Live Thread: West Virginia and Nebraska Primaries

Although it looked better on paper than Kansas, Nebraska had cuck state written all over it. It is the home base of Sen. Ben Sasse, who is one of Trump’s most vicious critics, and Gov. Pete Ricketts, whose family financed the #NeverTrump Our Principles PAC. If Cruz stayed in the race, he would have certainly won Nebraska. It is probably too late to jump back in now.

Trump wins Nebraska.

There were fewer things more certain in the remainder of the primary season than Trump winning an overwhelming victory in West Virginia. If Cruz expected to win West Virginia, he wouldn’t have dropped out after Indiana. Coal country will give Trump his biggest victory yet.

Trump wins West Virginia.

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  1. And yet strangely Bill Kristol on Twitter spoke of Trump losing West Virginia. He is completely delusional.

    • He seriously said this? Kristol is losing it. I have never seen anyone destroy their credibility as much as Kristol has done over the last 6 months. No one had to take him down, he did it to himself.

      • As far as I’m concerned, these Israel First war mongers lost whatever credibility they with the Iraq War. It destabilized the whole Middle East and I think will turn out to be the biggest foreign policy debacle in the history of the United States.

      • Sorry y’all, it looks like I was taken by a parody account. It wasn’t the official Kristol account that tweeted the prediction.

    • He’s a Jew, isn’t he? They’ve been delusional since Good Friday. Covenantal cursing of God does that to a race. Matt. 27:25, doncha know.

    • But Glenn Cuck jumped out to claim Cruz could win Nebraska. He’s truly the worst basket case in media at the moment.

  2. The Governor of Nebraska endorsed Trump which would not have happened if Cruz stayed in the race. I agree that Trump will win Nebraska. I doubt very many people showed up today to vote for a candidate who dropped out of the race.

  3. Donald Trump is speaking a Mountaineers language when he says he is Pro-Coal which is why he won Kentucky and only 1/4 of the state is Appalachia. West Virginia is entirely enclosed in Appalachia except for the easternmost part of the Eastern Panhandle which was known before 1863 as the top of the Shenandoah Valley the majority of the state sits on coal deposits.

    The reason Kentucky and West Virginia always are in the top 5 in the USA in joblessness and drug use is precisely pegged to coal mining. If the coal mines were operating at 90% as they were in the 1940s and 1950s you would see stable families return and drug use disappear. Two major ways Mountain Folk make money, Coal and Lumber. During the Depression when the Southern coal industry collapsed, it also caused a collapse in the lumber industry as before WW2 the coal mines used large amounts of lumber for bracing. My grandmothers family lived near starvation from about 1929-1940

    I say instead of drill baby drill mine baby mine. Coal is our most important fuel source.

    • The chemical industry was a big industry in West Virginia, particularly in the Kanawha Valley, and the Ohio River Valley. It has been all but wiped out too.

      With abundant chemical feedstock like natural gas, you would hope to see some re-investment in chemicals. Maybe Trump can force the issue.

      • I can remember the Shell plant across from Parkersburg in Belpre OH when it caught on fire in 1994, it was all over the news. Chemical plants are all over down there, you’re right. The thing is Chemicals are one thing we need for everything, but no one seems to want. They need to realize either u can have civilization with its messes and all or we can just go live stone age. Their choice. Well the envirofreaks Im sure would choose the later

        • Not that many years ago you had Union Carbide, DuPont and Dow all with large chemical plants in the Kanawha Valley. You also had numerous smaller chemical plants and businesses who supplied those big chemical companies. Carbide had their Tech Center there too.

          No one wants the skunk works next to them, nor do they want water pollution. But, those things can all be overcome—just like clean coal and complete combustion.

          I do think West Virginia has a civil engineering problem, and if I had my way, all civil engineering education, and those practicing civil engineering would have to be re-credentialed. There have been just too many man made disasters in WV.

          • People have to get over it, Civilization is messy and it isn’t pretty but it beats scratching your freezing privates by a fire breathing in wood smoke as you freeze in your animals skins. The problem is the moral relativists, social relativists, etc want to think Civilization is the problem and industry is the problem while they work on computers created by industry, drive cars created by industry and use electricity made possible by industry. Hypocricy much?

          • The White man has elevated civilization through science, engineering & technology.

            Some of my ancestors were among the first White men to pioneer what is now West Virginia. I don’t know if any of them are still mentioned in the WV history books, or if they have been displaced by the politically correct. Those were the bad old days before modern inventions.

            A couple of my early WV pioneer ancestors allegedly lived in the hollow of a tree, from which they had evicted a bear. Some others were captured in an Indian raid, and spent varying amounts of time held captive by the Indians. These stories were in the late 19th and early 20th Century history books used in WV public schools.

            I don’t think we really want to go back to the bad old days.

          • Sick part of it all is, these leftists would destroy every last bit of our civilization for the sake of returning most of Mother Earth to her pristine state. Make no mistake they want nothing less than 99% of us GONE from the earth. Satanic Earth Worship 101

          • I think Trump is telling the truth when he says Sanders is right about many things, in regard to trade and industry. But, Sanders wouldn’t know where to start to accomplish anything he promises.

            The Justice vs. Cole match up for Governor might be a little tricky. Trump knows Justice, but, Cole supported Trump.

  4. I think someone on OD said that Kansas, Nebraska etc were states that really bought into “conservatism” as an ideology and are slow to change due to a lack of contact with racial enemies.

    Not trying to excuse them, just trying to understand.

    Getting on board with Trump will partially rehabilitate them in my mind.

  5. Isn’t the more important prediction in the Bernie vs Clinton race?

    Can we hope for Bernie to win 2?

    The value there is that it enhances Trump’s “rigged” attack against the primary process and allows him to court Bernie voters in November.

  6. Trump wins Nebraska, and Bernie won it before in the caucus.

    Great night for us, horrible night for Clinton.

    • NYTimes is reporting Trump won WV (and three delegates), and NE (but no delegates). Previously they had indicated total of 70 delegates at stake. Is this another case of unbound delegates and meaningless elections? How many more of these are there?

      What does Trump have to do to fill his quota of 1237?

    • Bernie beat B*tch face, Bernie beat B*tch face, nyah, nyah, nyah, nuh, nyah, nyah! (as one of the kids would chant… if I let them use that word, of course)

      Can you tell I loathe that woman/thing/demonspawn?

  7. There is a lot of speculation about how many Sanders voters would support Trump over Clinton. Any Sanders voter I have ever talked to would never vote for Trump. They are stereotypical progressives who engage in politics primarily for virtue signaling. They see their support for Sanders as a means to parade their progressive credentials. However, it seems reasonable to assume that some Sanders supporters are old school liberals who are not all that interested in special rights for sexual degenerates, fighting white privilege, BLM, and all of the other progressive causes. Instead their support for Sanders would be due to their dislike of corporate America and support for unions and the working class. If such voters exist in any capacity, they could be very receptive to Trump’s message. Trump himself seems to have indicated that these voters exist and are part of his victory strategy. I don’t know how to gauge how many voters fit this profile.

  8. I am hearing talk that Newt Gingrich is at the top of Trump’s VP short list. What a disgrace. Does Trump plan to blow it all? Going back 20+ years for the experience he supposedly wants? Someone older than he? Someone with lots of baggage and bad press? A re-run of the ’90s? Oh, no!

    • I’d be shocked if it were Gingrich, Steve. If, right now, I were forced to bet One Hundred Dollars on the question, I’d go with Huckabee.

      • I think that there are very few good choices. Personally, I would be satisfied with Christie, Carson, or Huckabee. None are close to perfect.

        Some clown on tv was talking up Allen West (Jeez!) and John Bolton (OMG!). Cotton of Arkansas has been mentioned, but he is a super-warmonger– absolutely not!

        • If Trump should happen to die in office would we want the country run by Carson?

          Huckabee has been a cuck until recently.

          Christie as Attorney General or some cabinet position wouldn’t be too bad.

          Yeah, I’ve read a lot posts from people who want West. Cuz we aren’t racists.

          Ann CoulterVerified account
          ?@AnnCoulter Ann Coulter Retweeted Breitbart News

          Please rule out Christie, @realDonaldTrump! He supported Rubio’s amnesty & gave drivers licenses to illegals in N.J.

          • There are no choices at all, then. There are a few Repubs I like, but they’re too old (Brewer, Arpaio) or too obscure (Barletta). There’s nowhere to go!

            Carson doesn’t bother me. Christie would be loyal– look at him so far. Where are the Repub immigration patriots and anti-neocons?

          • Webb for SecDef. The appointment is symbolic, white Democrats coming home, and also pragmatic. He can do the job well.

            Sessions comes from a state where republicans are a dime a dozen. As long as there is a pro-Trump replacement, it doesn’t matter much who it is.

          • PS If Trump really wants to cinch the election, then, as a friend of mine said the other night, he’ll go with Kanye West.

          • Maybe there is someone hiding in the bushes somewhere that would be a pleasant surprise.

            I’m hearing more and more talk of choosing a black or Mexican or someone other than a white man to snatch voters.

            I hope he doesn’t go with Congoleeza Rice, Carson or West.

            If Hillary gets the nomination he might need to have a female on the ticket to counter attacks that will surely arise from beating up on Hillary who will play the poor, persecuted woman card.

            The disgusting eater who happens to be the son of a mailman is also in consideration. Ohio is a prize and he polls well with women, and moderates.

          • If Kasich could guarantee taking Ohio I’m okay with it. He might have shown Trump too much hostility, however.

          • Pennsylvania is the real prize.

            If Trump wins there then he will also carry Ohio.

            All hands on deck for Pennsylvania.

            400k patriotic whites move there from NY for a couple months, and the Executive branch is ours.

          • I think that you are correct– Pennsylvania will be Ground Zero.

            Assuming Trump takes Ohio and Florida, Pennsylvania makes up for some formerly-red states lost to immigration (Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, but not for California) and seals the deal.

    • For all the crap the Texans have endured because of wetbacks you would think their legislators would have fight with every resource imaginable.

      Our politicians are bought and paid for by the big money donors.

  9. We must hope that Trump wins by at least 5 points, because I fear absolutely massive vote fraud this autumn since the stakes are so high. Millions of illegals voting, higher vote totals coming out of certain cities than there are registered voters, ballot boxes turning up the next week in storage lockers and car trunks, etc. No, I don’t believe that we have free and fair elections.

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