Cuckservatives: National Review’s Demographic Death Spiral

Funny stuff.

Who is subscribing to the National Review? A bunch of rich old White men over half of whom are in the seventies and tend to live inside the Beltway. Out of touch?

Male – 81.4%
Median Age – 66 years old
Ages 15-54 – 18% of subscribers
Household Net Worth over $1 million dollars – 34.4%
Household Net Worth over $250,000 – 78.6%

Probably a quarter of National Review subscribers are senile. No wonder they are always carrying on about the Gipper. It is still 1984 for much of their audience.

Note: I strongly suspect that a large percentage of National Review subscribers are either already dead or will be by the 2016 election.

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  1. My God- Older even than me?

    They ARE out of touch.

    But even so- Hey, ‘the Gipper’ was needed in his time, but we were all too blind (and too ‘Anglo’/naive) to believe that Jews actually were the Genetic ‘sons of their father, the Devil’ as Christ told us in the Gospel of John.

    Because, back then, we preppie college kids actully thought J2P2 was a ‘good’ pope…. Until the 1986 Assisi Conferences, when all scales fell from our eyes… well, at least mine.

    “The Papal Coronation Oath: the vow a pope takes when he is elected:

    “I vow:
    · To change nothing of the received tradition, and nothing thereof, I have found before me guarded by God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein;
    · To the contrary: with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and successor, to safeguard reverently the passed on good, with my whole strength and utmost effort;
    · To cleanse all that is in contradiction to the canonical order should such appear;
    · To guard the Holy Canons and Decrees of our Popes as if they were the divine ordinances of Heaven, because I am conscious of Thee, whose place I take through the Grace of God, whose Vicarship I possess with Thy support, being subject to severest accounting before Thy Divine Tribunal over all that I shall confess.
    · If I should undertake to act in anything of contrary sense, or should permit that it will be executed. Thou willst not be merciful to me on the dreadful Day of Divine Justice.
    · Accordingly, without exclusion, we subject to severest excommunication anyone – be it ourselves or be it another – who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition, and the purity of the orthodox Faith and the Christian religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture.”[21]

    John Paul II was the first “Pope” not to take this oath.”

    Today, the entire world knows. And Trump is more and more, seeming to be the Lord’s Annointed, (in the political sphere) to lead us back to our ‘old ways’ once more.

    “Rush, to understand this you have to understand it isn’t about Trump. He happens to be the vessel. He happens to be the opening, whatever. But we’re not interested in destroying Trump because we don’t want to destroy what Trump represents.” -

    Deo Volente.

  2. So much for standing athwart of history yelling stop. Ironically founder Bill Cuckley got the process started to where they are now.

  3. “Try it in Israel first!” Israel is the litmus; make these foreign state partisans cut their own throats with their own words if they dare.

    Before taking advice from any of the spoiled, privileged, and over-represented Jewish “opinionists” infesting the media cartels, demand that they make Israel the testbed for their proposed policies first. In other words, make these Israel-firsters put something they actually care about on the line. If they want Utopia, Israel must be the Guinea pig rather than Christendom.

    It’s obvious that if Israel were being overrun by low-IQ, third world gang rapists none of the neoconservatives at National Review would be mulling a Jack Kemp solution, rather, they would be clamouring in the bloodiest possible language for a strong man like Bibi Natanyahu to punish the out group with Old Testament savagery. Call them out on their hypocrisy. Hang Israel around their throats like a millstone.

    • Old boy was an anachronism. Today, we have the spirit embodied in guys like Elon Musk determined to create a HUMAN colony on Mars. Can we doubt why?

    • I have no sympathy for him, although I doubt he would have wanted sympathy either.

      There was certainly something badass about what he did but ultimately it seems that that sort of independent, maverick spirit was wasted on a narcissistic, pointless pursuit. It would have been far better spent on more worthy goals. At least his kids were grown although his grandkids will never really know him due to his needless death.

      • I guess I tend to think our goals choose us; I can’t agree with you that the one that chose him was pointless.

  4. NR and the brand of lamestream conservatism it represents is, per the 66 median age of its subscribers, a baby boomer generation brand of conservatism, a conservatism that was predicated on its adherents having some semblance of real cultural power. Because we’re living in the Peak Boomer era, (ages 55-69 last year), lamestream conservatism will probably hang on for a little while longer, because 55-69 year olds control things. Lamestream conservatism will die when the real handoff in substantive generational power from Boomers to Generation X starts happening, that that will start here pretty soon, just not tomorrow.

    That only 18% of its subscribers are under 55 is also telling, because 55 is about the age boundary now between the Baby Boomers and Generation X. The right wing of white Xers and Millennials is the Alt-Right, a brand of right wing that far less cares about abstractions, and behaves as if we are outsider insurgents mocking the our enemies who hold the reins of real social and cultural power, because that happens to be the truth.

    If you were born after November 6, 1966, you never could have possibly cast a vote for Ronald Reagan for any public office. Which means by election day this year, that will be true for everyone under the age of 50.

  5. I began reading NR in the late 80s, but I came to hate it and what it represented. A few comments:

    By the late ’90s, there was no good reason for any dissident right-winger or Nationalist to read National Review.

    I would argue that “cuckservatives” were thriving in the National Review orbit well before 2015. At least since the early ’90s.

    K-Lo: insufferably shrill, frantic, and petty, the ‘poster girl’ for the silliness and shallowness of the magazine in the late ’90s.

    It has never been adequately explained why the nonentity Lowry was chosen to head NR after WFB.

  6. Good! I’ve been waiting for the liberal media to die off for the last fifteen years or so. Buckley purged real conservatives back in the 90’s, in my mind it became a garbage dump of war mongers and rich ass hats who don’t want to pay taxes. The trouble with way too many of these older people is they are always fighting the last war instead of the next one. The cold war ended a long time ago, but they don’t seem to want to accept that.

  7. Comrades

    I have worked on the Trump campaign in an official capacity for several weeks now. Have gone to trade shows, gun shows, county fairs and festivals to preach White identity politics in the name of Donald Trump. Make no mistake, brothers– what I’ve been doing is straightforward ethnic activism. I don’t use any derogatory language and I avoid talking about Jews, but other than that I don’t hold back.

    The reception has been tremendously positive. So much so that, get this– I’ve been asked to SPEAK to our county’s Tea Party group this Friday at a local restaurant. The head Tea Party guy, who I met a couple of weeks ago, called me and said that he wants his people to “hear what I have to say.”

    I have never been politically active. Until a few weeks ago I was a registered Independent who rarely voted. Now the cucks (and good people) of the Tea Party want to “hear what I have to say.”

    Brothers, it ain’t my looks that’s attracting them…

    • don’t have to mention Hebrews specifically. Veiled by ‘those with passionate foreign attachments’, ‘dual loyalty’, ‘cabal’, ‘Bolsheviks’ etc.

    • Or, as Michel Houellebecq noted, Israel has many “organic ties” to the United States.

      In the presence of normies I don’t know, I talk a lot about AIPAC, New York media and Hollywood.

    • Excellent brother. Keep up the great work!

      I have some advice as I have done similar successful activism.

      Be an unpaid trump volunteer. Let official paid Trump people know that s what you are and that s all you want, you’re not angling for a staff position.

      Try to talk only to our people, don t talk to the media or antis. Try to stick to the trump script as much as possible and this will finesse racial issues to a certain degree, but it s still “us vs them”.

      Try to tell people what they want to hear, without compromising key principles. Old people on social security, parents with children in the military have different perspectives than say independent business owners who might like cheap,labor but don t want BlackliesMatter mobs burning down their business .

      Start to build organizations of like minded, but more importantly lifestyle the same people. Put together detailed lists of say White skilled laborers for Trump, White Christians opposed to Hollywood for Trump, Whites concerned with Black crime for Trump etc.

      Our focus should be local. After this Trump campaign ends, there will be local elections that we must win. Learn skills like fund raising, Press relations, volunteer recruitment and training etc.

      I wish you great success mate.

    • What are your thoughts about a surrogacy program in Vermont that provides newborns for same gender couples? And who in general may be resposible for such a program?

  8. 80% over 66 and only 30% over $1 mil net worth? For that age cohort, that’s weak home equity money. Seriously?

    • maybe in coastal CA or Manhattan. In most of the US, extremely few homes are worth more than a half mil.

      • You’re joking right? That’s *flyover country*! They still craq in outhouses and draw water from wells into pails thence to tubs for their bi-weekly baths. Who *cares* what flyover freaks do or think when they’re not mating siblings or livestock? They just voted for a Cuban pulpit pounder who’s not even eligible to hold the office he seeks..

  9. I’ve gotten involved in the Trump campaign in Louisiana. I’m working on becoming a delegate for Trump to the GOP convention. That might not work out. Or it might. But either way, my plan is to lay low for a while, pose as a fed-up, confused cuckservative, and then move into full bore promotion of white advocacy and the alt right once I feel I have the right people’s ear.

    The downside is I think I’m going to have to discipline myself to stop posting on alt right web sites. I don’t want to take any chances on giving the enemy an opening to report that Trump has a serial commenter with a years-long posting history at “racist” web sites working on his campaign in Louisiana.

  10. They should reach out to minorities in order to diversify their reader base?

    What you are saying about NRO is what the anti-white says about whites: old, dying out, etc. Even if true, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, despite hating the post-Buckley NRO as much as anyone.

    I’ll offer a back of the envelope defense of Buckleyite Conservatism: Communism is a genuine threat, an elite consensus is needed in the free world to offer a plausible alternative. The consensus can most plausibly be built around individual freedom, economic growth, faith against nihilism, and a staunch rebuttal to Communism both rhetorically and militarily.

    That’s nothing to sneeze at.

    If I had to finger the problem it would be (you guessed it) the Jews, and their double agent personas which opened the borders after Kennedy’s murder. The essential doctrine is not the problem. Where does Trump, for example, deviate from modern Conservatism? Trade, but not militarism, social conservatism, and pro-business/wealthy policies on taxes and regulation or even the border if truth be told. I could line up behind Trump on 3 out of 5, excepting trade and militarism.

    There is an aura of triumphalism amongst the self-styled alt-right despite Trump not yet receiving a single vote or earned delegate. The argument from the traditional right is that Trump, by failing to accommodate to electoral realities, will usher in the largest defeat since Goldwater, and may even eclipse it. That remains to be seen, but imagine that that was the state of affairs in 11 months:

    will folks be ready to take the imaginative leap to Partition when faced with a majority of Americans quite content with the status quo? (Dems having won the popular vote 6 of the last 7 elections, with no end in sight and with the demographic trends being decidedly in their favor?) The traditional right could then reaffirm the Buckleyite approach arguing that unless you want Haiti in the US in years rather than decades, the populists need to grow the fuck up.

    What they and others fail to realize is that there was is and will be an alternative: break the country up in body, which is already broken in soul; benefiting both soul and body.

    • True ending mass immigration is the only thing that matters as it is the issues that decides all others.

  11. Very good observations Hunter.

    There are so many reasons National Review got old and establishment Conservatism got old and ineffective and got infiltrated and castrated.

    American style politics enables the old to hang on virtually forever. A US Senator with seniority gets the more powerful committee positions. The present situation with youth culture, colleges and Universities, popular music, movies and TV – it doesn’t look good from any even remotely “conservative” position so our people tend to,look to the past, long for days gone by. The Left always goes for youth, goes for artists, actors, people enthusiastic about “change”.

    Many readers questioned why I focused on the supposed failures of Ron Paul – I cited specific treasonous comments and policies about mass Muslim immigration, Black crime, but his main failure was that he, like William F Buckley got old and became “out of it” – unable to focus on current situations.

    An effective political leader tends to run in this age group:


    With old and out of it Conservatives, I recommend not trying to argue with them – no fools like old fools. Look for new talent, new leaders in new places. I note that a Central and a Eastern Europe is solid pretty much all over. Let s start promoting Polish things like Polish pop music, Russian Classical music has always been good. Southerners should seriously consider make the change from SEC/NFL BRA football to ice hockey. ice hockey now does well in places like Dallas and Nashville TN. There is no reason Southern colleges and high school teams can t start playing hockey.

    As for old fools at National Review and especially the Neo con clique… Here ‘s a fun activity:

    Start reading the New York Times obituaries each day and note with pleasure the demise of so many enemies. The non religious Lib, Leftist, Trotsky J tribe are dying like flies.

    And let s go make some babies – consider getting a Polish or Hungarian Au Pair

    • From a purely environmental perspective, hockey is retarded to promote in warm climates, just like surfing shouldn’t be promoted to the Inuits. Sports should be a function of the surrounding culture/climate/geography not some abstract “hockey is a white sport so we should promote it in regions where thick ice is unknown in nature.”

      • Nah. There is effective air conditioning cooling in hot White places like Houston and so many places in the former confederate South. It s very reasonable to do indoor ice hockey in the South. Hockey is now popular in Dallas, Nashville TN.

  12. To be fair, until recently perhaps, and with an adjusted net worth, didn’t this pretty much describe the CofCC membership demographic?

    Happy to see you mentioned again at VDARE.

      • The only route to change is going to come via populist revolts. This precludes by definition any large number of people who are well off being part of those movements although having a net worth of only one million dollars hardly qualifies one as wealthy if you live in a big city.

  13. I think maybe the jewz have finally lost their tiny minds. They had everyone going with their phony MLK quote about not judging by skin color and then flushed it all down the toilet with “Only Whites are Racist”! Nice job Hymie. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way to the airport with all those carpetbags full of monopoly money.

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