War Against The South: Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument Vandalized In Memphis

#BlackLivesMatter supporters vandalize Forrest statue in Memphis

By Hunter Wallace

They spent last weekend stalking Bernie Sanders, making public death threats against Darren Wilson, and looting businesses and shooting each other in Ferguson … and, of course, vandalizing our monuments:

“MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A controversial statue in Downtown Memphis was vandalized over the weekend.

WREG has pictures of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statute which now has the words “Black Lives Matter” written in red spray paint on the front. ..”

At this point, #BlackLivesMatter supporters are nothing but a violent mob that needs to be put down by the police. I hope Trump seizes on the issue and goes full Nixon on this.

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  1. I’m afraid it’s like the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs in olden days – the tombs have to be hidden, protected with all kinds of things including curses to protect against vandals, robbers.

    Confederate hero tombs can no longer be left out in the open, the should be relocated to protected private property, museums.

  2. Fergustian erupted last night. I agree BLM are actually nothing more than terrorists by they’re definition.

  3. I’d be interested to hear Trump’s take on this. People have asked about the flag during Republican primaries before, which revealed a lot about the nature of the candidates. Now we have a lot more in our arsenal to hold them to task for. Immigration is on the table because of Trump. That is great news! Is it so unthinkable that he couldn’t be asked about cultural cleansing?

  4. You should continue reporting on the rallies which are ongoing. The past few days there were a string of rallies in Virginia, including Virginia Beach, Spotsylvania , Danville, and Roanoke.

    There have also been rallies in Texas, Florida, and as far away as Montana. A large family friendly rally was also held in Hillsborough, NC.

    There are several large rallies planned, including a Southern Heritage ride through Charleston and several rallies in Virginia, including one in Mathews, VA.

    The Southern Civil Rights movement is not over, even if the media ignores it and the politicians sneakily remove holidays and flags behind closed doors when no one is paying attention. In fact, Southerners are only getting more motivated against the bigots.

    I was watching RT and they have a dozens videos on Ferguson and anti-flag protesters. They have one or two videos of pro-flag supporters, and both appeared to be from the KKK rally in Charleston, which needless to say was a circus. Meanwhile, the tens of thousands that have rallied for the flag are simply ignored. You had a anti-cop protest in Ferguson yesterday that had a few hundred people and there are over a thousand searchable articles on Google on that protest. There are under 40 on a similar size protest in NC in support of the flag.

    Goes to show how the media manipulates coverage. Furthermore, there can be half a dozen anti-flag freaks at a pro-flag protest and the media will report on the anti-flag group in comparison to the much larger pro-flag group as if both the pro and anti flaggers are equal.

    This is why it’s important for alternative media outlets like this to continue reporting on the events and protest, to make people aware of the situation and Southern protest movement in the South. I’ve visited other pro-white sites and forums and even they’re in the dark about all these protest. There have been nearly 200 pro-flag protest with tens of thousands participating, with many of the larger pro-flag protests eclipsing other protest movements in the including “Black Lives Matter”, “Occupy”, and “Tea Party” protests of the recent past.

    So why are these Southern Civil Rights protest receiving so little coverage even among sites that should take interest, such as some pro-white sites and forums?

    My belief is that those forums (which I will not name)like defeatism and like to not report on anything that advances or brings awareness to mass action of people or anything that benefits our side. They have threads running in the hundreds of comments on single protest such as the Ferguson protest, but not a single one dedicated to the ongoing Southern Civil Rights struggle. It’s a shame that they don’t, because a lot of their members aren’t being made aware of this ongoing mass activism and I see comments on those same sites saying why do “Southerners allow people to destroy their flag” when in actuality Southerners have been protesting endlessly for months now. If they had an updated thread on ongoing Southern activism they would know and see that, but instead they think Southerners are sitting with their heads in the sand when that is far from the truth.

  5. There are several pro-Southern protests planned in key cities such as Charleston, South Carolina where hundreds will be riding through in support of Southern Heritage. There is also a rally in Washington, D.C at the Lincoln Memorial on September, 5th which over 1,000 people pledged to join.

    There are also several protest planned for Georgia and Virginia over the next few weeks. Besides these that I know of, there are many rallies popping up all the time.

  6. William, all:

    Just drop the “v”: #blackliesmatter. Nothing could be more dangerous than exposing this commie front organization for what they really are and really want.

  7. It’s good to see people are not giving up. The media blackout is predictable, but it still pisses me off.

    I don’t like defeatism either. Constructive criticism is good, but a lot of WNs just seem to whine as therapy.

    What about being more belligerent with the press? I don’t mean being stupid and playing their game. Remember the FHRITP guy? He was pretty good at being obscene for the lulz of it, but why not find a way to force coverage? John McCain’s goons could bum rush a single guy with a USS Liberty question, but none of them could do anything if a few hundred patriots showed up to ruin their speech.

  8. They’re fanatics, same as the abolitionists. Reality is the way it is, as neo babylon falls our monuments will remain a testament to a properly ordered Godly society as we pick up the pieces and rebuild.

  9. After the title, the article and comments definitely do not disappoint. Using this story as a sign of the war on the South begs the question, “Who are the citizens of the South?” Do black, latino, or Asian American citizens of the South targets of the War on the South? (no need to answer, the question is rhetorical). When citing the “stalking” of Bernie Sanders are we still talking about a war on the south? Since the south was never mentioned in this incident, and the protesters were angry about the gentrification of Seattle (just a little ways away from the south) and trying to call out Sanders for not doing enough to respond to their issues in their opinion, I’m curious as to what that has to do with the South. Unless of course, the South is defined as a place that still laments having to share land, business and rights with black people. I know that this is a forum for xenophobia, racism and recidivism (in a world with fewer and fewer forums for such, which I know is very upsetting to all of you), but I don’t get why you try to even couch these ideals in some sort of acceptable “we never said we are racist” kind of language and form. What is it that stops the site and its commenters from not just obviously attempting to imply that black Americans are inferior to White Americans, but bluntly and clearly stating it? Why not make a headline that says, “Black Americans prove again that our Founding Fathers were right not to count them as full people”?

  10. Justice,
    I’d look at other groups the same way as Jean Raspail. If some were truly were loyal to us and acted completely different from the mass, then it wouldn’t be an issue to me personally. That isn’t the real world though. The last thing we should do is pander in any way. Denouncing our own is exactly what we don’t need. Racism isn’t always an aggressive act done by the lowest denominator of a society. The defense of Vienna in the 17th century was as racist as anything, but it was a defensive war. The only way to not be racist is to never protect your own. The only race that has been debased enough to do that is white. Passivity in such a situation isn’t any sort of virtue.

    A better question is what exactly would happen if we had our own country? Dr Hill made the point that most other races would probably self-deport when the gravy train dries up. Leftist victim fantasies of murder squads aren’t what most of us want. The reverse of that is exactly what we are facing, by more subtle means.

    Can you give a reason why we shouldn’t resist? Remember that nobody here will ever care if you call them racist. White people who are afraid of being called racist, or whatever, have no future.

  11. The SCV may have rainbow confederate leaders, but I don’t know if all of the members are as hoodwinked. I seriously doubt they are stupid enough to do the enemy’s propaganda of the deed though.

    I used to want to join that, but I won’t now that I see what it is about. I don’t need somebody”s piece of paper. I know where my ancestors shed their blood.

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