Rand Paul Returns To Libertarian Roots

Rand Paul is polling at 5 percent in Iowa is because he is suffering from the delusion that his father’s former supporters are like the brat pack in the video below:

“With time running out before the Iowa caucuses and his polling still in the low single digits, Sen. Rand Paul finds himself desperately needing a strong showing in the Hawkeye State to get back into the presidential discussion.

Once a promising candidate who was leading in some polls two years ago, the U.S. senator from Kentucky has seen his fortunes plummet as his message became lost in a large field of GOP contenders who had more money and more star power. …

According to the most recent Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll, Paul gets 5% of the vote and sits in fifth place among likely caucus-goers in Iowa behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, businessman Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Nalle’s group last week endorsed Paul because Nalle said his small-government, libertarian message is more pure than that of his opponents, who he said are pandering to establishment Republicans to win votes.”

Although we won’t know for certain until February 1, the polling indicates that 3 out of 4 supporters of Ron Paul have deserted the Rand Paul campaign in Iowa.

In 2012, 99 percent of Iowa primary voters were White. Paul won 48 percent of 17-29 year olds and 26 percent of 30-44 year olds. 40 percent of Ron Paul voters were liberal or moderate. 63 percent made less than $50,000 a year and had at least some college education or above. Ron Paul voters skewed more male and less evangelical than the Iowa electorate and their most important issue was the budget deficit.

The typical Ron Paul voter was a college educated While male Millennial or Gen X’er who was more secular and less conservative than the average Republican voter. Who does that sound like? Does it sound like the brat pack below or the Alt Right?

Note: The big change in this election from 2012 is that the Alt Right, which is now a much louder voice on Twitter, has deserted the Pauls for Trump. Maybe the Alt Right is a much larger constituency than anyone realizes.

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  1. I believe it’s mainly that Trump is perceived as someone who can actually implement an isolationist foreign policy, whereas Paul is perceived as not having a broad enough base

      • With Israel I think you have to question whether he says it just to avoid conflict, however Trump’s statement to the RJC that he ‘didn’t want their money so they’re not going to support him’ was a stronger signal than anything Rand gave.

  2. Rand Paul is polling at 5 percent in Iowa

    That was Jack Kemp’s average take in Republican primaries and caucuses in which he seriously tried to win back in 1988. All it proves is that cosmo-quasi-libertarianism is a 5% constituency within Republican Presidential politics.

    In 2012, 99 percent of Iowa primary voters were White. Paul won 48 percent of 17-29 year olds

    Bernie Sanders is about to learn the hard way what Ron Paul, another ideologically charged Silent Generation political figure, learned the hard way four years ago — NEVER rely on Under 30s to carry you to victory. Channeling the Willie Sutton Doctrine, that’s not where the money is.

  3. There is a reason Libertarianism sounds a lot like “liberal” – it appeals to idealistic, high IQ college students who want to “save the world”, the John Lennon “Imagine” mindset that there is a way of thinking, believing, embracing the world to make everyone in the entire world happy and free.

    There are no perceived differences in all the people in the world – no nations, no religions, just everyone living for the world in peace and then there is the subset that everything can somehow be made right if everyone is equal, either equal opportunity, free to choose under Libertarianism or equal outcome under Liberal/Left “programs”.

    Libertarianism survives as a 2% cult because it is really the only form of “Conservatism” allowed in elite colleges and universities or in media. Neo Conservatism was recently presented as an option in some of these places, but even that isn’t allowed.

    Of course Libertarianism and all forms of Liberalism must worship MLK Jr. and subscribe to the dictates of Black Ruled America – everything is about making the lives of Blacks and related people (Mexicans? Muslims? Gays?) better – so Rand Paul and Ron Paul have some libertarian scheme to give vouchers to underclass Blacks to escape all Black public schools and attend private White schools, where of course the same horrors will occur, just in a more private way.

    Again, I don’t want to continuously toot my own horn, by I saw this clearly – the Libertarian alternative as waste of time cult – cult leaders at the top get good things, those at the bottom must simply BELIEVE!

  4. One of my favorite Alt Right race realist writers is Takimag’s Gavin Mcinnes. Gavin is very much British Canadian, now doing political and social commentary on our USA. I tend to like these realistic Brit world ex-patriots like Gavin, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire.

    Gavin now has a very entertaining video talk show on the Anthonycumia network. The whole network is ~ $7 a month, kind of like Satelight radio.

    Gavin had Ann Coulter on his show today (Ann isn’t a big fan of my writing at OD 🙂

    Can other’s access the show through this link?


    It’s important that we break out of the internet writing with words media – we need exciting video, TV shows, music etc.

  5. The race/culture denying Libertarian cult is down to ~ 2% where it should be, where it will always be unless it is disguised as something different.

    But the true believer cult is still with us – like walking undead vampires that can’t be killed by mortal means.

    Ron Paul is still doing infomercials on late night cable about THE truth of gold and silver and also these very, very annoying Truth videos explaining that there is no clash of civilization with Islam, any minor problems are supposedly the fault of not enough free markets, US intervening in the Islamic world etc.

    What a *#&$#* idiot! I’m so proud I took this traitor, clown down. When will he die? Can’t some nursing home Muslim nurse put a pillow to this idiots mouth?

  6. Sir, for years I was a fan of Rand Paul, as I had been his daddy; though, with his treacherous double-dealing about the Confederate flag, this past summer during the Dylan Roof affair, I lost all my affection for him.

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