War Against The South: SPLC Quietly Declares Confederate Heritage Is “Hate”

By Hunter Wallace

While some Cuckfederate groups are issuing silly press releases promising to fight “racism” and “hate groups” even harder in the wake of Charleston, the SPLC has recently changed its policy on Southern heritage.

According to the SPLC, all Confederate Battle Flag rallies are now “hate rallies,” the Confederate Battle Flag represents nothing but “hate,” and all Confederate monuments, holidays, symbols, memorials, celebrations, schools and parks named after Confederate leaders should be eradicated from the public square:

“Campaign aims to identify and eliminate government-sanctioned symbols honoring the Confederacy. Please send examples in your community.

In response to the tragic murders at Charleston’s “Mother Emanuel” A.M.E. Church by a Confederate flag-waving white supremacist, the Southern Poverty Law Center is launching a campaign to identify and erase government-sanctioned symbols of the Confederacy across the country. …

We’re looking for Confederate statues or monuments; flags; government seals; patches on government uniforms; the names of parks, streets, schools, military bases or counties; school mascots; and other examples.

As part of the “Erasing Hate” campaign, we’re also preparing a community action guide to help local communities reach consensus on removing publicly supported symbols that represent the slave-holding South.”

Interestingly though, in spite of this new policy which categorically defines Confederate heritage as “hate,” the Sons of Confederate Veterans has not been labeled a “hate group.” Perhaps this is because the SCV is more interested in fighting “hate groups” than its traditional charge to defend and preserve Southern heritage?

Note: As with the popular new term “Cuckservative,” a “Cuckfederate” is someone who claims to support preserving, say, Confederate monuments, but who ardently embraces alien values, ideas, and policies while ferociously attacking those who support their own cause in order to maintain their “respectability.”

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  1. I was afraid these kinds of stories were going away.

    Here is your chance to fight back. If we let them win and we don’t do anything, we have only ourselves to blame.

  2. Erasing hate is a codeword for Erasing Southerners. They are talking about genocide. Raphael Lemkin, a lawyer, invented the term “genocide” and is responsible for its legal definition today.

    Lemkin defined genocide as follows:

    “Genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation” . . . “It is intended to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”

  3. These are probably the two most interesting pro-Southern protest planned yet:

    Washington, D.C at the Lincoln Memorial.


    Charleston, South Carolina.

    The Washington D.C rally is symbolic because it will be in front of the Lincoln Memorial and because it will be in Washington D.C the capital of the U.S.

    The Charleston, South Carolina rally will be interesting because it will be ride from multiple locations, that means multiple convoys from across the state will arrive in Charleston. But what makes it symbolic is that it’s where the Civil War started and where the flag came down under the current Nikki Haley regime. I can imagine the elites looking out the Charleston statehouse capital as hundreds of Confederate flag waving cars, trucks, and motorcycles pass through.

  4. Last year, SPLC employees were on the ground in Ferguson standing shoulder to shoulder with the thugs and criminals who open fire on police officers and burn and loot businesses.

  5. Dees? SPLC? Experts on heritage? Hilarious. These race pimps see a chance to make some money. ALWAYS follow the money with these shysters. ZERO credibility. Rallies will continue to mushroom even as these relics continue to fade from relevance

  6. So if they Erase Hate, who will they hate and blame after that? Once most of the White people move away from an area, you’ll notice that the crime and “hate” skyrocket and, sure enough, the blame is shifted from Whites inside of a city to Whites outside of the city. Black people rarely internalize civilized solutions when there are Whites somewhere that can be blamed. White separation isn’t just an opinion held by someone who might hold racist or hateful views; it’s apparently the only true and logical solution for any White person who desires to live in a world where they aren’t being blamed for black proclivities and their savage behaviors.

    Hate is an arbitrary word that is generally used to disguise agendas. Morris Dees, Mark Potok, Hoggy Heidi and the rest of the SPLC Klan HATE White people who disagree with their Marxist vision of the world. They especially HATE Southern Whites and everything they stand for. They HATE Christians. They HATE people who don’t want to see two men fondling each other and dance naked in the streets. But their “hate” is righteous and good according to them, so it’s all okey dokey. To them, it’s not even hate, it’s just the “right thing to do” or the proper view to have.

    Considering the mountain of evidence proving there is an extremely disproportionate number of black people who destroy communities and murder, rape and assault like it was their occupation(I’d call it all hate), wouldn’t a sincere Erase Hate campaign be more effective and produce a broader, more long-term solution to “erase hate” if it were to target a lot of black people?

    If any of my family members are ever targeted by savages that were riled up and given a false sense of entitlement and victimization created by the institutionalized anti-White rhetoric of today, I’m going to hold organizations like the SPLC and mainstream media personally responsible. It can all go supernova real quick when you mess with a man’s family.

  7. I’ll join the SPLC. Really…provided they sponsor a contest where all participants jump out the rear door of a C-130 at 24,000MSL.

    I’ll be in the cockpit smoking a cheroot, and snickering, yes.

  8. Oh, yes, need I forget: the chutes are packed with dirty linen. That’s all. Which will explain my snickering.

  9. Even if they weren’t openly genocidal, I don’t want to live in a country that rips out its own soul.

  10. Forrest City, Arkansas was named after General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Wouldn’t changing the name of a city involve a lot of expense and inconvenience?

  11. This is only going to continue to strengthen and unite us. This is happening because fancy rhetoric and false ideals cannot denationalize and destroy the majority of us. They know they will have to fight us to de-whiten the Empire and the feel the time is right to start the war. Secession is the only alternative to armed conflict.

  12. This has been going on in South Africa for decades. It’s also going on in Europe. It’s a Marxist strategy. It’s also a step to genocide.

  13. Laugh in the faces of SPLC or whatever the hell they call themselves.
    Southerners Americans can be proud of there heritage there faith there decency there strong sense of family values and patriotism. In fact if anyone decent wanted to immigrate they would say I want to go to white salt of the earth southern america The home of the brave and free where men are men and woman are woman and manners makes the man
    Have you ever heard even an illegal immigrant say heh hombre I wanna go to ferguson or baltimore I hear they burn down the place drugs guns rape murder riots death violence criminals..m soinds wonderfuk heh hombre just like home….
    No one admires washington or new york etc Everyone admires the South Those strong christian propersous people and every body wants to be like them The greatest americans are southerners yesteryear and today The greatest nation on earth is the one the southern states and there leaders built
    The South has every reason to be proud

  14. It is obvious that the South, its people and heritage is currently the #1 target. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that we non-southerners see it too. We are your friends and allies – do not forget that.

  15. We know that only fools and the worst parts of society hate us.

    We should be proud that our fight is a symbol of western civilization’s struggle. I hope it is remembered that way.

  16. What a bunch of self righteous hypocrites! Trashing our Southern Heritage all the while waving the Stars n Stripes! What flag n it’s leaders have represented more hate than that of the US government?
    Slavery was first introduced in this country under the US flag n it’s leaders long before the “Confederate ” Battle Flag came Into existence. It was the US government that brought war on the South n on their women n children in a unconstitutional war. It was also under the US flag that the near extermination of a entire Native American race was conducted…but I guess that’s ok? Just a couple of examples.
    Over 230 yrs of hate, theft, rape n murder have existed in the shadows of the US Government n it’s flag but yet they want to trash our Southern Heritage? I think not!!!

  17. Get on the website – they have a form you fill in to inform on Confederate monuments – and post a bunch of nonsense.

  18. hondo

    ‘It is obvious that the South, its people and heritage is currently the #1 target.’

    Thomas Masters, Florida mayor, wants to rename ‘racist’ Old Dixie Highway after Obama

    The Riviera Beach City Council in South Florida will vote Wednesday on the mayor’s proposal to rename Old Dixie Highway after President Obama.

    “Each member will vote Yay or Nay to rid this city of a street name that still invokes memories of racism and slavery in the Old South” said Mayor Thomas Masters, a local NBC affiliate reported.

    “We’re in the Dr. Martin Luther King celebrations in the city,” Mr. Masters said in January, The Palm Beach Post reported. “What better way to celebrate his legacy than to get rid of what he died for, which was getting rid of old Dixie.”

  19. Morris Dees and the SPLC are Self-Appointed EXPERTS on Racism who only scratch the surface of American History and go no further than the issue of slavery when it comes to Southern History ………..they NEVER mention that slavery once existed in most of all the Northern states or that Slavery was Legal Under the US Constitution at the formation of the Country. Also slavery was accepted in most countries of the world long before America or the Confederacy had slavery. Babylon, Greece , Persia, Rome etc. etc. once allowed slavery. Even many of the African countries had slavery and this was long before and and long after slavery ended in the US. African tribes would capture members of other African tribes , make them slaves and then Sell Their Fellow Africans to the Slavers who transported them to other parts of the world. Of the 11 to 12 Million Africans who were shipped into slavery into the Americas only about six hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand were sent to the US . The import of slaves to the US had stoped many years befor the Confederate states were formed. We may not like it today but that was the way it was back then and Self-Righteous Morris Dees and the Hateful SPLC should not look at how it was back then by today’s standards.

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