Live Thread: Arizona Primary and Utah Caucus


Arizona has been voting since Super Tuesday. Trump has been leading in all the polls. Lots of votes have already been cast for Marco Rubio. It is too late for Cruz to close the gap.

Trump wins Arizona.

Utah is the most cucked state in America. The only thing to look out for here is whether Cruz gets over 50% and wins all the delegates. Considering the fact that he came close to doing it in Idaho with Rubio on the ballot, it is likely he will succeed in Utah which has a caucus.

Cruz wins Utah and all delegates.

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  1. Hunter, given this terror attack in Brussels today…coupled with the anti-Trump riots in SLC…do you think those could move enough minds to vote for Trump to keep Cruz from 50%?

    • Well Cruz talks tough on Muslims (compared to non-Trump politicians). And if we’re honest, Trump’s rhetoric involving protesters isn’t terribly conciliatory. So Mormons can say “Cruz will keep us safe from terrorists, and he’s not vulgar and mean like that goshdarn Trump” and go for Cruz.

      Plus Mormons are incredibly conformist. If the herd and especially the leadership is pro-Cruz, few would be brave enough to go against the grain in a public forum like a caucus.

      I imagine most people in Utah who are non-LDS (and thus immune to LDS conformity enforcement tactics) caucused for Democrats. But I haven’t seen the numbers.

  2. I think Trump will peel 2 or 3 delegates from Utah, with what happened in Belgium being fresh in voters minds.

      • Nevertheless, I don’t think Utah will be a complete walk-over for Cruz, or Arizona a complete walk-over for Trump.

        In Utah, some voters minds will be heavy with worry over terrorism, and that will throw some votes Trump’s way. Whether it’s enough to keep Cruz under 50, I can’t say.

        In Arizona, the GOP will be going full tilt to stop Trump, so I expect all of Rubio’s and Kasich’s support to go to Cruz.

        So be prepared for both contests to be closer than they’re being forecasted.

      • I don’t think there’s any possibility that Cruz gets less than 50 percent in Utah. I’d guess 55% or higher. Trump’s blunt style just doesn’t sit well with the delicate sensibilities of the people in Utah. They are a lot like their Leftist counterparts in that they don’t mind lies and fairy tales if that’s what makes them feel better about themselves and their worldview.

  3. Cruz decides to blame Trump for the Brussels attack. The man is a snake.

    “It’s no coincidence that a day after Trump talks tough on NATO, this happens.” (rough quote)

    • Yeah, cuz pulling off a multistage terror attack is something you can whip up in a matter of hours.

      Ted Cruz is a genius.

      • Sadly, it is says more about the cucks that they’ll uncritically swallow that swill.

        Man, why the fuck did I have to be born into a world in which identifying islam as cultural excrement of the first rank would be a task well beyond the capacity of 95% of the “leadership” structure?

        Instead I have to endure bromide after insipid bromide about the koranimals’ supposedly indispensable contributions to civilization. Gah.

    • Actually neither have anything to do with it, the arrest of the surviving Paris attacker in Brussels a few days ago most certainly caused the cell to move up their plan immediately out of fear he would talk.

  4. Regular LDS Mormons are good solid White folks – most not very intellectual and most have never lived with rough, bad Black people, Muslims, 3rd world people.

    It’s all about being nice, neat and having others see how nice family oriented you are. Muslims immigrants want to send their sons and daughters to BYU.

    Mormons like the likes of Mitt Romney as he/they are accepted at places like Harvard, he was the governor of Massachusetts.

    IT’s all “See we’re not racist anymore”.

    I confronted a Muslim arse kisser at an LDS Mormon “Fireside” in a local LDS church.

    I asked him if we should “Tolerate” the worst Islamic intolerance like child slave auctions, female genital mutilation, ISIS destroying Classical Hellenic archeological sites in Palmyra Syria.

    He sort of hemmed and hawed and set these issues were “problematic” and he preferred his time in Jordan than in Saudi Arabia.

    Again, the problem with these White LDS Mormons is they are “pussy footers” – they’re not bad people, not some evil cult, they are just rather cowardly people looking to get along and not rock the boat.

    These types are useless in dealing with Black gang members or Islamic extremists.

      • You can’t talk to sense to Jack Ryan. He just sees white families and what little abstract reasoning ability he possesses flies right out the window. He just ends up repeating himself, like a bot: Good solid white folks, good solid white folks, good solid white folks. Their political characteristics don’t figure into his equations at all. Good solid white folks, good solid white folks, good solid white folks.

  5. Now you know that the more white an area is the less racially conscious it will be and the more likely it is to be a blue state.It is like majority white high schools have rampant race mixing but in schools in which whites are a minority the behavior radically shrinks. You may think it should be the other way around but it is not. Familiarity breeds contempt seems to be a natural law. Much like the biggest donors to the African National Congress back in the days of the evil and demononic white South Africa were the Scandinavian nations.

    • The rest of the country is voting in a block for Trump and we have to deal with these fucking cucked states like Utah and Idaho.

      I never liked those fake “Christians” who call themselves the latter day saints but after this I really hate those cucks.

  6. Utah joins the likes of Ohio and Minnesota, if it goes for Cruz. A failed vote for a total loser.

    • I wonder, do the geniuses that vote for Cruz or Kasich at this point understand that they are voting for a contested convention, and that a contested convention puts Hilary in the White House?

      Has someone not explained this to them? I think we may be suffering from a dearth of strategic thinkers.

      • We need to cut the puppet strings on these Good White Folks before it’s too late for all of us! NeoCon talk radio, churches.

      • the Republiscam PTB/voters have already made it amply clear that they prefer Mrs. Clinton – open borders, free trade, big Israel, big War, big Gubmint – to Trump, who is at best a loose cannon. Mrs. Clinton already has a 10-point lead on Trump; and that’s before the Republiscam pty schisms and dies at Clevecom.

  7. Trump appears to be trouncing Cruz in Arizona, in the mid 40s. The numbers are being affected by Rubio getting votes from before his drop out.

    Those who question Kasich hanging in usually point to his inability to win without convention chicanery, tonight is only going to strengthen that argument.

    How many kook states does Cruz have left?

  8. One CNN commentator about 15 minutes ago said that DT’s AZ win was no big deal b/c “he always does well in states with large minority pops … not with the minorities … but with the white people.” I kid u not.

    • That’s nothing. Karl Rove said that the “non-Trump vote” has more delegates than Trump.

      I said: WTF!

      • Rove is correct. After Cruz collects the Utah delegates, Trump will still have fewer than 1/2 the currently assigned delegates. Trump now needs to collect 500+ delegates from the remaining states to clear 1237. Working through the likely outcomes, it look likely he’ll be +/- c. 30 votes. if “-“, he will certainly not get the nomination; if + , there are still any number of procedural ways the Judeo-globalists can steal it from him

    • That may actually be true. I haven’t checked, but it’s certainly plausible. I was under the impression he does better with minorities than the cucks too, though — or am I wrong about that?

  9. This poll would probably have been the result with no Rubio:
    Arizona Republican Presidential Primary FOX 10/Opinion Savvy Trump 46, Cruz 33, Kasich 17 (Trump +13).

    In other words, DT gets 46% either way. But it’s better than mormon Romney did and about the same as McCain got in his home state.

  10. It’s really sad, on a day when Trump’s comments on Brussels were vindicated by a mass murder of whites by alien infidels, that in America, many, many white Christians pull the lever not for Trump, but for a Hispanic who isn’t even from this country!

    • They’re Mormon. Not Christian.

      And yes, it’s sad, and it’s bizarre.

      What is Utah announcing? That they’d like to have some of what Brussels is having?

      If we must important Muslims, let everyone of them be settled in Salt Lake City. Let Utah be the Muslim enclave of the United States, and Muslims not be allowed to settle anywhere else but Utah. May their pretty, white, Mormon daughters enjoy the constant threat of gang rape by 3rd world heathen. And may their “men” be made to watch as their womenfolk are brutalized and sodomized and made a play toy for Allah’s conquerors. To hell with those godawful morons.

      It’s official: I hate Utah.

    • I hate Cruz, but it’s foolish to point at his ancestry or birthplace as a reason to appoint him. Unlike Rube, Cruz has no real attachment to Hispanic culture or language. Despite his Canarian-Cuban/Irish/Italian heritage, he is not a Catholic but a fully assimilated kike-loving evangelicuck. His loyalties are to Jebus and Zionists, not Canada or Cuba. Not that Catholicism is immune to the ZOG virus. And to he fair, his views on Islam are not PC, at least compared to everyone but Trump.

  11. Check out this jaw-dropping self-contradiction from a ludicrously biased bit of journalism from something called The Texas Tribune:

    Brandon Scholz, a veteran Republican operative based in Madison, called Wisconsin an “anti-Trump firewall” but expressed doubt Cruz could overcome the billionaire, who had a 10-point lead in a recent poll.

    Wisconsin’s an anti-Trump firewall, but nevertheless it’s doubtful that Trump can be overcome there. I see.

    • I would imagine it would be similar to Minnesota. How many Somalis will it take for them to wake up!

        • I don’t know, but from a prima facie perspective, Trump needs to be getting near universal support from the white right. Anything less is treason.

          • You are using an unorthodox definition of “right.” A huge number of people who identify as conservatives (an identification undidputed by the left) are anti-Trump.

            I agree to be anti-Trump is treason but you can’t go around redefining words. A large part of the “white right”, as defined by almost all Americans, opposes Trump.

  12. Cruz will win ‘tah. Because:

    Caucuses (PC shaming of DT caucusers).
    Remember: John Huntsmann.

    So go to bed.

  13. The results from Uter are coming in very slowly, if at all. Hmm. Luckily my rage will keep me up tonight.

  14. CNN right now:

    Amanda really ragging on DT! Heres what she looks like:

    Dinda thinks results show Dems will be competitive in red states in the Fall
    Dinda said no white males really left

    Fag-sounding guy says there are no more Reagan Democrats, they became Republicans long ago. DT is “shockingly bigoted.”

    (im a cord cutter so i listen to audio only)

    • “No white males left” is precisely what they are aiming for. May every such woman be airdropped into the middle of a Middle Eastern or North African muslim tribe and be made a permanent sex slave of Allah’s finest.

    • Fag-sounding guy sounds like he doesn’t understand that we are living one whole generation later and that he is therefore full of shite.

    • Drive up Highway 89 some time. It’s like going back in time 70 years. Parks overflowing with tow-headed children, small farms everywhere, even the hotel cleaners have blonde hair and are pretty more often than not.

      Utah has the same problem Far Northern states used to: they’re live in such blessed isolation that they don’t understand their civilization is already slated to die. Utahans can’t hear the nearing tromp of the Orcish armies over the horizon.

  15. FU, Jewtah. May all of you MORONS get Brusseles, by your beloved Sand Niggers, ASAP. Morons need to be deported to Saudi Arabia.

    • If the Salt Lake Temple was destroyed by suicide bombers the Morons would perform baptisms for the dead koranimals.

      That weasel Romney has been attacking Trump with a passion. Too bad he had nothing negative to say about Obama and his policies. Total cuck.

  16. My track record since I started predicting these races … DC, Puerto Rico, Utah, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi, Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, 100%.

    • There really needs to be an active drive to get Trump supporters(possible pro-White advocates) moving toward organization and outreach in local and regional politics and issues.

    • Considering how right you were about Utah, I think you’re entitled to list that one twice.

  17. Utah used to be a bastion of overt racism. Oh well. Now they are selling out.

  18. Cruz gets nearly 70% of the vote in Utah and Trump comes in third at 14%.

    It makes sense that more non Morons would vote for Trump or Kasich over Cruz.

    So, what percentage of Morons voted for Cruz? Damn near all of them probably.


    • You don’t get to the precipice as a race without your fare share of morons.

      We need to wise up and smarten up as a race.

  19. My spreadsheet, which admittedly is a touch on the pessimistic side, but not wholly pessimistic, has Trump at 1203 delegates. Winning Wisconsin (42 delegates, winner take all) would put him over the top, which is why the neocucks are calling it their “firewall’.

    Currently I am giving Trump:

    48 of New York’s 95 delegates.
    14 of Connecticut’s 28 delegates.
    16 of Delaware’s 16 delegates.
    38 of Maryland’s 38 delegates.
    71 of Pennsylvania’s 71 delegates.
    10 of Rhode Island’s 19 delegates.
    11 of West Virginia’s 34 delegates.
    10 of Oregon’s 28 delegates.
    15 of Washington’s 44 delegates.
    172 of California’s 172 delegates.
    51 of New Jersey’s 51 delegates.
    8 of New Mexico’s 24 delegates.

    • I’m as much a cynic, but I think those figures are a bit *too* pessimistic.

      Trump will easily take 90 or more of New Yorks delegates, and do much better than 14 in Connecticut — 20 there at least. In WV he should collect 20-25, and strong majorities in WA & OR also.

      I think Trump will exceed 1237 before the convention, but there will still be a delegate fight at the convention.

  20. Ryan gave speech today which is garbage of course. There will be more immigration than ever with Ryan and donor puppets in charge.

    Ryan: “America is the only nation founded on an idea not on an identity,” he told the interns. “That idea is a beautiful idea, the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life.”

    • “That idea is a beautiful idea, the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life.”

      I can agree with that, but it should only apply to native-born Americans who were themselves birthed from native-born Americans and so on.

      • It still matters. Genetics matters. Some people, due to genetics alone, are highly intelligent while some people, due to genetics alone, are quite slow. In a first world country your IQ matters more than what kind of extra help you might get from being born rich.
        Until we are all inbred and raised uniformly and without freedoms like commercial pig farms or chicken farms there will be no equality. Even these institutions fail to some degree because there are always some animals that still don’t do well despite equality in environment and near equality in genetics.

  21. There isn’t much friendly territory left for Cruz on the primary map. He’ll perform well in Montana and South Dakota, and maybe Indiana. He hasn’t really got anywhere to go after that. And worse, all the upcoming contests in April are in Trump-friendly states, and Cruz will have to suffer an entire month of consecutive losses.

    If Cruz stays in after April is over, then that is a sign that the GOP intends to rob Trump at the convention. If he quits, then it’ll be because he made a deal with Trump for Scalia’s SCOTUS seat.

    • The “GOP” certainly wants to bar Trump from the nomination. How many people has he directly insulted repeatedly? McCain, Romney, the Bushes, Cruz?

      While those people don’t care about us, their egos are deadly serious business! Stopping Trump is personal, and for the Jews, stopping Trump is just business, as Trump really isn’t Hitler, and has been on cordial relations with the Jews for many years.

    • Honestly, it would be really interesting to see how Cruz would act if he weren’t running for an office. Would he drop the doubletalk and be a good judge?

  22. @mitchellvii

    Cruz has won 7 caucus states.

    1 mixed caucus/primary (TX)

    Just 1 full primary state (OK)

    Yeah, that’s a pattern.

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