Libertarians in Name Only

tamarIt’s getting pretty scary and ugly out there – our Southern border is being overrun by hordes of TB infected mestizo “children,” -well, not really children, more like teens with ties to Mexican drug cartels and MS-13 gangs. The usual anti-Southern leftists in the Obama administration and power mad Hispanic racial grievance industry (MEChA, National Council of La Raza) have been joined by a motley crew of traitorous fake “conservatives” (neocons, RINOS, Christian Zionists, open borders homosexual buggering bishops) and now a new cult of traitors, the LINOs, Libertarians In Name Only.

Key open borders immigration LINO traitors include Sen. Rand Paul, his former aide Jack Hunter (formerly known as the “Southern Avenger”), perennial Libertarian presidential and vice presidential losers Gary Johnson, Paul Ryan and Ron Paul. Ron Paul has been reassuring the traditional American public that Third world immigration really wouldn’t be a problem if we could just make some free market reforms and go back to the original intent of the US Constitution, abolish the Fed, the Great Society welfare state, the New Deal, Social Security, and all the evil environmental and child labor laws – the Libertarian FULL MONTY!

Watch below as failed Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ron Paul in 1988 trying to reassure some regular California guy that unrestricted Third World immigration is actually good for the USA and any minor problems are caused by too much US border restrictions on the free movement of people.

American Renaissance voted Rand Paul the 2013 Traitor of the Year. Rand Paul’s staffer Jack Hunter once made the cardinal sin of speaking up for Southern people. Well, Jack isn’t defending the Southern people anymore. After The Washington Free Beacon outed him as the “Southern Avenger,” Jack tells us he become a born again libertarian, and now wants to share the gospel of libertarian free market prosperity to every single diseased, low IQ Third World illegal alien who jumps across the border into the USA.

Counter-Currents has an excellent article documenting the pathetic libertarian treason of Jack Hunter. To be fair, not all libertarians have been insane traitors on the immigration issue. Dr. Milton Friedman once stated:

“You can have open borders of you can have the welfare state, but you cannot have both”

Dr. Friedman also said the patently false lie that before 1914 no one in the United States opposed open borders immigration. Did Southerners want to welcome the mass immigration of Haitians that had recently slaughtered the entire White population of Santo Domingo? How about the Chinese Exclusion Act? What about the immigration laws that excluded anarchists and the feebleminded? Do you think our ancestors wanted anarchist immigrants here like the one who assassinated President McKinley on Sept. 14, 1901?

Dr. Milton Friedman told us there was no opposition to open borders immigration back then. Why would he lie? It’s the same reason leftist turned Wall Street Journall libertarian Tamar Jacoby demands open borders immigration to the USA. It is supposedly great for the USA, but not for Israel – Israel needs to be a Jewish ethno-state with a very protective border fence and no voting rights for Palestinians etc.

The brutal reality is that libertarianism is just another destructive, race denying political-intellectual movement designed to disarm the traditional American people. Libertarianism is just another hat to be worn, a disguise, and this disguise is pushed by … the Jews.

Open borders libertarianism is only pushed in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and the rest of the Occident. There are no open borders immigration libertarians in Israel. Jews do not push their poison on their own people.

Open borders immigration is suicide for our people, or more accurately – murder.


  1. Not to drag a dead horse through town, but you DO note that a number of the sources you quoted, who were the biggest pains in the Backside, happen to also be jewish, don’t you?

    • That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Thomas Jefferson was not a “Marxist”, but he was a libertarian. They didn’t need a word for it back then. They just called it “Liberty” and “Freedom”. Things we don’t have anymore.

  2. Open borders are like an open door on a house. Anybody and anything can come in. A sane homeowner will allow only people he trusts to enter into his home. A nation must act the same way, otherwise, the security and wealth of it’s people will be compromised. our founding fathers ,even the Yankee ones, understood this, and strictly limited immigration to their own kind of people. We’re in danger of becoming a minority in our own land because we don’t understand what the founding fathers did.

    • ‘We’re in danger of becoming a minority in our own land…’

      But, Mr. Dalton, Sir : that’s the plan, isn’t it ; or, at least, for the South 🙂

      ‘… because we don’t understand what the founding fathers did.’

      Sir, as our ‘foundin daddys’ alreadee dun’ bin pilfr’d, maybee it’s high tyme te git ourse’ves sum’ new’uns … an’ this tyme : bee shore we keep thet dang copyryght unduh lock & key.

  3. JR,

    I’ve been kinda waiting for you to do your next OD feature and hoping that it was on this subject matter, because I had a minor epiphany a few days ago.

    Why is it that the modern libertarians (or what laughably passes for them) will compromise or ignore or set aside libertarian purism when they think they need to appeal to non-white voters, but not set it aside and dogmatically hold on to it when we want some real immigration control and immigration enforcement? School vouchers and immigration enforcement both violate libertarian purist dogma, but Rand Paul, et al. are happy to throw libertarian purist dogma under the bus to give school vouchers to ghetto black women but not violate it to control immigration.

    Of course it’s a rhetorical question to which everyone reading it should be able to figure out the answer.

    The only slight factual error here is that Paul Ryan is and was always an elected Republican, albeit one who is doubling down on open borders even at this moment, and therefore one who needs a Dave Brat to stare him down ASAP.

  4. You can have libertarianism or you can have open borders. The concept works fine in homogenous nation-states. Long live the militia.

  5. Tamar Jacoby is a libertarian? Really? Libertarianism is a “race-denying” movement “pushed by the Jews”? Come on, Jack, I expect more from you. Murray Rothbard was a Jew and one of the most brilliant and distinguished libertarian scholars of the 20th Century. He was also a race realist, an opponent of open borders, and a vocal supporter of Pat Buchanan’s run for the presidency. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, one of Rothbard’s students, became a leading light in the libertarian intellectual movement, and is likewise a race realist and opposes open borders. Have you ever looked at the people whom he invites to his annual Property and Freedom conferences? Jared Taylor, Richard Lynn, etc. Some libertarians support more or less open border; others don’t. Some American Jews (probably three-fourths of them) support essentially unrestricted immigration; others (e.g., Ilana Mercer, Jewish libertarian writer) don’t. Some libertarians (Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Reason magazine, most members of the Libertarian party) are absolutely bat-shit crazy around the issue of immigration; others are not. (Some people who fish are open borders; others are not. So what?)

    Jack, we’ve actually met at AmRen and hit it off. I like and respect you and your site, but I think that you’ve overstated your case here. When you say that open-borders insanity is pushed by “the Jews,” you make it sound as if they’re monolithic.

    Like you, I oppose open borders, but I don’t see it as an inherent feature of libertarianism. I point this out to white nationalists at every turn and am met with blank stares. Rothbard? Hoppe? They’ve never heard of them, and even if they have heard of them, they’ve never bothered to read them. Whether it libertarians of “da Jooz,” it far easier to erect a caricature from a small sample. The reality is far more nuanced.

    • Murray Rothbard and Hans Herman Hoppe, OK you’ve found two individual Jewish Libertarian intellectuals in the entire world who you say are not for open borders immigration in to the USA, White countries.

      I doubt you could find two Jewish people in the entire world that are for open borders immigration in to Israel.

      My point in this article is basically two points:

      1 Libertarianism is overwhelmingly a Jewish intellectual, political movement.

      2 Libertarianism overwhelmingly supports open borders immigration to the USA, the West,but not in to Israel, which is reserved as a Jewish Ethnostate.

      Thus when White guys who are supposedly on our side get smeared as “RaCISTS” like Jack Hunter, they often run for cover as born again Libertarians and then join the anti White, Jew team led by nasty anti White Jews like Chuck Schumer and Tim Wise, Tamar Jacoby.

    • I’ve always been told by Libertarians that they believe in the freedom of movement and free trade, so they believe in open borders. I didn’t know you could be a Libertarian, and not believe in open borders.

    • We work very hard to be firm but fair here at OD. We work especially hard no to fall down in to unfair Jew hating, blaming all our problems n the Jooz.

      Readers should note that we have taken a hands off, neutrality position regarding Israel’s latest war with the Palestinians. We/I wish the Jewish people in Israel well as it is a very rough neighborhood, not as rough as the worst neighborhoods here in Chicago, but very rough.

      We also note that while open borders immigration Libertarianism is a Jewish political/intellectual movement, many White Gentiles like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Jack Hunter have been the worst proponents of this terrible cult.

      • You may not want to take a position, but I will.

        First off, I don’t stand with Israel. We need that $5 billion a year here, not there. That, and I don’t know what “standing with Israel” is supposed to mean other than writing blank checks and cheap and empty social media gestures.

        Second, I hope Israel and Netanyahu thump the hell out of that scummy terrorism-inclined invented people.

        Third, other than the fact that our movement and a lot of the people in it are way too obsessed with Jews for their own sanity, I’ll never figure out why so many of our people support the antics of said invented people when if it was the same people living next to us that did the same things, we’d be screaming holy hell, as we should.

        Fourth, crack a history book every once in awhile. That particular parcel of geography was occupied by someone or some force for more than two and a half millennia. The New Kingdom Egyptians, then the Assyrians, then the Babylonians, then the Persians, then the Alexandrians, then the Romans, then the Byzantines, then the Ottomans, then the British. And I’m probably leaving something out. Only since 1948 has it not been “occupied” by people who are not of the historic demographics of people that live(d) there.

    • Libertarianism as it now stands in the USA is simply a complete waste of time for Southerners , Regular White Americans who are race realists.

      We have to form groups, have to start thinking and acting in yeah a collectivist way to fight for the survival of our people, or our people will not be here in any significant way in 50 years.

      We have to start thinking and acting as “we”, not “me me me”.

      Try making a go of Libertarianism, race denying anything goes capitalism in places like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Gaza or any of the many third world places here in the USA, USA.

  6. the schadenfreude of internecine strife is a delight to behold…connedservatives vs. liebertarians.

    2016 is shaping up to be hilarious. #conservativeoutreach #lulz

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