Cuckservatives: Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has picked up another big endorsement from Rick “Fed Up” Perry:

“Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is endorsing Ted Cruz in the Republican presidential primary, Perry told POLITICO in an interview Sunday night.

Perry, who also sought the GOP nomination before dropping out in September, said he now sees the race as one that is between Cruz, a fellow Texan, and Donald Trump. Through phone calls and during a December day spent driving around his Round Top, Texas, home in his truck with Cruz, Perry said he found the senator to be a good listener who respects the Tenth Amendment, “knows what he does not know” and is more conservative than Trump. …”


“After three decades in public life, including 14 years as governor, Rick Perry, private citizen, has registered as a lobbyist in Florida representing a dental benefits management firm whose top brass were the biggest contributors to his second failed presidential bid last year.

Perry has signed on as chief strategy officer for MCNA Dental, the largest privately held dental insurance company in the country and a leading administrator of dental benefits for Medicaid, the federal Children’s Health Insurance Plan and Medicare programs. It serves nearly 4 million members across the United States and offers one of two dental plans that provide Medicaid and CHIP services across Texas, with 1,327,000 Medicaid clients and 151,600 CHIP recipients, according to the state Health and Human Services Commission. …”

If you haven’t already done so, check out the speech on race that Dances With Jews gave when he was running for president:

“Ninety-nine years ago – on May 15, 1916 – at a courthouse in Waco, Texas, a mentally disabled 17-year-old boy named Jesse Washington was convicted of raping and murdering the wife of his employer.

He pled guilty and was sentenced to death. But Jesse died no ordinary death. Because he was black. …

We’ve made a lot of progress since 1916.

A half-century ago, Republicans and Democrats came together to finally enshrine in law the principle that all of us – regardless of race, color, or national origin – are created equal. …

When it comes to race, America is a better and more tolerant and more welcoming place than it has ever been. We are a country with Hispanic CEOs, and Asian billionaires, and a black President. …

We cannot dismiss the historical legacy of slavery, nor its role in causing the problem of black poverty. And because slavery and segregation were sanctioned by government, there is a role for government policy in addressing their lasting effects. …

I know Republicans have much to do to earn the trust of African-Americans. Blacks know that Republican Barry Goldwater, in 1964, ran against Lyndon Johnson, a champion of civil rights. They know that Barry Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, because he felt that parts of it were unconstitutional.

States supporting segregation in the South cited “states’ rights” as a justification for keeping blacks from the voting booth and the dinner table.” …”

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  1. How are whites going to be able to vote for a guy named Cruz?? I find the mere thought of it sickening.

    • How did Whites vote for an ape named Hussein?

      People are sheep, without a shepherd. Trump is like a new Constantine, leading Christendom back to where she belongs.

      • That was an failed attempt at racial healing. White self interest and survival is now the top concern of white voters. But you keep reading NRO, okay.

        • Ha, you got the wrong guy. I never read a copy. And there never was an attempt at racial ‘healing’ – Obama and Holder have done more to be blamed for Ferguson, Gatesgate, and the destruction of America, than the entire Civil War stance of the South ever could.

          • “Fr” John blames the South, for the War of Northern Aggression lol.

            He’s not really a priest and he mocks the words of Jesus Christ by calling himself “Father”. Not that he cares, this was pointed out to him many months ago.

          • I’m taking it back, I think I misunderstood what he said about the South.

            As for the rest, no point in raking up old issues. Even if I am still scratching my head over it.

      • Father, You read Trump very differently than I. For me Mr. Trump is a secular type of guy, who has some vague general sympathies for Christendom, because it’s a part of our culture.

        Other than that, I don’t see the ‘Christianity’ in him.

        Hope I’m wrong, for he is likely to be president.

        • No, but then again, neither did Constantine… yet he effected tremendous change. Trump is a nominal Xtian, but that too, could change. But he IS God’s chosen man at the present, that much seems clear….

          • Father, that’s a great example. I appreciate the decisive conviction with which you view Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Even though I like Senator Cruz, I do not have quite the fervour for him that you have about Mr. Trump.

            The many years have reminded me how easy it is to be courted by politicians, and how very often it winds up being, from the Southern point of view, a charlatan’s game.

            Further, being a rural Southerner I am very wary of ‘urbane Yankservatives’ – if I may follow in Mr. Griffin’s coining footsteps, as they view the world through a very different prism than do we, in my neck of the woods.

            Our opinions aside, Father, I have a hard time seeing anyone beating Trump in the Republican primary.

            More and more, he feels like the president to be.

            My best to you on this night.

  2. IMO, White Genocide will go mainstream this year or soon after. When it does these anti-Whites can cuck all they want but it will increasingly fall on White deaf ears.
    Thank you Bugsters.

  3. My God- the dead ARE burying the dead!

    Never forget. NEVER FORGIVE: –

    “Jesus said unto him, (Trump) Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.” [Make America White Again] – Lk. 9:60

    “This was why the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him”- John 5:18

    “In his defense [Trump] said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” – John 5:17

    “Let’s make America Great again.”

  4. Look at that picture of Cruz. Look at his face. Michael Savage is right about Cruz. They way he looks alone makes him not electable.

  5. The only decent thing Rick Perry ever did for the State of Texas is he legalized switchblades. Not exactly a legacy to brag about.

    Texas became a Mexican state under his leadership, of course Perry supports Cruz.

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