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  1. That’s great. But, M’thinks these DNA tests are set up to tell people what they want to hear.

    How can the tell the difference in DNA from some White Brit guy and some Greek? Maybe it was some British classicists working in Greece?

    I go with the idea that DNA can show racial/ethnic genes – things like Nordic, Celtic, Slavic, Mediterranean.

    I’m ~ 85 % Anglo Germanic, Nordic with ~ 15% slavic. The Germanic Slavic mix is a good one – Himmler was wrong. Look how great Slavic Nations are doing now and how badly Germany and Anglo England are doing.

    • How can a DNA test be set up to tell people what they want to hear? You would have to know beforehand what the person taking the test views as a good racial breakdown and a bad one.

    • The Slavic nations aren’t doing comparatively well because they are somehow superior but because they are less advanced, socially backward, and received hard marxism (rather than our insidious soft version).

  2. You’re almost as as much of a Wop as me! The biggest surprise when I took mine was that it showed Europe West much higher than I thought, and Great Britain much, much lower than I thought.

  3. Well I guess you’re whiter than me then. Though I have blue eyes and pasty white skin, I’ve heard that my grandfather’s mother was one-quarter Cherokee Indian.

    Guess that’s why I like to drink whiskey…

    • I heard about the “Indian great grandfather” stories from my father’s side of the family for years. I did a little research and the only link I found that could have been possible was a great-great-great grandfather. But I saw that he drew a Civil War pension from serving in the Alabama 4th infantry, sooooooo…….

      Several years ago I went ahead an took a DNA test to put it to rest. No trace of American-Indian, and certainly nothing as recent as a great grandfather, which was supposed to be the case.

      • Many Americans actually thought it ‘chic’ to claim ‘rape ancestry’ by ‘savages’- it made the ‘Johnny-cum-latelies’ seem to be ‘more American’ thereby. It would appear that this was a vulgar, anti-biblical sin that many crackers indulged in, last century. We need to repent of ANY miscegenation, and restore bloodlines via DNA, and genealogy, to ‘never again’ have to listen to the race-mixers.

        Oh, and BTW. The biblical verse about ‘foolish genealogies’? [I Tim. 1:4] It applied to the mythic genealogies of both the Greek Pantheon, as well as to the Edomites who claimed descent from Isaac (conveniently not mentioning that they were Esau’s spoiled seed, of course!) after John Hyrcanus foolishly circumcised the lot, and admitted them as “Judeans” (I.e., “Jews’). The priestly lines demanded genealogies- you see it in Christ’s family tree at the beginning of the Gospels. Sigh- foolish laity not understanding the scriptures, and making anti-biblical ‘rules’ thereby…..

  4. I used 21 And Me and got very similar results. I am 2/3 British and 96% Northern european with a small bit of Iberian and Neanderthal DNA.

  5. Its interesting that native blacks and native “Americans” or Indians have ancestral lands that Whites cannot live in, but Whites have none because their race doesn’t exist. Its almost as if some vast conspiracy of Satanic vermin were trying to genocide them to make some mad delusion of power come true when in fact they are a bunch of retards who everybody hates and wants dead.

  6. Following up on the article I linked below:


    One of the concerns I have, is the propagation, and presumption of current ‘evolutionary theory’ that all humanity is an ‘Out of Africa’ paradigm; and that my DNA is going to be used for FRAUDULENT SCIENCE- modern-day Lysenkoism, to be blunt.

    Recent research has clearly noted that MULTIPLE SOURCES of genealogical root stock now needs to be the prevailing paradigm, but, in searching Family Tree DNA (the one organization that seems to be the best- and offers the option to NOT outsource your DNA stats… which, of course, could change tomorrow….) some of the charts for both Ydna and Matrilineal DNA, show the ubiquitous ‘Out of Africa’ -i.e., “The Apeman is my brother” mindset, with their ‘charts’ all pointing to someplace in Eritrea or Somalia!

    Moreover, as we know now (via Elhaik, Sand, Bradley, and Koestler’s older premise) Jews are NOT Semites- therefore, they CANNOT be ‘jewish’… as the Bible and the world understands/defines a ‘Jew’…

    Yet, even here, and with this utterly bogus schizophrenic statement –

    “Judaism is a religion and not an attribute definable by a DNA mutation, but we can give you hints about having Jewish ancestry by comparing your results against our database. Look on the Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins page to see whether or not the people you match have listed Jewish ancestry”

    – we see confirmation of yet ANOTHER FALSE CONSTRUCT as if it were real. [‘FEAR of the Jews’ -False Evidence Appearing Real]


    It would appear more honest matching of ethnic relatives in other states and nations, (rather than definite Eugenics/Race realism) is the motivating (monetary) factor for current genealogical research. But it’s always nice to know that your parents were honest, in telling you where you came from… that is, if they have been (honest, I mean).

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