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Because of the SECEDE billboard in Tallahassee, the League of the South has made the news again in Florida:

“The League of the South, which has been urging the South to leave the United States for two decades now, responded on Wednesday.

“It is indeed heartening to see Florida’s economic success, especially in this day of widespread economic and financial hardship,” Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, told Sunshine State News on Wednesday..“The Florida Chamber of Commerce and all those businesses that have made this happen indeed have a right to crow about this achievement. Congratulations!”

But Hill said there was a “bit of cognitive dissonance at work here” as Wilson and Moore celebrated Florida’s gains despite Washington’s interference.

“Why keep the economic millstone of Washington, D.C., around your neck when you could do even better without it?” Hill asked. “Why would Florida want an entity at best ‘stuck in neutral’ (many think it is going hard in reverse) acting as a drag on her already notable achievements, as pointed out by the Florida Chamber of Commerce? Upon reflection, the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s position makes no sense. What good does Washington, D.C., do for you, Mr. and Mrs. Floridian, except to tax you, regulate you, and otherwise punish hard work and initiative by its own wastefulness and ineptitude? We in the league think you can do even better on your own.

“But having said this about the economic issue, let us not forget that money is not everything,” Hill added. “There is more to life than money and jobs and economic growth. The League of the South is concerned with all aspects of Southern life, not just the material aspect. Is the Florida Chamber of Commerce concerned about more than the state’s ‘bottom line’?

“The League of the South’s simple message to Floridians — ‘Secede’ — in this day of bloated, overweaning centralized government makes much more sense than the old ‘business as usual’ position of the Florida Chamber of Commerce,” Hill concluded. “Oftentimes, the future belongs to the bold and those willing to think and act outside the box. We in the League of the South offer this advice to the good people of the sovereign state of Florida: secede to succeed.”

Flawless execution.

I notice that Dr. Hill was quoted far more extensively than usual. The League is putting up two more SECEDE billboards in Georgia and Alabama.

Note: This is a drop in the bucket compared to the flood of negative news coverage that has followed Glenn Miller’s rampage shooting, but like the news coverage in Richmond and the Gawker article in Tallahassee, the League is getting its message out without attracting much in the way of negative publicity.

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  1. Compare the peaceful act of a billboard with the violence of the recent week.

    The Chamber of Commerce billboard does not counter the secession message in the slightest, I’m not sure what the message is besides polyanna BS: “go get ’em, tiger!”

    The League of the South gets free publicity and recognition as the premier change agent, even beyond the “Tea Party” which has fizzled out.

    More signs please!

    HW, remember the post you had on the US flag being taken down near your gym? People are territorial, it’s hardwired into their brains. If they see a permanent physical representation of something it carries an outsized weight.

  2. Billboard projects are easy to do.

    It only requires fundraising. It generates immediate publicity. It directly exposes thousands of people to our message. It also gives people who contribute to the billboard campaign a return on their investment.

  3. Would you really want the southern part of Florida in a new CSA? I’ve heard Cubans are good people, but they are only one of the groups there.

  4. I noticed somebody posting WN stuff, making us look bad. I pray that was just a troll, and no one actually thinks like that here. Even if one of you does have those opinions, it would be wise to keep it to yourself, as to not scare away the “normalfags”.

  5. There may be other groups which would be open to a secessionist or at least state’s rights political line. There’s the recent brewup at the Bundy ranch. You have various militia and ranch defense organizations. The cannabis advocates are working at the state level for decriminalization and have to deal with a lot of federal harassment. And a lot of people are riled about the federal courts overturning state initiative regarding controlling illegal immigration.

    Not saying these groups are all onboard with secession, or could even be civil if they got together in the same room. But there is a broad dissatisfaction with DC which has been building for a couple decades. Perhaps there is room for a coalition of these groups?

  6. Brilliant rejoinder on the ‘Succeed’ BS from the Corporate Cronies, and Nigger-worshiping Multicultists out there; for it IS a competing religion, and worldview- from Hell.

    “It should be writ large in our hearts that wherever rationalism raises its venomous, snake-like head, negro worship will follow. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in church or state, rationalism is the Raven, the contemplation of dumb nature, which leads to the worship of the negro. The modern conservative and the liberals are rationalists therefore they both, despite petty differences, worship the negro.”

  7. “Perhaps there is room for a coalition of these groups?”

    Of course there is, but half the people posting on this site are pig-ignorant idiots who are so wrapped up in their own sense of “uniqueness” that they don’t understand the South would benefit and positively need allies and trading partners should the Union break apart. The idea that the South would block river traffic down the Mississippi or prevent natural gas or crude oil from flowing to Houston is absurd.

  8. “Would you really want the southern part of Florida in a new CSA? I’ve heard Cubans are good people, but they are only one of the groups there.” – It is the federal government which is facilitating what is happening to southern florida, and without federal government influence the economic migrants will return to their homes.

  9. Marcus: Would you really want the southern part of Florida in a new CSA? I’ve heard Cubans are good people, but they are only one of the groups there.

    If we go by that standard, then we’ll have to surrender significant chunks of our land. The presence of uninvited colonists from elsewhere should never be a reason to give up on our land. Demographics will change when leadership changes.

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