these standouts among the northeast crowd will finally foment a movement, and that we will start the memes that will recapture the Yankenstein that the jews created. Believe me when I say we hate wimps, laziness, lack of industriousness, unearned self-righteousness and entitlement. We hate it with all of our being.

    What becomes clearer to me, however, is that the southerners will absolutely never understand how we come to a white nationalism and liberation, and vice versa. The more I observe how things are unfolding the more I sense that that divide is unbridgeable. I coin the term ‘Yankenstein,’ but more important than the monster is exactly who created it – and it wasn’t us. Us Whites that is.

    And those of us who are either willing or forced to make a stand know that attacking the root is the only way to solve the problem. We also know that to fail to do so is to fall into the trap our adversary sets for us. In the North we do not blame biology but culture. In our world they are not divisible, but unlike you we see the latter as leading the former. What you don’t seem to get is that we live and die by our culture, our tribe, our ways.

    The monster also goes by Yankeestein…if you get me. We know this, but you southerners either cannot or will not. Ever read about how South Carolina, Charleston especially I think…was infiltrated with jews who posed as whites…or about how the jewish southerners were spying on the whites for the yankeesteins…some pro-whites have posted articles about this recently…Mindweapon Ragnarok, etc.

    So this is what it will come down to. Like I said, when the revolution hits I’ll be waving the flags of freedom from what I’m increasingly certain is the other side…

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