Utah Is The Most Cucked State In America

It has been clear since December that Utah is the most cucked state in America, but this new poll puts it in stark relief:

“SALT LAKE CITY — If Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party’s nominee, Utahns would vote for a Democrat for president in November for the first time in more than 50 years, according to a new Deseret News/KSL poll.

“I believe Donald Trump could lose Utah. If you lose Utah as a Republican, there is no hope,” said former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, a top campaign adviser to the GOP’s 2012 nominee, Mitt Romney. …”

Forget South Carolina.

The Church of Latter-Day Cucks in Utah is worse than Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota. Mormons hate Trump because of his proposed ban on Muslim immigration.

Note: If you look at the New York Times map of Trump’s supporters, Utah’s 4th Congressional District has the fewest Trump supporters of any congressional district in the country. It also just happens to be represented by Mia Love in Congress.

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  1. Top 10 States with Largest Mormon Population

    Pct. Pop.
    Utah 55 2,00,554

    Idaho 19 430,757

    Wyoming 9 67,199

    Arizona 5 416,192

    Alaska 5 33,375

    Nevada 4 182,072

    Oregon 4 153,226

    Montana 4 48,968

    Hawaii 3 73,660 1 138 2 0

    Washington 3 282,356 7 549 3 0

  2. Utah’s 4th District elected a Haitian woman who is married to a White man and has mulatto kids. And the GOP pushed her as the “new face” of the Republican Party, of course.

    • I thought the mention of Mia Love was meant in jest. Low and behold after clicking on the hyper link it is true. Mormons have lost their collective minds electing a negro to represent them.

      Amazing these rogue Christians will vote in a jet black nigger into office but refuse to vote for a White man like Trump.

      • White degeneracy in ‘Murka – thanks to K-12 Marxist/sodomite indoctrination via the Jew-controlled TU’s – goes much deeper than this. U. Missouri enrollment is more than 90% White. And who did they elect as Student Body Prez? A Black homosexual communist. It’s going to be…a target-rich environment

      • Mormons are not rogue Christians. They aren’t Christians but are a successful heathen cult.

    • The GOP state chairman is black(James Evans).Over the last decade the Mormon church has supported a much more liberal policy on immigration.Mormons have joined most Christian churches in being rotten on race.

  3. I’ve noticed that. I wonder if their church has communicated a bulletin forbidding Mormons from voting for Trump?

    Mormons are well represented in the establishment, including corporations and the intelligence services. Does the anti-establishment Trump scare them?

    Or maybe they’re afraid that Trump will do to them what he says he will do to Muslims?

  4. Fuck Utah. You lose some and you win some. I would frankly much prefer to win a state like Michigan then a cuck state like Utah.

    I never liked Mormons anyway and their fake Christianity.

    • Jews worship a golden calf. Mormons worship a golden something-or-other. This, plus vicious Tribal networking, is why they are so successful economically

  5. True.

    It’s like Vermont.

    All White states/places like Vermont and Utah have no personal, bad experiences with bad Black gangs, Muslim terrorists, illegal aliens so they go in for whatever works, whatever is the fad

    PC Liberalism, Cuckservatism

    LDS, Mormons aren’t great readers, intellectuals – so don’t waste a lot of time trying to educate them on the “Frankfort School”.

    Instead simply give them dog obedience schooling. When they mess up – rub their noses in dog poop. When they do well, give them a dog biscuit.

    “A Conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”.

    Utah LDS Mormons need to get mugged.

    • The difference between Southern Baptists and Catholics and Mormons is that the Southern Baptists and Catholics are much more likely to reject the bullshit of their leadership.

      • True. I believe Mormonism is a cult. If it’s anything like the Jehovah’s Witness cult the rank and file will give blind obedience to any kind of idiocy their gurus come up with.

      • Yes, that was a very good sign this year. Regular Southern Baptists and Catholics rejecting the PC, open borders, amnesty or Neo Conservative Christian Zionist programs mandated by the tax exempt church leadership. But again, this is only happening because one 70 year old guy has his own $ billions and his own courage, set of b**** to go against the establishment. When this is one man campaign/crusade ends what do we have?

  6. Utah is a cesspool of multicultural Americans. More Liberal than conservative and I’am NOT surprised that Trump is getting dumped. Spend a fortnight in Salt Lake city, then you will understand why Trump is considered an outcast.

  7. ‘Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims from entering the United States has particularly troubled many Mormons, whose founders fled west to practice their faith and who value religious liberty.

    “The thing that really does concern LDS people is the religious tolerance thing. The outright Muslim ban strikes home in a state that has a population that’s been persecuted over the years,” said Chuck Warren, a Republican strategist here. “That’s real.”

    When a bunch of Mor(m)ons get slaughtered by Allahu Akbar shouting koranimals they might change their tune.

  8. I’m guessing that Trump wins Arizona and Cruz wins Utah. Does this prevent Trump from ultimately getting 1237?

    • he’ll either be just short of 1237…or a few over. Either way, the Republiscam ClevCon will be a bloodbath (inside and out) and the GOP will schism and die

  9. A bit unfair to say that Utah is the most “cucked” state in the (dis) United States.

    It’s right up there with Vermont.

    Vermont is cucked Lib/Leftist

    Utah cucked “Conservative”.

    not really much difference.

    • Correct Denise. In your typical Bipartisan egalitarian society they would send people with such bigoted archaic mentalities straight to the gallows. Not to mention we have the lowest IQ out of many organized religions, let polygamists still run their cult organizations in the Desert, and believe that blacks were cursed hence why Jay-Z and Biggie are doomed, and support staunch conservatives with horrible education if any at all. All is well in Zion I assure you though my sister wive.

  10. This has been on my mind recently, and my final analysis is the same: if we are to continue on an exponential growth curve, the religious right represents our next doubling. We’ve pretty much rounded up the low hanging fruit with the Trump campaign, and now the real work begins.

    If Trump doesn’t win the nomination, it will be thanks to our “brothers” in places like Idaho and Utah.

  11. I live around quite a few Mormons. They are a very inclusive cult that shuns the outside world. I don’t find them to be very intelligent. They are phonies through and through; followers of the cult’s dogma and they are kept in line by the church leaders through a fear of banishment or ostracization from the rest of the pack.

    Not an independent thought amongst the herd and they will definitely vote Cruz if instructed to by those in the hierarchy of their fake Christian church.

    • Nah… Most LDS Mormons are good solid White folks.

      Their main problem is they just try to be nice, wholesome and get along with everyone. LDS Mormons are the only remaining White American Christians that do much or any missionary work outside of the United States – in places like the Pacific Islands – Somoans, Tongans – these Pacific Island giant people joint the LDS Mormon church because they want in on this safe, prosperous White American Christian world – like getting entry in to Ike’s 1950s White America.

      Also, by chance in history White LDS Mormons have never had to live with bad Blacks, White Southerns, working class White ethnics in rough Northern, Midwestern cities have lots of experiences with bad Blacks.

      The LDS Mormons in Utah rejecting Trump because he is perceived as being mean and racist to Mexicans and Muslims, it’s just a Conservative spin from what Whites in Vermont do electing the likes of Bernie Sanders and being PC anti racists.

      The cure is to just force the worst Black criminals on both Utah White Mormons and Vermont White liberals.

      Starting funding mega Muslim mosques in both Utah and Vermont.

    • You speak the truth Ronnie. Cults embrace cults and that is why they embrace Muslims and shun Trump! Polygamy and underaged girls may have something to do with it? There are similarities between Mormonism and Islam?

  12. If you are going to be scolded, pray that you are scolded by the Mormons, anything they touch is going to end up looking silly. Their church elders committed a mistake they should have engineered a closer result.

  13. I’ll try and enlighten the readership about the Mor(m)ons, their theology, and where they are heading, in light of this bizarre (even to me) poll about The Donald.

    LDS (the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) was and is, par excellence, a CULT.
    Formed in around 1830, they claim to be the ‘restoration’ of the TRUE gospel, lost to Europe (and thus, all white men) because of the Roman church’s (correctly assessed) caesaropapalism.

    Initially, Joseph Smith (their founder) was your typical Upper New England Anglo-Saxon supremacist, who viewed the Amerindian with a measure of distrust, (yet couldn’t explain why there were HERE in America) and was rabidly egalitarian, and not wanting ANYONE to tell him how to think- typical Protestant. When the demonic manifestation of an ‘Angel of light’ told him about a ‘second work of scripture’ (the Book of Mormon) it was Smith’s contention that:
    A) The Churches that he knew (Rome, and all the Protestant sects) were ‘in error.’
    B) The Amerindians were the ‘remnant’ of the ‘Lost 10 Tribes of Israel’ that had mysteriously vanished, some 700 years prior to Christ, and had established a ‘civilization’ in the Americas, and now needed a ‘restoration gospel’ to ‘redeem them. This element is a key component of their animosity to the “Make American WHITE” subtext of Trump’s message, believe it or not.
    C) The ‘Priesthood’ was ‘restored’ and made all men of a certain age, priests just as Aaron was a priest in the OT Temple (unlike the priesthood of Conciliar Christianity, or even the pastorate of the Protestant American frontier)
    D) “Gentiles” are ALL non-Mormons; Blacks were (until 1979) not ‘fit’ for the priesthood (got one thing right….) and women are only to be redeemed IF their husbands see fit to resurrect them, at the end of time. (Mormon men, NOT God, have this ‘right.’) Each couple, if they do all their ‘tasks’ (works righteousness) properly, tithe 10% to their local ‘ward’ and get all their ‘Temple recommends’ ( passes to do basically bizarre masonically inspired ‘rituals’ in their ‘TEMPLES,’ become, UPON THEIR RESURRECTION, ‘GODS’ over their respective world- (not earth, you see, because God Father is the God ONLY of ‘this world’ and Christ is his literally procreated (God the Father is a randy devil, like Zeus of old) Son- oh, and Lucifer (Satan) is actually Christ’s BROTHER!

    OK, now to the Trump phenomenon. I have had a number of friends who are LDS, and they say ‘the church doesn’t tell us who to vote for,’ so that could explain how Donny and Marie Osmond were so ‘clean cut’ back in the day, and why Mittens Romney can be such an ASS- the Mormons are big on ‘free agency’ (each man does what is right in his own eyes) … As long as you DON’T: a) question the divinely inspired status of the Book of Mormon and other ‘scriptures’ b) don’t question the ’12’ the ‘living Apostles’ who rule the [sic] Church, and who have consistently (over the years) Changed any number of things that offended/prevented them from being part of the Amerian society… So, they ‘abandoned’ plural marriage (which Smith said was necessary) for monagamy; they changed the BOM at least hundreds of times; they changed their doctrine of blacks in the priesthood in 1979 (via a ‘revelation’… So they say) and have recently changed their anathematizing stance on sodomy, and women’s ordination is making waves among the ‘faithful.’

    There are splits, sects, recombined splits, sects, and just plain ostracized ‘REAL MORMON’ groups out there, giving the SLC ‘Hierarchy’ fits. But, I believe, the greatest anger they have against TRUMP, is his restoring THEIR VISION of a WHITES ONLY “HEAVEN AND EARTH” now that they have effectively ABANDONED IT, via ‘revelation’ and ‘directive’- in short, they have been caught with their holy underwear down!

    Yet, among the intelligent LDS I know, they still believe that: a) this is, and should be, a white nation; b) Whites are the “Adam of God’ (the Christian Identity vision of Whites, goes back way before the 1900’s, FYI) and that c) the hierarchy is just saying the crap they say about non-WHites being ‘part of the church’ until they GAIN HEGEMONY, as they did, when they ruled over UTAH as the ‘Land of Deseret.’

    Hope that helps.

    • I used to think that it was a demonic spirit that appeared to Smith, because it fits pretty well – and it may have been just that. But now I’m more inclined to think that Smith was simply a delusional nut-job with delusions of grandeur. Obviously I can’t know either way, but whatever the case, it was certainly a strange episode.

        • Or David Koresh or Jim Jones or Mohamed or etc. A whackjob realizes he can con simpletons into giving him their wives, daughters, sons, and wealth. He proceeds to gather simpletons as there appears an unlimited supply. The second generation is born into this fruitcake fantasy and now the “church” may have members who aren’t complete simpletons (due to regression to the mean). After a dozen generations you can wind up with a relatively normal appearing population holding a belief set that most ten year old children would mock. And like the Islamists or scientologists their doctrine keeps them apart from mainstream sane society, they cannot leave the “church” without also leaving *everything* they know and love in life.

  14. What do you expect of Mormons? Research their beliefs some time, they’re in the same ballpark as scientologists. They’re from planet kolob and baptise dead people every day. To get to their heaven you must know the secret handshake they practice at their temples. Their only sensible tenet, avoiding Africans, was abandoned in the 1980’s and now they worship the negro.

    • LDS Mormons have many good, practical practices.

      They don’t have a paid clergy or have to rely on corrupt seminaries for their religious leaders. Local bishops and HIS (no feminism) are determined by the local congregation – this avoids the corruption of PC cultural marxist, Liberation Theology priests being sent to Conservative White congregations and forcing PC *$#&$* on the locals.

      LDS Mormons have good, traditional male/female divisions.

      • But the point remains they’re completely insane. Their “good, practical practices” can change overnight at the whim of their current “prophet” (Thomas Monson) and his twelve “apostles.” So Monson could declare tomorrow that the Priesthood must marry goats instead of women and there would be a million Mormon men “sealing” themselves to goats. Why not? They believe their God is an astronaut from kolob and they’re all going to become astronauts when they die and get their own planets where they can be the new God. We know they’re willing to do a 180 on core beliefs dictated by their founding “prophets” (i.e. Polygamy and Africans). Again, this is every bit as loonie as Scientology.

        • Ridiculous nonsense.

          Just watch the videos of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. These are solid, sane White people.

          Do you really think Donny and Marie Osmond are going to start doing bizarre strange things like marry goats?

          Who would you prefer to have as a neighbor?

          Some nice White LDS Mormon family

          or a Black African American welfare family – single mother, 8 kids, gangs, drugs, constant violence, threats and intimidation?

          LDS Mormons are still overwhelmingly White – that’s the point to remember. Why fall down in to theocracy hair splitting?

          • That’s a strawman argument. The question is whether I’d rather have a sane skeptical Protestant neighbor or a nutjob in magic underwear praying to spaceman God from planet kolob. Being white is not, in and of itself, worth shit. I don’t want a white neighbor with an IQ of 85. I don’t want a white sociopath or psychopath neighbor. I don’t want a white queer neighbor. I don’t want a white child molester neighbor.

            Mormons aren’t “theocracy hair splitting” any more than its hair splitting whether my neighbor’s girlfriend is 21 or she’s 12. Mormon founders thought marrying children was just great (like Islamics) and that God is a spaceman. Now I think that belief in *any* magic sky fairy who is always broke and needs my money is pretty stupid, but at least the Christians have the excuse of two thousand years and they’re not advocating child marriage. But Mormons and scientologists don’t get the pass for building Western Civilization. They’re equivalent to flat-earthers or homos with severe cognitive defects who cannot be trusted.

      • Yet, despite all that they are still cucked!

        So much for the “traditional gender roles” saving the White race, lol.

        • Pretty much agreed.

          Utah LDS are like White Liberals in Vermont or sadly the idiots in Southern Wisconsin that just re elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

          They live in very White, safe places – they want to be seen as “nice Whites”.

          It’s useless to use reason with these types, try to get them to read some book like Alien Nation, Camp of the Saints to change them.

          These are pussyfooters – and just go with the flow and enjoy a safe, nice life.

          They will not fight for our people/civilization.

          What must be done is to treat them like dogs that poop in the home….

          Rub their noses in their poop.

          It’s the right thing to do now to persecute White LDS Mormons who support, enable mass Islamic, 3rd world immigration to the USA.

          DOn’t kill them, but yes, punish, persecute them – disrupt their safe, easy lives – do what the Left does to their enemies, work to get them to lose their jobs, throw things at them, incite their children against them – they are bad people, traitors.

          • Rule of thumb: if “traditional gender roles” conflicts with White interest and the fight for it then I will take White interest every single time.

  15. By a slight margin non-White mormons are a majority of their religion.The mormons have been very aggressive in recruiting third worlders(especially polynesians and hispanics).The church loves to bring these third worlders to the US–for missionary activity.At one time mormons were pretty good on race BUT NO more.TRAITORS.

    • And, they’re allowing online voting. Folks, never, ever cast a vote online. It is even more susceptible to fraud than electronic machines. Go take a look at Beverly Harris’s work at blackboxvoting dot com. Incredible. We’re screwed if we don’t subvert the establishment’s control system.

    • It’s that #&$*#@ about spreading the gospel to all nations and all people.

      It was the seed of the destruction of Christianity.

  16. Let’s not get our underwear in a twist over the Mormons. I’ve been in Utah and have had some exposure to them. What they say is not necessarily what they do. So, I’d kick back and see what happens in their primary. The voting ballot is still a secret ballot, even in Utah. Trump may do better than we think he does.

    Of course, the establishment may have offered the Mormons quite a few incentives to go against Trump and Mormons do only what is best for the Mormons at any given time. That is why they are the wealthiest and most successful sect in the country.

    The majority of Mormons are what they call “Jack Mormons.” They do not follow the letter of the law. They do not believe much of any of their own doctrine. Many of them think Joseph Smith was a con artist. They smoke and drink, get divorced, and even marry non-believers. If you think about it, they act very much like White Jews.

    The Mormon religion is such that it is too “white bread” what with its rules against smoking and drinking and promoting tithing and clean living that it is not going to have much of an appeal for many Non-Whites and the Mormons know this. Their whole modus operandi is implicit not explicit Whiteness. That is why., aside from a handful of exceptions, which they make a big point to promote to prove that they are no longer racist, they are major majority White.

    The attraction of Mormonism for many Mormons is what interested me. They are the ONLY White religion with a built-in network and support system like Judaism. And I believe that this was what Smith was going for; he wanted to create his own brand of Christianity taking the best parts of what he liked (polygamy and networking) from Judaism.

    IMO, the best thing that White racial realists, who aren’t particularly religious in their Christianity, or are even outright agnostic or atheist could do is join the Mormon Church and work to make it even more Pro-White.

    In the meantime, the rest of us need to work double-time to ensure that Trump gets all the delegates he needs to win the Republican nomination without it going to a brokered or contested convention. If that is the case, then he will be the nominee.

    The establishment has already blow through a lot of money on various establishment candidates trying to stop Trump or Cruz. I cannot see where it is worth their while to do something as transparent as creating a third party and running an establishment guy to head it this late in the game.

    Their best hope is not that Cruz beats Trump but that Cruz keeps Trump from getting enough delegates and then all the delegates are released to “vote their consciences” at the convention where they can bribe or coerce them to go with Kasich. Obviously Kasich is counting on that scenario.

    However, if Trump gets enough delegates than he is the nominee whether they like it or not. Therefore, the most logical recourse they have is to support Hillary Clinton, which would effectively out and then ultimately and hopefully end the subterranean duopolistic uniparty.

    The best case scenario is that a Donald Trump nomination would result in the neocons purging themselves from the Republican Party. With loud,noisy fanfare, all the neocons would resign as Republican, change their affiliation to Democrat and campaign for Hillary Clinton. Outting themselves as the RINOs they are. All those remaining would have do to is lock the doors behind them.

    • Agreed. This was my attraction to LDS White Mormonism.

      Lots and lots of healthy White folks with good looking White wives and White children.

      It’s still their best strength.

        • The moral restrictions are generally too much for most Orcs.

          Also the lowest Blacks can’t sit still for long boring LDS Mormon church services – they like shout jump around, holler and stuff.

          I have a hard time making it through these boring LDS mormon services imagine how hard it must be for the lower class Blacks.

  17. “I’ve got to have a president that isn’t a playboy, and I’ve got to have a president who isn’t liable to say things I can’t have repeated in my own home because it’s too embarrassing,” said Stan Lockhart, a Mormon who chaired the now-defunct campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in Utah.”

    “We have values and standards that he doesn’t hold dear,” Towers said of herself and other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

    How pathetic these people are. We’re being swamped by drug dealing, murdering, raping, resource stealing brown Conquistadores who along with barbaric koranimal invaders want to transform this country into a sh*t hole and these religiotards want to stop the only man willing to do what is necessary to prevent this?

    For what reasons?

    He occasionally utters an off color word and doesn’t hold the standards they hold dear?

    Dangerously stupid cultists.

    • Agreed.

      I do lots of things with White LDS Mormons.

      I call the likes of Stan Lockhart “Latter Day Sissies”.

  18. Alright, I’ll accept this. Utah is quite a bit more cucked than Texas.

    But Texas is still in the No. 2 slot.

    • The point is, we are fast coming to understand that ORION is ONLY the first step in regaining OUR country back from the Xenos.

      ORION – Our Race Is Our Nation.

      We need to re-enact the anti-miscegenation laws; the ‘one drop’ rule; we need to re-visit the Canons that forbid Jews from being Pharmacists, Doctors, Teachers, Realtors, Dentists, ANYTHING; we need to make it a FELONY to speak any language in public other than English, except for TOURISTS, and make sure they have a vetted guide who knows their language, to keep tabs on them. Not necessarily the Soviet System, but something akin to what the Czar had in Imperial Russia, at least for the next ten-twenty years, until we weed out the Enemy.

      You may not think this is a war, but plenty of OTHERS (usually ‘The’ Other), do!


      • Oh I think we’re in a war alright, and it’s one we’re unlikely to survive. Seems to me most pay little attention to the Old Testament prophets but I do believe what Jeremiah said is correct. And Whites *have* turned away from the Covenant made through Jesus Christ.

        And Mormons never followed it to begin with.

    • I think that it is interesting that Trump resorted to teleprompters and prepared remarks. He usually speaks from his gut because he feels free to say what he believes. A scripted speech is a sign that for this audience he felt his freedom to speak his mind was severely restricted. Apparently Trump believes that this is one constituency he must placate if he ever wants to be president.

      • An interesting and thoughtful analysis, Mr. Glacier. Certainly the American Jewish constituency is very heavily concentrated into New York and Florida, and those are vital states for the November election.

        That said, I am unsure why he did it, and why others do it, unless they feel deeply about it. I think, if anything, Mr. Trump was trying to take away his future opponent’s ability to declare him an ‘a Grand Dragon of anti-semitry’; an accusation which could hurt him with other constituencies, such as the white evangelical vote, a group in which he has shown surprising strength, and must continue to do so, if he is to win, in November.

        • Trump said and I quote “I love the Jews. I have a Jewish daughter who is about to have a Jewish baby boy.’ You are really fools here. This con man, has sold you on his “false views” and you all believe it. As soon as he wins the nomination, he’ll be shipping boat loads of money and jobs to Israel and laughing at you bigots for helping him do it. There’s a reason he likes the “poorly educated bigot,” he knows he can simply tell you shit-kicking hicks anything and you’ll lap it up like a pig in slop. Erick Erickson is right: “the GOP has been taken over by poorly educated, white trash crackers. They won’t be satisfied until they destroy the party with their hate for education, wealth, liberty, and effective government. They are the whites who are sitting around collecting food stamps, illegal social security, and free stuff. They like Trump because deep down they know he’ll just give them more free stuff.” #Resurgent

          • BS. Anyone who says in a press conference just hours before the maw of hell (AIPAC) meeting, what he said: ‘– that he would force Israel to pay back the money the American taxpayer has given them for weaponry,’ is going to do what you allude to. You sound like a Zionist mole, sent here to “disturb the force.”

            And as the quotes from Anglin’s article over at DS indicate:

            “Also remember how many times he’s signaled against the Jews. Remember when he said they audited him because he’s a Christian (while they didn’t audit “other billionaires”).

            And most importantly, remember the core purpose of Donald Trump: he is shifting everything right.

            I don’t think he is against all Jews. There is no real evidence of that. He is obviously against most prominent individual Jews and they are very strongly against him. This is because he attacks every aspect of their agenda (except Israel).

            Look at how the left did things. When the “gay rights” movement first began in earnest in the 1980s, they didn’t tell you they were going to be teaching anal sex with men to 5-year-olds in school. They didn’t tell you they were going to be injecting little boys with female hormones and ultimately cutting their penises off. They didn’t even tell you they were going to legalize gay marriage. It was a progression.

            Just so, moving things back rightward will be a progression. Trump is a yuuuuuuuuge first step in this process.”

            Trump is way less EVIL than the Hildabeast, who would start WWIII for Isra-HELL.

          • Dear Albert’swife,
            I have repetitively warned my fellow Southrons about The Manhatten Shark – Mr. Trump. That said, if he is on the ballot, in November, and Mr. Cruz is not, I will joyfully vote for him.
            That said, the notion that Trump supporters are ‘poorly educated white trash crackers’, flies in the face of the many I know, such as here at this site, who are the very antithesis to that statement.

            Have a good day.

          • God bless you for your kindness, Dear Albert’swife. That said, you caused no offence, whatsoever. Have a wonderful day!

          • @albert’s wife:

            Trump said, “I love the Jews. I have a Jewish daughter who is about to have a Jewish baby boy.”

            Trump has a son and a daughter who married Jews. Big Hairy Deal. Trump also has two sons and a daughter who aren’t married to Jews and may ultimately marry Gentiles.

            There are a lot of White families with Jewish relations through intermarriage that haven’t turned into self-hating White Anti-Whites.

            Though some extremists (like YOU) believe it’s all or nothing, it’s NOT an either-or situation. Yes, you can bet that because of Ivanka and Eric and their Jewish offspring, a President Trump is NOT going to “party like it’s 1939.” But you can also be assured that because of the rest of his children, a President Trump is unlikely to Merkel on us all, too.

            That’s the best we can hope for and, at this point, based on my experience with the Anti-White and Anti-American activities of virtually ALL his opponents, I’ll TAKE it.

            As far as his “I’m Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs For Israel, Too” speech at AIPAC, I’m fine with it. No politician gets elected anywhere in the West without doing obeisance to the Israel Lobby. Still, I prefer Trump delivering a perfunctory peck on the cheek of AIPAC’s hairy ass because watching Ted Cruz delight in giving AIPAC a full rim job with tongue makes me nauseous. YUCK!

          • AIPAC owns the political process. They do Bibi’s bidding. They are a terrorist organization. Plain and simple. Just cross one of them and see how quickly you end up in a “black hole.” They brag about “owning America.”

          • Denise, I’m just trying to make you understand, if you want a real conservative, you need to be supporting Cruz or Paul Ryan if he gets to the convention. Trump is and always has been a Democrat. He could very well be a political plant by Bill Clinton to destroy the GOP. Just think about it, please. The GOP used to be the party of small government, less taxes and common sense. It’s poor folks who are taking things like welfare and illegal social security that are trying to bring down the party. Those people don’t work, they don’t pay taxes. If they do work, they tend be the $8/hr kind of folks. Not college educated professionals. They can’t be trusted to make the decisions for the party of Reagan and Lincoln.

    • It’s just something American pols in contention have to do. Like professing to some form of the Christian faith.

  19. Maybe the Mormons can get in touch with their roots and get dressed-up like Indians On The Warpath and ambush Trump supporters on the way to a Trump speech, just like the Mexican illegal aliens did in Arizona the other day. Trump on the campaign trail gives the Mormons another “opportunity” to pull-off another “Mountain Meadows” type operation.
    The name “Mormo” is the name of the PRE CHRISTIAN “god” of the land we now call Turkey. In fact, Mormonism derives from the Jew Freemason Halls of donmeh Turkey, so of course the Mormos want Muslim immigration into the United States. I guess the Islamic Jihad going on in Europe doesn’t matter to them. I guess they want the same for the United States.
    The Mormons baptized all the Jews who died in WW2 into the Mormon “faith” and they also baptized Hitler into the Mormon “faith”. Hitler also loved the Muslims to no end of it. Hitler is the very one who started the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood,
    that Obama and Hillary fully support. Black Obama’s black brother in Egypt is a member of Hitler’s Muslim Brotherhood . How donmeh Jew does it get? Hitler, like Obama, was a donmeh Jew also . The Mormons love donmeh Jews. Not surprising , as Mormonism derives from donmeh Turkey Jew Freemasonry Halls. [The Mormons also love to join the CIA.]
    One would think the Jews wouldn’t like the Mormons because the Mormons baptized Hitler into the Mormon “faith”, but NO, the Jews love the Mormons, and the Jews and the Mormons are close, tight, working, partners. So I don’t think the Jews are as upset about Hitler as they always claim to be. More bullshit from the Jews.
    The “god” “Mormo”, the name “Mormo” means “god of the living dead”, so there’s only so much one can expect from Utah. As they love the “god of the living dead”, it’s a shame the 19th Century Christians didn’t exterminate the Mormos totally. The 19th century American Christians were TOO nice to the Mormons.

    • Seriously? Yes, there are a lot of ‘awakening Anglo-Saxons’ who think AmRen is ‘edgy’ and ‘on the fringe.’ They may be those who “trusted in Cruz to deliver them” (allusion to Handel’s Messiah) and who now realize something bigger than just a presidential election is up for grabs, and are searching….

      But hey. Don’t fault them. We all started there, once upon a time.

  20. I hate to bring regional prejudice into the discussion, but is clear to me the states that don’t like Trump are the ones that have a bunch of folks that run around in cowboy hats. Is there a BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN connection? Maybe. Those wannabe cowpokes might prefer Teddy because they just love the way he shakes his dumpy rump when he’s wearing his jeans and shit-kicker boots.

    • Dear Miss Denise,

      Mr.Trump IS responsible for the Brussells attack; in the way President Obama is responsible for protecting The Constitution and the ‘American people’…

      I hope you can see this clearly…

  21. After Trump’s AIPAC performance, I’m not so fond if him either. He’s as big of a phoney, cuck, sell-out as anyone else.

  22. Mormons are neo-Zionists. No shit. In the 19th Century a bunch of schemers and nutcases wanted to make a New Zion in America. Joseph Smith was a small time con man who got the idea from Shakers and mixed in some Atlantean new Age BS. Those Golden Discs of Knowledge come from an old pulp novel about Atlantis.
    There was a bunch of these nutcases. Quakers, Shakers, Snake handlers, and Joseph Smith’s cult. He said an Angel Moroni came to him and gave him Golden Discs of Knowledge to set up New Zion. Moroni is coincidentally the Angel that nutcase Aleistar Crowley said gave him The Book of the Law. He couldn’t get into the freemasons or any other Mystery Cult so he started his own, The Golden Dawn. It wouldn’t surprise me if Crowley and Smith ran into each other. They were both two bit con men starting cults.
    Smith croaked on the way to Utah, and Brigham Young took them to Salt Lake City. He came up with Mormon, probably from Moroni the “Angel”. Smith was wanted for larceny and corrupting the morals of minors. He told some young girls he would marry them. Some went with him and they became polygamous. Rumor says that like Satanists the Inner Circle has orgies and engage in Black Magic. They claim they’re Christian, but they’re not.

  23. Well, they are mormons lol! They need to go get some new undies, to take them to the Promised Land.

  24. This article totally gets it wrong. Mormons hate Trump because of his brash and crude demeanor. They also don’t see through the liar HYPOCRITE Cruz. In other words, they are just skimming the surface and listening to the media. Dirt bad Romney did not help matters. They have no clue that Cruz is a globalist and that Trump although brash is actually the best hope at saving this country. If they truely understood what was going on, they would be all in for Trump. But currently totally clueless…

  25. It’s like this:
    General Autorities = Chamber of Commerce Corporate Welfare types bleating their chests about self reliance, much like Romney, who endorses who?

    Playing the average Mormon for suckers since 1829…

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