Southern Baptists Worship BRA and the New York Times!

Regular American Christians – particularly in the South have done very well this (never ending) presidential election. Lectured by corrupt Neo Conservative, Christian Zionist “leaders”, a CINO Catholic in Name Only, Liberation Theology Pope, Religious Right (Religious Wrong) Reagan Conservatives still fighting the Cold War against the Russians – regular Christian Americans overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump – supporting:

1) Secure US borders
2) Sane immigration restrictions against Islamic terrorists, M13/Zeta cartel gangsters, Ebola and Zika plagued migrants.
3) An end to budget busting, counter productive Neo Conservative wars for “democracy”.
4) Trade policies that promote the interest of American workers, not Goldman Sachs and Carlos Slim.
5) Honesty about crime – it’s BlackLIESmatter. The MSM, Hollywood Left and Cuckservatives lie about violent crime.

There were some exceptions to American Christians being solid:

White LDS Mormons in Utah (Arizona and Nevada) went full out cuckservative, Conservative Inc. I’ve hung out with LDS, Mormons – the problem is they’re pussies and go along to get along. LDS enjoy being accepted and tolerated at places like Harvard and Yale – even having one of their guys Mitt Romney being given the top cuck spot. LDS Mormons were once called mean names (RACIST) and persecuted for not being mainstream Americans – now mainstream America is PC, BRA, ZOG, LGBT; when you go the pussy footing, go along to get along route – yep, you’re cucked.

I note that White Evangelical Protestants in Wisconsin went renegade, traitor – and WI Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan is now arguably the worst cuckservative in the United States. Even Sarah Palin has noticed and Sarah is now campaigning against Paul Ryan. Good for Sarah (link)

But all OD readers, all Alt Right activists should note:

At the top of most/all tax exempt American Christian denominations – treason rules and treason pays!

OnYourKnees jpg

Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore is now challenging Muslim migrant boot licking Pope Francis as the worst cuckservative “Christian” leader in the world! Russell Moore just published a White hating, BRA worshipping screed in that bastion of Conservative Christian advocacy….


I doubt if any religious leader has expressed such blatant, anti Christ lies since the Pharissees demanded that Pontius Pilate torture and execute Jesus Christ as a dangerous, anti Roman revolutionary terrorist!

Here are some of the highlights (more like low lights) of Russell Moore’s NY Times libels against Christian Donald Trump supporters:

“The center of gravity for both orthodoxy and evangelism is not among Anglo suburban evangelicals but among African Anglicans and Asian Calvinists and Latin American Pentecostals. The vital core of American evangelicalism today can be found in churches that are multiethnic and increasingly dominated by immigrant communities.”…..

“… American Christians who respond to cultural tumult with nostalgia fail to do this. They are blinding themselves to the injustices faced by their black and brown brothers and sisters in the supposedly idyllic Mayberry of white Christian America. That world was murder, sometimes literally, for minority evangelicals.”

Jack Ryan comments:

This comment by Russell Moore references the beloved Mayberry NC of the Andy Griffith show. Russell’s comments are as vicious as anything Tim Wise wrote about the Andy Griffith show – small town Southern White America. Yeah right Russell – 1950s small town Southern Christian America was all about terrorizing and murdering large numbers of sainted Black and Brown Evangelical Christians and honest Muslim immigrants. WT*?

Russell Moore next proceeds to echo the Black Liberation Theology screeds of Obama’s BRA cult minister Jeremiah Wright who insisted Jesus was a poor Black man oppressed and murdered by evil White racists – the Romans!

Russell writes:

“A vast majority of Christians, on earth and in heaven, are not white and have never spoken English. A white American Christian who disregards nativist language is in for a shock. The man on the throne in heaven is a dark-skinned, Aramaic-speaking “foreigner” who is probably not all that impressed by chants of “Make America great again.”

Jack Ryan comments:

OK, I concede that it’s a toss up at this point – who’s the worst “Christian” leader traitor in the world? I was giving the nod to Muslim migrant boot licking, CINO, Liberation Theology Pope Francis. But, now I’m leaning towards Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore. How much did the New York Times pay Russell Moore for this anti Southern, anti Andy Griffith Show, anti Christ screed?

M’thinks it was…

30 pieces of silver.


  1. The Cultural Marxists aimed to infiltrate our institutions and make them stink. It looks like they have succeeded.

    • Moore blocked me on twitter for retweeting Ms. Genophilia a couple of times. Really.

  2. Isn’t the Southern Baptist leader an elected position? They need a Trump type to Make Southern Baptism Great Again.

    • Hunter Wallace is much more aware of current state of affairs in the South, including the Southern Baptists. Let’s ask Hunter?

      My hunch is that the top of these tax exempt church denominations get taken over by anti White forces/people and it’s harder to get rid of them than say anti White Southern Pols.

  3. Our country and the rest of the world is being destroyed by these retards who influence hundreds of millions of gullible sheep.
    Very discouraging. Hard to to be optimistic in the face of it all.

  4. Here ye.

    No matter how modest and disadvantaged, a movement with firm & sound foundation has promise and future.

    No matter how ambitious and well-funded, a movement with weak & uneasy foundation has no future. Even the most elaborate mansion on it will fall apart and sink into the ground.

    This is why Communism fell. It wasn’t in line with human nature.

    This is why Neocon-ism is facing trouble. Its premise is dumb cucky goyim serving Jewish Supremacists while pretending that they are pursuing ‘abstract’ principles. How long could that charade last?

    But Alt Right seeks firm grounding with race, history, heritage, territory, unity, and identity. Those are firm grounds. As long as the ugly degeneracy and moral blindness of 14/88 trash elements are kept at bay, it has a future because the ground is solid.

    Neocon-ism had tremendous funding and it has erected a giant mansion. But, it’s foundation is so weak that it’s beginning to wobble and sink. It’s premised on nasty Jews hoodwinking white goyim as dumb dog forever.

    Alt Right is now a humble movement and is only beginning to build a modest house but more can be built cuz its ideological foundations are so solid. Ideology is fused with identity. It is about whites knowing who they are and what their interests are.

    National Socialism actually began with firm grounding: Germany for Germans and nationalism and economic unity.

    But it failed because it invaded other nations. Imperialism makes foundations weak as brute force has to be used to quell entire peoples and keep them under repression.

  5. Remember this worst ever Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore is a real flesh and blood man living this year 2016.

    He breathes the same air you and I breath.

    Where does he plan to spend or invest the New York Times’ 30 pieces of silver?

    Do we have any Southern Baptist OD readers?

    Let s start doxing.

    • Jack, I know from my reading that Russell Moore is on the George Soros payroll. I didn’t keep the link unfortunately.

  6. BRA is JEWISH RUN AMERICA IN BLACKFACE. Never forget this point, the Negro controls absolutely nothing, he is merely the sock puppet on the hand of BIG JEW. The Jew has a billion different hand puppets, but its always the same hand in the puppet.

    • If you can see the Jew is a manipulator and Christianity is a Jew creation. Then you have to ask yourself why was Christianity created and promoted by the Jews and what purpose does it serve the Jews?? Was Christianity created by Jews to protect a people who through their actions, conduct, and treatment of others deserve to be killed??

      • My view is that Christianity was corrupted by the likes of St. Paul, the former jewish Pharissee Saul of Tarsus.

        It’s very similar/identical to the corruptions of Jewish Neo Conservatives like William Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, David Frum, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl

        These former Jewish Communist/Trotskyites saw American Conservatism as being an implicitly pro White movement and potentially anti Jewish, anti Israel as Conservatives movements were in Germany, Spain and Pre Soviet Russia. So these Jewish marxist, Liberal Leftists proposed that they

        “Saw the Light – the truth of Conservatism”

        It was the same when St. Paul supposedly saw the light on the Road to Damascus Syria – an area that was then populated by White Greek people and Jewish people – who had bad relations.

        St. Paul/Rabbi Saul of Tarsus tried to re-assure everyone that these divisions between Greeks and jews, free and Slave, men and women would no longer matter once everyone had embraced Jesus Christ and joined the one true faith Judeo Christianity with things like the Jewish Old Testament Book of Ester, the Parting of the Red Sea by the one true God Jehovah – the tribal God of the Jewish people who liked to slaughter everyone else who wasn’t Jewish.

        So, in any event we in the USA, Western Europe have all kinds of corrupted, anti White forms of Christianity, Judeo Christianity – #*$&# like Pope Francis – a Liberation Theology anti White Pope from South America who champions the mass Black/Muslims migration conquest of Europe.

        Here in the USA we have Black liberation theology Southern Baptist traitor scalawags like Russell Moore.

        It’s all the same and nothing new.

        • It goes back way before. To a prehistoric race war between Homo-sapiens and neanderthals. And the neanderthals/Jews have been seeking revenge ever since.

          • The problem in your comparing Jews to ‘neanderthals’, Miss Fee, is that you are always complaining about Jews’ running the world’, which means you are a Jewish supremacist, which utterly contradicts the whole neanderthal semitick connection.

          • When did you hear me complaining and I did not know I had any followers?? You know your kind does not let us comment on your sites. Why is that?? Answer me that, Answer man??

        • It is convenient that Rabbi Saul made the changes to Christianity, after Jesus was no longer there to correct him. And its also interesting that no one in the mainstream ever brings it up.

          • Pretty much agree. Though the German Philosopher Frederick Nietzsche most definitely did note St. Paul/Rabbi Saul’s role in changing Christianity, making it serve Jewish power, Jewish universalist subversion. But, Nietzsche is interested in any types of Christianity – just wants to chuck it all out: Here’ N on the intrigues of St. Paul/Rabbi Saul:

            “The Gospels are invaluable as evidence of the corruption which had already attacked the early Christian community. At the death of the savior, a process of decay began which Paul, with the cyclical logic of a rabbi, merely developed to its conclusion. These Gospels cannot be read with too much care; there are difficulties in every word of them. I admit, and I hope it will not be held against me, that it is this very fact which makes them such a delight for a psychologist. For they are the reverse of a merely naive corruption: they represent an ultimate refinement, an artistic triumph of mental rottenness…

            Here we are among Jews: this is the first thing to be remembered if we don’t wish to lose the scent. in this book, the illusion of personal “holiness,” which literally amounts to genius, and has never been even approached in other books or by other men; the elevation of deceit in attitude and phrase to the status of an art – is not any accident due to the exceptional talents of any one individual. It is a racial matter. in the formulation of Christianity, the art of concocting holy lies, which is the essence of Jewishness, after many centuries

            of earnest apprenticeship and practice in Judea, has reached technical perfection. The Christian, who is the last word in falsity, is the Jew repeating his type – thrice a Jew…

            Little super-Jews, fit only for the madhouse, reversed all values to suit themselves, as if the followers of Christ alone were the meaning, the salt, the standard, and even the supreme court of mankind… Such a calamity was only possible because a species of megalomania, similar to this one, and racially like it (orthodox Jewish) was already in existence. When a division appeared between official Jews and Christian Jews, the latter had no alternative but to employ the self-protective measures peculiar to the Jews themselves, whereas the Jews had used it only against Gentiles. The Christian is only a noncomformist Jew…

            It is advisable to put on gloves before handling the New Testament. The presence of so much filth makes this precaution advisable. We would as soon hob-nob with Polish Jews as with early Christians, and there is no need to elaborate our objection: neither smells good…

            Paul, the Jew, the eternal and perfect Jew – Paul the genius – realized that, by means of the small sectarian Christian movement which had broken away from Judaism, a world conflagration could be kindled. He realized that, by means of “God on the Cross,” everything underhand, seditious, and a product of rebellious intrigues within the empire, might be welded together into one immense power. “For salvation is of the Jews”. . . (The Antichrist)

          • Saul was known by his fellow Jews as, ‘the Great Salesman’, for, when he could not convert the Gentiles to his new faith, (Christian Judaism) he kept changing it to suit them – i.e. strickening circumcision from it, and, then, the vexing act of keeping kosher.

          • Junius, Paul’s claim that Gentile believers were not bound to Jewish Covenantal Observance was confirmed by divine revelation to Peter, the rock upon which the church is founded, in the Acts of The Apostles. btw I’m not a believer myself, as I disclosed upthread, but that is orthodox theology on the subject.

          • Yes, Ian, I am an Orthodox Christian who, because of our far-flung rural circumstances, has to do an orthodox no=-no and go to a Freewill Batpist church.

            That said, I wanted to provide the historical Jewish viewpoint on Saul, and furthermore, I will note, I have known Christians, including one member of the clergy, that have troubles with The Apostle Paul.

            I, for one, cannot abide is New-World order one world universalist, (what is often the basis for anti-nationalism) take on things, and yet, some very meaningful things came to us, through him.

            ‘Tis’ complicated:)

            Thank you for your thoughts.

          • The reason no one “in the mainstream ever brings it up” is because everyone of your assertions is wrong.

            Paul made exactly ZERO changes to Christianity.

            Paul was chosen by Christ to carry His Gospel to the Gentiles.

            Paul was led by the Holy Spirit, and therefore required ZERO correction.

        • Problem is that everybody is projecting 20th century Ashkenazi critique culture onto the ancient Hebrews. Were they even the same people?

          • St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus really does feel to me the same as 20th/21st century J tribe marxists, Libertarian, Neo Conservatives – pure BS liars, always making some spin to whomever happens to be in the room with them – plus these types never work real jobs – it’s always some ever changing con job.

            I suggest you re-read that section of the New Testament where St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus tries to reassure everyone around Damascus Syria that

            There are no Greeks and Jews, no free and slave, no men and women – just those who’ve accepted Jesus Christ.

            I guess he would be sort of right now that there really are no Greeks in or around Damascus Syria, Palmyra as the nastiest Muslims have slaughtered everyone who looks like US, even going so far as to destroy the classical Greek Hellenic archeology sites in Palmyra Syria.

          • Jack, I’m not a religious believer myself but this passage is widely misunderstood. Paul was setting out the Christian doctrine of full Salvation for all believers, in contrast to Judaism’s belief that God’s promise was only meant for the Jews, with a lesser salvation for compliant Gentiles (Noahide).

            It doesn’t mean that Paul/Christianity intended to nullify all earthly distinctions.

            Paul’s teaching upholds the distinction between men and women: women should be silent in church and seek instruction at home from their husbands.

            Paul doesn’t condemn slavery either: he teaches that masters have a duty to act justly and slaves have a duty of obedience.

            The only cultural subversion I can see in Paul is against the Jews, not the Greeks, as it was Jewish Christians who were told they could no longer reject communion with Gentile Christians for Halakhic reasons, whereas Greeks had no comparable obligation to shun the company of Jews.

          • No, I disagree.

            St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus comes off as the age old internationalist Jew, who doesn’t have a real, productive job. Instead he travels all over the (mostly White, non Jewish civilized world) give supposedly deep, profound lectures about universalism that will supposedly making everyone in the entire world which is ever expanding to include all the non White, slave peoples – make everyone in the world happy and most importantly….


            This demand for universal brotherhood and sisterhood of man where everyone is equal is the age old Jewish promise of heaven on earth and ….

            it’s a lie.

            Humans are not all equal.

            Never were and never will be.

            St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus might as well be on the beaches of the Med Sea in North Africa spreading the gospel of universal equality to the Arab Muslim smugglers and the hordes of illiterate Black males looking to invade Europe and somehow St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus has new/old religion, philosophy how this mass non White invasion is somehow good for Europe or not really important much at all as the key issue is for everyone to except some Jewish philosophy like Judeo Christianity or now Jewish Milton Friedman free market economics.


            St. Paul/Saul is just another – one of the worst wandering Jews spreading universalist PC BS.

            The Romans should have thrown all of these guys to the lions right away and worked to revive the European lion population.

            St Pauls/Sauls of Tarsus need to be made to SHUT UP and go to work or better yet expel them to….

            someplace else

          • “There are no Greeks and Jews, no free and slave, no men and women – just those who’ve accepted Jesus Christ.”

            Not really what he said, and certainly you’ve conveniently versified it out of the prevailing contexts that render its true meaning. You’ve entirely missed the point, and liberalized it besides.

          • Nah

            St Paul rabbi Saul of Tarsus is just the typical Jewish internationalist liar BSer preaching raceless sexless nationless nonsense.

            St Paul rabbi Saul most definitely knows there are Greeks and Jews Jews and Romans

            The Jews had recently launched a violent revolution against Roman rule that the Romans crushed – the Romans destroyed Jewish temples in Jerusalem and dispersed Jews throughout the Empire.

            St Paul rabbi Saul is just spreading subversion here same as Karl Marx and Trotsky would do 18 centuries later.

          • Jack,

            You cannot understand the meaning of this passage in its context unless you understand the distinction between Christian Salvation Theology and Christian teaching on morals and conduct.

            Paul clearly states in the Epistles that women and slaves should know their place and obey their husbands and masters.

            Therefore “neither male nor female, slave nor free” cannot be read as overthrowing the existing social order as this would totally contradict Paul’s clear teachings on these issues.

            The only radical part is “neither Jew nor Greek” which is a rejection of Jewish belief in the spiritual inferiority of Gentiles.

            The whole passage can only be correctly understood as the promise of an equal place in the Afterlife for all Christians, rather than equality on earth, which Paul explicitly rejects.

            The importance of equal Salvation to the early Christians is that it stood in opposition to Judaism’s doctrine of inequality for non-Jews in the world to come, as I explained upthread.

          • Nah

            Just a very racially conscious ethnic Jew Saul of Tarsus with a new non Jewish sounding name

            St. Paul

            He s spreading universalist egalitarian BS same as other Jews like Karl Marx

            Or our own john Lebowitz Stewart

            Or the Jews on the Supreme Court who insist we can t enforce our immigration laws and must embrace the entire world in universal equality .

          • Jack

            “Nah” is hardly a line-by-line rebuttal. You can’t just blow off two thousand years of Christian Theology as to the undisputed meaning of the passage and impose a contrary interpretation of your own that doesn’t have any theological standing.

            I’m not necessarily arguing against your psychological profile of Paul; it’s an arguable proposition and you may have a valid point. But you can’t torture the meaning of the words to make them support the case when they have a distinct religious meaning of their own which is undisputed in Christian terms.

          • My views go under what is called
            “Positive Chritianity”
            – accepting the New Testament Gospels of Jesus and rejecting the intrigues and BS of Saul of Tarsus/ St Paul

            Also rejecting the highly ethnocentric Gentile hating stories of the Okd Testament.

            Jehova the tribal Jewish Gid of the Okd Testament hates Egyptians Persians and regular folks like you and I

          • Take a look at this mosaic depiction of Rabbi Saul of Tarsus turned St. Paul who announced that the age long destination between jews and Gentiles was completely over because everyone including the Jews had accepted…..


            What does he look like to you?

            Is this conflict over now in this election year?

            What horrible anti Southern, anti White, anti Christ movie will the Weinstein brothers unleash on us this year starting Christmas Day 2016 after the election of the Hildabeast?

            Check it out.


      • If the Jews ‘created Christianity in order to serve the Jews’, it sure backfired, because the crucifixion turned out to be the most enduring basis of infinite reprisals conducted against Jews.

        • Christ is their protector. If not for Christianity the Jews would have been dead and buried long ago. Remember what the pre-Christian Romans did to them??

  7. Southern Baptists are a CULT, and their President is the Joseph Smith of the age. He should be dealt with, as Jos. Smith was dealt with…. Anathema sit.

  8. It is instructive to note that while the Holy Family were refugees in Egypt for two years, they went back to Galilee when the danger had passed and never looked back. Our Lord stayed among His own people His entire life following His return.

    • And Joseph was divinely told to go among the ‘Xenos,’ and not to ‘interracial adopt’ an Egyptian or Nubian ‘princess’ to be JC’s ‘sistah.’ Yup. God is a racial segregationist. Ever hear of the ‘CHOSEN’ People?

  9. Bernie is negotiating with Hillary over a VP slot. FeelTheBern indeed.

  10. The South is not united on moral issues. NC Governor McCrory and half of NC are facing censure from this pro-LGBT nation and Obama has made a 5:00 PM deadline today to force NC to bow down to political correctness and LGBT perversion or else have federal funds cut off and every one else in the South except Mississippi seems to act like Nathan Deal and Nikki Haley and let NC and MS fight the battle alone.

    Come on South, wake up!

    • Russell Moore is a Southern Scalawag traitor – not an ethnic/racial enemy.
      Though Moore’s vicious, anti White, anti Southern comments attacking the Mayberry NC world of the Andy Griffith show – they are identical to the jewish marxist Tim Wise’s comments – Moore is hating on his own people and is thus a traitor.

      In contrast Tim Wise is an ethnic jewish person who has been brainwashed from birth to hate White European, White Gentiles, White Southerners the same way that the Shakespeare character Shylock hates White Christians in the Merchant of Venice.

      Just check out Tim Wise’s comments about the all White Southern world of the Andy Griffith show and compare them to Scalawag Southern Baptist Traitor Russell Moore. Tim Wise might as well have ghost written Moore’s OP Ed in the New York Times.

      Tim Wise and Open Letter to White People

      “In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole cornpone bullshit that you hold so near and dear to your heart.”

      • Tim Wise doesn’t tell those nonwhites he caters to the plan is to eliminate them as well. The Transhumanist Zion that he and his friends are planning necessitates 99% of mankind to die. His friends plan to rule an empty earth with robots and they themselves will be augmented by nanotechnology and rule as GODS.

        Don’t believe me? Look up Ray Kurizweil. Jett and Jahn did a good report on him

  11. Wiki:
    Moore has spoken out against the display of the Confederate flag; in 2015, two days after the Charleston church shooting (in which nine black churchgoers were murdered in an apparent hate crime), Moore wrote: “The cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire. White Christians, let’s listen to our African-American brothers and sisters. Let’s care not just about our own history, but also about our shared history with them.”

    In 2015, during the Syrian refugee crisis, Moore wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post calling upon evangelical Christians to support refugee resettlement. Moore criticized those who “demagogue the issue” and wrote: “evangelical Christians cannot be the people who turn our back on our mission field. We should be the ones calling the rest of the world to remember the image of God and inalienable human dignity, of persecuted people whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Yazidi, especially those fleeing from genocidal Islamic terrorists.” Moore wrote that security and compassion are compatible.] In a subsequent interview, Moore sharply criticized leading Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, stating that Trump’s proposal to shut down mosques in the U.S. was a threat to religious liberty and that Cruz’s proposal to impose a religious test for refugees would “penalize innocent women and children who are fleeing from murderous barbarians simply because they’re not Christians.”

    In 2016, Moore became a leading Trump critic, saying that in a presidential election between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Christians should vote for “a conservative independent or third-party candidate.” Moore stated that he could not support the former because he “stirs up racial animosity” and could not support the latter for her support of abortion rights.
    Writing in the National Review in January 2016, Moore wrote that a Trump presidency would endanger the goals of the Manhattan Declaration; criticized Trump’s involvement in the casino industry and past support for abortion rights; and argued that “Trump’s vitriolic — and often racist and sexist — language about immigrants, women, the disabled, and others ought to concern anyone who believes that all persons, not just the ‘winners’ of the moment, are created in God’s image.”

  12. The meltdown continues. Erick Ericuckson now says that the broken pledges by Jeb and Miss Lindsey Graham doesn’t matter because ” Donald Trump has promised three different women to love them till death do they part and twice he broke that pledge.” Never mind that Rush Limbaugh has been divorced three times. Neve mention that former Speaker Gingrich has been divorced multiple times. Never mind that former Speaker Denny Hastert sodomized underage boys.

  13. If I formatted this article for a good looking flyer would anyone distributed these on the windshields of cars parked Sundays at Southern Baptist Churches?

    Overnight Prints has great prices for high quality, color flyers.

  14. Sir, Russell Moore is the absolute worst.

    He’s a fanatick devotee of interracial adoption, and, the stuff that always comes to our church, from his office, feature miscegenization as a constant.

    • The problem with the whole interracial adoption mess is it comes out of the whole WHITE MANS BURDEN idea, that the nonwhites need to be raised in White Homes to be taught how to behave like human beings. Even in the South following the War of Northern Aggression, there were many Southern white families raising Negro children usually of their ex slaves, whose parents had fled their homes during the war.

      I read an article between David Lipscomb who was a Tennessee Christian Preacher in the 1800s and a woman who was complaining that a Negro girl they had raised from childhood who I believe had been abandoned after the war (ca 1880 ish) was now an adult and the local church didn’t want her attending anymore because she was now an adult. The problem the woman said was that the girl was single and had to walk alone through the country to get to the Negro church and as she was unmarried, they didn’t want her to be accosted. Lipscomb had said I believe that as the child was unmarried that she should be allowed to attend worship at the White church. By 1900 however these problems had all but disappeared with the founding of Negro orphans homes and such.

      This history was all but forgotten by the 1950s but it shows the very complicated history of this entire mess

      • A fascinating vignette, Mr, Jenkins – indeed!

        Now, as to ‘White man’s burden’, I am sure that this plays a part, though, at my country church, it is not seen that way.

        Those who look askance at my Southern Nationalist points of view believe that I am entirely mistaken in wishing to perpetuate our forefather’s ideas, because, I and quote, ‘they arose out of sins of the flesh’.

        In fact, one of my very dear friends, in the church, finally confesst to me that he did not give a damn what happened to Southern culture, as it was all the culture of man ‘sin’, and, thus, not worthy of being fretted over, or perpetuated.

  15. I would like for our strongest 100% Southern, Southern Nationalists to really take this fight to Southern Baptist places as this #*$&# scalawag SBC traitor Russell Moore has just #*$&# published Tim Wise copy cat polemics smearing the beloved Andy Griffith Show Mayberry as Southern People who need to be forced in to Madam Mao type re education concentration camps and forced to hate 1950s small town Southern White culture, Southern civilization.

    OK – let’s do some work – where to Southern Baptists hang out?

    Where can we spread the resistance?

    How about some Andy Griffith Show fan clubs?

    I went to college at Vanderbilt in Nashville with a classmate that founded the largest Andy Griffith Show fan club in the United States – I saw him at a re union last year.

    Surely the League of the South have members that are connected in this way.

    We need some counter revolution.

  16. Adam and his line were white men, and that includes Christ himself. As long as the “church” worships Jews (actually Esau-Edomites) as the “chosen people,” it will be in thrall to that Jewish plague called Cultural Marxism (aka Political Correctness). Cuck Russell Moore is a good example of this.

  17. Can’t some of our readers, LOtS activists distribute high quality flyers of this article, expose this Southern Baptist Christian in name only traitor to real Southern Baptists?

    Overnight Prints has great prices for high quality, color flyers.

  18. Another good line of argument with regular Southern folks who have some affiliation with the Southern Baptists is to ask them:

    “Shouldn’t a Southern Baptist leader be speaking out against the worst hard core Pornography instead of slamming Southern Christians who enjoy the old Andy Griffith TV show”?

    Also – print out Russell Moore’s New York Times smear of Donald Trump Christian supporters and print them side by side with the vicious comments of the worst Lib Leftist Tim Wise –

    Both loathe and hate the small town White Southern world of Mayberry NC on the Andy Griffith Show.

    And what kind of Southern Baptist leaders simply hates Southern Baptist Christian tradition, culture?

  19. Alan Wall over at Vdare has an excellent post about this terrible New York Times Southern Baptist traitor Russell Moore. Alan Wall is both an Evangelical Christian and is married to a Mexican American wife, Alan has worked and travelled extensively in Mexico and knows the dangers of Mexico.

    In such instances it’s best to promote those with ties to communities where we are being attacked.

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