Ole Miss Plans To Get Even More PC



No, the latest capitulation to political correctness at Ole Miss doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the university. It is part of a trend that stretches back to the 1990s. Ole Miss has already replaced Colonel Reb with a politically correct mascot and banned the Confederate Battle Flag, the song Dixie, and the chant “The South Will Rise Again” at football games.

So why not rename Confederate Drive? Why not add a “vice chancellor of diversity”? Why not “give better historical context” to Confederate symbols on campus? Once again, we have been reminded there is no end to the slippery slope of destroying Southern heritage in order to appease a whining, coddled minority of permanently aggrieved blacks:

”JACKSON, Miss. — The University of Mississippi plans to add a vice chancellor of diversity, rename Confederate Drive and give better historical context for Confederate symbols.

The reforms, aimed at addressing racial divisions, came Friday in a report released by Chancellor Dan Jones in the wake of a Feb. 16 incident in which a noose was placed around the neck of a statue of James Meredith along with a Confederate emblem. …”

In just the last year, the Tom Watson statue was ripped from its foundation at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta and is scheduled to be replaced with a statue of Martin Luther King. Jr. Was that enough? No, it emboldened SCLC to call for the destruction of every Confederate monument and memorial in Georgia. Even the grave of Robert E. Lee and his family was desecrated in Lexington because half a dozen obnoxious blacks felt “alienated” at Washington and Lee University.

There are no limits to the scam known as “anti-racism.” Experience has shown time and again that “anti-racism” cannot coexist with Southern heritage. Once the premise of “anti-racism” is granted and Confederate heritage is delegitimized as immoral, a zero sum game unfolds in which one side, the White Southern side, yields, and the black side makes further demands.

Note: A protest in Oxford, MS has already been organized for August 9. I strongly urge OD readers in the area to attend. If not us, who is willing to stand up and defend our heritage?

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  1. “…in the wake of a Feb. 16 incident in which a noose was
    placed around the neck of a statue of James Meredith along with a
    Confederate emblem.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a Liberal did that, just to get his way.

        • Dang if I didn’t, Mr. Dalton ! ; an’ whyle we at it : bes’ stock up on peach cobbler & pecan pie. Oh, Lawdee … we bes’ git straightwayz down tuh it, Sir – afore them dang newlee fed’rulyz’d health insurintz cump’nies commintz te chargin’ an extree $99 a month, to eat ’ems, seein’ how ’em ole pecans lead te diverticoolytis & peaches ? : why they’z mos’ danjerus thangs o’ all, (werse ‘n tobaccee, even), bein’ az they lead to thoughts o’ seeceshun!

  2. They (White People) wont do anything…football season is coming…They’ll be watching their all b football team while drinking and puking all over themselves.

  3. We plan on being there. Anyone needing more information or directions click on my name and visit my website. Send me a message and I will reply asap. Deo Vindice !

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