SNN Radio: Southern Nationalism, Cuckageddon, and the 2016 Election

In this podcast, I chat with the Harold Crews about my thoughts on the 2016 election and what it means for Southern Nationalism.

Check this out:

“I talked to a Republican political operative who has done a lot of work in New Hampshire. He has done so much work, in fact, that he knows many of the streets throughout the state by heart, and knows which houses display candidates’ political signs at primary time and which don’t.

He described driving down a street on the west side of Manchester, checking out the houses. He noticed Trump signs in front of houses that he knew had never displayed signs before. Seeing that, he began to think that all the talk about Trump appealing to a different kind of voter might be true. …”

Even in New Hampshire, Trump is drawing in a new crowd of voters.

“Before too long Rubio will realize his first task is to rally the voters who detest or fear those men. That means running as an optimistic American nationalist with specific proposals to reform Washington and lift the working class.

If he can rally mainstream Republicans he’ll be at least tied with Trump and Cruz in the polls. Then he can counter their American decline narrative, with one of his own: This country is failing because it got too narcissistic, became too much like a reality TV show. Americans lost the ability to work constructively to get things done. …”

Enjoy David Brooks freaking out. It is probably the funniest thing you will read all day.

“This then is a rejection election. Half the nation appears to want the regime overthrown. And if spring brings the defeat of Sanders and the triumph of Trump, the fall will feature the angry outsider against the queen of the liberal establishment. This could be a third seminal election in a century.”

Don’t miss this Pat Buchanan column.

“Contrary to the Main Stream Media perception, National Review has not just “purged” Donald Trump from the Conservative Movement. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “purge” as “an abrupt or violent removal of a group of people from an organization or place.” This implies the purger has the power to remove the unwanted actor and that the purged was part of the entity to begin with. National Review does not have that power—least of all over Trump.

As has repeatedly pointed out and others are beginning to realize, while Donald Trump describes himself as a conservative, he never pretended to be part of the “Conservative movement”. Most infuriating to the National Review and Conservatism Inc., he has not changed his positions or rhetoric to fit within their pet causes nor has he begged for the money and endorsements from the typical magazines, personalities, and donors.”

Ellison Lodge explains why the “principled” conservatives at National Review have suddenly become “limited government constitutionalists” – remember, the same people who hated Ron Paul and read him the riot act in 2008 and 2012!

“At the end of the cold war, a cadre of neoconservative intellectuals surveyed the debris of the fallen Soviet colossus and boldly proclaimed “the end of history.” The West, said Francis Fukuyama, writing in The National Interest, had won not only the cold war but also the war of ideas – for all time. We were inevitably embarked on a pathway to a “universal homogenous state,” and although the pageant of History (always capitalized!) would continue to “unfold” along a rather bumpy road, in the end it would prove to be a highway to US hegemony over the entire earth. In a symposium commenting on Fukuyama’s thesis, the ever-practical Charles Krauthammer nevertheless insisted that it would be necessary for the United States to hurry History along by force of arms. In a subsequent polemic in Foreign Affairs, he argued that we ought to take advantage of “the unipolar moment” to “integrate” the US, Japan, and Europe into a “super-sovereign” global empire united by a “new universalism” – which, he averred, “is not as outrageous as it sounds.”

Blinded by hubris, enthralled by the possibilities of unlimited power, the neocons – and their liberal internationalist doppelgangers on the other side of the political spectrum – didn’t see the nationalist backlash coming. …”

Great article from Justin Raimondo on Der Untergang of the neocohens. He’s enjoying every minute of it.

“I’ve been waiting for a Republican who would say, bluntly, the Iraq War was a disaster. I’ve been waiting for a Republican candidate to say that the trade deals and legal frameworks that drive globalism have been bad deals for America’s workers. I’ve been waiting for a candidate who would question the elite consensus on mass immigration, not tweak it. And I’ve been waiting for a candidate to deliver a shock to the conservative movement and the Republican Party, something that would force them to reconnect to the actual material interests of their voters, to make them realize that the market was made for man, and not man for the market.

Unfortunately, the candidate espousing these views is Donald Trump. And the few good causes which he espouses — the ones which could stand on their own, apart from the crutches of noxious racism and populism he uses to prop them up — are too important to be entrusted to him.”

For a good laugh, observe how Michael Brendan Dougherty tries to embrace Trumpism and gain Alt-Right readers while virtue-signalling – you guys, I am still a truew cuckservative!

“It is an especially tragic kind of hopelessness that leads someone to conclude that present straits are so dire that the only remedy is the dismantling of enduring national institutions and the revolutionary defenestration of the class of professionals qualified to manage them. To the extent that this conclusion is today a widespread one, there is blame enough to go around. …”

Enjoy a few sparkling glasses of Noah Rothman’s neocohen tears at Commentary Magazine.

“Does that sound good to you? Does that hit you right in the feels? Does that make you happy and proud to be a God-fearing Republican?

Now before everyone starts screaming about the racism from the left-o-sphere, of which there is plenty, let me establish my position on this: I don’t care.

I’m not interested in “cleaning up the left.” As has long been a mission of RedState, I’m into cleaning up the right. And the right has some seriously dirty laundry. …”

Ben Howe of Cuck State continues his meltdown over racism and white supremacy.

Note: See also Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood on the Cuckageddon.

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  1. All I smell is fear… from the Liars, and the multiculturalists… and the J- faction.

    “Team by team, Reporters baffled, TRUMPED,”….. And I feel Good.

  2. Jew Noah Rothman appears to be indulging in articles at the Daily Stormer by his use of certain phrases. Of course no Jew ever admits to stealing from Gentiles, which is really what their history demonstrates over and over.

    The Jews have destroyed both parties. That’s what happens when both parties serve only the interests of the 3% Jewish population. Now they’re both fucked!

    Time to let the majority rule and rid ourselves of the Jews and browns that have created so much unnecessary suffering and conflict to whites world wide. Unlike Jew and brown parasites, we are self sustaining and have no need for a host to prey on. To continue to allow them to live among us is complete insanity for those aware of Jewish/black history. Whites have to do what is best for them. If we don’t start very soon, we will go down in history as the biggest pussies in all of human history. The only people who gave everything away, including our countries that our ancestors died to protect for us.

    • The Jews outside of Hollywood it seems have started to tire of the Negroes, as the Negro advancement project has taken too long and yielded mixed results. If you look at Detroit, it had one of the largest Jewish populations in the United States behind New York, heck Carl Levin is a Senator from Michigan. Yet what we have seen since 1967 in Detroit, Cleveland, etc is a Jewish divestment in these cities. This I believe is how a White Man Mike Duggan got elected Mayor of Detroit in 2014,

      Hollywood Jewry of course still glorifies Negroes, but they are now switching to what is called the Racially Ambiguious set, ie promoting Mulattoes and Quadroons in acting as they tend to have wider appeal. These mixed up children and adults tend to have no real loyalty to any group, thus making them easy to control.

      I have more to say on this but this is a very complicated subject

  3. Sir, I listened to your interview with Mr. Crews and enjoyed it roundly. I hope you will be doing it regularly, and encourage you to have your own radio show.

    You are articulate, extremely well-informed, and speak with a pressing urgency that keeps the listeners involved.

    On a side note – though you come from the same area as my wife – Eufala/Union Springs – your accent is different – the vowel sounds a bit more subtle and urbane.

    My wife knew a family of Griffins in Bullock County, but, told me that, other than their progenitor, they were all ladies.

  4. Hunter are you familiar with the DIXIE RISING Shortwave show from back in the 1990s on WWCR? Sure you might know some people who knew who those guys were. I used to listen to it

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