Wall Street: We’re With Her

Hillary was always their second choice. From the outset, Wall Street wanted a ¡Jeb! vs. Hillary showdown in the general election, or failing that a Rubio vs Hillary showdown, so that they would emerge victorious regardless of who won:

“Hillary Clinton is consolidating her support among Wall Street donors and other businesses ahead of a general-election battle with Donald Trump, winning more campaign contributions from financial-services executives in the most recent fundraising period than all other candidates combined.

The Democratic front-runner has raised $4.2 million in total from Wall Street, $344,000 of which was contributed in March alone. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of fundraising data provided by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, the former secretary of state received 53% of the donations from Wall Street in March, up from 32% last year and 33% in January through February, as the nominating contests began.

The analysis of campaign-finance reports shows that some Wall Street donors have shifted their financial support from Republican candidates who dropped out of the race, such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, to Mrs. Clinton in recent months.

Mr. Trump, by contrast, hasn’t garnered more than 1% of Wall Street contributions in any month through March. …”

Paul Singer is ripping Trump and calling his victory “a difficult time if not a bleak time.” Bret Stephens also has a new hot take at The Wall Street Journal

The best hope for what’s left of a serious conservative movement in America is the election in November of a Democratic president, held in check by a Republican Congress. Conservatives can survive liberal administrations, especially those whose predictable failures lead to healthy restorations—think Carter, then Reagan. What isn’t survivable is a Republican president who is part Know Nothing, part Smoot-Hawley and part John Birch. The stain of a Trump administration would cripple the conservative cause for a generation.

This is the reality that wavering Republicans need to understand before casting their lot with a presumptive nominee they abhor only slightly less than his likely opponent. If the next presidency is going to be a disaster, why should the GOP want to own it?

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  1. Why am I not surprised? When you know who the players are with the cash and you know that Barack Hussein Obama’s Justice Department never successfuly criminally prosecuted a single banker in 8 years, you get the picture. The only ones who were punished got fines but that was it. Hilary would do the exact same thing

  2. “What isn’t survivable is a Republican president who is part Know Nothing, part Smoot-Hawley and part John Birch.”

    These are a few of my favorite things …

  3. excellent news for hardRights who understand that we are not going to vote ourselves out of an open-borders Judeo-globalist deathtrap that is already 2/3 closed. We don’t want Trump’s strong hand on the tiller as Leviathan accelerates toward the debtberg, and post-collision raceWar/civil war. Mrs. Clinton – incompetent, crooked, and murderous – will maximize the impact and subsequent combustion

    • Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are too dumbed down and complacent to rebel. They’ll stand around starving and freezing, waiting on Uncle Sambo to care of them, until they die.

    • I think that a Trump presidency is perhaps more likely to cause strife and street violence than a Clinton presidency. The agitators on the left have become used to having the media excuse their excesses and declaring that their causes are just. They have become accustomed to winning against the conservative forces of society whether it is by judicial decree or by traditional Americans succumbing to pressure from the media and big business. At the same time the masses of nonwhites have been continually told that the future of the nation belongs to them and they are not content to wait. A Trump presidency may incite all of these groups to violence and to take actions to disrupt the orderly functioning of society. This would be advantageous for our side.

  4. Hillary is a system wonk. She plays the part of the great white mother dispensing gibs muh dat to assorted wogs, Nog’s and SJWs, in order to get their vote. No matter how much it makes the white working class suffer, none of her policies will have the slightest affect on the monied classes.

  5. It’s more than just Wall St. Backing Hitlery. It’s the snarky condescension of the Jews in Banking and Wall Street, just supremacizing all over the American Electorate, who see in Trump a man like Washington… someone who sees the bigger picture, than just making billions for oligarchs.

    Burn Wall Street to the ground. Let the pogroms begin! LOL

    And yet…

    “The white man who wants to resist the onslaught of the colored barbarians and the Moslems has unknowingly succumbed to the same temptation as the super villains. He has been told for over a century now that white men do not fight in defense of their own people. They can organize protest marches, if they get protest permits, they can climb tall buildings and throw pamphlets into the streets, but they must not kill the people who are killing their people or the people who ordered the murders. Why mustn’t they kill in defense of their people?

    They must not kill in defense of their people because Jacobins rule the Western nations. And the first rule of Jacobinism is that only ‘the people’ have a right to revolt; all non-people must submit to their own extermination. At first, ‘the people’ were the French proletariat, but over time all white people became the aristocrats; they were the non-people who had to be purged.

    The term “white privilege” is used to justify the extermination of the white race; we are all, from the white street person, to the Wall Street executive, guilty of white privilege. And we all must die. The liberal does not wish to die — he does not have a death wish; he wants all whites, excepting himself and a few elite liberals, to die while the blacks stand with their hats in their hands as the great white liberal passes. If you can see the liberals’ favorite film without vomiting take a look at the scene where Atticus Finch walks by the negroes in the balcony of the courtroom. “Stand up, your father is passing.”

    Does the liberal, who cries every time he sees that scene, but remains dry-eyed over the torture murder of babies in the womb and of white people in South Africa and the United States, ever ask himself why the blacks hate that movie? They hate that movie because they don’t want to worship the great white liberal god. They want Babylon unvarnished and unpolluted by any white presence, even the presence of the self-anointed liberal messiahs.

    What if baby killers started dying by the thousands? What if government officials who proudly proclaimed that Europe would become Moslem by 2020 were found dead in their beds? What if black barbarians and Moslems who rape, murder, and pillage were killed by masked raiders instead of pampered and pardoned by a liberal, white-hating, ‘justice’ system?”


  6. Considering that all the “smart money” is on Hildebeast, it’s highly unlikely any Federal indictments are coming down soon. There is a rumor going around that Bernie will be her VP pick.

    • If she is smart she would choose Sanders to be on the ticket with her. It will make the election even harder for Trump to win.

  7. Here is a good piece by Eric Peters, a libertarian auto reviewer, as to why he might enthusiastically vote for Trump. It also gives some insight as to why NeverTrumpers are so apocalyptic about him.


    I know this bastard Kristol personally. Well, I know personally about his oleaginous machinations; his Cheshire Cat wheedling behind the scenes, the way he fed Talking Points to house-trained “conservative” media organs like The WashingtonTimes, where I worked for a number of years as an editorial writer and columnist.

    I used to come to work very early in the morning, hours before the others. It’s when I’m at my best for writing. Being there first happened to mean I was also the guy who checked the office fax machine first (we had fax machines back in the ‘90s). Every day – literally – there would be faxes from something called The Project for The New American Century – an entity almost no one outside of the inner circles of DC politics had ever even heard of at the time.

    It was run by Billy.

    These faxes urged War and more War. And more Security, too. America must “rebuild” her defenses (read: chuck more money at the Offense Industry, which already consumed more of the federal budget than any other item and needed “rebuilding” in the same way that Marlon Brando needed another triple angus Thickburger) and “take out” (always the tough guy talk from guys far from tough themselves) “evildoers” and “enemies of freedom” such as Saddam (always referred to by his first name).

  8. Should be a good lesson to ordinary people who vote Republican just exactly who these people they support are. A wake up call that they never really were their friends but psychopathic Scrooges, Jews, and eggheads in the Ayn Rand cult. I don’t need some constitution fetishist like Marc Levin to intellectualize to me how great unprotected trade is supposed to be when I can see how bad it is for myself. 20 years ago I could walk into a temp agency and be sent out to all these jobs in these light industrial parks and often get hired on after a few months full time with medical benefits. Now days those places are in mothballs and all thats left is flipping burgers at Sonic, or stocking shelves overnight at the Mega-Low Mart part time and paying the equivalent of a second rent for Obama care. Hell, I’d like to see the top ten villains responsible for free trade being given the lethal injection for treason. How many lives have been unnecessarily shortened by the destruction of the American Dream through so called “free” trade simply because globalists HATE white people and want to level their wealth with the 3rd world. Their crimes are unforgivable.

  9. America First was talked about on Fox News this morning. Now even nationalism and populist issues. The Globalists including Wall Street will support Hilliary Clinton as one of the New World Order families. The same goes for the Bush NWO Family. Anything that puts America First is opposed by those pushing for World Government. WPWW !

  10. The problem with feminist fixation on careers.


    Feminists should be called famine-ists. Their way is reproductive famine.

    Femmies have this idea that love, marriage, and family are about living FOR OTHERS.

    In contrast, career is about living for oneself and individuality.

    They got it backward. It is love, marriage, and family that is really about living for what really belongs to you as a person and individual.

    Professions may pay well and come with social status, but they are about serving OTHERS, the strangers. Doctors serve patients, lawyers serve clients, chefs serve diners, bus drivers serve passengers, auto makers serve drivers, and etc. And most of these relations are impersonal and forgotten. I mean who cares about the dentist or doctor you saw 3 yrs ago, or even 6 months ago. What dentist cares about all the people he treated? What chef cares about all the people he served dishes to?

    Career only has meaning at work, and it’s about working with and for strangers. If a doctor were to die, all his patients over the yrs won’t know about it. And even if they did, they’d say, ‘oh, that’s sad’, and just go on with their lives.

    If someone dies, the ONLY PEOPLE who really care are the family members.

    Also, family loves you just for what you are.

    People go see doctors, lawyers, dentists, auto mechanics, accountants, and etc for specific services. Outside those services, there is no bond, no concern. But parents love children and children love parents and siblings love siblings simply because it’s All in the Family.

    Career means nothing once you come home to an empty apartment. All the people you worked with and worked for don’t care about you. They don’t own you, you don’t own them. If you were to quit or be fired, they’ll forget you in no time. There is no special bond. If a worker is replaced by a new worker, things just go on as usual.

    But if one has family, one has love and warmth in the house AFTER work and during the night when parents know the kids are asleep. This is why divorce or loss of family member is so tragic. Because of deep emotional bonds, it’s not just a case replacing one worker with another.

    So, it is family that really belongs to a woman. Career may be nice with money and status(if the job is ‘cool’, but then, most are not), but it’s all about serving strangers who don’t care about you and for whom you don’t care about for a fee.

    Surely, even a social worker hired by the government to ‘care’ for the people don’t have real bond with people standing in line for benefits. If she wants something that truly belongs to her in a deep emotional way, there is only the family.

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