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  1. We will get the usual feckless right wing tough talk and the increasingly strident scolding from the left wing and every so often we will get attacked by the Morlocks, repeat ad nauseum

    I pray for the day that the right wing including me shuts up looks to the nearest leftist scold and beats them down

  2. The globalist approach is an insane negative feedback loop. The Muslims kill people in Europe. Europe attacks and destabilizes the Middle East creating “refugees.” The “refugees” enter Europe. And the pattern continues over and over again.

    • “Europe attacks and destabilizes the Middle East creating “refugees.” The “refugees” enter Europe”

      This happened in Belgium.

      Belgium has not attacked and destabilized Middle Eastern Islamic countries creating refugees.

      You are simply lying.

      White people in Belgium and Sweden do not deserve to have their legs blown off by 3rd generation Algerian and Moroccan Afro Arab Muslims.

      We don’t deserve this.

      Please stop with this Stockholm syndrome #&*$#. Stop listening to Ron Paul.

      • The headquarters of NATO is in Brussels.

        Here’s a multiple choice question: which is more:

        A) the number of Westerners killed by Islamic bombs

        B) the number of Muslims killed by Western bombs

        (Hint: it’s B)

        Trump gets it, why don’t you?

        • No.

          Donald Trump’s reaction to Muslims inside Europe slaughtering White Europeans is a healthy, sane reaction of regular Whites.

          Muslim terrorists do not belong in Western countries, Muslim immigration must be stopped and reversed.

          Donald Trump most definitely is not making lots of comments blaming NATO, the USA for killing Muslims in Muslim countries. If he did say that shit his popularity would sink down to Ron Paul levels ~ 7%.

          Making excuses for the nastiest Muslim terrorists slaughtering our people in our countries is about as popular as championing the causes of Black gang members attacking White police officers – and yeah, Rand Paul and Ron Paul do that.

          • It’s not “making excuses.”

            The Islamic problem is twofold. A belligerent, imperialistic foreign policy in Muslim lands and a pussified response to Muslim immigration and terrorism in our own countries.

            Just like standing up to black criminals doesn’t require making excuses for police corruption and criminality.

            We not only need to reduce the ability of Muslims to attack us, we have to reduce their motivation to.

        • Undeniably true!

          The neocons destabilized the Mideast and orchestrated the removal of strong men like Qaddafy, Hussein and others.

          Trump speaks of this often.

          The chain of events lead to the migration of Muzzie immigrants that is destroying the West.

          Qaddafy himself once said that if he was removed it would open the door to flooding the West.

      • I agree with you. I should not have used the term “Europe” in the sentence that you quoted. What I’m trying to say is that this attack will be used as a justification for American/allied military intervention in the Middle East. The intervention will then be used as a justification for Europe (and America) to bring in more Muslims, who will then commit the same atrocities. Of course whites don’t deserve this.

      • “What is tolerated is what is deserved.”

        I get great satisfaction in seeing that the very capital of Globalonial Eurofaggotry is where these Islamic mongrels are able to strike at a time and place of their own choosing, showing that their EuroZOGfaggot piglice “cuntrol” is an illusion.

        This morning I was listening to some Demo-Repub cuck-pig terrorist anal-y-sist yapping about how it was all Trump’s fault for making the Muzzies feel un-wel-cum-cum that they are to be banned from this mighty Evil Empire. Why, if they are not allowed in at all then they can’t . . . physically place bombs in airports and bus stations.

        Die Swilldebeest of course blamed Trump’s “intolerance” for the ISIS terrorists that she and Obongo created the past four years. Giving guns to Mexican drug cartels in the jew Ass Oy Vey USA USA (Under Satan’s Administration) and to “moderate” Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria inevitably equals blowback.

        Globalonial “Elites” have destroyed their nation-state economies and peoples. Soon enough their people’s physical safety — at least those portions of the population which uses airplane travel and the urban population using subways — will be compromised, then overtly eliminated by the mongrel [w]hordes of Muzzies or beaners. At the same time the financial system shall be destroyed by jews. The anglo-mestizo and whigger regime-criminal traitors will be left morally holding the bag in the opening stage of a ZOGling Whigger & /Mamzer ZOGling-Zombie Apocalcrapse. .But whigger tards will have a lot more to worry about as theys’ 401k becum-cums a 201k then a 101k towards becum-cummin’ a None-O-One K.

        So how to get through these turbulent times as thangs settle down to a much lower but more simpler way of life? Stock up on beans, bullets, bandages, skinning & gelding knives, matches, and polyester rope. Stay at home and stay alive.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. The choice between Hillary and Trump this fall could not be clearer. Hillary responds with the usual feel good words of “standing in solidarity” with Brussels. Trump offers practical, tangible solutions of building a wall and a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

  4. All this ends today this very second if, only the Jews would just give back what does not belong to them and apologize and plead to repair all the harm they have caused. This very second all this killing would stop if the self proclaimed peoples closest to God would just find it in their hearts to acknowledge their mistake. Don’t hold your breath it is never going to happen.

    • Piss off.

      These Islamic terrorists, mass murderers are most probably not Palestinians, they’re more likely to be Pakistani, Algerians.

      And for those of you Amurikunns who are not very good at geography, Pakistan ain’t in the middle east. Pakistan is in Asia right over India, next to Afghanistan. Lots of White civilized people tried to conquer and civilize these nasty brown hairy, mountain people from Alexander the Great to the British Raj to the Russian Soviets. It’s never been successful as these are mountain untermenschen who don’t even use toilet paper.

      • Everybody wants to be treated fairly. Not just you white man. But the Middle Eastern Muslim man, do you think he wants to be treated fairly too?? Who has treated him fairly, the Jews?? You, white man?? This Muslim man sees what you do not see. He sees woman and children of his own kind being killed without mercy and the people with power, the Jews and whites like you do nothing. The Jews have been killing Arabs and Muslims since the 1940s. There were no Arab or Muslim terrorists in the 40s but there were Jew terrorists. The Muslim terrorist has evolved through the cruelty and torturous torment imposed on them by your friends the Jews.

        • Oh do shut up.

          The nastiest Arabs/Muslims have been raping White boys and girls from the get go – read up on the sack of Constantinople. There is a reason Greeks, Serbs spit at the mention of Muslim Turks.

          North African coastal areas were very White European up through the early 1960s – our people got ethnically cleansed when French Algeria got turned over to the Arab Muslims in 1963.

          Israel/Palestine is just one small part of the world – the nastiest Muslims are doing murder and mayhem all over the world, now including European cities in Sweden, Holland, yesterday Belgium.

          Sweden has never bombed Muslims in Muslim countries. Sweden now has the highest rape rate of any country not in Black Africa.

          Please get over this Stockholm syndrome that Whites all over the world deserve to be terrorized, raped and slaughtered for some sin we did to the otherwise nice, kind Muslim people.

          And yes we, the Palestinians have real Jewish problems – the two issues are separate.

          • Isn’t speech freedom one of your core conservative principles?? I can’t and dare not look at history the way you do and make such pronouncements. What I will do is look at the current, see what I see with my own eyes, every outrageously brutal act committed by Muslims in my life time has been out of a hatred for Jews . And a hatred for those who blindly side with such evil. Muslim conduct toward average whites will come to change once Muslims come to know, there are many many of us whites who hate Jews as much as or even more than they do.

            All whites have to do is exert our moral superiority denounce the crimes of the Jews and exert punishment and the Muslim attacks will stop.

          • “every outrageously brutal act committed by Muslims in my life time has been out of a hatred for Jews .”

            I respond:

            How about the Pakistani Muslims sexual grooming scandals in Rotherham England – what could be more hateful than gang raping young English girls – was that all tied up in hatred for Jews.

            Stop lying.

          • Children do things they should not do if they think they can get away with it. So do Jews, so do Puerto Ricans and so do these disgusting little Pakis. Her Majesties Kyke government allowed and wanted that to happen, because they hate us.

          • YOU are the liar. The “English” government is ROTTEN with child raping Jews. Of course they love and protect the Brown Child rapists; it’s cover for them.

          • To quote Shakespeare

            Woman cease thy senseless prattle.

            Go cook something for some male.

            Kinder, Küche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church).

            With only a tiny few exceptions women/females have no business in anything related to politics. Simple things that all healthy, sane males understand like opposing, expelling the worst Afro Arab Paki Muslim migrants rapists, terrorists these simple concepts can’t be processed by the Female brain.

      • Hell has apparently frozen over, because I actually agree with you.

        Islam is totally incompatible with the White Western world. Their religion is centered around dominance, capitulation and death for those not adhering to Islamic laws and giving in to Muslim rule.

        • So your wisdom has compelled you to insist that Israel(The Jews/The Zionists) are purposely putting themselves in a position where they lose control of Western nations and give control of Europe to Muslims?

          If The Jews already controlled every aspect of Western society, then how does it benefit them to hand control over to people who are at the top of the list of people that want to kill them?

          • WHY don’t you try reading what they actually WRITE? That’ll answer you questions. Jayzuz tap dancing Keerist, do you seriously have short term memory issues, or something?

          • You’re a phony Denise. I’ve always suspected it. Your talking points always revolve around blaming Jews, even when Muslims are the ones physically blowing White people up and trying to institute Sharia Law everywhere they go.

          • YOU have mental issues. YOU can do tons of research on the Kikes behind White Genocide, and the Jews like Soros PAYING for the importation of all kinds of feral Orcs into former White countries. There are REAMS of data. What’s WRONG with you? Forgetting to take your risperidol?

          • Fuck telling me to do research. You’re supposed to be Miss Little Jew Expert, so spell it out in your own words without citing someone else. If Zionists control everything, then how do they benefit by giving control of everything to people that are at the top of the list of people that want to kill them?

            People like Soros have also been hostile to Israel. In fact, some of the leading opponents of Israel/Zionists are Jews. I can find many, many lily White billionaires and millionaires who do the exact same thing as Soros. He just so happens to be richer than most of them.

          • Yes, I’ve seen that a thousand times. It’s not new. Still doesn’t answer my question as to how or what Israel gains, or what Jews gain in Europe or the US when very anti-Jewish Muslims become more plentiful. If they already control everything, then why give it away?

          • France will lose their independent nuclear deterent when enough Muzz fill the place. This suits Israel. Another European state that can’t counter them.

          • I posted videos in the past of other jews echoing her statements.

            Fact is jews are at the forefront of the push for open borders and Muslim immigration. Not for Israel, however.

            I’ve posted links to articles and videos of jews rejoicing in the fact that Muslims are destroying European nations. Seen as payback for WW2, the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and maltreatment of jews over centuries. They are always innocent victims, naturally.

            The article below just one example of many.

            Jewish groups decry Trump pitch to ban Muslim immigrationADL rejects Republican frontrunner’s latest remarks as ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘antithetical to American values’


          • The ideas expressed by Spectre in her video align perfectly with the policies of the right wing pro Israel World Jewish Congess, European Jewish Congress, Australian / Canadian Jewish Congress. ADL , SPLC , George Soros Open Society , Boards of jewish Deputies and Friends of Israel., as they have confirmed in their own words themselves

          • You are quite wrong. Barbie is par for the course. She/it is a typical Jew. Not the exception. You really don’t know a thing about Jews, do you?

          • @Celestial Time:

            “Yes, I’ve seen that a
            thousand times. It’s not new. Still doesn’t answer my question as to how
            or what Israel gains, or what Jews gain in Europe or the US when very
            anti-Jewish Muslims become more plentiful. If they already control
            everything, then why give it away?”

            territory for Israel. In fact, they call it “Greater Israel.”
            Inscribed on the walls of the Knesset is a partial verse from the Old
            Testament, “from the Banks of the Euphrates to the River Nile.”

            God allegedly promised this territory to Abraham (Genesis 15:18) and later (Joshua 1:4), He supposedly said, “Your

            territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the great
            river, the Euphrates—all the Hittite country—to the Great Sea on the

            Great Israel would absorb not only Palestine,
            but all of Jordan, plus some of Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
            Oil rich countries, nearly all of them.

            rapefugee invasion currently going on in Europe proves that opening new
            countries that offer easy living and easy women is a very effective
            inducement to make Arab Muslims abandon their homelands and forget about
            any jihadism against Israel.

            What’s going on makes
            ultimate sense not only for the territorial ambitions of Greater Israel
            but for the safety of Israel as it is today. Muslims can’t bomb and
            storm the gates of Israel if they are over there (Europe) and over here
            (USA) terrorizing the citizens.

          • I can answer that. 1 in 4 French teens is now Muslim. The French will have to decommission Nuclear capability and power stations when the Muzz population hits 50% or before. That’s one more white nation disarmed. That suits Jews dude.

          • That might be one of the dumbest reasons I’ve ever heard of. So if one more white nation is disarmed, then wouldn’t that be one less white nation for Muslims to worry about, too? So if more White nations are disarmed and become weaker, and as a result the Muslim world grows just a little stronger, then wouldn’t that be counterproductive to Israel’s national security?

          • It should probably be noted that Israel was one of the strongest supporters of SA during the apartheid era. SA had a very strong Jewish population and they were a very strong supporter of Israel, so dismantling SA certainly wasn’t in their best interests. So why was it done if it actually hurt Israel to do so?

          • 😉 Sure it was…ostensible support perhaps. But my point was that nigs and Arabs will not be allowed to wield an arsenal such the one the French have.

          • Pakistan is already nuclear. Take away pressure and the threat of White European nations today, Iran and several other Muslim nations will be nuclear before 2020. How does that benefit Israel or Jews in general?

          • Are you seriously comparing the capability and expertise of France with Pakistan? My understanding is that US controls access to the Paki warheads. And probably built them for the Paki. Anyway I have you an example of a white state being disarmed because of demographic change. You didn’t counter effectively.

          • If you’re going to chime in, then answer the question. I didn’t compare anything, you did. I said if you remove the pressure or threat of White nations to keep Muslims from going nuclear, then what you end up with is a growing threat of nukes in nations that are hostile to Israel. How does that help Israel?

          • An idependent French bomb is insurance policy against Western European blackmail.

          • Pakistan built their nukes with help from the Netherlands, and the US has absolutely no control over their arsenal, you fucking British mental midget. Get your facts in order before you comment, dummy. Go home.

          • My understanding is that a team of American troops monitors the arsenal there. I recall numerous articles about the issue after 9/11.

          • Utter bullshit. The US supplied Pakistan with some updated security equipment for their nuclear facilities and nothing else. And this was well over a decade ago. Once again, you spout nonsense without knowing your limey ass from a hole in the ground.

          • I’ve read around the subject and Pakistan is key component of the Great Game in Asia.


            THE stolen centrifuge plan wasn’t “Dutch Assistance” either.

            My money is actually on US sponsorship from the get go with official cover stories and accusations aimed at others.

            Never the less Pakistan’s bomb is a major fucking headache. An Islamified France with similar weapons is terrifying.

          • What??? One of the highest priorities of the US government is ensuring that Paki nukes remain out of the hands of rogue organizations. There are highly detailed contingency plans for US forces to secure Paki nukes in the event that the Pakistani regime loses control of the state. But in practical terms the control of Paki nukes is currently in Paki hands.

          • How many Jews are against Israel per se instead of merely objecting to specific policies/regimes within the state of Israel?

            No one ever said all Jews think alike, but the undeniable net collective effect of Jewish thought and activity is:

            The demographic displacement of Western countries, destabilization of Muslim countries and the flooding of Muslims into the West in order to depopulate the middle east to facilitate Israeli Lebensraum. Jews disagree strongly amongst themselves on certain issues but virtually all of them are in agreement that Germanic peoples must not be allowed to remain majorities in their own lands.

          • Just don’t feed the trolls.

            We have real problems with vicious anti White Jewish people like Tim Wise, the Weinstein Brothers and the top of Hollywood. These insane, impossible Jew obsessed conspiracy theory #*$&# is a complete waste.

            These comments violate OD’s comment guidelines – it’s just that Hunter W has been busy living a real life and doesn’t have the time to police comment sections.

            Please ignore the Conspiracy Theory trolls.

            Don’t feed the trolls.

          • You are justly despised for your taking advantage of Hunter’s letting you have a voice to try to censor everyone else. If Hunter were to listen to you then he’d not have much of a blog left. Our Movement if nothing else has a collective memory longer than our dicks, even.

            Here’s a notion: Rather than try to piggyback atop Hunter and censor Hunter’s blog, why don’t you set up your own little wordpress sandbox and patrol it incessantly for the odd stray wandering cat wanting to do his business as needed?

            Nobody loves a censor, especially of other people’s blogs. When the censor loses the power to censor then the rhetorical knives cum out.

            Plenty of jews and niggers and faggots and ZOGbot twats trying to censor those of our racially aware community, but usually they are on the outside, not pretending like you do to be one of us. What do we need you for working your way inside our community to silence us? The only difference between you and Mark Potok is that Potok doesn’t make any pretense to being one of us.

            Throw the ZOGbot twat down the well !!!

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • In a word…


            We do real world activism that is solution oriented, everything is geared to success. Our real world activism with positive successful groups like the League of the South American Renaissance – we have dress codes, codes of conduct and excellent leadership. regular White people we meet and greet – they like us and listen to our message of positive change.

            It is nothing like a dysfunctional comment section where various loners are ranting and raving, using vulgar language, falling down in to flame wars and spreading lunatic conspiracy theories , denying easy to understand events like the mass Muslim migration invasion of Western Europe, ISIS slaughtering our kinsmen in Brussels.

            Again, Eastern European leaders and regular Eastern Europeans see these events clearly and also generally understand real Jewish problems, intrigues and how they relate to the mass Muslim invasions of the White West.

            As in all issues, questions just follow the

            14 words

          • In a word . . .


            YOU don’t do anything useful except whine for the censorship of others on a blog which don’t belong to YOU. If YOU had a blog you would be coonfined to YOUR own little sandbox because YOU don’t play well with others. That is because others don’t want to listen to YOU whine and bitch for others to be censored

            So the most dsyfunctional portion of the comments section is YOU. None of us are bitching about others, even if we don’t particularly like each other. In fact, in over 23 years in the bowel Movement I’ve never seen anything accomplished by any group of See-Eye Dentists or ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer ass-clown Nutzitionalists. Anything worth doing is done by individuals doing their own thing. We are too spread out and independent to be anything other than specks of leaven amongst the herd of ZOGling whigger ass-clowns.

            Most of us do not agree on much of anything. For example, I disagree with Hunter Wallace’s position on Dylann Storm Roof. However I have decided that in order to post that I’ll respect the prejudices and the “play it safe” methods which are written and unwritten policy on this blog.

            But let’s understand something: This is NOT YOUR BLOG. YOU have absolutely nothing to say which either I or most of the others respect. We all think that YOU are a mere ZOGtard whose job is to create censorship and suspicion when YOUR brief doesn’t allow any such thing, or at least openly.

            And regarding the 14 Words. David Lane was a friend of mine. Louis Beam introduced me to Katja Lane in 1995 and I conducted a correspondence with David Lane through his wife. David Lane was no stranger to violence and the advocacy thereof. So let me say that YOU are as much of a David Lane as TraitorGlenn Miller — an enemy of mine who ran out of my office for fear that I’d kill it, the drunken Lumbee Melungeon rat.

            I think that Hunter Wallace would prosper by getting rid of YOU and sending YOU packing. Hunter’s failing is loyalty to his “friends” who often, like YOU, do not reciprocate that loyalty. But maybe Hunter needs a little lap dog flatterer. A sneaky Barney Fife more like Uriah Heep of sorts.

            But I sure don’t need YOU. Denise don’t much care for YOU either. Chris313 would probably like to beat YOUR ass.

            But I think it best if we simply police ourselves as guests here on Hunter Wallace’s blog. No praises of stupid young whigger “lone tards” who gun down nine niggers in a nigger church on my part. I’ll gloat elsewhere. And YOU should for the sake of blog peace stop menstruating and whining about how we violate YOUR notions on posts not made by YOU. Of course, YOU are free to ovulate when in YOUR own nesting box, and the most unruly of us will refrain from descending the jack-boot upon YOUR shitting rump after YOU beshat yourself evacuating YOUrself elsewhere. YOU are not the only one who fights with LibberToons.

            No need for hurt feelings if we all simply mind our own business.

            E.S.F.O.& D.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • THANK you. The Oh so polite and polished Amren crowd are more and more irrelevant EVERY minute. How are their tea time manners working out?
            (blank space of effectiveness plain gets wider every day)
            Yes. That’s how,

          • The Bowel Movement has always been full of these “Intellectual” mattoids like Jack-ess Ellis whining and moaning about how those of the Warlord persuasion who are simply sharpening our knives waiting for Das Gelding Time in which ZOG/Babylon is sufficiently rotted out enough to rise up and take over are simply uncultured Barbarians wanting to kill all the niggers and beaners and gooks and especially jews & whiggers too and set up military dictatorships in which they are the cucktards we geld first instead of even paying a moments attention to they and theys’ fapping. These edjewmacated mattoid tards have been with us since Plato whined at length about “philosopher kings” ignoring that even / especially such mattoid tards still would require an efficient stazi to implement theys’ silliness upon the general population.

            For the same price as going to some bowel Movement intellectual fuktard coonference in order to hear about how niggers are bad but jews are good — “jews are so good that I went out and got me sum Esther-kikess coosh” (Jared Taylor) — people like us could purchase a tactical 12-gauge shotgun and several hundred rounds of ammo and a lead melter and molds to turn a quarter shotgun round into a dollar buckshot round. and a dozen pounds of galvanized half-inch roofing nails to boot. Something practical and good for turning words into deeds. Not that a maniac like myself would ever be invited to an AmRen or Alt-Right or NPI circle-jerk.

            So most of the time the price for admission here is listening to Jack-ess Ellis / Wile E. Hibernigger clucking and prissing and fluttering about telling those of us able to see reality how only itz own AmRen clucking and fluffing matters. Jack-ess ass-ures Meercat Mark Potok and Fat Heidi of the $PLC that the bowel Movement has a [d]ruling froth of ZOGling whigger ass-clown “intellectuals” calling the shots while the bloody-minded barbarians are whetting the long knives waiting for Die Stunde Null. .Jack-ess is thus usefool and inevitable, sorta like the froth atop a bottle of Dos Lindstedts Premium Urine Sipping Beverage & Asparagus Fertilizer.

            Hunter Wallace thus finds Jack-ess usefool and gives Wile E. Hibernigger itz own little sandbox wherein the little Mattoided Fuktard dribbles itz haet against LibberToons — who do actually deserve the haet. As a fringe benefit Jack-ess also flutters & fluffs & feebs about pretending to be the Barney Fifeazoid Blog Shiesskopff-Stazi. An annoyance, yes, but also an amusement.

            Them Belgian goat-raper terrorists would turn Jack-ess into their gelded catamite in a second, Allahu Akbar. Thirty days and several gallons of paki-spunk later they would put a burka on Jack-ess and set it to “moderating” the equivalent of “Raghead Dissent.” They know a usefool mattoid fluffing & fapping fuktard when they see one.

            As should we.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • Thank you again. It’s areal shame your brilliant, very amusing, and wonderfully accurate commentary is way down this thead; it’s wonderful. Thank you AGAIN, fo taking the time to reply. I always read your Comments first, when I see your name on the side bar! Sliante!

        • Do u eat your own shit for dinner? It’s white lives lost stupid cos of importing incompatible muslim scum

          • Please ignore her when she violates OD comment guidelines spreading insane, ridiculous conspiracy theory nonsense.

            She does this a lot.

            Hunter has apparently met her in real life and says she was OK. She’s just terrible hanging out in the comments section.

            Conspiracy theory kooks are always lurking around populist, nationalist politics – it’s seems to be almost exclusively a US American mental disease. Nationalists in Europe, Eastern Europe don’t have this problem.

            Also, Eastern European, Russian populists don’t have many/any problems dealing with the separate Islamic/Jewish problems/threats.

            The Russians, Hungarians don’t let vicious anti White Jews dominate their media , nor do they let millions of Muslim men invade Eastern Europe and sexually assault, rape Eastern European girls.

            Vladimir Putin has solid policies on all these terrible issues – there are few or no idiot Liberals, Libertarians conspiracy theory loons doing much of anything in Putin’s Russia.

          • //// So Kike. Kikes are obsessed with scat. Hey -ask “jaye” for a date rabbi. I’m sure he’ll go, and he’ll pay.

          • Sure dear. I’ll ask him don’t worry. Now eat a Muslim dick and find the nearest nigger dick to insert in your dusky cunt

          • Not a kike dumbass mofu. Only depraved maniacs like you can cheer over such carnage spreading conspiracy theories. If you love Muslims so much then why don’t u get ur daughter married to a Moslem.

          • Hunter we need to ban this troll 313Chris

            He’s constantly violating OD Comment guidelines – expressing obsessed Jew hatring, conspiracy theory lunacy nonsense – this is a huge turnoff for regular Southern people.

            This troll needs to hang out in the VNN lunacy bin if that place is still around.

          • So – you want to ban me and Chris – but you are perfectly FINE with KIKES trolling, and using all kinds of foul language. against regulars? Why IS that?

          • We did ban a Jewish troll who’s from Nashville TN.

            Just obey OD comment guidelines – they’re easy to understand.

          • After you sucked up to the VILE Hebes for WEEKS. And you are doing the same NOW. You certainly are not chiding the filthy Anti fa, are you?

          • Please go for a walk, do something nice, fun – I do partner dancing with pretty women. Do you know any nice men.

            Your comments have been very bad and counter productive.

          • MY comments are fine and dandy, and my husband is lovely. What happened to your “White Hispanic girlfriend”? You never told us his name…..

          • Quit your crying, faggot. Whenever someone says something you don’t like, or bruises your pussy little ego, you cry for Hunter to ban them. Wipe yer snot and man up, cuck.

        • You are so funny. ISIS an Israeli/CIA venture! I could read your comments all day. You are such a refined lady of less than polite manner with a vernacular vocabulary that you use most rudely. It’s not only revealing but also very entertaining.

        • Hey folks. The nastiest Arab Mudslime terrorists have just slaughtered 30 plus White European in the European capital – scores of others are maimed for life.

          That’s the subject of this post.

          Sane, healthy White men led by the likes of Donald Trump understand what the issue of the day is.

          It’s basic, commonsense, easy to understand what happened and what needs to be done.

          90% plus of White Eastern Europeans in countries like Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and in Mother Russian understand what happened and what should and should not be done.

          Keep the Muslims out, expel those that are inside the gate.

          And no these sane, healthy White Eastern Europeans and Donald Trump are not shilling for the worst anti White Jews.

          The worst anti White Jews are ALL pushing, demanding that Europe, USA, Australia, Canada The White West MUST accept unlimited numbers of the nasties Muslim migrant terrorists, rapists.

          Please stop trolling and mucking up the comments section.

          Go hang out somewhere else – maybe in bad Algerian Muslim slum in Brussels or France.

          Go play somewhere else – maybe go play in traffic.

          Go play with your friends.

          If you don’t have any friends go play with yourself.

          • Shove it, Jack. And quit you’re constant invoking of Eastern Europeans, as if you even have a drop Slavic blood in you, you shit-spined Wonder Bread WASP.

            You’re the first person on here to try and quiet anyone who calls out jewish culpability when things like this happen, and you’ve got a track record of doing it on here for years.

            You’re basically a Republican, Jack. You’re weak and timid, and anytime some jew wanders in here and lays some phony flattery on you, you buy it without fail.

            Now go drool over some Mormon girl who’s half your age, you pitiful loser.

  5. Where are Ron Paul and Rand Paul joining the CAINO “Catholic in Name Only” Pope Francis, this Pakistani Muslim woman legislator expressing sympathy for the victims but also acknowledging the guilt of White European, White privilege people for not welcoming mass Muslim migrants and our history of racism and colonialism against the Islamic 3rd world people of color, gays, LGBT, Native Americans, climate change etc.

    • ‘We don’t bomb you, and you don’t bomb us’, could end your sentence. I was reading the thread and it went to flaming super fast… I’m a bit puzzled that Europe seems to be target #1 of ISIS whereas it’s the US and to a lesser degree Russia that is carpet bombing Raqqa and Mosul. Oh yes there has been San Bernardino and 14 some dead, but nothing close to the Paris or Brussels disaster. Of course there’s the geographical proximity of Europe and possibly (certainly) ISIS elements funneled to Europe as refugees, but America has also most definitely some cells waiting to raise for the occasion.

          • Do note the relentless attempts to disarm Americans, by Jews, and their bought and paid for minions. There are many reasons for these attempts. But leaving a population of castrated sitting ducks, like so many Europeans, is a primary reason.
            Americans are wising up, albeit way too slowly. The Trump campaign is the polite version of Americans stating, “Errr – we’ve tried the Liberal stuff, and we don’t like it” The shooting stage comes next. If ZOG were really smart, they’d ease up. Let Trump be POTUS, and calm things down a bit. But they are not that smart; simply vicious, remorseless, and insanely ethnocenttic. This is about White Genocide. It’s been declared again and again and again.

          • It’s true that Jews seem pretty dim to people, like you and me, with very high IQs, but the average goy is even dimmer than the average Jew. That’s why Jew propaganda has been so effective. Only people with a advanced level of critical thinking ability can see through their agenda, although I think increasingly that is becoming less true due to the overwhelming brazenness with which they are engaging in their anti-white rhetoric and behavior. We still face the problem of social confirmity. Even if people know the deal, openly talking about Jew Supremacy is still incredibly taboo.

          • Because it’s ridiculous and anyone who talks in that manner sounds unbalanced. It is completely opposite of anyone’s profession to be a follower of Jesus to believe such nonsense and to be so hateful. Jesus preached love and fairness for all. He welcomed everyone to follow him and ignored none.

          • That’s odd because when I read the Bible it says Jesus would only preach to His own people. And He was asked to. But He refused, saying I was only sent for my people (the descendants of the Israelites). He specified this to His disciples too, only preach to the descendants of Jacob. No one else.

            And look how rude He was to that Canaanite woman! At first He wouldn’t even deal with her and spoke demeaningly to her. For no reason other than she was a Canaanite. Of course in the Old Testament the Israelites were commanded to destroy the Canaanites to the last person which they failed to do.

            From beginning to end the Bible teaches the virtues of racial separation and reproducing *after your own kind* and labels those things as *good*.

            And they are. The Bible speaks the Truth, about a good many things.

            You probably do not want to hear what Jesus said about Jews.

            But I don’t think many of you big church Christians have a clue what the Bible really says about Jesus or race. *Or how much harm you are doing to this world by blindly following the lead of others.*

      • Moslems know that terror attacks here in the states are harder to pull off and there will be pushback by regular citizens. Not to mention our police are far better armed and much more aggressive.

        Another reason is that Europe is far easier to gain access to from the Middle East.

        • Outside North America or the Anglo lands, pink doesn’t have feminine connotations. Even here the association of pink with females only goes back a few generations. The color pink is one of the strongest pieces of evidence for feminist claims of gender roles being social constructed.

  6. Yup, Trump’s fault.

    Max Boot ?@MaxBoot 9h9 hours ago
    Problem in EU is failure to assimilate Muslim immigrants. US has done better job, but Trump attacks alienate Muslims & threaten security.

    Max Boot ?@MaxBoot 9h9 hours ago
    We don’t know details of Brussels attack yet. We do know that declaring Islam is the enemy, as Trump does, only makes problem worse.

    • An Affirmative Action Security Expert Nigger named Malcolm Nance, giving off heavy whiffs of homo, was on MSNBC this am, blaming Trump.

    • Yeah, cos they never had any problem with western culture until Trump riled them up. Naturally the filthy lying jewfuck would be appalled if anyone applied the same reasoning to Muslim violence in Israel.

  7. Why ?
    Because ..

    ” first they came for the Paris / Rotherham / Cologne / Malmo Arab / Mollenbeek Muslim fick-ficki no-go zone street thug desert monkee invaders, and then they came for the Jews ”

    That’s why the ideas of Barbara Spectre align perfecty with every major pro-Israel Jewiish organisation in the West

    • Thanks. Some people here have some truly weird blind spot, about the Spectre Race I mean – how many times do we need to go over this?.

      • How many times? How about another 40 years and nothing to show for it? Duke Syndrome will keep you in a perpetual state of mediocrity and ineffectiveness. That’s your blind spot, Denise.

        • But this has been going on for centuries. Long before Duke was born. The BLIND SPOT are people like you, who keep saying things like “It’s not all Jews”.
          It’s YOU. YOU let them in.

        • When Trump violates political correctness, he brushes up on topics forbidden to say, but widely held to be true in private by ordinary Americans. The problem is the only vague stereotype these ordinary Americans have of Jews is silly jokes about picking up pennies, being cheap, loving money that also apply to just about all the Ferengi-like immigrants from China, India, and the Middle East. Nowhere at all in the public mindset is the stereotype of the Jew as “Political Subversive,” that’s why this stuff doesn’t work.

          • The Jews have done the work for us. They make their hatred of us very clear. Any non-cuck could be easily awakened to the JQ just by us helping them connect the unmistakable dots.

          • I think this is changing as Jews become more and more open with their contempt for us. It’s my perception that in the past they at least had the decency and/or sense to keep the overtly anti-white stuff to a minimum. Now, possibly for a wide variety of reasons, they feel more and more free to openly demonize us. Evangelicucks and shitlibs will never admit Jews are a threat to us, but the non-religious, non-PC masses (who overwhelmingly make up Trump’s base) will be open to this if we just help them a bit to connect the dots. It’s not like it’s difficult to make a strong case that Jews overwhelmingly despise us.

  8. Here are some statistics

    The total number of Jews living in the West is roughly 12 million .

    The total White population of the West is roughly 750 million ( 60 times larger than the Jewish population )

    1 ) The number of pro Israel / Zinoist Jewish organisations i the West that one the one hand support a majority Jewish ethno-state and strct marriage and immigratiion policies for Jews in Israel ? All of them . Dozens.

    2 ) The number of White individuals , activists, organisatiions or politicians across the entire political spectrum who have the chutzpah and insolence to advocate for open borders for Israel , but closed borders and a majority White West ?
    Nada , Zero , Zilch, None

    So what we have here is a statistic that defies the laws of random chance and the law of averages by an astonomical margin of about 750 million to 0
    About the same as flipping a coin and seeing it land balancing on its edge several times in a row.
    No civilization and race can expect to survive for very long while being subject to that level of blatant moral double standards by a parastical and hostile ethnic minority with an 3,000 year old historical grudge to settle and that has managed to infiltrate all of it’s host civilzation’s financial, cultural, political and academic institutions

    • There are probably about 60 million Hebes, plus their mischlings. ALWAYS multiply by 5. They LIE.

    • It is ultimately not about grudges. It is about people who fervently believe that there is one true god and that they are his chosen people, as defined by bloodlines. It is their will to live among other people while remaining separate. I am starting to think that there is a very deep conspiracy involved here. They have recruited non-Jews to serve their ends, and they keep their non-Jewish assistants bamboozled with nonsense like Freemasonry.

  9. The problem that I have with nationalist/Alt-Right commentary on this attack is that once the focus is on Islam rather than immigration. Focusing on crime and terrorism present an implicit and self defeating argument that mass immigration would somehow be acceptable if Muslims were more peaceful. By focusing on terrorism inevitably we will be confronted with the fact that an overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorist. Therefore, the Left’s retort will be NAxALT. I oppose the mass immigration of Hindu pacifist just as much as I oppose immigration from Islamists. The debate we should focus on is immigration and not crime and terrorism.

    • You’re over intellectualizing this.

      The issue is clear, easy.

      Regular sane, local White people do not like bad mass immigration of non White, non European people who try to rape their women, girls, boys, who do things like destroy the White schools, White public transport or the worst mass murder large numbers of White European people in the name of Islam.

      That’s an easy issue for us – a no brainer.

      Principled White men and White women who oppose Islamic mass murder of our people, who oppose mass Muslim migration invasions – they are liked, respected – these principled White leaders like Donald Trump will also be savaged smeared by the worst Antifas, Anti Whites including the worst anti White Jews.

      Opposing, reversing the worst non White European immigration, Muslim terrorists being the worst – that’s a winning issue our best issue.

      We’d have to be complete idiots not to jump all over this issue.
      That’s complete idiots….

      Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Gary Johnson, Liberals, Libertarians, Cuckservatives, RINOS, the new Liberation Theology CINO Catholic in Name Only.

          • Hmmm calling someone crazy is less offensive than calling someone a liar, as you have done below.

          • When in doubt, just refrain from making any comments.

            It’s similar to being in a positive church or school environment – there are intelligent, positive teachers and leaders, everyone else should be listening, studying with only a few intelligent questions.

            There can not be constant shouting, people jumping around swearing throwing temper tantrums, speaking in tongues or acting like the worst public school negroes.

            OD has simple, easy to understand comment guidelines. Just follow the guidelines.

            Most of the time it is simply best not to say anything at all.

    • To say that Hindus are as bad as Muslims is idiocy of a scale heretofore unknown in human history. I certainly don’t advocate mass Hindu migration but false equivalences like yours make it impossible for thinking people to take our movement seriously. If your beliefs are a mirror image of the left’s, that shows you are not a thinking person.

      • If you think Hindus aren’t as bad as Muslims, go to http://shoebat.com, and put Hindu into the on site search engine. They’re just as capable of the same kind of insane violence as the Muslims are.

        • Fair enough but I don’t think Hinduism is as inherently imperialistic as Islam. Plus, compared to Muslims, we only seem to get the middle class, well behaved Hindus, at leadt in the US.

  10. Muslims are just one more of the symptoms. Not the actual disease.
    Zionists may be 100 % of the problem. But you don’t have to be 100 % of the problem to become a problem.
    Over the last 100 years or more certain powerful forces and groups have piggy-backed on each other and are riding on each others coat-tails in a temporary alliance of convieniance that works lke a ratchet that can only turn Leftwards
    Global crony Capitalism within the economic sphere, allied with Cultural Marxism / Critical Theory within the cultural sphere . Left-Capitalism
    Your compulsory multi-cultural sensitivites training course goes hand in hand with Goldman Sachs.

  11. Last December the Prime Minister of Israel condemned Trump’s call for banning Muslim immigration to the US.

    Interesting that Netan-yahoo pounced on Trump for making that statement when Israel itself said they were not taking in Muslim refugees.

    The chutzpah of that little pipsqueak hypocrite!

  12. I have corrected the mistake in my post below , the sentence

    ” may be 100 % of the problem ”

    ..to ” may NOT be 100 % of the problem ”

    Sorry, I’m tired and my concentration is slipping.

  13. Perfect example of what we are are up against. Wasted no time. Richard Engel’s father is a jew.


    22 Mar 2016

    NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel stated that “We’re already seeing the rise of the right wing. We’re already seeing rise of hate attacks, where people will use the kind of terrorist attacks, these kind of incidents, to vilify all of the Muslim community” during NBC’s coverage of the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday.

    Engel said, “The open border system that has been inside Europe has come under a tremendous amount of pressure, for two reasons over the last several months, or about a year. One is the migrant and refugee crisis, as hundreds of thousands of people have been leaving, primarily Iraq and Syria and going — making their way up through Turkey, to Greece, to Macedonia, Serbia, and following that migrant trail into Europe. And the second is because of the terrorist implications, because of the security implications. And where those two meet, is a very sensitive and explosive issue for Europe. We’re already seeing the rise of the right wing. We’re already seeing rise of hate attacks, where people will use the kind of terrorist attacks, these kind of incidents, to vilify all of the Muslim community, which, of course, only makes the situation worse, because then people feel isolated, ostracized, ghettoized, and they retreat into their own communities.”

    • Yup. Never mind the White indigenous Europeans. They are making poor widdle sand niggers feew baaaad. Muh feels!

  14. What we have is a situation where the last ethnic tribe that should ever have spent the last 100 years pushing and schemeing immigration and minority ” human rights ” Cult Marxian agendas, have instead become the ones who have been spearheading it at every available opportunity and by knee jerk reflex . And this malignant bacilli has been inserted into the very body politic of Western societies since WW2 and has become so destructive to their host nations and civilzation that our future security and existence is now even in doubt
    Only their total control of our collective psyche through their grip on our MSM , and our political and academic instituttions ,allows this state of affairs to continue

  15. Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99 4m4 minutes ago
    LEAKED CLINTON E-MAILS: Destroy Syria for Israel http://newobserveronline.com/clinton-destroy-syria-israel/

    ‘A newly-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the “best way to help Israel.”

    In an indication of her murderous and psychopathic nature, Clinton also wrote that it was the “right thing” to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death.’ – snip-

    The email proves—as if any more proof was needed—that the US government has been the main sponsor of the growth of terrorism in the Middle East, and all in order to “protect” Israel.

    It is also a sobering thought to consider that the “refugee” crisis which currently threatens to destroy Europe, was directly sparked off by this US government action as well, insofar as there are any genuine refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria. -snip-

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          • he, when Denise lets loose it’s hilarious. But what ya’ll said was just plain dumb.

            Like you’re trying too hard or something. 0 for 3, seriously.

  16. Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    Laura Ingraham ?@IngrahamAngle

    The ringleader of the Paris attacks said he & 90 ISIS fighters entered Europe by melding into refugee stream.

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